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Educating for life in all its fullness - John 10:10

Year 5

Year 5 Cooking Day!

Friday 14th July


It's the final countdown and the children have still managed to pull some work out of the bag. Our cooking day was a great success - the menu included homemade pizzas with garlic bread and a HUGE mixed salad followed by delicious Eton Mess. Thank you so much for all your contributions - the smell of fresh herbs in the classroom was wonderful. 


Hever Triathlon day was also a triumph with the children taking part with gusto.


The final excitement of the year is the Summer Production on Thursday with performances at 2pm and 6:30 pm. We're having a dress rehearsal on Wednesday so please can the children ensure they have their PE shorts in that day? They will already be wearing school shoes and we have t-shirts for them in school. Attached are the lyrics for the songs. They must be word perfect by Wednesday.


Have a lovely weekend.



Friday 7th July


Another busy week has been and gone.

Thank you to everyone who came to open evening last night. We hope you enjoyed seeing your children's work and the class displays.

In maths, you finished off your assessments and carried on working through the book. Almost complete! Next week, we will go through the assessments to see how you can improve.

You also carried on with the topic and learnt about the human lifecycle.

On Thursday monring, you went up to Year 6 again as part of your transition for next year.

You have also been busy learning your song and dance for the production.

Two weeks to go!



Monday - Monopoly afternoon - please bring in a version of the game if you have one. We have been learning about money in PSHE so this will be a fun way to finish the topic.

Tuesday - triathlon day at Hever Castle - 8:45 drop off and 4pm pick up.Weather is mixed for Tuesday.

Friday - Year 5 big cook - please bring in any donations.



Still image for this video

Stem Day Rockets

Friday 30th June


Congratulations on a fantastic Sports Day - medals were won, friends congratulated, hearts leapt and sank in equal measure and Year 5 took part with great sporting spirit - what a smashing bunch!


In other news, we've been making sketches of things in nature ahead of creating sand art pictures and we have also been discussing the stages of human life from 0-11 years old. The children are fascinated by their beginnings  - thank you very much for the red books and photos - they all add to the interest and relevance.


Maths lessons have been taken up with assessments. We have completed the Arithmetic and the first Reasoning paper and will finish the final paper on Monday. Well done to the children for their hard work and focus.


Have a great weekend!



Comprehension: The Wolves of Willoughby Chase P 30

Spellings: adverbs of possibility and frequency

certainly, definitely, possibly, perhaps, probably, frequently, often, occasionally, rarely, always.




Year 5 RE Trip:

Year 5 enjoyed a fantastic trip last month to Chatham Memorial Synagogue and Rochester Cathedral. The children asked interesting and respectful questions, and listened beautifully. They enjoyed the interactive nature of the trip; being able to try on kippahs and tallits at the Synagogue and baptise a pretend baby and wear a Bishop's robes at the Cathedral! Both the tour guides at the Synagogue and Cathedral commented on their super behaviour. Well done class 5! Mrs Frederick 

Year 5 Trip to Chatham Memorial Synagogue and Rochester Cathedral

Friday 23rd June


Undeterred by the heat, Year 5 have completed another packed week. We had fun with Liquorice Allsorts on Thursday; asking questions in order to classify them by shape, pattern or colour. This is a precursor to classifying vertebrates according to their common characteristics.


We have also been discussing life-cycles and have begun to talk about our changing bodies as we grow up. We will be doing more on this as the term progresses in Science and PSHE.


Today was STEM day in school - thank you to Mrs Thomas for her interesting talk on profit/loss/investment and finance - we clearly have some budding entrepreneurs in Class 5. We also had fun with fizzy tablets, water and film cannisters in an investigation to see which combination of water and tablet created the best rocket. Less water, more fizz was the upshot....


Tuesday is SPORTS DAY - don't forget water, sun-cream and hats as it is going to be warm . Children should come in wearing PE shorts and house t-shirts.


Finally, on Friday, we're preparing a 3 course lunch in Year 5 - any home grown salad veg, strawberries or eggs will be gratefully received. Please could children bring in an apron or t-shirt to protect their clothing.



