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Educating for life in all its fullness - John 10:10

Year 6

Friday 15th October 


We made it! Half term!


A big well done to you all for everything you have achieved this term.

1) Our COVID bubble at the start of the term with outdoor teaching.

2) Kent Test for some of you

3) Headboy and Headgirl speeches

4) Harvest Dance

5) Open morning

6) Imperial War Museum

7) Countless other activities

I think that we also may have completed some work in between these.


Next term we are carying on with 'Britain at War'. Please remember that we have the evacuee day on the first Thursday back.

Please also read the book that Mrs Haysom sent out, continue with your spellings and work on your timestables. 


Enjoy yourself!


Have a wonderful holiday and I look forward to see you all in just over two weeks.




Year 5/6 Book Club

Friday 8/10/21

A splendid week, Year 6.

It was so good to be in the church for Harvest Festival along with the rest of the school. You did us all proud with your splendid dance.

In the classroom, I was absolutely thrilled with the diary entries that you produced. You listened carefully to what makes an interesting read and included plenty of description about feelings/emotions and also used a variety of sentence openers rather than relying on 'I' and 'We'. Excellent!

It was good to have computer lessons with Mr Miles, who has been helping the class to build Lego tanks (see pics) to fit with our Britain at War topic. We have also learnt about the significance of the Battle of Britain. This started us talking about good places to visit to extend our learning, and some of you asked for details in case you wanted to go over half term.

We recommended Churchill War Rooms, HMS Belfast, IWM Duxford, Tangmere Military Aviation Museum.

It was good to have such a pleasing turn out at  Year 5/6 Book Club and interesting to hear your thoughts on The Night Bus Hero. I think we all enjoyed listening to Miss Wright's, often quite controversial, views!

Next time, our text will be The 1,000-year-old Boy by Ross Welford.

Here's a bit of blurb to whet your appetite.

Alfie Monk is like any other nearly teenage boy - except he's 1,000 years old and can remember the last Viking invasion of England.

Obviously no one believes him.

So when everything Alfie knows and loves is destroyed in a fire, and the modern world comes crashing in, Alfie embarks on a mission to find friendship, acceptance, and a different way to live...

... which means finding a way to make sure he will eventually die.

We will meet again to discuss this novel in Term 2.

Mrs H



-cian is used if the root word ends in c or cs.

musician, electrician, magician, politician, mathematician, optician.

Cued Spellings

'u' spelt 'ou'

young, touch, double, trouble, country, couple.

GPS  - Set A, G&P 2

Here are a couple of tips that might be useful.

A sentence is written in active form when the subject of the sentence is performing the action. Eg The cat chased the mouse.
A sentence is written in passive form when the subject of the sentence has something done to it by someone or something. Eg The mouse was chased by the cat.

The present continuous tense is used to describe an action that is happening at the moment of speaking: Eg I am leaving work.


Five times (one of these reads should be to an adult). Ask them to comment on your reading and then sign your diary.

Ensure it's in school for checking on Monday.




Computing with Mr Miles

Friday 1st of October


Winter is clearly on its way! Rain, rain and more rain.


First of all, a huge well done to everyone for your speeches. We are so proud of all of you and how well you performed. They were clear, concise and informative. We look forward to working with all of you in your different roles this year.


In maths, you have continued to work on your arithmetic skills. You have also been working on BIDMAS - you have tried to understand the importance of following the correct order. On Friday you were working on your problem solving skills on quite difficult challenges. 


The Year 2 class enjoying having you teaching them on Thursday. Well done for helping them understand the subjunctive form (pictures below). Now try and explain it to someone at home! You have also finished writing your "Letters from the Lighthouse" stories which I have enjoying flicking through.


You have also been busy working on your Harvest dance - it looks great. 


Have a lovely weekend.



Spelling rule for all:

-tion is the most common spelling. It is used if the root word ends in t or te.

invention, injection, action, fraction, hesitation, completion.

Cued spellings are the  /l/ or /əl/ sound spelt –le at the end of words

The –le spelling is the most common spelling for this sound at the end of words.

table, apple, bottle, little, middle


GPS homework. This is the first test in the book. It is absolutely fine to ask for assistance or to look something up if necessary. This is due on by Wednesday latest.


Reading homework as usual. Diaries need to be in on Monday for checking.




Teaching Year 2 Subordination

Year 6 Curriculum Notes 2021-22

Friday 23/9/21

Well done on all your hard work completing assessments this week, Year 6. They will prove so useful in guiding us as to what we need to teach you going forward.

I have taken home your Lighthouse Keeper Stories to mark so that you can complete them next week. We will look at some good sentence openers to add some variety and interest for your reader. Mrs Hester will be doing your literacy lesson on Monday and I know how pleased she will be with how your writing has progressed. I shall be back in with you on Tuesday and will also teach you on Friday - just for one week.

On Tuesday, we will deliver the head boy speeches, and on Friday the head girl ones so that the classes can all cast their vote. See below for details.

In the meantime, I hope that you enjoy your trip to the War Museum. I shall look forward to hearing all about it.

Mrs Haysom


Reading - a minimum of five times. Please mark all reads that take place outside of the classroom with an 'H'. One of these should be aloud to an adult, where you should discuss what you have read with them. Please ask them to sign your diary to confirm all this has happened. Make sure your diary has been completed and is in for checking on Monday.

 Congratulations to Arty - this week's reading raffle winner.

Spellings for all are words with a /shuhn/ sound spelt with 'sion' (If root word ends in 'se', 'de' or 'd')

expansion extension comprehension tension corrosion supervision fusion conclusion persuasion suspension

Cued spelling words are ‘i’ myth, gym, Egypt, pyramid, mystery

Be careful when you practise to capitalise the ‘E’ for the proper noun Egypt.

Head boy/girl speeches

Boys will deliver their speeches on Tuesday, whilst girls will give theirs on Friday. They should be no longer than a minute. Please ensure you have all speeches in on Monday at the latest (typed or handwritten). Remember to be careful not to promise anything that you cannot fulfil! 



Creating our splendid blitz display

Friday 17th September

What a packed week we have had! It has been lovely to see most of the class back together again and enjoying each other's company.

We completed our 'Bomb' stories and published them and have now moved on to another piece of narrative inspired by a short film about a lighthouse keeper. Some of you were still missing for the input on Wednesday morning, so I'd be grateful if you would watch the film prior to our next lesson on Monday. We had begun to make notes about the setting at the start, describing the lighthouse, the sea and the village. I very much enjoyed some of your sentence suggestions. This one was particularly effective: Tall, proud and remote, the lighthouse stood at the top of a rugged cliff over looking an increasingly angry sea. Clever use of three adjectives at the start of the sentence before even mentioning the noun. 

Here is the link

In maths, we have completed our place value topic and are now ready to move on to some BIDMAS.

Topic work has included creating our eye-catching Blitz board (see above) and also learning about how Britain prepared for war.

For Roald Dahl Day, we enjoyed participating in a Fantastic Mr Fox workshop and considering whether the farmers were right to be so anti Mr Fox - bearing in mind he was stealing from them!

Inspired by Roald Dahl's war time experience in the RAF, as recorded in his autobiography Going Solo, we also created model WWII planes.

Next week, we look forward to our Imperial War Museum Trip.

Mrs Haysom


Reading - five times at home, or after-school club. Please mark these reads with an 'H'. One of these reads should be aloud at home to an adult. Please ask them to comment on your reading and sign your diary to confirm all this has happened. Make sure your diary is in school on Monday for checking please.

Congratulations to Jack - this week's raffle winner.

Spellings - The suffix –ly is added to an adjective to form an adverb. The rules already learnt still apply. The suffix –ly starts with a consonant letter, so it is added straight on to most root words  e.g. gladly, completely,  Be careful with these words that already end in an 'l' - usually (usual + ly), finally (final + ly), comically (comical + ly), really (real +ly).

