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Educating for life in all its fullness - John 10:10

Collective Worship


Week Seven.

This week we are thinking about one of our church school values  ‘Creation.’

Song : Creator God


Reflection: Creation calls



  • Do look at ‘Creation calls’ and discuss amazing animals , plants or landscapes that they have seen and which scenes in the  video  they particularly liked .
  • The children could draw, write a poem or make up a dance about something in creation.
  • Write a prayer- look at the class reflective board poster for ideas
  • Ask how we can look after our world better.
  • See if the children can name all five church school values and how they have seen them in action over the year.


Have a great holiday and keep safe, keep well and keep praying! 


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Week 6:

This week we are focusing on the famous passage in Corinthians where Paul talks about how love is the most important quality in our lives, at home, at school and wherever we are.

Paul wrote a letter to the people at the church in Corinth where they were not getting on with each other. They were arguing about which was the best gift from God (things they were able to do) and which of them had this gift.

Sing : You forgive me

Read : I Corinthians 13 :1-13


  • I wonder why Paul felt that he needed to write a letter to these people?
  • I wonder why Paul wrote a long section of his letter about love?
  • Use a bell and a cymbal to talk about why Paul says that love is important in v 1 as well as the other examples he gives.
  • I wonder why Paul thinks that love is greater than knowledge…faith…feeding the poor? I wonder if you agree?
  • If love is so important, I wonder how you are going to show your love to others today?
  • I wonder what it means if ‘love is patient’?
  • I wonder if you can think of times when you have been patient because you love someone?
  •  I wonder if there are other times when you have shown love that is kind?

Pray: for God’s help as you look for opportunities to do this today.

Do: Set up an area where people can write thank you for the love someone has shown them this week (use for the Friday celebration.)




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Week Five : Koinonia

This week we are looking at Paul’s letter to the Corinthian Christians and we are focusing on how we all need each other and have something to contribute.


Songs today :

Jesus taught us how to be a family


Reflection : Life tree kids made for this .


Discussion questions:

  • . I wonder if you have ever been in a team or group when you have tried to work towards an important goal?
  •  I wonder how you succeeded or perhaps did not succeed working like this?
  • Think of all the ‘teams’ in school – in your class, year group, Key Stage, whole school, worship leaders, school council, kitchen team, office team etc. (these will depend on the size of you school) I wonder how many different teams you rely on in school in just one day?
  • I wonder how you can be the best part of the school body today?
  • . In Corinthians 1 v 12  it says:

Yes, there are many parts to a body, but all those parts make only one body. What do you think that means?

  • Can you  think of any other pictures of something that requires everything to work all together or it does not work well or does not work at all?
  •  I wonder how you could be a useful part of a ‘body’ today every time you work with someone else?
  • Think of the story of the boy who shared his lunch. What might you be able to share today?


Dear God, Help me to appreciate everyone’s contribution to our school and help me to be a helpful part of our school today. Amen

Koinonia- the boy who shared his lunch.mp4

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Week Four -the armour of God.

This week looks at a picture which Paul painted thinking about the time in which lived - where Roman soldiers were a common sight. Pupils need to understand that it is not about real fighting like a soldier in an army but fighting for what is right and true. It would be useful to set the context of this time in history. Jesus and Paul lived in the time of the Roman Empire.

 Discussion questions:

  • I wonder what you know about the Romans?
  • I wonder if you know what a Roman soldier looked like? uk/romans/armour.html
  • I wonder why Paul chose the picture of the Roman soldier to help the Ephesian church to understand more about the good news of Jesus?
  • I wonder what the people in the church needed to ‘fight’ against?
  •  I wonder if there are clues when we see what the different parts of the armour represent?
  •  I wonder what we could do with the belt of truth?
  • I wonder if there is a time when you needed the belt of truth?

Prayer: Thank you, God, that you invite us to wear the belt of truth. Help us to be true to you and true to each other today. Amen


Songs about how we can trust God:

Our God is a great big God

I am trusting you God

The Lord’s my shepherd


God suit on

Armour of God.mp4

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Week Three :

 We shall be finding out what happened to Paul after his conversion and how his letters brought hope and encouragement to his fellow Christians and to Christian believers today.

After Paul was imprisoned in Rome, he still wanted to keep in contact with all the people he had met on his missionary journeys. There was no telephone or email, only letters, which took many months to arrive. Paul gave solutions to problems and encouragement in his letters. There are 13 of Paul’s letter in the New Testament. Timothy was young (Paul says he is a true son to him, but he was not his real son).