Spellings:  - the same for everyone - 

Adverbs of time: yesterday, tomorrow, later, immediately, earlier, eventually, recently, previously, finally, lately

Maths - Yellow books for Tuesday

Pentecost Prayer Stations in the Community Garden - highlighting our Church School Values

Friday 16th June


Friday already and the first week has been taken up with assessments. The children have worked very hard and the results are looking positive. 


In our topic lessons, we have begun discussing the scientific vocabulary around Human Reproduction focusing on the differences between human and other animal life-cycles.


Maths is all about perimeter and area and in literacy, we have begun reading WONDER and discussing how it might feel to look different to other people. The children are insightful and empathetic so we look forward to some lively chats.



Comprehension: P26 in the KS2 Reading Book - The Girl Who Stole an Elephant

Spellings: (the same for everyone)

Creating nouns or adjectives using suffix -ful 

boastful, faithful, doubtful, fearful, thankful, beautiful, pitiful, plentiful, fanciful, merciful

Maths: Yellow books for Tuesday



We had a few interesting visitors in our Horrid Habitat workshop this afternoon

Friday 26th May


What a great term we've had and the children have been brilliant. We kicked off with our fabulous trip to Windmill Hill and finished with a Wiggly Wild Workshop about exotic creatures and their habitats - see pictures above.


It has been a term filled with trips and visits and, without fail, adults at every site have commented on how engaged, enthusiastic and polite the children have been so they deserve a huge pat on the back - we are extremely proud of them.


There is no homework but it is very important, at this stage, that they read, read, read. I have already mentioned UNSTOPPABLE by Dan Friedman but there are plenty of other brilliant authors writing for this age group. This website has some excellent recommendations.


Our topics next term are Human Reproduction and Ageing, Nature's Art and Eat the Seasons so we will be busy!

Have a lovely half-term.



Friday 19th May

What a busy week in Year 5.

Monday - trip to Rochester. We had such lovely feedback from both venues about your knowledge and behaviour.

Tuesday - computing with Mr Miles and P.E.

Wednesday - trip to Edenbridge and Miss Skinner's farm.

Thursday - Map reading in the sunshine.

Friday - Maypole - 2 great performances with slightly different outcomes. We know how well we did during training runs!


Please note that next week Mr Rowland is not here on Tuesday (Paris) so Mrs Haysom will be taking the class.

On Monday, Sally is coming in to run a music workshop all day.



Maths - due Tuesday

Geography - Please bring in some food packaging of food from different parts of the world. e.g. bananas from the Carribean.

Spellings - blacken, brighten, flatten, mistaken, straighten, shorten, thicken, tighten

Cued - though, although, through, thought, brought, bought, fought


Have a lovely weekend

Friday 12th May


It's been another short week this week but no less busy as a result. We were delighted to welcome our new boy, Bene; it has been excellent to see how welcoming the children have been and how well he seems to be settling in.


We spent this morning's Forest School planting our seeds that have sprouted in gloves in the Classroom. You will see all the yellow pots (donated by Edenbridge Council) sitting on the table in the front garden. The allotment next to the Chiding Stone is now clear of weeds and has been planted with various seeds - fingers crossed!


In literacy, we've been writing a story or diary entry from the point of view of The Explorer. It has proved an extremely popular book  - Katherine Rundell is an excellent children's author so look out for her other titles as they are well worth reading. Talking of books - please encourage your child to read our Book Club novel - Unstoppable - it is BRILLIANT and, even if they are unable to attend Book Club it is still worth a read.


In Maths, we've been converting between mm, cms, m and kms and we'll move on to other units of measurement next week.

Don't forget, we have our trip to the Synagogue and Cathedral on Monday and to the allotments and farm on Wednesday as well as Maypole dancing on Friday!



Design and technology for Friday 18th May:

the children have each taken home a sheet detailing various foods grown in the UK and their seasonality. Please can they produce a menu (one starter, main course and dessert) that could be made from seasonal UK produce. Their menus can be typed or written up and should be worthy of a restaurant! They don't have to actually cook the food but if they do, they can include pictures on their menus. They should also include the ingredients for each part of the meal on a separate sheet.

Spelling: creating verbs from nouns or adjectives by adding the suffix -ify

solidify, glorify, notify, intensify, classify, amplify, signify, testify, purify, falsify

Cued spellings: rough, tough, enough, touch, double, young, cousin, trouble, courage, country

Friday 28th April


Happy Friday!