 If the root word ends with –ic, –ally is added rather than just –ly, (except in the word publicly) basically, frantically, dramatically

Also revise the words truly, duly wholly.
Maths - Tables practice. Mr Rowland will attach a grid for your to practise on.

Head Pupil speeches. You may want to begin thinking about the content of your speeches, which will be delivered w/c 27th.

The speeches should be approx one minute long. Remember to only make promises that you have a chance of keeping! 


WWII Hurricane Models

Remote Learning for Wednesday

Hi those of you still at home,

Hope you're still getting on ok.

GPS  - see sheet in resources section

Comprehension on Scotland and WWII  - see resources section. Please choose the reading and set of questions. Answers are provided so you may mark your work.

Maths - MNP Please complete Mind Workout P.13 and Review 1 P.14 and 15.

Also mental maths sheet in resources. Answers are provided.

Reading - Please read for at least twenty minutes. Write a summary of what has happened in your book in the part you have just read. If you can, please use a relative clause in this summary.

If you need some help with this, then this link may be useful:

Topic - WWII Word Search in Resources

Looking forward to seeing you all back in school.

Mrs Haysom

Remote Learning 13th and 14th September

Hi everyone at home, 

Please find remote learning for the next couple of days.

Blitz Poetry Task

Look at the PowerPoint in the Resources and jot down nouns and accompanying adjectives to describe what you see and also how you looking at them makes you feel  - verbs and adverbs will be useful. A mind map may help here.

Read the poem I have attached about the Blitz aloud - ideally to an audience and think/talk about emotions created by this poem. Do you like it and how it makes you feel?

Begin to compose your own poem about the Blitz using poets' techniques, like incorporating similes, metaphors, personification, repetition, onomatopoeias etc. The poem does not need to rhyme - focus on using carefully considered description.

If you prefer, you may use the accompanying template for an acrostic poem. The Blitz one is the third one down.


Complete the comprehension in the Resources Section on the Blitz. Please go for the third one down. Answers are provided for you to mark your own.

Listen to Chapter 5 of Letters from the Lighthouse

Read your own book for a minimum of fifteen minutes each day.


If there is someone to test you on last week's spellings, then please ask them to do so. If not, then test yourself, using the look, cover write and check method.

Look at the class entry for Friday and then practise this week's rules/spellings by placing the words in sentences.

Do this both days.


Mental maths sheet below. Please also complete MNP Lessons 6 & 7. I believe Mr R has supplied your logins.


Using the PowerPoint images of the Blitz create your own Blitz art. 

I have attached a couple of ideas (Blitz images 1 and 2 in Resources), which are similar to what we will be doing in class, but you may do whatever you like and use any medium. It may dependent on the resources available to you at home.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Mrs Haysom





Friday 10/9/21 (see beneath this entry for today's home learning)

Well done for getting through this week, Year 6. In spite of having to work in our temporary outdoor classroom, you showed real maturity and produced some excellent work. Let's hope that next week is more 'normal'. Well done too to those of you at home who have kept so well motivated. The work submitted so far has been of a high standard.

I was very pleased with 'The Bomb' stories that you have produced. I can see that you listened carefully to the advice about using short, punchy sentences to create a feeling of tension and excitement. I'm looking forward to you completing them next week.

You have all been so enthusiastic about the WWII topic - asking plenty of questions and also providing interesting information to share with your classmates. This is really helping to bring the topic to life. This week, we have made posters about air raids, identified who was on which side and also discussed the causes. Next week, we will think more about Blitz and the evacuation of children to keep them safe. This coincides nicely with Olive and Cliff being evacuated in Letters From The Lighthouse.

In maths, we have continued to develop our understanding of place value.

Next week, we look forward to Roald Dahl Day (Thursday) and our drama workshop on Fantastic Mr Fox. Do reacquaint yourself with the story before hand if you can. The more familiar you are with the story, the more you will get out of the workshop.

I just want to give one more plug to our Year 5/6 Book Club title The Night Bus Hero, which we have been reading excerpts from in class. So far it seems such a gripping tale and lots of you were keen to read on. Do consider giving it a go. You have until Tuesday 6th of October to read it so you still have plenty of time. Netball won't be on this day so no need to worry about missing that.

Mrs Haysom

Weekend Homework


Please remember to have your diaries in school on Monday reading for checking by Mrs Pearson. You should have read a minimum of five times at home (or at after school club). These reads should be marked with a 'H'. One of these reads needed to be aloud to an adult. You should ask a parent to sign your diary to confirm this has happened. Mrs Pearson will then award you a raffle ticket.

Everyone is expected to have done this reading.


I have noticed that a few of you could benefit from revising the plural rule for when a word ends in 'y'. Add –es to nouns and verbs ending in –y. The y is changed to i before –es is added. For example, flies, tries, replies, copies, babies, carries, countries.

However, this one's a bit different:  The /i:/ sound spelt –ey. The plural of these words is formed by the addition of –s. For example, keys, donkeys, monkeys, chimneys, valleys.

Also, I'd like you to focus on the rule for adding suffixes when the consonant needs to be doubled.

Add –ing, –ed, –er, –est and –y to words of one syllable ending in a single consonant letter after a single vowel letter.

The last consonant letter of the root word is doubled to keep the /æ/, /ɛ/, /ɪ ɒ /, / / and /ʌ/ sound (i.e. to keep the vowel ‘short’).

 For example, pat, patting, patted, hum, humming, hummed, drop, dropping, dropped, hop, hopping, hopped,  fat, fatter, fattest, run, runny, running.

Exception: The letter ‘x’ is never doubled: mixing, mixed, boxer, sixes


Home learning

Maths - Please carry on with your arithmetic (found in Thursday's work) - check through your answers and, if you got any wrong, try to understand why.

Literacy/topic - After reading or listening to chapter 4 of the book yesterday, I would like you to create an information page about Operation Jimno - the relcoation of people (mainly children) from the cities to the countryside. Here is a useful link:

I have attached a template of an inofrmation page if you would like to use this. You may want to create your own page - this can be hand written or created on a computer.

P.E - Friday afternoon is P.E - I would like you to try and do some exercise - either in the garden or the house. Here are a couple of youtube videos for a workout!


Good luck and have a lovely weekend.

Mr Rowland







Thursday 9th September 


Good morning everyone. I hope you are all surviving at home. Here is your home learning for today:

  1. Spellings – I would like you to put the spellings into a short story.


  1. Reading – Here is the next chapter of our class book.


  1. Maths – Arithmetic (you completed questions 1-8 in class).


  1. Read, edit and re-draft your bomb stories.


Good luck! Mr Rowland

Wednesday 8th September - Remote Learning

Hello all,


Please find the link to Chapter 3 of Letters From the Lighthouse for you to listen to so that we are all keeping to the same stage of the novel.

Please also read your own book for twenty minutes minimum.

Writing Task

Look back to Chapter 1 of Letters From The Lighthouse - particularly where the bomb goes off. Note how the shorter sentences can show pace and create tension. 

Your task today is to write your own recount of a night during the Blitz. I am attaching an example in the resources section that you may find helpful. Attempt to use a simile/metaphor, if you can, to assist with description.

These links may be useful if you can't remember what the are:

This work may be typed if you wish. 

Illustrations are welcome.

Read your work through carefully on completion, checking for capital letters, accurate spelling and correct punctuation.

Spellings - see resources section.


Hopefully Mr Rowland has supplied you with your MNP login. I believe he will be contacting those of you who are working at home later today to see how you are getting on and to answer any questions you might have.

In the meantime, please complete MNP Chapter 1 Lesson 4.

Mrs Haysom 





Tuesday 7/9/21 Remote Learning

Hello Year 6 at home,

Hope you got on ok yesterday.

Do contact the office with any questions you may have about the work and I will get back to you.


Please find a link so that you can listen to Chapter 2 Letters From The Lighthouse.

There is also an alternative that allows you to read along as someone listens

Writing/Art Task

Imagine you are the manager of the cinema, the Picture Palace, that Olive and her family visited in Chapter 1.