He was a leader in his church in Ephesus but not everyone agreed with him and they were not living by following Jesus’ example and in the ways that Paul had encouraged them to do when he had visited. Discussion:

  • I wonder how you feel when other people seem to be doing the wrong things?
  •  I wonder if you try and help them to solve their problems? Spend some time reflecting on how you can do that – perhaps you could write a letter trying to help someone to solve a problem and encouraging them?
  • Finish the race! 2 Timothy 4:7-8 In the next 4 acts of worship, we will look at some of the things in the two letters which Paul wrote to Timothy to support and encourage him and we will think about how they can help us too. Paul needed to write to Timothy because Timothy felt disheartened and wanted to give up. I wonder if you have ever taken part in a race?
  •  I wonder if you had to prepare and how you felt coming up to the start line?
  • Look at this clip:What if you had trained for 4 years or more for a race at the Olympic Games. Here is the story of a race for someone who did that: Wp6vFdE

That is an amazing story of someone who was determined to finish his race – no matter what. Paul tells Timothy that his life has been like a race to encourage Timothy to carry on no matter what, just like Derek in his race.

  • Paul says I have finished the race. I have kept the faith. Now, a crown is waiting for me. I will get that crown for being right with God. I wonder what race Paul is talking about and what help he had finishing?


Thank you God for being with us in the whole of the race that is our life – at the beginning, all the way through the running and at the finish line too. Amen

Paul escapes!.mp4

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Song for both Key Stages:

Be bold be strong

Term Six Week Two

Song for both key stages: My Lighthouse

This week we are finding out about Saint Paul and we start with his Damascus road conversion and how that led to a complete change in his life . Damascus Acts 9: 1-19 . It is one of the most dramatic stories and how his conversion would resulted in his becoming a faithful apostle of Christ and the most famous missionary ever.

The rest of the term is about St Paul (c 5-65 CE) and all that he did and taught as a key figure in early Christian communities,

Discussion questions

  • What sort of person was Saul before he met the risen Jesus on the road to Damascus?
  • How did he change?
  •  I wonder why Saul changed his name to Paul?
  •  I wonder if you know any other stories of people who changed when they met Jesus? I
  •  wonder if you can think of some of the different emotions that Saul went through as he decided what to do next? I wonder if you can guess what Paul did decide to do?
  •  We might not have the same experience as Saul, but we all have to learn to deal with big changes. I wonder if there are events that have brought changes for you? Moving house or school? Welcoming a new family member? The Bible tells us that God never changes: Hebrew 13:8.

Prayer-Thank God for this promise which is about the same Jesus that met Saul on his journey and promises to be on our journey with us whatever changesand challenges come our way.

Paul's conversion.mp4

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  1.                        Term 6 Week One


KS1 Great big family of God


KS2 Jesus put this song into our hearts


We are focusing this week on Refugee Week 2021,

 The theme of  Refugee week is ‘We Cannot Walk Alone’, and is an invitation to extend your hand to someone new.

The challenges of the past year may have sometimes exposed inequalities between people including in housing, income and access to healthcare. But the crisis has also shown how interconnected we are – that the wellbeing of each of us depends on the welfare, safety and hard work of others. We are part of a shared ‘us’.

Remind children of the image in this week’s AOW showing someone helping another person  up a hill.


  • I wonder what this image teaches us about how it easier to walk with or work with others?
  • I wonder how the group of people which Jesus brought together made a difference to those around them (even though they were diverse individuals and they might not have made up an obvious team)


Lord God, may our school be welcoming, may our school be encouraging. Let friendship flourish here and let learning fill our day. AMEN


Help them feel at home Luke 19:1-10

Read this Bible passage or remind them of the story of Zacchaeus  Look at the Bible passage: Jesus was welcomed into many homes during his ministry which were places of welcome and security like the house of Zacchaeus.


  • I wonder what sort of welcome Jesus was given?
  • I wonder what you think of when you hear the word ‘home’ – perhaps make a list of words
  •  I wonder if you can think of any ways in which we might be able to help everyone to feel completely ‘at home’ in our classroom, playground, village or town?


Dear God, thank you for the gift of knowledge. We thank you that you provide us with brains to think and question the world around us. Help us to use this gift to ask questions about unfairness in our world and then to do something about it. My we always provide a warm welcome to anyone who needs our compassion and our understanding, no matter who they might be. AMEN


Jesus was a refugee

Remind pupils that Jesus was a refugee when he was a young child because King Herod was seeking to harm him and this meant that Mary and Joseph fled to Egypt with him

Prayer: Jesus, friend and brother, You know what it is like to be hungry and thirsty. You know what it feels like to be a stranger who is made unwelcome. You know the suffering of all who have lost everything. We pray that by welcoming refugees we may show love for our neighbour and be closer to you. AMEN

Refugee week and compassion.mp4

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Week Five: The theme is Pentecost and the story is told of Jesus’ ascension to heaven and the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Ks1 and  KS2 songs Colours of day

This week, instead of our zoom AOW on Wednesday  we shall be having Pentecost prayer stations in the church and churchyard and the timetable is as follows.

9-9.30 Yr 6

9.30-10.00 Yr 5

10.00-10.30 Yr 4


11.00- 11.30 Yr 3

11.30-12.00 Yr 2

12.00-12.30 Reception

2.15-2.45 Yr  1

To facilitate this and be with each class  ( four classes have RE with me anyway) I will have to ask that activities I set for Year 6 (9.30-10.00) and Year 3 ( 11.30-12.00) will be supervised while I am helping with the prayer stations with other classes- do hope that is ok. 

