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Year 1


Hello everyone,

I hope you are all keeping warm and recovering quickly. Thank you very much for joining our morning zoom for phonics and for emailing in the homework. I will continue to zoom next week if children are still isolating. 


This week we have been covering sounds 'ir, ie, ue, & u'. The words we have read are, 'each, treat, proud, spoon, thump, earring, least, first, skirt, growl, bench, magnet, cried, tie, third, creep, shower, bench, true, rescue, fried, winter, snort & squelch.

Tricky words- 'here, today, one, their, people, oh & your'. 

Sentences- The girl has some birds on her skirt.

I looked at the pie and tried not to eat it!

The clue led us to the blue bench. 

We spied unicorn tracks in the mud.

It is fun to play on the swings. 


I have added our phonics to our page whilst we have a few children off school. When everyone is back and joining our phonics lesson in school, I will just add the sounds so that you can go over them with the children.


Spellings for next week- attached to the class page.

In maths we continue to revise what we have done in the first book, so please continue to go through the book and fill in any gaps. 


Reading- the children have continued to choose books from our library to read for pleasure. Next week could the children bring in their favourite story book about an alien or spaceship and tell us why they enjoyed the story. 


Your child has been sent a password and login for the Collins ebook. I have assigned a book to your child to read online, this weekend. The books contain some of the phonemes we have been learning. Please read with your child and help them with any words they find tricky. Model using expression when reading. 


In class we have looked at the story, Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram on You tube. We stopped the story, where Bob the astronaut got back into his rocket to fly home. The children are now writing their own ending to the story. They have written the first draught, adding adjectives to describe aliens, the rocket, Bob's house, the moon etc If children are still isolating next week, please could they have a go at writing an ending as though they are the author. Please email in the homework, by next Thursday. It only needs to be a paragraph long.  


I hope you all have a good weekend.

Mrs Clare and the team. 

Stars and HT awards


Dear Parents,

This week the children have covered the sounds 'ay, oi, oy & ea'. 

The words we have looked at are 'day, play, spray, cloud, about, proud, boy, toy, annoy, sea, read, treat' and the tricky words said, says, you, do, like, little, push, pull, put& full'.


In literacy the children have been studying a poem about an alien and have been using adjectives to describe their own aliens. The children have had fun using plasticine to make Beegu the alien, from the story by Alexis Deacon. Please see attached photos. 


In maths we are continuing to use numbers to twenty in addition and subtraction. Some children need practise to reverse the sum, for example, 17+3=20, 3+17=20,   20-17=3, 20-3=17. 


In IT the children have started to find out about algorithms. Working in pairs they gave their partner instructions to make a robot shape with multilink.



Spellings for next week, are 'said, says, you, like, little, push,put, pull, & full' Please notice the sounds made in the words for spelling. 


Home work to be given in on Thursday 20th

Science- the children will love this! You can add a photo if you like. 


Investigate whether the size of a balloon affects how far a balloon powered rocket travels along a string. Slide a straw onto a length of string before tying it tightly across the garden or a room. Look at balloons of different shapes and sizes and predict which one will travel furthest along the string when the air inside is allowed to escape. Give reasons for their predictions. Let each balloon go and mark its finish point on the floor under the string. Find out which balloon zoomed the furthest. Discuss whether all of the balloons travelled at the same speed and whether they can explain their results.

Note: Blow the balloon up, keeping the air in by pinching the neck. With the help of an extra pair of hands, tape the balloon to the straw on the string, ensuring that the balloon is horizontal and the air can escape freely when the neck of the balloon is released.

Practical resources
  • Straws
  • String
  • Tape
  • Balloons of different shapes and sizes


Science sheet attached. Choose any sheet.


Have a super weekend.

Mrs Clare and the Y1 Team







Happy New Year to you all. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a good rest. 

This week we began our Moon Zoom topic with some excitement in the classroom. The children came in to find an alien crash landing. They all discussed what could have happened, perhaps the spaceship had a malfunction and the alien lost control. There were some wonderful ideas from the children's imaginations and they wrote a report on the crash. 


Moving on in maths, we have used numbers to add to 20. We are also learning to put the largest number in our heads and count on. 


This week's spellings (in the spelling book) are 'the, a, do, to, today & of'. We are starting with very simple spellings this week just to get into the routine of having a spell check and also getting homework. 


For next week, ask your child to bring in a book about space and find out a piece of information that they are interested in. Perhaps rockets, astronauts or the solar system. Help them to write one or two facts about what they have found out. Please send it into school, anytime through the week so that we can make a class information book.  I have attached the sheet.