Please design a poster with instructions as to how customers should evacuate in the case of an air-raid.

You will need to use imperative (bossy) verbs e.g. Collect all belongings.

Make sure your poster is clear as well as eye-catching, and, of course, accurate (correct use of capital letters and spellings). You may want to add images to the poster.

This can be produced on  a computer or by hand. Please save it to bring in on your return.

Spellings - see attached.


Mr Rowland will be sending you home your MNP logins.

There is also another maths sheet for you to complete below.

Topic - See below for information and accompanying activity on causes of WWII. Please save the  activity sheet and bring it in on your return.

Mrs Haysom





Monday 6/9/21 Remote Learning 

Hi Year 6,

Please find work for you to complete at home. The relevant resources can be found below in the Resources Section.

1) Please listen to/read Chapter 1 of our class text Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll. I am attaching a link so you can listen to a teacher read it on YouTube, as well as the text itself.

You will need to read the text in order to be able to answer the accompanying comprehension questions. Please bring your answers to school with you on your return.

2) Spellings/writing task - spellings are included in the Resources Section along with instructions for how to practise at home. There is also a short writing task relating to your reading book.

3) Maths  - there is a sheet attached below for completion. Answers are also provided so that you can mark once completed.

There is also a link bbc bitesize for those of you who want to challenge yourself further.

4) Topic - A task that requires you to colour in countries of the world according to which side they were on in WWII.

Please bring this in to school so we can stick it in your book when you return.

Hope to see you very soon.

Mrs Haysom



Friday 3rd September 

Welcome to Year 6. Great to have you all back recharged and raring to go. Although I haven’t seen you yet, Mr Rowland advises me that you’ve settled in superbly and are already knuckling down! He was very grateful that you returned with your pencil cases brimming with useful stationery - excellent!

I gather that you have started the new topic on WWII, which we will be picking up again on Monday. We shall be creating a display board on the Blitz. With this in mind, you may well want to do a bit of research in advance. The site is useful: We will be using paints for the display so perhaps bring in an old shirt to cover your uniform.

We will be able to discover plenty more on the Blitz when we visit The Imperial War Museum on 24th of September. Mr Rowland will be providing further details about this exciting event in the near future.

In maths, we have begun working on extending our understanding of place value and have been working on numbers up to 10,000,000, whilst in RE we have looked at the parable of the Good Samaritan and considered the phrase ‘Good Samaritan’ as someone who helps a stranger.

Well done for your engagement with the Summer Reading Challenge. Just a reminder that it comes to an end on September 5th, so do make sure you have been along to the library and collected your certificate by then. Please bring the certificate into school so that we can congratulate you individually. Hopefully, we shall have a celebratory Act of Worship later in the term.

Might I use this opportunity to plug the new Year 5/6 Book Club title please? Thank you. The novel is by author Onjali Q. Rauf and is entitled The Night Bus Hero. We shall meet to discuss it after school on October 5th, so that gives you a good month to read it. Please note, there will be no Netball Club this day.

Looking forward to seeing you on Monday. Please make sure you have your trainers as we may well go for a run.

Mrs Haysom


Spellings These words will be for all and will be practised through the week; we will have a dictation on Friday in order to use them in context. They are words from the statutory list that will also be useful for our topic. Some of them are quite tricky so do have a go at them at home too.

bomb, soldier, queue, government, equipment, foreign, desperate, accompany, accommodate, neighbour.


Please read at least five times a week outside of school. One of these reads should be aloud to an adult, and they should write a comment in your diary so we know how you’re getting on. As an incentive, we will be running the reading raffle. In order to take part, you will need to have a minimum of five entries in your reading diary marked with an ‘H’ to indicate these reads have been at home (or at after-school club). You will need to get someone at home to sign to confirm this has happened. This homework is compulsory for everyone and we will be checking the diaries every Monday morning to ensure you’re keeping up to date and also so we know what you have been reading. The first raffle will be pulled on Monday 13th to give you a little bit more time.



Friday 16th July


Mrs Haysom will be updating this page on Sunday. In the mean time, please can you learn you leavers speech and rehearse it aloud to someone. Remmeber to speak slowly and clearly. You do not need to learn it by-heart. 

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the weather.

Reading buddies

Friday 9th of July

It's coming home.......I hope!

As I write this on Friday lunchtime, after what seems a quite manic week, all I can think about is Sunday evening.

Monday seems a lifetime ago. I can't really remember what happened. I do know it rained though.

Tuesday was props day. Thank you to Mrs Hellsten and Mrs Brown for coming in to help. A number of magnificent props were created as was a whole lot of mess. Mrs Haysom found it particularly funny when I told her I found my lunchbox being used a paint palette during the day. 

I believe Wednesday was relatively normal. In the evening the class enjoyed a wonderful pool party at Mrs Braid's house. A big thank you to her for hosting. The children (and adults) enjoyed a fish and chip supper followed by ice creams and lots of wonderful baked creations. I believe the highlight of the night for some of the children was seeing Mrs Glover's car getting stuck and subsequently towed out by Mrs Brown. Everyone then retired to houses (both private and public) to enjoy the game.

We all met at Hever Castle for the triathlon day yesterday. The morning consisted of castle activities (water maze, tudor dancing and archery) and in the afternoon the class got to try their hand at the different triathlon activities. A big well done for everyone pushing their boundries - especially in the lake.

Today, was the big one.....Sports Day! House T-shirts were donned and excitement filled the school and especially the Year 6 classroom. Well done to all of you for competing today!

I am so pleased that the class got to enjoy a relatively normal summer term week....and by that I mean a manic one. Roll on a week of rehearsing next week and the production and leavers' service on the following.



Leavers' speeches - please could these be written, typed up and emailed into the school by Tuesday. Speeches should be no longer than a minute and consist of fondest and funniest memories and any other lovely things they want to say.

Leavers' song - if anyone wants to have a go at rewriting the lyrics to this year's leavers song then please do. The class have chosen the 80s classic 'Gold' by Spandau Ballet.



Star of the Week - Tilly WD

Headteacher Award - Charlotte and Grace

Adult Headteacher Award - Mrs Brown (for helping on 3 days this week)


Have a super weekend and enjoy the footy!


Friday 2nd July


July already and only two full weeks left for the class.


On Monday (after the class photos) they started to build their fun fair rides. There was a mixture of roller coasters, tea cup ride, popcorn stands and a couple of coconut shies. The detail of them is quite spectacular and I will send a photo out next week. Needless to say, this over-ran and we were finishing them off on Tuesday morning.

Wednesday saw the return of performance director Mrs Haysom. This has meant that for large chunks of the end of the week, the class was in and out rehearsing. They followed the MSND theme by re-creating a scene from the play which will be displayed on the night.

Friday now means forest school and P.E and finally a bit of sunshine. The class also had their first buddy time of the year. The class were wonderful, listening to the reception class read and then reading the MSND story boards that they had created.


Homework -

Keep learning your lines and know when to come in.

No maths and no reading records (but please still read)



RR - Grace and George A

HT Awards - George G and Matilda

SOTW - Chloe



Tuesday - Sports Day (hopefully)

Wednesday - Mrs Braid's Party 5-7

Thursday - Triathlon Day at Hever Castle


Have a lovely weekend and come on England!

Forest School

Forest School

Still image for this video

Friday 25th June


Post IOW fatigue was evident on Monday - a very subdued start for the week!

The class continued on the Isle of Wight theme by creating a powerpoint which they will be presenting next week.

They also produced a MSND story board which they will be showing to the Reception class next week at buddies.

On Thursday, they checked their scored predictions for the group stages of the European Championships.

We finished by designing our fun fair rides which will be built on Monday.

The class finished the week at forest school and a slightly damp PE lesson practiisng their sports day events.



Continue reading and get your reading record signed for Friday

Set B Test 5 and Arithmetic in your 10 minute test book for Wednesday

Make sure you all know your lines and your cues.