On Tuesday , in your AOW slot ,please can you read the story of Pentecost from a children friendly Bible and/or look at these clips .


To make the most of the prayer stations please prepare the children by looking at the info for teachers which I have placed on your desks. If you could  revisit the five church school values that would be so helpful, thanks.

 The theme is how the Holy Spirit helps us to pray and there will be activities inside the church and the green ink signifies that they are  forest school  prayer activities in the  churchyard.

On Wednesday;

  • please allow time for children to wash their hands before you go
  •  have at least one extra member of staff so that you can split the class between the inside and outside activities and then swop of course.
  • Take your own class pencils
  • Class Ipad and take photos please
  • Feedback – see attached but if I teach your class RE I will complete that with them. I have copied enough sheets for class 2 and 4 and they are ready on your desks and maybe Reception could do a whole class feedback?
  • There will be white buns ( half a one to be precise for each child !) to give to your children as they go out to Break to celebrate Whitsun (or white Sunday as  explained in my Monday AOW.)

Hope you find these helpful and it will be so good to be back in church again- Happy Pentecost!


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Week Four .

This week we are exploring another of the Order of the Mustard Seed’s promises;

Express God’s mercy and justice. We shall be looking at a story about justice in the Old Testament and a story about mercy in the new Testament.


KS1 Jesus’ love is very wonderful

 or a more scenic one


KS2 You are merciful to me

You are merciful to me,
You are merciful to me,
You are merciful to me, my Lord
Every day my disobedience grieves Your loving heart;
but then redeeming love breaks through,
and causes me to worship You


Redeemer, (Redeemer)
Saviour, (Saviour)
Healer (Healer)
and Friend (and Friend)
Every day (Every day)

renew my ways, (renew my ways)
fill me with love (fill me with love)
that never ends (that never ends)

Discuss the  Dictionary definitions: give practical everyday examples.

  • Mercy: kindness that makes you forgive someone, usually someone that you have authority over
  • Justice: fairness in the way people are dealt with.
  •  Why might the Order of the Mustard Seed want to show God’s mercy and justice to the world? (treating people fairly and showing mercy through kindness and forgiveness) What might this look like in real life?
  • Challenge from Isaiah 1:17 (The Message version) Say no to wrong. Learn to do good. Work for justice. Help the down-and-out. Stand up for the homeless. Go to bat for the defenceless. I wonder how Christians today follow this teaching?
  •  I wonder how we can stand for mercy and justice?
  •  How can we be a voice for the voiceless? God is passionate about justice and the care of all his people.
  • How does it make you feel when you see homeless people on the streets?

Pray for places in our world that need justice and peace. Bring them to God together.

Watch this clip:

Matthew 13: 31-32 Project Malachi How does it make you feel when you see homeless people on the streets? Discuss together. There are many people in the UK who are working to support all those who do not have a home of their home. Watch this BBC news clip together – it tells the story of how a 10 year old boy called Malachi donated £5 to the Salvation Army to buy houses for those who didn’t have anywhere to live.

Malachi chose to stand hope for those who are homeless, to fight for justice for them. £5 might not seem much, but it was multiplied and inspired a whole project.

Reflect: quietly, and think of all those who do not have a home or somewhere warm to sleep. Ask God to take care of them. Thank God for all those who work to improve those who are homeless. Express God’s mercy and justice - Go to ‘bat’ for the defenceless Matthew 9: 35-36

Also look at : Information about Mercy Ships Mercy Ships is a faith-based international development organisation that deploys hospital ships to some of the poorest countries in the world, delivering vital, free healthcare to people in desperate need. This video clip shows and explains what they do.

Think about :

I wonder what you might like to do as a response to what you have seen today?

Pray together for the work of the Mercy Ships, thank God for all they have and continue to do. Pray too for the NHS and how fortunate we are to have such a wonderful health care system.

Justice and mercy.mp4

Still image for this video

Week Three.

This week we are thinking about hospitality and how we can bless others with generosity by helping, sharing and showing kindness, Our story is from the Old Testament and is called 'Elisha's room.'


        KS1: Big family of God

KS2 : Jesus put this song into our hearts


   A song for reflection:  This little light of mine

Discussion questions:

  • What does hospitality look like in reality?
  • What does it mean to be generous?
  •  What might it look like here in school, at home, out in the street?
  • I wonder If you think there is a difference between being hospitable and practising hospitality? Is one easier than the other?
  • It says Hebrews 13:2 ‘Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers.’ How might could you / us as school family show hospitality to strangers?
  • Could it be through kind acts, words or even a smile? Reflect together on this
  • What might this verse mean in practice? 1 Peter 4:9 ‘Cheerfully share your home with those who need a meal or a place to stay.’


A prayer for this term.

(Based on the Order of the Mustard Seed daily prayer which we learnt about last week)

 Father God, help me live this day to the full, following the example you set.