This week the class have been busy with their new topic - Grow, Sow and Farm.

They continued to code their own moving farm on Scratch.

They looked at the lifecycles of different plants and created their own copy.

They also cleared the veggie patch during Forest School.

Finally, the made their own miniature allotments.


In maths this week, the class were understanding reflection. They were able to reflect shapes and put down the coordinates of the new shapes. They also reflected shapes a number of times.


In PSHE, they continued to understand the importance of money. They understood how to be a good consumer and looked at the best deals on items. 


Please have another look at the kit list for PGL and please remember to hand in any medication with the medication form to Mr Rowland or Mrs Hester before the trip.


Book Club

Thank you to those of you who attended book club last night. Our next title is Unstoppable by Dan Freedman.

 Secrets and lies . . . secrets and lies . . .
Fourteen-year-old twins, Kaine and Roxy, used to be close, but now they can hardly bear to be in the same room. Roxy hates the way her brother behaves - Kaine might be brilliant at football but he's always in trouble and cares nothing about his family. And Kaine despises the way his supposedly-perfect sister, dominates their parents in her ambition to reach Wimbledon.
But the twins are both hiding dangerous secrets of their own, secrets that could destroy everything they are working towards - and both Roxy and Kaine's survival hangs precariously in the balance.

Gripping, twisting, and real, this book is UNSTOPPABLE! We hope to see plenty of you at our last meeting of the year, which will be held in Term 6.


Have a lovely long weekend.

Mr Rowland



Please complete your Coat of Arms bunting( that you took home on Wednesday) with a colourful design and bring it in on Tuesday 2nd May.

No other homework this week!




Forest School Walk to investigate land use

Friday 21st April


It's been an excellent start to term 5 in Year 5. We kicked off our Sow, Grow and Farm topic with a look at land use across the UK and particularly in our area. In Wednesday's Forest School we took a walk through several fields and spotted the different crops and types of land use surrounding School, starting with the allotment next to the Chiding Stone.


In literacy, we have focused on grammar and comprehension and we have very much enjoyed hearing the beautiful poems that children learnt over the holidays. We'll continue to hear more over the coming weeks.


In maths, we've been learning how to translate shapes and describe the translations.


Children had their photos taken today so please ensure you get their order sheets from their bags.


Don't forget our PGL information session in Class 5 at 2:45pm on Wednesday - we will send out details to those who are unable to attend. Lastly, Book Club is on Thursday 27th April between 3:30-4:30 in the Year 6 Classroom. Our book is the Secret Detective.

Have a lovely weekend.



Literacy: comprehension Pp 18-19 Comprehension Book A Letter from EB White

Spellings: convert nouns or adjectives into verbs using the suffix -ise

Criticise, advertise, capitalise, finalise, fertilise, terrorise, socialise, visualise

Cued spellings: creating negative meanings using prefix -dis

dislike, disobey, discover, disappear, discolour, dishonest, disallow, disapprove

Mrs Streatfeild and the Year 5 Bushtucker Trial

PGL KIT LIST - Please ensure items are named

Friday 31st March


It was really lovely to see so many parents at consultations this week. We were extremely proud of the way the children presented their achievements and targets and we're looking forward to hitting those targets over the next few months.


This term has been busy and full. Having written letters to Mrs Streatfeild attempting to persuade her to include insects on our lunch menus, Mrs S (very gamely) took part in a Year 5 Bushtucker Challenge to test some edible critters - see pictures above! In spite of the children's brilliantly persuasive writing, Mrs Streatfeild remains unconvinced!


We are looking forward to next term's topic, Sow, Grow and Farm and, of course, to PGL. Please see the attached kit list in case you would like to get hold of a few items over the holidays.


Don't forget, Book Club is on Thursday 27th April at 3:30-4:30 in the Year 6 Classroom. Our book is The Secret Detectives by Ella Risbridger - please give it a try even if you can't make Book Club.



Learn a poem, write or type it up, decorate it and bring it in for Wednesday 19th April. We will be listening to these in Class.



Friday 24th March


Well done for another fantastic week!


You finished the week by understanding evaporation and started an experiment. You will be checking on the volume of coffee around the school everyday next week.

Mr Miles came in on Tuesday and you started to create and code a treasure map with different sound effects.