Just a polite reminder that children should be in class by 9.50am, please, so they do not miss out on the lesson input. 


Thank you

Mrs Clare and the Y1 team.


17.12. 21

Dear Parents,

I can't believe we have reached the end of term 2 already. The children are certainly ready for a good rest after a very busy time learning. They have made sandwiches and the Queen's favourite chocolate biscuit cake to enjoy at the tea party. They stood to attention and sang the National Anthem and addressed the Queen appropriately as she entered the room. They learnt how to courtsey and bow and their manners were impeccable at the table. The Christmas party began with traditional games of musical statues, musical bumps, musical chairs and bug in a rug. Fun was had by all. 


Next term the topic is Moon Zoom.

The countdown has begun. Are you ready for blast off?

We’ll travel through space to learn about the Solar System. We’ll investigate an alien crash site, write an incident report and try to find the aliens who have landed. Where could they be? We’ll make models of the Solar System and design spaceships, space buggies and space-related toys. Books and photographs will help us to learn about the first lunar landing and the astronauts who venture into space. Floor robots will be programmed to move around an alien landscape, and we will compose space sounds and dances. We’ll also explore satellite images, investigate rockets and use ICT to communicate our ideas and present our work.

At the end of our project, we’ll share our learning in a variety of different ways. We’ll read our exciting science-fiction stories aloud, sing space-themed songs and create an exhibition of our space models. It will be out of this world!

Help your child prepare for their project
There’s so much to learn about space! Why not stay up late and look at the stars? A stargazing app could help you identify well-known constellations. You could also visit the local library and find some exciting space stories and information books to share. 


A HUGE THANK YOU to all the parents who support their children's learning. It is all about parents and teachers working together as much as possible to support the children. 

Also, a big appreciation for the kind Christmas gift from you all, from all of us.


All of us in Y1 wish you all a good rest, a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year. 



Dear Parents,

I was so proud of the Y1 children, they sang so well at the Nativity performance. We hope you enjoyed it as much as they did. Well done, children!


This week we have begun Christmas activities in class, all linked to the curriculum. We have been making phase 4 words using the Christmas present game, reading and colouring phase 4 words to make a Christmas picture and making Christmas cards.


In maths we have begun to recognise, count and write numbers to 20, in numerals and words. We have practised counting forwards and backwards. 


This week for our topic we have looked at the weather and used symbols to show the weather each day. 


The children have explored a new medium, charcoal and chalk to draw London landmarks. They have also compared artwork by Stephen Wiltshire and Jenny Leonard. They expressed how the paintings made them feel, using some amazing vocabulary. 


Next week- On Thursday 16th, the children have been invited to a Queen's tea party/Christmas party, in their classroom at school. The children will need to wear warm smart party clothes, as if they were going to tea at Buckingham Palace. The children will have a small cucumber sandwich and the Queen's favourite chocolate biscuit cake. They will be learning how to address the Queen and the palace party etiquette. 


Next term- The topic will be Moon Zoom. More details to follow. Please collect small boxes (tooth paste and bar of soap size) ready to make space buggies and rockets. Please send them in after the holiday ( not before as our classroom has to be cleaned). 


As from next term, and now that the children have settled and know the Y1 routine well, I will be sending home spelling homework. Each child will have their spelling book to bring home to learn spellings. The book will then come back to school each Wednesday ready for a spelling check. 


I hope you have a super weekend. One week to go!

Mrs Clare and the Y1 Team






Dear Parents,

December has arrived and the Christmas fun begins. We have been practising our Nativity songs and actions and the children are singing them with joy! 

In maths this week we have been looking at shapes and patterns. The children used their 3D boxes to make their amazing London buildings. They were very excited about taking them to forest school where Mrs Woodhouse, is hopefully at this moment, recreating the Great Fire of London. 


In phonics we have been recapping phase 3 phonics and working on phase 4 words and common exception words. We have also been looking at formation families, for example letters a, c, d, g, o, &  q, are all formed starting from the letter c. Letters such as b, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, p, r, t, begin with the straight line.  


We have been looking at singular and plural nouns in literacy and listening to the words that need aa 's' or 'es' at the end, such as 'cat = cats' and 'bruch= brushes'. 


Thank you for remembering the clothes for the performance. We are in the process of making our crowns.

No homework this weekend, just enjoy reading lovely stories!

Have a super weekend.