Please can you all bring in the items you need to make your funfair ride (you may also want to bring in an old t-shirt to wear).

Please can you make sure that you have started to sort out your costume. Thank you to Katrina and Clair for the fairy/sprite outfits. 

Thursday is props day (just year 6); please come into school in old home clothes.



FDRDB - Reading Raffle

KP - Star of the Week

SF and TH - Headteacher Awards




Forest School

Friday 11th June


After a lovely two week break, the class have had an active start to Term 6. 

They enjoyed two days of swimming lessons and then moved on to water safety activities. There was a fantastic array of PJs on display which made the swimming a lot harder. They then learnt what to do if they fell in or found themselves out of their depth. They all had lots of fun and hopefully learnt some skills too. 

To add to this, the class completed a science experiment on Thursday morning which consisted of a "Bleep Test". I am sure that some of you remember it well.....positively or negatively. Our hypothesis of a higher lung capacity would mean a higher bleep test score turned out to be untrue! 

On Friday afternoon, we finished the week with a lovely walk around the village and soaked up the sunshine.


SOTW - Ava S

HT Awards - Oliver and Tom



I am sure that the whole class are looking forward to next week. The weather is looking lovely! Please remember to pack them a hearty packed lunch on Monday and please give any medicine (with a form) to me. I will be at the usual gate on Monday morning to collect anything. 


Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the footie!

Year 6 attending their final book club on Monday evening

Mexican Day in Year 6

Friday 21st May


Hola Mexico!


Ponchos, sombreros, colourful dresses and fake moustaches were the order of the day.

First of all, the children made some wonderful wind instruments.....with varying success. They then finished off their presentations and posters and spoke about their topic to the class. They then particpated in an Ancient Maya ball game (with a Chidd twist). After lunch they created and ate burritos and spiced hot chocolate. A fun way to end the week, the topic and the term.


When we weren't preparing for Mexican day, the class were completing assessments. We are so proud of all the effort that they have put in this year and the results have proved it. A big thank you to everyone at home who supported them during lockdown. Anyone fancy teacher training??


Thank you to everyone for joining us for the IOW presentations - please do email if you have any questions. Remember that we are swimming on the first week back (not on Monday).



Lines, lines, lines!!!! We need you all to be script free by the time you come back.

Keep reading at home; please make sure your journal is completed and signed for the first Friday back



Reading Raffle: Tilly B

Headteacher awards: Alexi and Sophia B

Star of the Week: Tilly B


Have a lovely break....hopefully we get some decent weather. See you all in a couple of weeks for your last term at Chidd!


Mr Rowland



Friday 14th May


One week to go! 

Please can you ensure that you have your trainers and scripts in every day.



Maths - Set b, test 4

Literacy - Continue to learn your lines. Mrs Haysom would like you to be script free after half term.



Reading Raffle - Grace

HT Awards - Ava S and Amy

SOTW - Tilda


In literacy this week, the class have been finishing writing their obituaries about Iona, both Mr Haysom and Mrs Haysom have been spending time with them in order to produce some brilliant pieces of writing.

During maths lessons, they have been continuing to work on geometry. They learnt about the features of different triangles and investigated their angles. They also completed an arithmetic assessment.

On Monday and Tuesday, they created their 'Day of the Dead' masks (picture below). The masks were all completely different and look sensational. They also learnt about the Chihuahuan Desert and the Maya people.


Next Friday, we will be holding a fiesta! Dig out the fancy dress sombreros, ponchos and mustaches!


Friday 7th Maypole


Maypole Day!

The crowd of KS2 was building. The parental waiting room was allowed in. Tension was high. Nerves were kicking in.

Suddenly the music started and they were off. 

Two perfectly performed routines and a huge sigh of relief!

Well done Year 6.


Not much else to say really about the week. Some lovely pieces of writing are coming along with Mr Haysom. We started our topic of geometry in maths. Topic work consisted of creating some designs for "Day of the Dead" masks. Please can they bring in any art equipment (felt tips, glow paint, etc) for Monday....and an old T-shirt to wear if they wish. 


Thank you everyone for joining us in the consultations. Their presentations were all brilliant. It has been a lovely/strange but most importantly successful year.


We are also reinstating the reading raffle. This will roll Friday to Friday - starting today. 

The children must have read 5 times at home and at least once aloud to an adult. Please but an 'H' to show when it was at home. Please can an adult sign it once this is completed. 


Homework due in Wednesday 12th May:

Comprehension - Set B Test 1 (Set A puzzle optional)

GPS - Set C Test 2

Maths  - Set B Test 3


From Mrs Haysom:

I'm reminding the class to continue to practise lines ready for next Wednesday's rehearsal.

It would also be useful for you to do further research into what your character might wear as you will need to start thinking about/ sourcing costumes straight after half term. It would, of course, be good if your characters' costumes complement one another and so we will need to decide on a general theme before we break up.

I suggest you Google your character's name and costume ideas and print or sketch what you think would work well and also be realistic and then bring these ideas in with you for next Wednesday please.

Some of the characters will require quite a bit of stage make-up/ elaborate hair styles, so it would be great if you could ask at home now for potential volunteers to come in and help get ready prior to the actual performances (presuming COVID restrictions will allow by then).

Finally, I'd love it if you would begin to research ideas for scenery so that this isn't a rush at the end this year. Sketches or pics would be helpful; I'm hoping the setting will be stunning. Again, if we're allowed, and parents are willing, a few volunteers to help with this would be extremely welcome.

Thank you








Year 5 and 6 Orchestra Practice 5/5/21

Friday 30th April

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend!


This week in literacy, the class finished typing their "Secret Story" and created a wonderful front cover for it. These have been collated and put into a folder for everyone to read. They continued to work with Mr Haysom and wrote a diary entry to do with "Sky Hawk" (the class book).


The children also made their powerpoint presentations for parents' evening. Thank you to those that joined us yesterday and we look forward to seeing the rest of you next week.


Thursday was spent creating a board game to go along with "Earth Day", they continued to make them on Friday. We also caried on with our 'Hola Mexico' topic and discovered the physical loaction of Mexico and some of its cities.


In maths, the class continued to work on ration and finding the ratio in its lowest form. They then went onto word problems. 


Well done to Zac (star of the week), Megan and Gabby (headteacher awards).



Please can you continue to learn your lines. Mrs Haysom will be taking the first rehearsal on Wednesday (you don't need to know it off by heart just yet).


Due Wednesday 5th May

Maths - Set B, Test 2

Reading - Set A, Test 6

GPS - Set C, Test 1 ( SET B puzzle - optional)


Have a lovely weekend.


Friday 23/4/21

Happy St.George's Day


We have enjoyed a very sunny start to the summer term, it is lovely to see everyone in their summer uniform!

This week we start our new topic of "Hola Mexico"; first task - locating Mexico on the map! We also listening to varouius genres of music including some tradional ranchera music. 

Maths this week consisted of finding coordinates using algebra (you may remember this as the last lesson of home schooling). I believe that we have worked through it and understand it...........we will see.

Mr Haysom will be teaching the class literacy on a Thursday and Friday this term. I have been told that they were two interesting lessons. We also finished our "Secret" story from last term and started to type it up.


Summer Production

On Wednesday, the class had their auditions for our school production. Mrs Streatfeild, Mrs Haysom and Mrs Ralph were amazed about how well you all did. You have now been given your parts and need to learn your lines.



Homework due in for Wed 28th April

Maths - Set B test 1

GPS - Set B test 4

Comprehension Set A test 5


Have a lovely weekend.

Monday’s Book Club

31/3/21 Easter Hols

Well here we are at the end of Term 4 and about to head off for a lovely Easter break.

Please find below the cast list and script for our summer play - A Midsummer Night's Dream. I completed it in quite a rush so that it would be ready for today and have barely had time to check it through so please do excuse me if there are any errors.