In maths, you were measuring angles and creating different shapes.

You also made a wonderful information poster about a city from around the World.

You also carried on with the class book and it has led to your next piece of writing. 


Don't forget your boots and bonnets on Friday and please make sure you know the words to our lovely Easter songs!



Maths - Due Tuesday

Literacy: no comprehension this week. We are all looking at the Year 3&4 and 5&6 statutory spelling lists - see attached.

We are collating information for a non-chronological report on an Amazonian animal. If you don't have enough facts, please do some research and bring your information in for Wednesday.


SOTW - Thomas


Have a lovely weekend!


The Holy City

Audio for the Easter Service songs

Friday 17th March


Happy St Patrick's and Red Nose Day! The children have been absolutely brilliant this week. Two of their swimming teachers took the time to tell us how well behaved, polite and focused they were across the whole week and we were all impressed with their organisation and time keeping.


In other news, we've been writing letters persuading Mrs Streatfeild to include edible insects on the school lunch menus. The children in our class reading book, The Explorer, had to resort to eating bugs so we thought we'd do some research and it turns out they're nutritious, eco-friendly and cost effective. We'll see what Mrs Streatfeild thinks - she has agreed to do a 'Bush tucker Challenge' with some edible insects before the end of term!


We're still learning about percentages in maths and in science we've been studying reversible changes - sieving, evaporating and filtering - mixed up materials.


We are busy practising for the Easter Service on the last Friday of term. The lyrics and music for both our songs are attached so the children can practise at home.


Have a lovely weekend - there is no literacy home work as we have some catching up and revision to do in class. Maths is due in on Tuesday.

Friday 10th March


What a week it's been in Year 5 - decimals, fractions, percentages, persuasive writing, SNOW DAY and science - you name it - we've covered it.


Thank you for all the lovely Snow Day poems and science experiment data from Wednesday; that was all a little unexpected - where on earth is spring??


Don't forget it's swimming next week - water, snack, towel, hat, goggles, costume or trunks (these don't have to be tiny Speedos, they can be cycling short type things)......YOU DON'T NEED PE KITS NEXT WEEK...


......and PLEASE have a go at reading our Book Club book - The Secret Detectives by Ella Rusbridger - remember, you can always ask someone in your family to read it with you if you prefer. It is a gripping, page-turner and very well written. We will send out a date for Book Club when we have found a time that the majority of children are able to make.



Literacy: Comprehension Poetry P 24 in your books

Spelling: Creating nouns using the suffix - ity

community, curiosity, ability, captivity, activity, flexibility, possibility, sensitivity

Cued spellings: (please ensure you all know these)

bicycle, enough, believe, answer, probably, possibly, gently, really

Maths: in yellow books for Tuesday

Year 5 RE - Snow day 8.3.2023

Wednesday 8th March - SNOW DAY


Good morning everyone and welcome to your snow day! What a surprise it was to wake up to a white world. Below is my suggested timetable for the day.


0900 - Active 30 - get out into the snow (if you would like to) and do some running around. I suggest:

  • 20 star jumps
  • 20 squats
  • 20 lunges
  • knees up mother Brown x 4 (the last one should be at top speed!)
  • 10 Teddy twists each way
  • 5 stretches with your arms up to the sky then pull your arms down to shoulder height and make 20 small circles forwards and 20 backwards.
  • After that  - play in the snow.

0930 - Maths 

If you have access to a tablet or laptop, click on this link and have a go at matching fractions, decimals and percentages.

Don't forget that percentage is always out of 100.

If you don't have access to a laptop, I have attached 3 sheets below. Set A is the most straightforward and Set C is very difficult - approach with caution!


If this is a little tricky, there are some sheets attached which allow you to practise finding fraction and decimal equivalents. Please try and simplify the fractions. The answers are also there but no peeking until you've completed a sheet. There are 1*, 2** and 3*** - choose the appropriate one for you.


Also attached are 4 times tables grids. Three of them are mixed and one is in order. Why not try all of them and time yourself for each? Don't forget to take a brain break between each one. Can you improve your time?


1030 - Break 




1230-1330 - LUNCH


1330 - Reading and spelling practice


1400 - Literacy - write a poem about the snow (read the example attached for some ideas)


You could create an acrostic poem using the words SNOW DAY, or create a narrative poem or just a short few lines.