 Jesus help me to give myself away to others, being kind to everyone I meet.

Spirit, help me to love the lost, be hospitable and stand up for truth and justice. Amen

hospitality- Elisha's room.mp4

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Week Two .

This week we are thinking of how small beginnings can have a big effect, especially when we follow the  teaching of Jesus .


 All sing: You shall go out with joy.


Here are some more things to think about after our AOW today.


Read the parable Mark 4 30-32 or watch this video clip together, which tells the story of the parable of the mustard seed. 0-y7O_I


Discuss:  I wonder why Jesus told this parable?

This week we are going to be exploring the vision a special group of Christians created to live their lives by. This group called themselves the Order of the Mustard Seed.

  • I wonder why you think they called themselves this?
  • How can they be true to Christ- what might they do ? (pray, listen to God through Bible readings and worship together, give money and hospitality etc.):
  •  How can they be kind to people?
  •  How can they  take the gospel to the nations ( pray, give financially, travel to different parts of the country etc)
  • I wonder why they chose these promises to live by
  • Why do you think they were called the Order of the Mustard Seed? (From small things, huge things grow!)

Prayer : Father God, help me live this day to the full, following the example you set. Jesus help me to give myself away to others, being kind to everyone I meet. Spirit, help me to love the lost, be hospitable and stand up for truth and justice. Amen

       Look at the following clip:


The Kodeni school project was set up to enable the children in the village of Kodeni to have a chance of breaking free of extreme poverty, by giving them an excellent education. Further to this, the aim is for the children to receive good quality health care. Explore their work together. How is this an example of taking the Gospel to the Nations?

You may like to pray together for the work of this project or write a prayer and add it to your reflective corner.

Mustard seed beginnings.mp4

Still image for this video


Term Five:

Week One. Welcome back!

This week we are exploring some of the resurrection appearances and the mixture of doubt and then delight, when the disciples met Jesus again.

KS1 Song :

Easter  Jubilation

KS2 Song: Rescuer


Here are further resources:

Discuss: Jesus appears to the disciples and to Thomas.

John 20: 19-29

  • When Jesus appeared to the disciples, the first thing he said to them was ‘Peace with be with you’ Why do you think he said that?
  • How do you think the disciples suddenly felt when Jesus appeared in their locked room?
  • When they realised it was Jesus, they were filled with joy! Jesus also showed them his hands and his side -why do you think he did this?

Discuss: Jesus appears to seven disciples - Breakfast on the beach

John 21: 1-14

  • What do you notice about this episode?
  • Why do you think the disciples didn’t recognise Jesus initially?
  •  What things made them realise it was Jesus? What difference did the miracle catch of fish make to the disciples?
  • Without Jesus leading them, they were feeling lost and confused. Jesus knew that they needed reminding of all God could do and who Jesus was. Jesus also knew they needed food to eat, friendship and support. I wonder what they chatted about around the charcoal fire that morning?

Prayer 1-Jesus then gave the disciples the gift of the Holy Spirit, so they could carry on doing his work on earth. This must have really encouraged the disciples. It must have been wonderful for the disciples to see and spend time with Jesus again – I hope you are feeling the same - joy at seeing your friendship again after the holidays!

Dear God, thank you for the rest and fun we had over the Easter holidays and for bringing us safely back to school. We ask that your peace will be with us all as we get back into the routine of school. Thank you for our teachers and all those who help us with our learning. Amen

Prayer 2  Christians know that Jesus knows what they need, he offers them practical help, love and friendship just as he did to the disciples. I wonder if you need any help or support today?

Dear God, thank you that you know all about us and what we need each day. I ask you for help with …… Amen


Jesus appears to his disciples.mp4

Still image for this video

Week Six

This week as we are in what is called ‘Holy Week’ and with Palm Sunday behind us we look to the events of the most important Christian Festival.

We shall be celebrating with our outside Easter service on Wednesday and our theme of this Easter service is ‘Rescuer.’

Christians believe that Jesus came to rescue or save people by dying on the cross and bringing forgiveness so that, with the taking away of sin, people are free to know God.

Throughout His time on earth, Jesus came to recue people from other things too- illness, fear, loneliness and we will be exploring this in dance and poetry.

Christians believe that Jesus  came to bring freedom from sin and fullness of life now and for ever. We shall be focusing on this as we hear again the Easter story and celebrate together.




KS1 Song : I have a friend who loves me



         Jesus’ love is very wonderful


KS2: See what a morning



For reflection on our theme of forgiveness, which is of course one of our five church school values, you may like to look at

 this clip below.


What do  Christians believe that  Jesus has rescued us from?


Happy Easter everyone!

Holy Week.mp4

Still image for this video

Worship for week Five.

This week we are remembering the story behind Palm Sunday which we celebrate at the end of the week.

It is known as ‘The triumphal entry,’ when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and was hailed a s a king. ‘ Only a few days later the crowds would have turned against Jesus and after crying ‘Hosanna’ would be calling for Jesus to be crucified.