It would be beneficial for you to cast a glance over it during the break, and return to school in Term 5 with an idea of which characters you might be interested in auditioning for. I would recommend that you have more than one part in mind.

We will be holding auditions on Wednesday 21st of April.
I am attaching a link to a CBBC rendition of a Midsummer Night's Dream, which, whilst not being the most sophisticated of versions, is quite helpful in accessing the rather complicated story. Do be aware though that our script is slightly different as are some of the characters.

You also have the books/photocopies of the abridged tale that Mr Rowland/Mrs Pearson have handed out, so do make sure you read these before you return.

Looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks, but in the meantime I wish you and your families a Happy Easter.

Mrs Haysom

Friday 26th March


Our final full week of term and it was assessment week! The class endeavoured to do their best and as ever, we are so proud of their work. Three maths papers, one GPS paper, one spelling paper, one reading paper and a piece of writing and they were completed!

We have continued to read our class book “Skyhawk” which is set in Scotland and about a pair of Ospreys. We are at a crossroads in the book and look forward to finding out what will happen next.

We continued our topic work on Friday. The class created their own Galapagos Top Trumps and learnt the basics of inheritance.

On Thursday afternoon, the class took part in their inter-house tag rugby tournament. A sunny forecast soon turned to a cold wind and drizzle –  but spirits were not dampened. Congratulations to Ash for winning it.

Awards for this week:

Star of the week – Lily: Amazing improvement in her literacy and a fantastic maths result

HT Award – George G: Superb sportsmanship, Megan: The Tackling Machine, Tilda: Try-scoring Hero!


Write an account of the day’s events from the perspective of the osprey. This should be at least two paragraphs long. It can be handwritten or typed and due Monday. Use chapters 10 and 11 to help you.

Class 6 as they passed Mrs Haysom's house on yesterday's walk

Friday 19/3/21

Well here we are at the end of our second week of 'normal' schooling and we're still enjoying the relative novelty of being back together.

We have been getting out and about around the locale working on our fitness levels and getting some lovely, fresh spring air into our lungs at the same time. See pic above. We have also been busy gardening - clearing the school veg patches ready for new planting. Sterling work, Year 6!

In the classroom, we have finally finished Pig Heart Boy, and whilst I think we unanimously agreed that it was an excellent text, it was almost a relief as I'm not sure our emotions could have taken much more of the the ups and downs of Cam's (our protagonist) life. We are now getting stuck into our new class novel Sky Hawk, where a pair of unlikely friends discover an osprey's nest. This has led to us researching ospreys  - discovering reasons why they became extinct in the UK and how they are now back, but a protected species. We have used our findings to create some very well-presented fact files. In maths, we have extended our understanding of multiplying and dividing decimals.

Today is Red Nose Day, and, as I write, I have it on good authority that the class are occupied with some fun RND activities. I believe Mr R will be uploading a pic later on or forwarding one to Mrs Woodhouse for Instagram.

May I use this opportunity to push the Year 5/6 Book Club Title The Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson? Good. Thanks. Then I shall.

Twelve-year-old Matthew is trapped in his bedroom by crippling OCD, spending most of his time staring out of his window as the inhabitants of Chestnut Close go about their business. Until the day he is the last person to see his next door neighbour's toddler, Teddy, before he goes missing...

This is one of my favourite books. I'd love it if you'd join me in reading it and then would come along to our meeting on the first Monday back next term to let me know your thoughts and opinions.


Please continue to read regularly - perhaps The Goldfish Boy?

Spellings - on Monday, the dictation will be based around some of the prefixes that you've gone over this week. I am attaching a list of words to focus on this weekend in preparation. 

Secret Stories - it may well be useful for you to plan ahead for the next instalment of your stories and bring any notes you make to school on Monday.

Year 6 enjoying each other's company on a nature ramble

Friday 12/3/21

How lovely it has been to see you all back together and enjoying each other's company, Year 6.

You have done so well over the past few weeks and made the most of home learning opportunities, but have now come back ready to get stuck in to school life and all that it entails. We're so pleased to see you.

In the classroom, we have begun to write narratives about a secret that has been shared with us and continued our new class text Sky Hawk. Maths lessons have given us the opportunity to develop our understanding and practice of converting fractions to decimals and vice versa.

  Although Charlie Darwin was only in the Galapagos Islands for five weeks in 1835, the wildlife that he saw there inspired him to develop his Theory of Evolution. Our topic work has involved us looking deeper into these islands and his discoveries. We have also been out and about on a nature trip of our own to study and photograph our local plants in order to make collages/ painting/ drawings. 


As you have done so much work at home recently, the only homework will be reading and practising your spellings in anticipation of a short dictation on Monday. The words are connected to Darwin's Delights as you will probably spot: fossils, offspring, vary/various, identical/nonidentical, adaptation, environment, extreme, conditions, evolution, inheritance.





Thursday 17th December

I have to start by saying well done for your superb contribution to the Nativity Service. I was watching from home and absolutely loved the music, the singing and the readings - I felt very proud. Great work from you all.

Monday’s Christmas Carol workshop was excellent (once Mr Rowland sorted the technology for us) and I saw some splendid acting skills that will certainly be put to good use when the summer production comes round (see a couple of pics below). I wonder if we could work Ebenezer Scrooge into the script. You could all play him very well! Bah! Humbug!

In comprehension this week, we worked on an extract from The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13¾. This is the first book in the series written by Sue Townsend. The book is written in a humorous diary style, and focuses on the worries and regrets of a teenager who believes himself to be an intellectual. Some of you said you’d really enjoyed the little bit we discussed and so I thought I’d mention the book here in case any of you want to read it over the holidays. Whilst, I’m thinking about books (I often am), here’s a little reminder to finish I was a Rat ready for our meeting at the start of next term and perhaps start our next title The War that Saved my Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley.

You have worked exceptionally hard this term and deserve a good rest and some fun.

And so, as Tiny Tim said, "A Merry Christmas to us all; God bless us, every one!"


You do not need to go your usual GPS, Comprehension or Maths tests over the holidays. Instead, I would like you to produce a portrait of an author whose writing you enjoy. I know some of you love art and will enjoy using this opportunity to wow us with you excellent drawing/painting skills; however, for those of you who aren’t as keen, then you may prefer to make a collage portrait from paper, newsprint, ribbons etc. There are some really great ones online you could Google for inspiration. Another option might be to do a ‘half face’ portrait and again there are lots of good tutorials available online. Do whatever you fancy - I really don’t mind how you tackle the art aspect. You might want to mount your work on some card though to stop it getting damaged in transit - a cereal box would do.

On the other side of the card I would like you to explain the reason you have chosen this author.  

My explanation is attached so you can see the sort of thing I’m looking for. There will be prizes for the best entries. I intend to display your work around school as it may help others to choose a book or discover a new author.

Due first day back please.

Freeze Frames from our Christmas Carol Drama Workshop

Friday 11th December

Almost there, Year 6 - just three and a half days to go. I am really pleased to be back with you in class in what is such a fun and busy time of year.

We started the week by penning a piece of writing from the point of view of a lion being brought back to life by Aslan. I enjoyed your acting skills as well as your superb descriptions. We have completed our fractions topic with lessons on multiplying fractions, as well as dividing a fraction by a whole number. We know that finding a fraction of something is the same as saying multiply by. E.g. half of two thirds is the same as saying a half multiplied by two thirds.

To compete our topic ‘Frozen Kingdom’, we made a Polar regions based board game and by the time you view this I believe you will also have made your milk carton igloo - can’t wait to see the photos. I imagine they will be added here in due course. Here now - see below. Looks like you had a great time!

Next week, we will have the nativity/carol service. With this in mind, Mrs Streatfeild is very keen you use the weekend to ensure you are all word perfect on the songs (see below).

Last, but not least, well done to this week's winners of HTAs: GD, MW and EE. Congratulations also to our Star of the week: OB.