Step out into the lovely white stuff and think about what you can see, hear, smell, feel

You could try to include any of these - personification, alliteration, onomatopoeia, similes, metaphors, rhythm, rhyme.

Perhaps you could write or type it up and decorate it with a drawing or photograph.




Friday 3rd March

Well done for another fantastic week in Year 5.

On Monday, we continued our new topic of 'Understanding our World' by creating hills out of clay and drawing what they would look like as contour lines on an OS map.

You also continued on with decimals thorought the week and can now compare, add and subtract decimals.

In PSHE, you created some wonderful posters with postitive messages on them.

In computing, you continued to work on Excel and  learnt new formulas ready for our 'Pizza Party'.

On Thursday you all looked incredible in your World Book Day costumes. Contragtulations to Jemima who was an incredible croc!

On Friday, the science workshop was cancelled at the last minute but you still had a full-on science afternoon.



Wednesday - STEM morning at Sevenoaks. Drop off at Sevenoaks. Please read email for information.




Maths - Arithmetic sheet

Literacy - Comprehension - Tracking Basking Sharks P 28-29 

Spellings - Create nouns using the suffix -ness

happiness, hardness, madness, nastiness, silliness, tidiness, childishness, willingness, carelessness, foolishness

Cued spellings (please ensure you all know these)

address, busy, business, heart, fruit, strange, complete, country, happy, happiness

Friday 24th February


Wow - what a breathless start to the term we've had. We have two topics on the go at the moment; Investigating Our World (Geography) and Properties and Changes of Materials (Science). Monday saw the children covering the classroom with Ordnance Survey maps of the local area, looking at grid references and symbols to familiarise themselves with these types of maps.


Towards the end of the week, children were thinking about how to describe the different properties of materials and what these mean in terms of their uses - we wondered whether we would make a bridge out of rubber?


Literacy has been fun so far - we're getting stuck-in to Katherine Rundell's 'The Explorer', thinking about how the characters' speech and actions reveal their personalities.


Maths is all about decimals  - ordering them and understanding their link to fractions.

The children have worked very hard.



Literacy - Video Gaming Grandma P20 Year 5 Comprehension Books

Spellings  - /shuhs/ spelt -tious or -ious

ambitious, fictitious, infectious, nutritious, superstitious, pretentious, anxious, obnoxious.

Cued Spellings - (everyone should ensure they know these)

could, couldn't, should, shouldn't, would, wouldn't, does, doesn't, going, goes


Maths - in yellow books for Tuesday.


Friday 10th February


Happy half term!


Well done, you have made it through another term. You are now half way through the year.


On Monday, you completed another science experiment. You saw the impact of water resistance on different shaped pieces of clay.

On Tuesday and Friday, Mr Miles came in to held you code Fu Hao's tomb.

You completed not one, not two but three maths assessments. 

You created Shang bronze objects.

You enjoyed a rather chilly forest school session.

...and finally you finished your topic and now know everything Shang!


Have a lovely holiday. You all deserve a good rest. 


See you next term.

Friday 3rd February


It was a real treat teaching you all this week in Mrs Hester's absence. 

In maths, you almost finished book A  by learning how to multiplying fractions and on Friday you completed the first assessment. The other two assessments will be on Monday and Tuesday.

On Monday afternoon, you completed a science experiment about frictions. Using a toy car, you saw how far the car would go on different surfaces (Village Hall, astro, concrete and the classroom carpet). You all were amazing in your write up too.

With Mrs Woodhouse, you built Fu Hao's tomb. This included jems, weapons, bones and precious objects.

You also learnt about algorithms in computing and wrote a set of set instructions to make a jam sandwich.



HT - Rose and Isla

SOTW - Leo



Maths - multiplying and dividing by 10,100,1000

Comprehension - Pompeii

Spellings - Overview of the term (lots of homophones)

Some of Our lovely Year 1 Reading Buddies

Friday 27th January


Nearly the end of January and the days are beginning to lighten and the weather is improving slightly.......with that in mind, could the children please make sure they have a pair of trainers in school every day in case the weather allows us to head out for a run as part of our Active 30 daily exercise.