Our focus today is on the message of peace that Jesus came to bring by dying on the cross so that we can be forgiven and know peace with God and with each other.

Songs: KS1 Blessed be the king who comes

KS2 We have a king who rides a donkey

Easter jubilation

Story: PALM SUNDAY Mark 11:1-11 Find out what happened on Palm Sunday Here are some clips

Discussion questions:

  • I wonder what this story tells you about who Jesus is and what Jesus is like?
  •  I wonder why people found palm branches and shouted ‘Hosanna’?
  •  Perhaps this clip will help you to think about this in relation to recent events 063775 I
  • I wonder what makes you clap and cheer?

Art prayer activity :

For prayer/reflection: Make palm ‘branches’ by cutting out 4- 5 hand shapes from green paper or any other paper you have at home and joining them together, slightly overlapping each other. Add a lolly stick handle or use a stick and secure it with sticky tape. Use one of the hand shapes and on each finger, write something to be grateful for (cheer about) or use your own hand to count your 5 ideas.


A prayer :

Lord Jesus, Thank you for giving us signs and symbols to help us remember who you are and what you have done for us.,

 As we travel through the Easter journey together, give us a fresh understanding of your teaching and your love for us. AMEN

Palm Sunday.mp4

Still image for this video

Week Four : Jesus is amazed by the Centurion’s faith

 Luke 7:1-10 The Centurion’s servant

This week we hear the story of The Centurion’s servant and how Jesus is amazed at his faith. Jesus, always full of compassion and love, heals the centurion’s servant from without even going into the Centurion’s house.

We can show compassion with our words, our actions and by praying for people locally and across the world.

Do look at your class reflective corner posters and write prayers for those in need.


KS1 Prayer is like a telephone



KS 2 Father we adore you


Discussion questions:

As we look ahead to the journey toward Jerusalem and the events of Easter, this is a week to look back and remember Incarnation (Jesus, God as man) and Gospel (the good news that Jesus brings) and link it to Salvation (the ‘Easter’ concept).

  • I wonder why Jesus is amazed at the centurion’s faith?
  •  I wonder what you have experienced recently that has made you say ‘Wow!’?
  • I wonder why Jesus was so surprised in this story?
  •  If Jesus could be surprised by people, I wonder what this might teach us?
  • I wonder if you have any questions to ask?
  • I wonder if you have learned anything about yourself?
  •  I wonder if this story helps you to understand and accept the amazement that you feel?



Jesus recognises the power of the centurion’s faith – this is a song about how a little faith can do great things: PylxzfN-Oo


You may like to explore compassion further:


Have a look at this story in which Jesus feels and shows compassion ons/feeding-5000/




  • I wonder why, when Jesus saw the needs of the people, the Bible says that he had compassion on them?
  • He performed a miracle and fed them with 5 loaves & 2 fish because they were hungry. I wonder what difference you think it makes to Christians to know that Jesus showed compassion when he saw that the people who had followed him into the hills were hungry and needed food?
  • (Remember, the word ‘compassion’ means to suffer with others) I wonder if you have any questions to ask?
  • I wonder if you have learned anything about yourself?
  •  I wonder if this story helps you to understand and accept the compassion that you feel?
  • I wonder when you have felt compassion for the suffering of others? Look out into our suffering world and pray for situations that need our compassion:

Centurion's servant.mp4

Still image for this video

Worship Week Three:

Today we think about the words we say to each other as we read good advice from the book of James about taming the tongue!

How will you use your words today? Will you  help and encourage others , give good advice, include everyone or sometimes just be quiet to allow others to speak or tell us what is bothering them .

We can use our words to pray for different needs, to thank God for all that we have, to praise Him for the beautiful world around us or to say sorry, so that we can have a fresh start.

Do look at your reflective corners in your classroom as you think about  talking to God and how you might use kind words to build people up today.


 Key stage One  Big family of God

Key stage Two How wonderful how glorious

words week three.mp4

Still image for this video

 Acts of Worship Week Two 1/3/21

This week we shall be thinking about water and how it featured in the first miracle that Jesus performed at a wedding in Cana.

KS1 song :Our God is a great big God

You may like to reflect on this Life Tree kids song  ‘God is good’

KS2 Song:  Sing  Water of life


You may like to reflect on this Life Tree kids song  ‘God is good’

You may like to look at this Psalm.

Psalm 65: 9-10

He waters the earth to make it fertile. The rivers of God will not run dry! He prepares the earth for his people and sends them rich harvests of grain. 10 He waters the furrows with abundant rain. Showers soften the earth, melting the clods and causing seeds to sprout across the land.

 I wonder what this verse from Psalm 65 says to you?

Prayer activity.

  • Think of all the ways in which we use water and give thanks for our easy access to clean water.
  • pray for those working with those to provide clean water such as TEAR Fund and Water Aid.

KS1 Wedding at Cana.mp4

Still image for this video

KS2 Wedding at Cana.mp4

Still image for this video

Term Four .                                                                                      22/2/21

Week One. This week we are thinking about Lent and the temptations that Jesus faced in the desert.