The Y1 Team





Dear Parents,

Christmas is coming upon us very fast with only 3 weeks to go. 

This week we have continued to spell words with adjacent consonants such as street, spin, green, fresh, steep, tree, spear, smell. We continue to recap the digraphs and trigraphs in phase 3 and the children have recapped the vowels. 


The children have been cutting and sticking their 3D shapes, ready to make our classroom Christmas tree. 


In the science lesson, the children have enjoyed learning how to make bread dough then bake it for varying lengths of time to see how it changes.


Topic home work- please see attached. Could you please return the work by Wednesday 1st. 


Costumes for the nativity performance: The children will need to wear  plain black leggings/trousers, a  warm plain black jumper/top and their black shoes. Please send in the named items in a carrier bag by next Friday at the latest. The children will be making their crowns at school. 

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Clare and the Y1 team


Marley the Meerkat video 

Topic homework.



Dear Parents,

This week in phonics we have been concentrating on spelling words with consonant clusters, such as 'spring, strap, string, scrap, street,  and scrunch'. We have also been learning to spell the CEW words, 'went, do, when, what, some, come, and does'. It would be useful for the children to go over the CEW words, to become confident in using them in their writing. Children, sometimes find it tricky to apply their spellings to their writing. 

 In literacy, the children have written their ending to 'The Queen's Knickers' story, and have had a go at using 'and' to join two sentences. We will continue to practise this concept in our sentence writing and story telling. 


In maths, we been using language to explain measures, such as long, longer, longest, short, shorter, shortest, tall, taller and tallest. We have also been measuring objects using our hands and feet, as well as units such as paper clips and multilink to compare the length of objects.  They also measured objects with a ruler, using centimetres. I have attached some fun things to measure for homework. Please choose only one page. 


In this week's topic, we discussed and compared human and physical features of the UK,  and the children enjoyed a walk in the village to look at our local buildings. 


For next week - please look at the London landmarks on Google images over the weekend, eg, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, 

the Shard, the Gherkin, the Monument, the London Eye, St Paul's Cathedral, etc. Talk to the children about the simplest way of making one of the buildings using junk modelling. What can they use? What 3D shapes do they need? How can they portray the shape of the building? Collect junk to bring into school by Friday in a named carrier bag. Nothing larger than a cereal box please, as we do not have much room in our class. Explain to the children that once they have built their landmark, we will take a photo of their model and then recreate the Great Fire of London, ( safely) so they will not be bring their models home. 


Have a great weekend.


Mrs Clare and the Y1 team. 




London’s Burning

Still image for this video


Dear Parents,

In phonics this week we have been recapping the phase 3 sounds writing and spelling phase 4 words such as 'step, plan, frog, trip, speck, spot & spin'. We have also been having fun playing bingo, using common exception words and tricky words such as 'like, have, children, help, when, what, there, little, it's, just, out, one, said, come, some, were, from, do & so'. Pointing these words out in reading books would be beneficial to the children. As they found the word on the bingo sheet,  they then had to write the word. 


In literacy, we have continued with the story, 'The Queen's Knickers' by Nicholas Allan. The children have been retelling the story using actions to remember the sequence of the story and adding their own ideas. 


In maths, we have finished adding and subtracting to 10 and we will move on to measuring, next week. Continuing with addition and subtraction number problems at home will help the children to consolidate the mathematical language used in questions and understanding how to pick out the important words to write a sum. I have included some problem solving questions on the class page to practise. Encourage the children to draw out the amount of objects and write the sum underneath. 


In our topic, we have been learning about The Great Fire of London. The children have been writing about the event after watching a video clip. The children loved this part of the topic and they looked at photos the Monument building in London which marks where the fire started. 


Last week in forest school, on their walk, the children collected natural objects to make a 'journey stick'. I wonder what exciting learning will happen today?


Have a super weekend. 

 Mrs Clare and the Year 1 team 



Dear Parents,

This term the Y1 children have returned to school with enthusiasm. They are already enjoying the topic, 'Bright Lights, Big City'. We have begun our topic by learning about the Royal family and what the Queen's jobs are, for example working with many charities and planting trees. Did you know the Queen wears bright colours so she can be seen by the crowds? This week the children have also learnt the names of the countries that make up the United Kingdom. They coloured in the maps and labelled the capital cities. The children will be looking closely at some old and modern landmarks of London and learning about the Great Fire of London. 