Well done to those who brought in their facts about Religion in the Shang Dynasty - the posters are looking fabulous. I have also been very impressed with the narrative poetry and story-telling based on Chinese Myths the children have produced. What a creative bunch they are.


In maths, we have moved on to subtracting fractions and are beginning to look at how to deal with subtracting mixed numbers with different denominators - so far, so good.


Finally, it's not too late to have a quick read of our brilliant Book Club book; Dread Wood by Jennifer Killick. It is a heart-stopping, page-turner which comes highly recommended by children who have read it. Feel free to come along after school on Thursday 2nd of February - Year 6 Classroom. Don't worry if you haven't finished it - we will try to avoid any spoilers!


Have a lovely weekend!



Literacy: Comprehension - The Tale of King Arthur P 10-11 in the Year 5 Comprehension Books for Friday

Spellings: words with endings that sound like /shuhs/ spelt with -cious

vicious, gracious, spacious, malicious, precious, conscious, delicious, suspicious, atrocious, ferocious.

Cued spellings: (everyone should ensure they know these) does/doesn't, come, colour, heard/herd, some/something, are/our, real/really.

Maths: In Yellow Books for Tuesday

The Shang Dynasty Workshop

Friday 20th January


Happy Lunar New Year - we have been learning about the story of the Chinese Zodiac animals  - the children created puppet shows in groups as preparation for writing narrative poems based on a Chinese Folk Tale next week.


In maths, we are adding fractions - don't forget to find the lowest common denominator when finding the sum of fractions with different denominators.


In topic, we've been learning about Chinese New Year traditions and reading and watching a stories about Pank'u and the Myth of Nian. We are also knee deep in posters on religious practices in the Shang Dynasty - please see the homework below.




Spellings: homophones and near homophones

alter/altar   assent/ascent   compliment/complement   bridal/bridle   cereal/serial

Cued Spellings: with, went, when, which/witch,  too/to, off/of, happy/happiness

Literacy: the children have been sent home with a comprehension about Chinese New Year - for Friday

Can they also research and bring in some facts about religious practices in the Shang Dynasty. These can be typed or written and should be in for Wednesday. 

Maths - in yellow books for Tuesday

Friday 13th January


First of all, a big thank you to everyone who came to see the show today. We hope you enjoyed it and looking at the books in the classroom. During the day, the class explored Fu Hao's tomb and the treasures within.


The class have also been examining the geography of China and its surrounding countries and seas.


In maths this week, the class have been working hard on exploring fractions. They have been comparing fractions and convering fractions into their simplest form.


During English lessons, they have been learning the key skills to answer comprehension questions - especially ticky 3 mark questions.


At the beginning of the week, we finished off the pneumatics topic and built an animal of the Chinese New Year. Each animal had a moving feature.


Have a lovely weekend.



Maths - Arithmetic sheet in yellow book (due Tuesday)

Spellings - past/passed, aisle/isle, allowed/aloud, proceed/precede, 


Friday 6th January


Welcome back everyone. It was great to have the children back in School and raring to go. We kicked off our topic with a drama about the Xia Dynasty and how it led into the great Shang Dynasty of China. We also dug up some Chinese artefacts and talked about what a useful historical source they are.


In literacy, we've been discussing how to answer difficult comprehension questions and we've acted out Lewis Carroll's surreal, narrative poem; the Walrus and the Carpenter.


Fractions have taken us over in maths - we have been converting improper fractions into mixed numbers and have also begun to simplify fractions. As ever, times tables are crucial.


Have a lovely weekend and don't forget our workshop on Friday. Parents are welcome from 2:45 pm in the hall - there will be no Forest School that day so normal uniform should be worn.


Happy weekends



Spellings: we are all focusing on homophones this term

reign/rain  meddle/medal  peace/piece  groan/grown  whose/who's  weather/whether  great/grate  accept/except  plane/plain

Comprehension: P12 in the comprehension Books - THE GREAT FIRE OF LONDON

Maths homework will start next week

Friday 16th December


Nine sleeps to go.........well done everyone for a really fabulous term - a great deal of fun mixed with a lot of hard work. Have a lovely, restful Christmas holiday everyone.