Mrs Streatfeild would like you to learn the lyrics to all three songs for the upcoming carol service over the weekend (they're attached) and be able write 'O Holy night' out from memory for her on Monday morning. As you are being asked to do this, I will not be setting literacy homework this weekend apart from your usual reading pls. Mrs P will still be checking the reading diaries on Monday so please ensure yours is up to date.

The maths homework this week is Set A arithmetic test on pages 16 and 17  and the knitting nightmare puzzle on page 18.

Making and playing our Polar regions board games plus 'The Igloo'


Friday 4/12/20

After many of you mentioned mastering fractions as a target in your family meetings, we have spent the week attempting to build your confidence in this area. We have covered comparing fractions by giving common denominators, as well as using these 'common bottoms' to help us add and subtract fractions. I think everyone feels more assured than they did at the start of the week.

In literacy, we have begun work on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and talked about how Aslan parallels Jesus Christ. We have also completed a comprehension on Dickens's A Christmas Carol in preparation for our drama workshop on December 14th. If you have the chance to watch a film version of a Christmas Carol at home before this date, you will no doubt find it quite beneficial as well as enjoyable.

In topic work we have studied Inuit art and created our own (what I understand to be rather splendid) Inuit influenced paintings.

Do remember the class book club title: I was a Rat by Philip Pullman. I shall speak to Miss Wright and set a date for when we can meet to discuss. 

Congratulations to Georgie, Ava and Luke who received Head teacher awards and Matilda who received Star of the Week.

Very much looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Mrs. H


Comprehension: Set A, Test 4

GPS: Set B, Test 3

Maths: Set A, Test 5

Spellings: words with the /k/ sound spelt ch (Greek in origin) scheme, chorus, chemist, echo, character. Also, Words with the /ʃ/ sound spelt ch (mostly French in origin) chef, chalet, machine, brochure.

Reading: Please read at least five times at home. One of these reads should be aloud to an adult. Please ask them to sign your diary to confirm that all of this has been completed and if they could add a comment about how your reading is coming on, then this would be helpful. As you read aloud look out for pronouns and point these out to the person you're reading to.




Inuit Art

Friday 27th November 


Dated March 1912, a letter, which was found in Scott's tent when his team's remains were discovered in 1913, is addressed "To my widow". In it, he accepts that death is near but says he and his companions are "full of good health and vigour". We used this as inspiration to help us imagine what he would say to his wife and composed our own, often rather moving, letters home. Our research homework from last weekend provided useful background information for this task.

Maths involved using our division skills to solve complex word problems and also recapping BIDMAS. See Mr Rowland’s message below, which includes links to a useful website that will help you practise your skills.

Topic work has involved research into the Polar oceans and an investigation into how animals keep warm in such extreme  temperatures. (Mr R assures me that he will be uploading some pics of this later - I shall look out for them.) 

Finally, congratulations to:

Star of week: WSM

HTAs: GM and LE. 


Comprehension, GPS and Maths tests for Weds as usual.

Reading: Please read aloud to an adult and ask them to write a comment about your reading and how they feel you're progressing. Please ask them to sign your diary too to confirm that you have also done four other reading sessions (either aloud or to yourself) for homework during the course of the week. When you're reading, look out for a few examples of pronouns in the text and write them, including the sentences or phrases in which they appear, in your reading diary. Extra house points will be given for this.

Spellings: Silent letters - doubt, island, lamb, solemn, thistle, knight, knock, know, knee, gnat, gnaw.

Also describe, disappear, difficult and different from the statutory list.

Why do wales have blubber?


Hi Year 6, quite a few of you spoke about this in your presentations. We tried a few more questions on Monday. Here is a useful link that I fund that may help you. In Year 6, you will not see questions with over 6-digits in them.

Try the questions yourself and then perhaps someone at home could make some up for you.

Bring anything in that you have done.

Mr Rowland


Friday 20/11/20

You have coped extremely well with the Zoom lessons this week, Year 6. Thank you all for your cooperation.

We still have got through a good chunk of work especially in our topic lessons. We have compared the geographical features of the Arctic and Antarctica and also learnt about how at some times of the year, the poles are in near-constant daylight, known as polar day, or midnight sun; whereas, at other times, the poles are in near-constant darkness, known as polar night. Next week, we plan to do some writing about Polar explorers and so your homework is some reading that you will need to do in preparation for this (see below). In Literacy, we have begun work on the subjunctive form - a verb form, or mood used to express things that could or should happen (but are often unlikely to). It is used to express wishes, hopes, commands, demands or suggestions. For example: I wish I were taller, or I wish it were Saturday. In Maths lessons, we have found out about factors and prime numbers and also begun to work on formal methods of dividing.

I have read you excerpts of the new book club title 'I was a Rat' by Philip Pullman, and I hope that now you've heard some of it that plenty of you will be tempted to read it too.


No Comprehension or GPS this week. Instead, please read the information that I sent home about Robert Falcon Scott. I would like you to write a paragraph summarising what you have found out from the text. This may be neatly handwritten (on lined paper) or typed, and should be brought into school on Monday as you will need it for the lesson. You may also email it in to the office if you have typed it but don't have access to a printer. Please remember to include your name on your work. I have attached the reading for you, just in case...(see below)

Maths: The next test in your booklet - for Weds pls. 

Reading: Five reads as usual  - one of these to an adult at home. Remember to ask them to complete some detail about your reading and also sign the diary. The diary will need to be brought in for checking on Monday pls.

Spellings: Some homophones, many of which will be helpful in your writing task next week.

weary - tired, wary - cautious, stationary - not moving, stationery - paper, envelopes etc, principle - basic truth or belief, principal - most important person, morning - before noon, mourning - grieving for someone, past - referring to a previous time, passed - I passed him in the road.


Friday 13/11/20

It was good to catch up with you and your parents during consultations this week. I hope Mr Rowland and I made it clear how much we are enjoying teaching you all this year, as well as how proud we are of your pleasing progress. Keep it up!

In class, we have researched icebergs and compiled explanation texts that involved laying out the writing in a way that would assist the reader in obtaining the information that they require. We incorporated a glossary to explain any technical/specialist words. We have also done a good deal of reading about the Arctic and Antarctica and made a table that allowed us to compare them both. We then used the information to answer questions about the regions.

In maths, we have worked on negative numbers, which helped us to understand the extreme temperatures of the North and South Poles and also worked on finding common multiples. 

We had great fun today coming to school dressed as our sporting heroes and thoroughly enjoyed the Joe Wicks workout (see attached pics).


Reading as usual. Please read at least five times - one of these reads should be aloud to an adult at home. Please ask them to sign your diary and also add a comment about what you've read and how you're getting on. Make sure your diary is in for Monday.

Comprehension, GPS and Maths tests: please complete the next tests in your book and bring in for Wednesday at the latest.

Spellings: The ‘i before e except after c’ rule applies to words where the sound spelt by ei is /i:/ deceive, conceive, receive, perceive, ceiling. Also statutory list words:  opportunity, environment, explanation, definitely. Finally, the word 'happened' as it is often being spelt without the final 'e' in your writing. These words will be tested through a dictation on Monday 23rd.


Joe Wicks Workout Pics

Term 2  Friday 6/11/20

Welcome back, Year 6. We've hit the ground running and already achieved quite a bit. We kicked off our new topic 'Frozen Kingdom' by researching the sinking of RMS Titanic and subsequently wrote newspaper articles recounting the events of the 15th of April 1912. Our literacy focus was to include both direct and reported speech, both of which you all managed very successfully. Well done. I am looking forward to seeing some of this work displayed on our topic board. Next week, we will go on to investigate icebergs and look for reasons why the captain of the Titanic may not have fully appreciated the danger ahead.

Maths lessons have covered calculating the area of triangles and parallelograms, as well as consolidating our long multiplication skills.

It was great to see so many of you at the Year 5/6 Book Club. Miss Wright and I will let you know the new title by next week.

