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Educating for life in all its fullness - John 10:10

Collective Worship

I hope you have enjoyed participating in some of the activities to celebrate Pentecost on the Family Activities page.

As we enjoy what is sometimes called Whitsuntide , we can remember that as has been said, 'All life is worship' so with no AOW till next term you can simply  enjoy praising God for the beauty around us.

The frothy white elderflowers appearing are so pretty and make a delicious cordial ( see below) so as you make it and enjoy it you could always praise God for creation, thank him for all the abundance of food we enjoy and pray for those who are in need.

Have a great 'holy-day,' or holiday this Whitsuntide celebrating the birthday of the church!


Elderflower Cordial.

You will need your parents to help you as it involves boiling water but hopefully you can do most of the recipe yourself!

1. Place 30 elderflower heads, I kg sugar, 75g citric acid, 2 litres boiling water and two chopped up whole lemons in a large bowl,

stir and cover with a clean tea towel. Leave it overnight.

2. In the morning strain the liquid through the clean tea towel, put the flower heads and lemons on the compost heap.

3. Bottle and dilute to taste. It will keep in the fridge for a week and can of course be frozen in plastic bottles to have at a later date. Enjoy!

Picture 1
Picture 1


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In our collective worship this week we have been thinking about Ascension  day which marks the day Jesus ascended to heaven. If you want to revisit the story you might like this cartoon version;

A reminder that God is always there is ‘I will not be afraid’ Life Tree Kids:

or another one about trusting God by Life Tree Kids

 Try and make a ‘Jesus is with me’  prayer wheel as described in the AOW and look at it throughout the day.

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In our collective worship this week we have been thinking about kindness. This week’s story features Jesus healing one leper but if you want to see another story about Jesus healing ten lepers have a look at :

or the story of the man born blind who Jesus healed and showed kindness to even though He got into trouble with the authorities for doing so.

Again if you want to reflect on how we can also have kind hands like Jesus you might like to reflect on the words of  this old school hymn and perhaps compose another verse!;

1 Jesus' hands were kind hands,
doing good to all,
healing pain and sickness,
blessing children small,
washing tired feet,
and saving those who fall;
Jesus' hands were kind hands,
doing good to all.

2. Take my hands, Lord Jesus,
let them work for you;
make them strong and gentle,
kind in all I do.
Let me watch you, Jesus,
till I'm gentle took,
till my hands are kind hands,
quick to work for you.

To make a simple origami house and perhaps write a prayer about kindness seethe link below:

A slightly more complicated one is :

Our Worship board this week  focuses on asking God to help us.

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In our collective worship this week we have been thinking about friendship. If you want to revisit the story of David and Jonathan and their friendship have a look at this light hearted cartoon about the story

If you would like to sing the song’ I have a friend in Jesus ‘ see link below

 To make a simple pop-up card for your friend :

This is a slightly more complicated but a great birthday card idea!


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Picture 1

VE day on Friday 8th May


This Friday will mark the 70th anniversary of VE Day, the end of the Second World War in Europe.

At 3pm on 8th May 1945, The Prime Minister Winston Churchill made a radio speech to tell Britain that the war was over. This resulted in a nation rejoicing with men, women and children throwing parties, lighting fires and ringing bells. The skies were also full of planes marking victory high above us.

As sadly most celebrations for VE day will have been cancelled because of the Coronavirus it would be good to have VE day as  our focus for our virtual  worship board this week especially as our prayer focus is ‘ reflection.’

VE Day activities:

Here are some extra activities that you might like to chat about and do on VE day itself  as a family as you think about how grateful we are for all those who fought to give us peace.