In phonics, we are recapping phase 3 again, but we have also moved onto phase 4 phonics. This week the children have been learning which letters are vowels and which are consonants. In the phase 4 phonics as well as learning some the consonant clusters, such as 'str, mp, nk, bl' etc, we are reading and writing more phrases. I ahve attached a phase 4 mat so you can use it with the children at home. In literacy this week we have been learning to use 'and' to join two sentences. 


In maths we have begun, taking away from 10. We have concentrated on learning the language for taking away, such as subtract, minus and find the difference between. Please keep up the language at home, perhaps when going for a walk, you can make up subtraction stories, eg, there are 5 trees, 3 are blown down by the wind, how many are left? 5 minus 3 equals 2. 

Pick 10 leaves, leave 5 under a tree, how many are left? 10 subtract 5 equals 5. etc


We have been using the school laptops to learn how to turn them on and off, by logging in and out. The children have also been learning the names of the different parts of the classroom computer, such as mouse, monitor, keyboard and computer tower. 


It has been a pretty full on week, I hope the children will have a good rest over the weekend, ready for next week.


Mrs Clare




Dear Parents,

Already we have come to the end of term 1, and what a term it has been! The children have covered phase 3 phonics and this week we have recapped the trigraphs, 'ear, igh, air and ure'. Next term we will continue phase 3 in more depth and cover phase 4. The purpose of phase 4 is to consolidate children's knowledge of graphemes in reading and spelling words containing adjacent consonants and polysyllabic words. They will experience reading captions, know letter names and spell some tricky words. 


In maths this week we have focused on ordinal numbers, 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc and positional words, such as left and right, in front of and behind etc. Next term we will focus on subtraction up to 10, again focusing on the mathematical language. 


Next term the topic will be 'Bright Lights, Big City'. This project teaches children about the physical and human characteristics of the United Kingdom, including a detailed exploration of the characteristics and features of the capital city, London. We will also learn about Queen Elizabeth 2nd. 


The children have settled well into the year 1 routine and they have been working very hard. Well done year 1, you have earned a good rest now, ready for term 2!

Have a fabulous rest everyone.

Mrs Clare



This week


Dear Parents,

What a wonderful Harvest Festival! The children sang beautifully and they made us feel very proud of them. Well done class1!

This week we have been continuing to recap the phase 3 phonics and we are using the sounds to write sentences. We have been looking at nouns and pronouns. Our big question has been where and when do we need to use a capital letter? What do the capital letters look like? What size should they be? The children have been practising writing their capital letters in their handwriting books and they know that they are twice the size of the lower case letters. We have also been practising our tricky words, 'I, the , to no, go, he, we, me, be, she, her, they & was. 

In literacy, we have been looking at the story of Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, who is a little boy who lives next to an old peoples care home. He has many friends there, in particular Miss Nancy, who has lost her memory. To help her, Wilfred gives her a basket of objects to help her remember things in time gone by. The Y1 children wrote there own ideas about what they would put in a basket to help an elderly person remember. 

In maths, we have continued to learn to count on from a given number to add two numbers together. We have also been learning the use of different words in mathematical language, eg equals, balance, the same as, altogether etc. Knowing the language will help the children understand the questions in the future. 

Have a good weekend. 

Mrs Clare

Well done!


Dear Parents,

Welcome to October, already! Just 2 weeks to go. I can't believe we have almost completed  term 1.

This week we have covered the last few phonemes in phase 3, ' ear, air, ure and er'. Can you please use at least 2 of the books on the ORT website, that I have assigned to the class. Can the children remember the order of the letters for those sounds? 

In literacy we have read the story of Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge. Using the story, we have been learning where to use capital letters, at the beginning of a sentence and at the beginning of the names of people and places. Please point this out when reading books to your children. 

In maths we have started to count on from a given number when adding. The children have learnt that they don't always have to start counting from 1, if they know they have 5 cars in a box. They can just count on from 5 to make the total. Perhaps they can practise this at home when laying the table for dinner or playing with their toys. 

This week, we have also finished the topic, 'Mix it!', where the children investigated what happened when they mixed primary colours to make secondary colours.

We look forward to seeing you next week at the Harvest Festival. 

Have a super weekend. 

Mrs Clare

Off to forest school.


Dear Parents,

This week we have covered sounds 'ar, or, ur, ow & oi'. We have been practising to begin our sentences with a capital letter, use a finger space and a full stop. Please continue to practise this at home, by writing postcards, messages, letters etc The phonics that some children forget are the trigraphs, 'igh. ear, air and ure'. We will be recapping these next week. Please notice them in their reading books if they appear. I have also added the next phonic linked books on Oxford Owl. You should still have your child's login from last year. I have added 6 books to the basket so that your child has a choice. They don't have to read all of them, unless they are extremely keen but I suggest they try and read at least 2 books. 