Congratulations to this week’s Star of the Week: GG. He has been awarded it for a consistent and concerted effort to improve his handwriting.

HTAs have been given to: SB, OB and TS for their splendid efforts in producing the Titanic newspaper articles. 


You have now been given Comprehension and Maths homework books, as well as your usual GPS one.

Please complete the following by next Wednesday:

GPS Set A puzzle on page 19. Please leave out the spelling test.

Comprehension Set A, Test 1 A Walk in the Park

Maths Set A, Test 1

Reading at home five times per week as usual and record these reads in your diary. Please ensure you read aloud to an adult at least once. Please ask them to add any comments and then sign your diary. You must make sure that you have your diary in school for Monday for checking.

Spellings: -cial is common after a vowel letter and -tial after a consonant. 

official, special, artificial, partial, confidential, essential. Also statutory list words: average and temperature.

These words will be tested through a dictation on 16/11.

Lastly, please remember to be sure that you have a working pen in school plus a refill or two. 





Wednesday’s Zoom Orchestra Practice

Friday 16th October

Well Year 6, we’re finally here - it’s half term! You have worked so terribly hard since our return in September and achieved so much that you thoroughly deserve a rest for the next fortnight.

I hope that you have enjoyed today’s evacuee day - Mr Rowland has promised to send me some pics, which I will upload later - now there. See below.

Next term, our topic will be Frozen Kingdom which will teach us all about the characteristics and features of polar regions, including the North and South Poles, and will also include a detailed exploration of the environmental factors that shape and influence them - can’t wait! 

A final reminder of our our book club which will be held in the classroom on the first day back straight after school - we will be discussing The Middler by Kirsty Applebaum. Do bring a healthy snack to keep you going. 

Lastly, congratulations to Molly who is this week’s Star of the Week and also to George G for winning the reading raffle.


Please ensure that you have at least one working pen ready for Term 2. I have now given out all of my emergency supply. The Frixion pens are excellent as you can edit with them easily; however, they don’t tend to last long so investing in a refill pack is a sensible move. 

GPS: Test 4 ready for the first Wednesday back pls.

Spellings: Revision of last term’s words. They can be found as an attachment on last week’s class page. We will have a test on the first day back. 

Reading: Pls ensure that you have read a minimum of five times and added details of all of these reads into your diary. Please make sure one of these reads is to an adult at home. They need to sign your diary to confirm this has happened. Mrs Pearson will check all diaries on the first morning back so you must have it with you. I didn’t enjoy having to keep several of you in at break last week for not completing this task / not having your diary in school and really don’t want to have to repeat it so please do make sure that you’re organised in Term 2.

Finally, most of you have parent consultations soon after we return and we would like you to make a PowerPoint in anticipation of these meetings. You should produce three slides: one for literacy, one for maths and one for another area of school life that you would like to speak about. Please tell us what you think has gone well in each subject and also detail what you would like to work on in Term 2 - this will form the basis of our target setting. Please email this to the school office once completed and before Wednesday 4th. Should you not have access to a computer, then you may hand write and bring into school.


Evacuee Day

Forest School

Forest finds

Still image for this video

Harvest Festival Highlights

Friday 9/10/20

Almost there, Year 6  - just next week to go and then you will get the break that you so deserve after the hard work of the past few weeks.

Harvest Festival went extremely well and you all sung beautifully, Thank you to those of you who also took on extra musical roles and to those who delivered readings and prayers. We were terribly impressed!

In class, most of you have now completed your diary entries and done so to a very high standard, whilst some of you have begun a play script retelling an imaginary evacuation scene. We have worked on identifying determiners -  words that go before nouns and identifies them in further detail e.g. a, the, many, one, my, their. Do make a point of spotting them when you are reading.

In maths, we are now working on perimeter (the distance around a 2D shape) and have been calculating sides that have been left unlabelled. We have also looked at area -  the term used to define the amount of space taken up by a 2D shape or surface. We usually measure area in square units : cm²  or m² depending on which is appropriate. Some of you were amused when I chose the wrong measurement form and asked you to work out the area of a garden in cm and kindly pointed out my error!

Next week, you can all look forward to Friday when you will be enjoying a day involving activities linked to our topic - WWII. Mr Rowland will send details separately so that you all know what to expect.

Congratulations to Lily - our Star of the Week and to Amy who won the reading raffle.


GPS: Test 3 for Wednesday please.

Spellings: please revise all of the words that you have learnt so far this term ready for a test the first Monday we are back. The words are attached.

Reading: Please read a minimum of five times and at least once aloud to an adult. Remember to ask them to sign your diary to confirm this has happened. Mrs Pearson will check diaries as usual on Monday morning so you must ensure that you have them in school


Spelling words for revision over half term

Friday 2nd of October 2020

This week we had a big focus on relative clauses - both identifying them and using them ourselves in our own writing. We published our superbly descriptive lighthouse stories and have now begun diary entries that involve us imagining that we are the character in our class story who has been evacuated to Devon to get away from the air raids that were happening in London.

Congratuatlions to those who received head teacher awards for their writing: MC, TH, SB, LT and MF.

AD also deserves congratulaitons, as an extract of her 'Bomb Story' is featured in the parish magazine this month - do look out for it.

We have completed all forms of measurement in maths and used our new skills to help us solve word problems. We have also pretty much mastered BIDMAS - the correct order to complete an equation when there are different operations required.

Next Wednesday, we shall conduct our socially distanced Harvest Festival up on the AstroTurf. This service will be recorded so that it can be enjoyed by parents later. Fingers crossed for dry weather.

Star of week: OB

Reading Raffle winner: MW

Do make sure you all have coats and a change of shoes in school so that we can be outside of break and lunch as much as possible in these more autumnal weather conditions.



Homework 2/10/20

GPS: Please complete the second test in your book and bring in for Weds 7/10.

Spellings: This week the spellings words are focusing on endings which sound like / əs/ ʃ spelt –cious or –tious. Not many common words end like this. If the root word ends in –ce, the /ʃ/ sound is usually spelt as c – e.g. vice – vicious, grace – gracious, space – spacious, malice – malicious. Exception: anxious.

sound like / əs/ ʃ spelt –cious or –tious

vicious, precious, conscious, delicious, malicious, suspicious, ambitious, cautious, fictitious, infectious, nutritious - also anxious.

Cued Spellings:

weather   whether

peace   piece

here   hear

brake   break

missed   mist

A selection of these words will be tested on Monday 12/10/20

Reading: Please ensure that you have read at least five times at home – once to an adult. Also ensure that your diaries are in school, fully completed and signed by Monday 5/10. Look out for embedded relative clauses. An embedded clause is a  clause used in the middle of another clause. These ones will start with a relative pronoun e.g who, which etc and are usually marked by commas. See if you can point out one or two to your parents and then record them in your diaries. There will be house points for any found.

Maths: I know you are all working very hard at the moment, I have attached a blank Times Tables grid for you to fill in. This will assist you in the next chapter of the Singapore book. This section is all about multiplication and division. Times tables recall is essesntial.


TB's presentation of her grandfather's medals and log book.

Friday 25/9/20

A superb effort with your Lighthouse stories, Year 6. I so enjoyed reading them all - you made my marking task a pleasure!

We have continued to work on compound adjectives, both identifying and using them in our work and have developed our confidence with punctuation generally. I am seeing far fewer run-on (notice the hyphen!) sentences now. 

In maths, we have extended our understanding of measurement and most of you are now comfortable in converting units of length and weight.

Topic wise, we enjoyed hearing about Tilly B's pilot great-grandfather, who was almost certainly the youngest person to win a military OBE at twenty-three years of age. We also enjoyed seeing his military medals and being shown his flying log book. 
Please see the pics above.

Thank you to those of you who volunteered to be a ‘leading light’ for Mrs.Braid. She’s has now drawn the names from a hat and those picked were: Sophia B, Georgina, Ava S and Tilda. Your first responsibility will be to deliver a short reading for the Harvest Festival. Mr Rowland should have handed these to you today to give you time to practise. 