A good way to think further about how people can make a difference, you might like to watch these two videos:

Captain Tom Moore fundraising news story

Video – Tom Moore receiving a Pride of Britain Award


  • Listen, think, share  Look at the poster image, do we know who the person is in the poster? Explain that it is Captain Tom Moore, a 99-year-old war veteran from Bedfordshire who recently raised over £28 million for the NHS by completed 100 laps of his garden for his 100th birthday!  Read through the information found in the resource, all about Captain Tom Moore’s incredible achievement. Talk about how sometimes it’s not the biggest actions that can have the biggest impact and that all of the things that we do affect the world around us! Captain Tom didn’t even leave his garden but managed to raise a lot of money and raise the spirits of the nation!
  •  Can we think of anything we can do at the moment to help others?   Watch the useful video (found in the link above ) which shows Captain Tom receiving a Pride of Britain Award.   Mother Teresa, a Catholic nun who dedicated her life to helping others said, “If you cannot feed a hundred people, feed one.” Talk about what you think she meant by this? Do you agree? Here are some ideas to reflect further about however small we think our actions are, we can all contribute to help make a positive difference to the world around us. Here are some ideas:
  • Write a letter or thank you card and send it to someone who has made a difference in your local community, this could be for a teacher, family member or neighbour.
  • Draw a picture of Captain Tom Moore completing his challenge.  
  • Write a prayer for those countries around the world who are still at war, those who are fearful and in need of peace
  • Use forest school materials, ( twigs, stones, leaves, flowers, shells, pine cones etc) to make the letters VE day or the word ‘peace’ or a symbol of peace which might be a dove.
  • Reflect as a family how you can help others nearby and far away.


Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1
Weekly Worship Board

We shall be having a virtual worship board this term and as usual will be focusing on five different ways of praying- Praise, Thanks, Asking, Saying sorry and Reflection.

We begin with 'Praise,' especially as we are enjoying such a beautiful Spring and there are different activities you may like to do.

If you have any photographs or prayers relating to these activities, please send them to your class teacher for uploading onto this page. Many thanks and keep safe, keep well and keep praying!

Praise - Worship Board Week 1

Praise - Worship Board Week 1 1

Thankfulness - Worship Board week 2

Thankfulness - Worship Board week 2 1

How to make a notebook for your prayers of thanks  from one sheet of paper !

Making a note book with 8 pages


Making a note book with16  pages

Act of Worship - Week beginning Monday 27th April 2020

Look up

Still image for this video
Look up AOW about thankfulness .

In our collective worship this week we are thinking about ‘looking up’ and having an attitude of gratitude. We thought about the amazing world that God has made and it’s good to get outside in this beautiful Spring and look up at the wonderful blossom, the new lime green leaves and buds, hear the beautiful birdsong and give thanks for our wonderful world.

A couple of songs with lovely pictures of the natural world which you might like to look at are

What a wonderful world

Creation Calls

The story of the ten lepers is a reminder to say thank you- have a look at this story link below.

To reflect further about ‘looking up’ you might want to make the origami cat that I made at the end of the AOW to remind us of all the lovely animals God has made and to ‘look up’ at the created world just like the cat in the last slide!

Finally a song, ‘Who put the colours in the rainbow’  that reminds us of all the things we can say thank you to God for creating - not least  for making us !

Finally do look at our virtual worship board this week as we are thinking of ‘thank you’ prayers.

Act of Worship - Week Beginning Monday 20th April 2020

In our collective worship this week we are thinking about being a good neighbour.

The Good Samaritan is the story that underpins our vision of how we want to be as a school community. Being a good neighbour might mean helping in a practical way, sharing something we have, encouraging others or praying. Sometimes it means being kind or forgiving when we are upset by someone. Talk about who you think your neighbour is? Sometimes we help people we don’t know, such as those in need of food and it was wonderful to send a cheque to TEAR fund for £900 from our Harvest Festival to help those who needed seeds and equipment to grow food..

You might like to visit the story again- here is an on line version you might enjoy looking at.      or

To reflect further about loving your neighbour you might like to make an origami paper heart. You could even write a prayer on it too.

 Finally a song that reminds us that when we don’t find loving our neighbour easy we can ask God to forgive us and make a new start .

Have a good day finding ways to help others and thinking further about how to love your neighbour.

Who is my neighbour?

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Act of Worship 17th April 2020