We are also thinking of how we use the time in Lent to think more deeply, learn more about the Christian faith and pray for our needs and the needs of the world.

Songs for KS1

You forgive me Life tree kids

Prayer is like a telephone

For reflection:

God is with me every step I take

Songs for KS2

You forgive me Life tree kids

Music You are merciful to me

For reflection:

God is with me every step I take


Here are some activities that you might like to do in the classroom or at home this week.


Prayer Activity: What Jesus did then looks ahead to Easter but we can have a picture in our minds about what Jesus did.

 Wrap a bandage around a globe with a horizontal band around the equator and a vertical band from pole to pole to give a cross shape. Jesus battled with all the bad stuff of the world and took it to the cross with him. But Christians believe Jesus came back to life again (unbandage the world). So, Jesus can help us one by one, make a difference in this world for the better. The Bible says God has a job for everyone to do, to mend this hurting world. Spend time praying for our hurting world.

Prayer for ourselves –Light your AOW candle and display the cross Thank you, Lord that you love us and hear us when we pray

-we are sorry for things we have done that have hurt you and others. We have not loved you or others as much as we could Lord,

we are sorry we have not helped others as Jesus helped us Lord,

-we are sorry we have been impatient Lord, we are sorry we have been angry Lord,

-we are sorry we have been jealous of others Lord,

- we are sorry we have told lies Lord, we are sorry .

 Hear us and help us, Lord work through us so that we can share your goodness and love in the world. Show us the joy and new life that Jesus brings. Amen

Prayer for the world. Children can write a prayer for the reflective corner. God of justice, give me the strength to do what I know is right. Lead me to help others and to encourage those I meet to do the same, so that all people may flourish Amen

KS1 Lent.mp4

Still image for this video

KS2 Lent.mp4

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Week Six 8/2/21

Before looking at the AOW please remind children of what they know about  Captain Sir Tom Moore.

In our collective worship today, we will remember the life of a remarkable man Captain Sir Tom Moore, who died last Tuesday 2nd aged 100. I don’t suppose there’s anyone in the country who doesn’t recognise his face – yet we all know that he didn’t intend to become famous: he just wanted to do his bit (like so many) to help the NHS, with the aim of raising £1000. His 100 laps around his garden have now raised over £33 million.

Discuss:We are also thinking about perseverance and hope which we have needed during this lockdown and just as Sir Tom inspired many, we can talk about how we can be a blessing to others around us. 

Prayer. Here is one of the prayers prepared by the diocese .

God of comfort

We bring to you all that is in our hearts at this sad time.

Thank you for the life of this remarkable man, who reminded us that ‘one step has the power to inspire one hundred more’.

We pray your comfort for Captain Tom’s family and that they will find strength and hope at this difficult time.

Help us to bring the same hope that he gave, wherever we go.



KS1 singing

The Lord’s my shepherd

Our God is a great big God

The blessing song

KS2 singing

The Lord’s my shepherd

The blessing song


Finally, have a good last week of term and a wonderful half term break! If, as I mentioned in my AOW, you have any photos of children showing examples of perseverance and hope with their schoolwork, music, sports or art skills, please send them in for a collage to be displayed by our school worship board. Thank you.

KS1 Sir Tom Moore.mp4

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Worship Week Five  1/2/21

This week we are looking at the story of how Jesus met Zacchaeus  in (Luke 19:1-10).

You may want to watch this clip too BjtbJFz2ug


As you talk about the AOW you may like to include in your discussion that In the gospels, Jesus tells us that the Gospel (good news) includes a promise that when we make mistakes and we all do), it’s what we do after that makes the biggest difference. We can get back on track and put it right if we choose to.

  • Sometimes Jesus really surprised people- what do you think the crowd made of the fact that Jesus was eating with Zacchaeus ?
  • Use the Lord’s Prayer – focus especially on the words ‘Forgive us our trespasses (sins) as we forgive those who trespass (sin) against us.’ It is a constant rhythm of forgiving and being forgiven that gets us back on track. What does it mean to forgive and be forgiven?

A prayer you may like to use

Dear God, Thank you for knowing us, welcoming us and loving us. We think of those who feel unloved or left out. Please show us if any of our family, friends or school community are feeling this way, and help us to show them love and kindness as Jesus did at the well and in Jericho. Amen.

Worship Board .Our focus in our reflective corners this week is the  koinonia school poster where the children can thank God for the koinonia we enjoy as a school, ask for continued team work and sharing and be ready to admit we are sorry when we are wrong and always be ready to forgive others.

        KS1 Songs

My Lighthouse


For reflection:

I have a friend who loves me

KS2 Songs:

My Lighthouse

For reflection:

God is good by Life Tree kids

Zacchaeus KS1.mp4

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Zacchaeus KS2.mp4

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Worship Week Four 25/1/21

This week we are looking at the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman. You may also like to watch these animated versions with

of the Woman at the Well with your class during the week. Vf3rqnoG5c NxNWv6KZ7s



1.Many Christians believe that Jesus’ words ‘living water’ refers to the unending and life-giving love of God. I wonder how Jesus showed this to the woman he met?

