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Chiddingstone Church of England School

Educating for life in all its fullness - John 10:10

Chiddingstone Nursery

Chiddingstone School and Chiddingstone Nursery School have strong links with each other and these are maintained in a variety of ways throughout the school year. Many, but not all, of the children from the nursery join the Reception class at Chiddingstone School*. Our links with Chiddingstone Nursery are very important and help maintain our strong connection with the community.  


A good working relationship enables us to meet the children’s needs during the transition from nursery to school and ensures that the children, and their parents, are comfortable and happy about the changes. Together, the nursery and school aim to make the transition from nursery to school as smooth and successful as possible. This is done in a number of ways:


  • Once a week, during the summer term, all the children from the nursery are invited to Chiddingstone School to join in with the KS1 Act of Worship. They stay on to share snack time and break time with the Reception Class. This enables the children to familiarise themselves with some of the school’s routines, members of staff, classroom resources and school layout, with the support of the Nursery staff.
  • The Reception class teachers visit the children in the nursery** during the summer term to get to know the children before they start school and spend time discussing each child with their key worker. The knowledge and information provided by the nursery school is seen as key to the children settling quickly and securely in their new school lives.
  • In the summer term, all new starters, regardless of the nursery they attend, spend two sessions in small groups in the Reception class before starting school.
  • A transition consultation takes place in nursery with parents to view the transition form that is passed onto the YR teachers providing information about the planning and support provided and achievements each child has made.  This, along with copies of the 'All about Me' document are passed onto parents to share with the YR teachers at the first school settling in meeting.
  • The nursery offers a key person visit to the school as part of additional AEN support to parent/child.


The links with Chiddingstone Nursery continue once the children have started in the Reception class. One very important link is a member of staff from the nursery is also a TA in the Reception class during 3 afternoons. This provides continuity for the children who join our school from Chiddingstone Nursery. The Reception class children are invited to watch both the Nursery Nativity and Sports Day. During their first term at school they also spend a morning at the Nursery sharing snack time and revisiting members of staff and favourite toys. During the year, the nursery children and reception children join together for other activities, including visits from outside speakers and watching concerts and shows put on by the school. 

* please note, the school and nursery have different entry criteria and children attending the nursery do not automatically gain a place at the school. 

** Reception class teachers visit all settings where children attend prior to joining our school and children from all settings are invited for taster sessions.