In maths we have been using numbers up to 10 to create number bonds. We call this 'part, part, whole'. Eg How many ways can you make number bonds up to 8? 

One of our topics this term is linked to art and design. The children have enjoyed learning about the primary colours and using them to mix the secondary colours. We then looked at a painting, Colour Study, Squares with Concentric Circles by Wassily Kandinsky. The children painted their own version and now our classroom looks very bright and cheery!

Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Clare


Dear Parents,

Well what a whirl wind week it has been. I have had a super birthday week with the children and I have been totally spoilt by all of you. A HUGE THANK YOU to you all for the very generous gifts and the beautiful flowers and cards. What a surprise! It's not so bad being 21 again after all!  (If only). 


Well, this week at school we have covered the sounds 'ai, ee, igh oa & oo (long)'. We have finished the first chapter in maths that covers numbers to 10 eg counting to 10, counting objects to 10, writing to 10, counting 0, comparing numbers of objects, ordering numbers and comparing numbers. Next week we will cover number bonds to 10. 

Here is a rhyme to help the children use their fingers to remember their number bonds;

0 and 10 are big strong men,

1 and 9 are feeling fine,

2 and 8 are never late,

3 and 7 go to Devon,

4 and 6 like to play tricks,

5 and 5 come alive,

6 and four open the door,

7 and 3 come to tea,

8 and 2 are feeling blue,

9 and 1 have just gone,

10 and 0 are super heroes. 


Roald Dahl day was a big hit and the children enjoyed an inspiring drama class in which they enjoyed acting out the story of Little Red Riding Hood, transforming themselves into the different characters. 


On Monday please send a photograph in, of a special event in your child's life, ( a photo copy if possible, or email a copy so I can print it at school). It could be their birthday, christening, a family wedding etc. It must be an event that is special to them and that they remember. We will use the photos to inspire the children to write about their special event. 


Have a super weekend everyone.

Mrs Clare and the Y1 team.







Ronald Dahl Day -Drama- retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood

Term 1   10.9.21

Dear  Parents,

Well , it has been a very busy week, recapping phonics, learning to spell numbers to ten, and beginning to write our autobiographies. The children have settled in well and though they are enjoying class 1, they are very quickly finding out how different it is to last year. 

This week we have covered sounds 'ch, sh, th, ng & ai'. Please do recap the sounds and find them in words when they are reading or having a bedtime story. 

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Clare

Term 1      3.9.21

Dear Parents,

A very warm welcome back and what a super start it has been!

The children are settling into class 1 really well. 

During the first 2 days we have been getting to know where things are in the classroom and we have set the rules.  I have added them below. To help your child remember them, please talk about what the rules are.

No talking, when it is time to listen.

Use a quiet, whispering voice if you need to ask a question whilst we are working.

Use a normal talking voice (not shouting) in the classroom during discussion times or if we have children's choice. 

Outside, during breaks, you can use your loud voices to cheer on the games. 

Screaming- only in a real emergency, for example if you are in danger. 


We try our best.

We are kind to each other.

We listen to each other.

We respect each other.

We look after things.

We keep our school tidy.

We move around safely and line up quietly.

We aim to stay safe, healthy and happy. 


These rules will make your time at school happy and enjoyable. 


Our topic this term, until Christmas, is all about 'Childhood'. Here is a little information about the topic. 

In the Childhood project, your child will learn words and phrases related to the passage of time. They will explore artefacts to help them to understand childhood in the past and how childhood has changed over time. They will explore the six stages of life and explore timelines and family trees. Everyday life in the 1950s will be explored, including shopping, transport, family life and childhood. They will also learn about the significance of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation in 1953 by studying photographs and online sources. The children will use maps to explore how places have changed over time and highlight any similarities or differences between childhood today and childhood in the 1950s. 

Alongside, the topic, there will of course be the discreet lessons of maths, literacy, phonics (recapping phase 3 and 4), science, RE and PSHE. I will talk about these subjects in more detail when we have our curriculum meeting with parents, date TBC. 

I'm looking forward to the coming full week. For now, have a super weekend.


Mrs Clare

P.S Sorry, forgot to say, PE kits are needed for Monday. 

Thank you