2.I wonder how Jesus ‘stood by’ the Samaritan woman?

3.I wonder who is standing by you?

4. I wonder who you could stand with?

5. I wonder how our school and local communities could be even better at including all and helping all to feel loved and welcomed?

6. Can you think of ways we can help our local community eg food banks?


A prayer you might like to use.

Dear God, Thank you for knowing us, welcoming us and loving us. We think of those who feel unloved or left out. Please show us if any of our family, friends or school community are feeling this way, and help us to show them love and kindness as Jesus did at the well. Amen.

Worship Board .Our focus in our reflective corners this week is the  Koinonia church poster. We can pray for our church in Chiddingstone and particularly for Revd Bill MacDougall and his wife Izzie an they serve our community. Good to remember that the church and the newly formed Parents’ prayer group led by Izzie pray for us as a school especially in these challenging times.

        KS1 songs:

Sing: Jesus’ love is wonderful


 How wonderful, how glorious .


God is for me – Life Tree kids



KS2 songs:


How wonderful, how glorious .


God is for me – Life Tree kids


Do look at High Hopes Bubble worship called ‘Happy New Year’ if you haven’t had a chance to do so yet.

KS1 Samaritan Woman.mp4

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KS2 Samaritan woman.mp4

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Week Three .

This week we are thinking about who were Jesus’ disciples and how they learnt from Jesus through what he said and did and  through the stories he told. Our focus is the story of the Good Samaritan which starts with a question ‘ Who is my neighbour?’ This is the story that underpins our vision at Chiddingstone and challenges us with these questions;

  • Who is my neighbour at school, at home and in the local community?
  • What can we do to show love to our neighbours today?
  • How can we show love to our global ‘neighbours?’
  • Sometimes loving our neighbour is difficult; why?  What do you think Jesus would do?

As we look at the map in our reflective corners you might like  to pray for Joe Biden as he is inaugurated as president  on Wednesday.

        KS1 songs:

Sing: Jesus’ love is wonderful


Give me oil in my lamp


Or  made for this


KS2 songs:


 Give me oil in my lamp


Or  made for this


Do look at High Hopes Bubble worship called ‘Happy New Year’ where Mike begins this Assembly with a splash- but where is he?!

KS1 Good Samaritan.mp4

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Good Samaritan KS2.mp4

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Week Two: Simon Peter meets Jesus.

In our Key Stage AOWs this week, our story is from the gospel of Matthew about the calling of Simon Peter.

After watching the recording you may like to sing these songs.


 KS1 Songs:

 I have a friend in Jesus


Great big God


KS2 Song:

        Jesus put this song



Ideas for discussion:

  • I wonder how you made your first friends?
  • I wonder what we can learn from our meeting with Simon Peter in the gospel of Matthew? Perhaps it is that God knows the best you can be and wants to help you to become that.
  • How can you be good news today to those around you ?
  • What are the names of Jesus’ disciples? Can you find out about what sort of work they did before meeting Jesus?




KS1 Simon Peter.mp4

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Simon Peter KS2.mp4

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Week One : Epiphany

These Key Stage acts of Worship celebrate Epiphany.

 Epiphany means ‘showing’ or ‘revelation’ and celebrates the story of the wise men from the East following the star to Bethlehem where they give gifts of significance (gold, frankincense and myrrh) to Jesus.

At the end of the AOW I suggest listening to or joining in with the carol  ‘We Three Kings.’

 Key stage two pupils you might like to unpack some of the words and phrases if you have time.


This version has the words:

This one has moving cartoon characters and singing so if you would like the words see below.


We three kings of Orient are
Bearing gifts we traverse afar
Field and fountain, moor and mountain
Following yonder star


Oh, star of wonder, star of night
Star with royal beauty bright
Westward leading, still proceeding
Guide us to thy perfect light
We three kings, we three kings

Born a king on Bethlehem's plain
Gold I bring to crown Him again
King forever, ceasing never
Over us all to reign


Myrrh is mine, it's bitter perfume
Breaths a life of gathering gloom
Sorrowing, sighing, bleeding dying
Sealed in the stone-cold tomb


Frankincense to offer have I

Incense owns its Deity nigh

Prayer and praising, all men raising

Worship Him God most high


Epiphany KS1.mp4

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Epiphany KS2.mp4

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Week 7

We shall be thinking about angels as messengers - not only in the story of Mary and the angel Gabriel but also in  the story of Elizabeth and Zechariah as we prepare for our Nativity recording on Wednesday.

Do practise 'Thanks and praise ' which we will be singing at the end of our nativity and any songs that your class will be singing too.

A verse to reflect on:


The angel said to them, “Don’t be afraid, because I am bringing you some good news. It will be a joy to all the people.  Today your Saviour was born in David’s town. He is Christ, the Lord. Luke 2: 10.11

Happy Christmas everyone!