Lastly, well done to all of you for your handwriting/typing projects that you completed over the summer and for continuing to work to develop this skill in class.

Winners are as follows: 

Florence - Overall winner

George G - Most improved

George A - Best typist

Ava S - Highly commended 

There is a small gift for each of you waiting at school, which I shall give to you on Monday.

Congratulations are also due to this week’s Star of the Week: Ava W.



More -ous words. A final ‘e’ of the root word must be kept if the /dʒ/ sound of ‘g’ is to be kept - courageous, outrageous. If there is an /i:/ sound before the –ous ending, it is usually spelt as i but a few words have e - serious, obvious, curious hideous, spontaneous, courteous.

Cued Spelling: were, where, wear, we're, when, what, who, whose, who's, how.

These words will be tested through a dictation on 5/10/20.

GPS books

You have all been given a GPS book to take home. It consists of a collection of short tests. Please complete the first one and bring it into school no later than Weds 30/9/20. Here are a few helpful hints: 

1) Remember subordinate clauses can be placed at the start of a sentence.

2) Adverbs tell you more about the verb, but they don't always end in 'ly'. 


Please read at least five times (once to an adult) and make sure that all of these reads are recorded in your reading diary. This must be in school signed and ready for checking on a Monday morning. Thank you.

Tables - please continue to work on recall speed.


Friday 18/9/20

This week, the class started their Year Six duties with the head boy and head girl speeches. All of them spoke very well and had some brilliant ideas. I'm sure they have told you the results already!

During our maths lessons, the class have continued to work on their place value up to 1 million and started rounding. They also completed some arithmetic questions. 

In literacy lessons, the class finished off a speech about their favourite activity or something that they enjoy. The also wrote a fact file on Winston Churchill. During their reading sessions, the children were focusing on their inference skills.

Our topic time consisted of making a model Hawker Hurricane which turned into quite a epic modelling event. This was part of our Roald Dahl Day as he was a Hurricane Pilot in WW2. 

The class finished the week with a lovely game of cricket in the sunshine on the sportsfield. 



Please ensure that you have a working pen in school by Monday.

Spelling W/C 21/9/20 suffix -ous

Sometimes the root word is obvious and the usual rules apply for adding suffixes beginning with vowel letters.

poisonous, dangerous, mountainous, famous, various

Sometimes there is no obvious root word:  

tremendous, enormous, jealous

 –our is changed to –or before –ous is added:

humorous, glamorous, vigorous

These words will be tested on 28/9/20

Cued spellers have also been working on the following: two, too, to and their, there and they’re. More practice of these at home would be beneficial. In fact, it would be useful for everyone to revise these words as they are sometimes muddled in your writing.


When you are reading this week, please look out for hyphenated adjective words in your reading books e.g. sugar-free. Make a note of any words you come across in your reading diary pls. You diaries will be checked on Monday as usual. Please make sure that you have read at least five times, including once to an adult at home, and then get your reading diaries signed.


Please can all children spend some time on their times tables to make sure they are as sharp as they can be.


Curriculum Handout 2020

 Friday 11/9/20

Hello Class 6, 

Another successful week back in the classroom. You have completed all of your assessments, which Mr Rowland and I will use to help inform our planning so that we know exactly what we need to be covering in our lessons.

We are excited that we will be delivering our head girl/boy speeches next Thursday and Friday over Zoom. Please see below (in the homework section) for instructions on preparing your speech over the weekend.


Another reminder that we will be reading The Middler by Kirsty Appelbaum as our Year 5/6 book club title.

Eleven-year-old Maggie lives in Fennis Wick, enclosed and protected from the outside world by a boundary, beyond which the Quiet War rages and the dirty, dangerous wanderers roam.

Her brother Jed is an eldest, revered and special. A hero. Her younger brother is Trig – everyone loves Trig. But Maggie’s just a middler; invisible and left behind. Then, one hot September day, she meets Una, a hungry wanderer girl in need of help, and everything Maggie has ever known gets turned on its head.

Narrated expertly and often hilariously by Maggie, we experience the trials and frustrations of being the forgotten middle child, the child with no voice, even in her own family.

This is a gripping story of forbidden friendship, loyalty and betrayal and ideal for those who enjoyed A Place called Perfect. It would be lovely if most of you would join Miss Wright and me when we meet to discuss it at the end of term (over Zoom).


Next Thursday is Roald Dahl Day. You do not need to dress up, but there will be craft activities and other Roald Dahl inspired lessons in the classroom.



Please would you prepare your head girl/boy speeches over the weekend.

You need to begin by thinking about the qualities that you possess that would make you a suitable leader and then think about what you would do to make the school even better if you were voted in. Remember not to promise the unmanageable, such as giving every class a pet giraffe!

Last year, our head girl suggested a Onesy Wednesday fund raising day, which was very popular and raised a considerable amount for the school.

Please bring in, or email us, the speech for Monday.

Your speeches should be no longer than 1 minute to prevent the younger children becoming restless, so practise at home (ideally in front of an audience) to check it’s about the right length. You may use a prop or two if you so wish.

This website may be useful:


Spellings: If the root word ends with –ic, –ally is added rather than just –ly, except in the word publicly - basically, frantically, dramatically, automatically, comically, drastically.These will be tested through a dictation on the morning of Monday 21/9/20.

This week the words that we have been practising are: hostile, awkward, obstinate, marvellous, spectacular, aggressive. These will be tested this coming Monday – 14th Sept.


Finally, remember to bring in your reading diaries on Monday for checking. You will need to have read a minimum of five times, and one of these reads needs to have been to an adult at home. Please ask them to sign to confirm this has happened. You will then be issued with a raffle ticket and entered into the draw to win a book.

Friday 4th September

Friday 4/9/20

It’s so good to have you all back again. Mr Rowland and I have really enjoyed the last few days and hope that you have too.


The topic this term is entitled A Child’s War and focuses on the cause and effect of WWII, as well as the significant events and people of this period of history. It will hopefully help us to imagine what it was like to be a child at the time. 


We have started our class book: Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll. The first chapter included a scene where there was an air raid; this prompted us to find out about the Blitz and inspired the creation of our excellent display board (see above). 


We have announced our first book club title of the year: The Middler by Kirsty Applebaum. We shall meet to discuss our thoughts on it at the end of term via Zoom, in order that Miss Wright and Year 5 can also join us. I shall send details nearer the time.

Here’s a flavour of the story to whet your appetites:

Eleven-year-old Maggie lives in Fennis Wick, enclosed and protected from the outside world by a boundary, beyond which the Quiet War rages and the dirty, dangerous wanderers roam.
Her brother Jed is an eldest, revered and special. A hero. Her younger brother is Trig – everyone loves Trig. But Maggie’s just a middler; invisible and left behind. Then, one hot September day, she meets Una, a hungry wanderer girl in need of help, and everything Maggie has ever known gets turned on its head.
Narrated expertly and often hilariously by Maggie, we experience the trials and frustrations of being the forgotten middle child, the child with no voice, even in her own family.
This is a gripping story of forbidden friendship, loyalty and betrayal. I hope many of you will give it a go.


Hopefully, by the time you read this, Mr Rowland will have attached a class timetable below, so that you know what will be happening each day and can plan accordingly.


Enjoy your weekends.

Mrs Haysom


Homework Friday 4/9/20

Literacy and maths homework will begin next week.

Our reading raffle will be pulled on Monday. Usually you will be expected to read a minimum of five times each week for at least fifteen minutes each time, and as it is important you you still read aloud, one of these reads needs to be to an adult at home. However, as we have only had a short week, I would ask that you read a minimum of three times - once to an adult. Please ask a parent to confirm that you have competed these reads by signing your reading diaries, or, if you are still waiting to be given one, 

a piece of paper will suffice. This confirmation needs to be with you on Monday please, and, in return, you will be entered into our weekly raffle to win a book.