Next term, our main topic is Dynamic Dynasties. This project teaches children about the history of ancient China, focusing primarily on the Shang Dynasty, and explores the lasting legacy of the first five Chinese dynasties, some of which can still be seen in the world today. We have an exciting full day's workshop booked for Friday 13th January which will culminate in parents being invited in to watch a drama created during the day. More details will follow in the new year.


Don't forget the Year 5 & 6 Book Club book is Dread Wood - see Amazon's blurb. It could make a good pressie.


Dread Wood: New for 2022, a funny, scary, sci-fi thriller from the author of Crater Lake. Perfect for kids aged 9-12 and fans of Goosebumps!


Happy Christmas to you all.


Mrs Hester and Mr Rowland.

Snow Day


Good morning everyone. I hope you are all safe and well. 

Lesson 1 - please go and enjoy the snow! Maybe follow  the lyrics from Frozen and go and build a snowman. If you have a hill near you then try some  sledging.

Lesson 2 - if you get cold or need a break from all the fun, then continue to read your book. Make sure you work on your times-tables and finish any homework that you haven’t done (maths is due in tomorrow). Please look over the spellings from this term. They were emailed out together by Mrs Hester about four weeks ago.

Lesson 3 (optional) - Instruction Writing

Please can you write a set of instructions for a festive activity (building a snowman, making a hot chocolate, putting up the tree). This could be typed or hand-written. Please think about the presentation. Think about the equipment list too. Remember numbered bullet points. You could add drawings to make it clearer.


Have a great day everyone!

Friday 9th December


A huge well done to all the children for presenting their poems and Powerpoint slides in their Act of Worship and thank you to all those who were able to come and watch. They thoroughly enjoyed creating and performing and we were delighted with how confidently they delivered their pieces. It is a huge ask to get them to stand up in front of the whole School- and parents - they should be very proud of themselves.


In other news, we had a brilliant time at Frozen - it was a breathtaking show and the ice-cream at the interval was much appreciated - thank you PTA.


In literacy, we've been proofreading and correcting our writing as well as reading our class book, COSMIC. In maths, we've finished reading graphs and timetables and have been revising the concepts we've learnt this year. We look forward to kicking off Fractions in the New Year.


We're looking forward to The Carol Service on Wednesday (5:30 pm start), Christmas jumper day and Christmas lunch on Thursday and a 1.30 pm finish on Friday. 


Have a lovely weekend 



Spellings - we'll be revising our spellings from this term

Maths - homework in yellow books for Tuesday





Friday 2nd December


We've broken out the Advent Calendar and I hear some Elves on the Shelves have been up to no good - it's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas in Year 5.


Thank you for sending in props and items of clothing to make the children appear more adult. We had fun role-playing various scenarios in which we tried to get away with being adults and the stories are underway.


It was good to see some of you at our maths evening on Wednesday - we talked about the Singapore Maths Programme and how we teach the children the mastery of maths - we're currently learning how to read graphs and time-tables. If you come across any data that might interest your child - do share it with them - average temperatures in the North Pole near Santa's workshop or the popularity of the computer games they like to play.


We're looking forward to heading up to London for Frozen on Thursday and our Act of Worship is shaping up nicely - we look forward to seeing those that can make it next Friday at 9am in the Church.

There is no comprehension homework this week - the children are tired and we have a very busy week ahead!

Happy weekends



Spelling: words with a /k/ sound spelt 'ch': scheme, character, stomach, chorus, ache, echo, chaos, chemistry, orchestra, technology

Cued spellings: something, beautiful, through, stopped, together

Maths: yellow books for Tuesday

Friday 25th of November


Thank you to everyone who joined for the parent consultations. I am sure that you will agree, the children created some wonderful and insghtful presentations about themselves. Well done Class 5.


In maths, the class have been working hard understanding the process of division and continued to use it when answering some very tricky word problems by the end of the week.


During our topic afternoons, the class have been studying about the time differences around the world and the reason for them. They also have worked on the phases of the Moon. As well as this, they have been rehearsing for their assembly.


We even managed to fit in watching the England match on Monday....hopefully they play as well tonight!



Spellingscircle, decide, medicine, exercise, special, cinema, decimal, accident, city, citizen

Cued - interesting, different, usually, tidy, tidies, hurry, hurries

Maths - arithmetic in yellow book (due Tuesday) Set A and Set B, Set C if they want to.