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Week Six

We shall be hearing about Ruth, the mother of Obed who in turn was the grandfather of King David who of course is in Jesus' family tree.

It is a story of rescue and faithfulness and is a reminder for  Christians that Jesus, by dying on the cross, came to rescue people from the wrong things that cause a barrier between them and God. 

The story of Ruth, a member of Jesus' family tree,( the Jesse tree) is a reminder of God's faithfulness and Ruth's trust in God .

As we prepare for our nativity please sing the songs below.


KS1 Calypso carol

KS2 O Holy Night


 For reflection a carol that we sang last year as you think about the prophets Isaiah and Micah foretelling   the coming of Jesus the rescuer, the saviour.

Oh what a glorious night.


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Week Five : Isaiah foretells the story of the coming of Jesus 

This week as we prepare for our Nativity, we shall be thinking about how Isaiah and Micah foretold the coming of Jesus around 800 years before Jesus was born. You might like to sing these songs as part of the AOW.

Your first advent candle can be 'lit!'


KS1 Calypso carol

KS2 O Holy Night

 For reflection: a carol that we sang last year as you think about the prophets Isaiah and Micah foretelling   the coming of Jesus the rescuer, the saviour.

Oh what a glorious night.


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 Week Four

23/11SB Explaining the Advent wreath

This week we are making our class Advent wreaths as we prepare for Advent Sunday ( 29th November) and we shall be learning about the meaning behind the shape of the wreath, the evergreen foliage and of course the candles. The class wreath will be a focus for our prayers in our reflective corner this week as we come into  the  season of Advent.


Here are two of the songs  which we will be singing in our school Nativity this year and which we can sing as part of our AOW today.


KS1 Calypso carol

KS2 O Holy Night

Advent wreath.mp4

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 Week 3 Committed to creating a fairer world

16/11The story of Zacchaeus.

This week we shall be thinking about fairness and being committed to creating a fairer world whether we are at home, school , enjoying these beautiful Autumn days or thinking of those who don't have enough food, shelter or a safe place to live. One of the things we can always do is to pray, so do use your reflective corners to write prayers to use in your class worship. This week our worship board poster has the title 'Hope for the world.'

You may like to use the songs below in your worship today and tomorrow .


KS1 Song: Prayer is like a telephone KS1


KS2 song: How wonderful, how glorious


Reflection: I have a friend in Jesus , Life tree kids


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Week 2 Committed to helping those in need 

This week we are thinking about helping those in need especially as we support 'Poppy day,' and remember all those who fought so that we can have peace on Wednesday 11th November at 11am. It is  'Children in Need' week.

9/11 We find out about Florence Nightingale and think about her faith, her determination, kindness and leadership as she did so much to improve nursing care.


Song: my Lighthouse ( with actions )

Song: my Lighthouse ( just lyrics)

For reflection This little light of mine

Florence Nightingale.mp4

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This week we are thinking about remembering remembrance! 

We are looking at the story of Joshua crossing the river Jordan and leaving a memorial so that people could remember how God helped them.


The song for both Key stages is ' Be bold be strong.'


For reflection look at 'If God is for me.' ( Life Tree kids )

Joshua cairn.mp4

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This week we are looking at vulnerability- it is not a commonly used word and might not seem easy to explore with children – but it is something we all experience and see in the world,. Christians are reminded throughout the Bible that God’s power and grace is enough, that even in times of vulnerability, we will not be left abandoned or alone.


We will be looking at the story of Mary anointing Jesus and showing what she believed even with people who were critical of Jesus and followers of Jesus. We shall also be exploring how it is good to ask for help from people we trust and ask God to help us when we feel vulnerable.

Please keep the conversation going with your class all week as you unpack the meaning of vulnerability for ourselves and others.


The song for both Key Stages is :

Be bold ,be strong


 A song for reflection is :

I have a friend in Jesus , Life tree kids

Vulnerability Zoom AOW.mp4

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This week the theme is resilience and we shall think about the story Jesus told of the persistent widow and how to have resilience when we face obstacles and challenges. 

The suggested songs and reflection are below.

As ever, do pause the recording for discussion, prayer and songs . 


Prayer is like a telephone KS1

Give me oil in my lamp  KS2

I’m trusting you God Life Tree kids ( for reflection)


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This week we are looking at compassion and what that means . We shall look at the story of the feeding of the five thousand and the following songs are suggested for your class to sing. 

Our God is a great big God KS1

Jesus put this song  KS2


The song below is for reflection 

Made for this Life tree kids ( for reflection)


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This week we are looking at what it means to flourish together. We shall be focusing on the story of the Good Shepherd and Jesus' words in the gospel of John where he says ' I have come to bring life and life in all its fullness.'

good shepherd.mp4

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Welcome on this sunny day to our AOW on creation and harvest.


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Welcome to Term One!

Below is the AOW for Monday 7th September for everyone.