Comprehension - due Friday


Wednesday - please can children bring in an item of clothing/accessory that they might wear as their adult selves (hat, high heels, lipstick, tie/bowtie, jacket, costume jewellery, sunglasses etc) to be used for a piece of writing in which they pretend to be an adult.


Don't forget - the Year 5 & 6 Book Club will be held on Monday 5th December in the Year 6 classroom between 3:30-4:30 - we'll be discussing The House with Chicken Legs by Sophie Anderson - tasty snacks will be served!

Friday 18th November


What an interesting week it's been in Year 5. The trip to the science museum sounded fascinating and the appearance of Mr Rowland as an astronaut clearly made everyone's day!


Back down on Earth, the children have been creating informative Powerpoint slides on all the planets in our Solar System as well as writing poems about them. All this is working towards our special Year 5 Act of Worship which will be held on Friday 9th December in the Church at 9am. Parents are warmly invited.


Having spent the last couple of weeks working on column multiplication, we are about to launch into dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. Do discuss what happens to numbers when we divide them in this way if you have the chance this weekend.


It was lovely to see the children in all their various spotty accessories today. Thank you for your support.


Have a lovely weekend.



Literacy: Please do the next comprehension in the Year 5 SATS book - All about recycling.


Words with a soft ‘c’ spelt ‘ce’.                                      

centre, century, certain, recent, experience, sentence, notice, celebrate, ceremony, certificate

Cued Spellings (everyone should ensure they know these too): which, when, where, why, surprise, always.

Friday 11th November


Welcome back to Year 5. Start of Term 2 and the build up to you know what!


In maths this week, we have continued with multiplication. We started with multiply a 3 or 4-digit number by a 1-digit number and the moved on to multiplying a 2-digit number by a 2-digit number. Please continue to work on your times tables as some you were struggling to answer the questions because your recall was not quick enough.


In literacy, using our new class book 'Cosmic', we began by looking at the different characters of the book.


'Earth and Space' is the new topic for this term. The introduction of the topic consisted of looking at the relative sizes and distances of each plant from the Sun. We then studied a number of inferential scientists. Today we examined the rotations of the Moon and Earth around the sun.



Please remember it is the trip to the Science Museum on Monday. Drop off at Hildenborough at 9:15. Full school uniform and red caps. Packed lunch in your backpack. Returning to Hildenborough at 3:40. No money is needed for this trip!



Maths - Timestables

Topic - explain to someone at home about why the lengh of daylight hours change during the year.

Spellings - TBC

Friday 21st October


Well done, everyone, for a fantastic seven weeks. What Year 5 doesn't know about the Tudors is not worth knowing! We rounded off the term with several lessons on Expressionist Art, culminating in the creation of Expressionist style self-portraits. As with everything they do, the children have approached the task with enthusiasm and positivity. 


In maths, we have launched into multiplication and have been looking at what happens to numbers when we multiply by 10, 100 and 1000. In literacy we have created a storyboard of Romeo and Juliet, picking out the salient parts of each scene and summarising them carefully.


Have a wonderful half-term and keep up the reading and times-tables. There is NO half-term homework.


We look forward to learning about Earth and Space, Forces and Mechanisms and Line, Light and Shadow next term.


Mrs Hester and Mr Rowland.





TA DA - Year 5's Tudor Village!

Friday 14th October


It's been a sporty week in Year 5 - we've taken on some circuit training in Active 30. Burpees, squats and skipping seem to have been the most challenging. I know all the staff are exhausted!


Thank you for sending in boxes; our Tudor village is taking shape and should be up in the classroom very soon. We discovered that Tudor houses sometimes had a first floor overhang so the owners could pay less for land by keeping the footprint of the house small.


In maths, we've been looking at factors and multiples and have moved on to finding common factors. Do keep up times-tables practice at home as they are absolutely crucial.


The lives and loves of the Montagues and Capulets have been absorbing us in literacy lessons as we have been reading Tony Ross's child friendly version of Romeo and week we'll discover the fate of the love struck pair.


Have a lovely weekend.



Spellings: - we'll be going over our words from this term - the children seem to be doing a good job of learning them.

Comprehension: Please complete the 2nd comprehension in the SATS book - An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth - this leads us nicely into our Earth and space topic for next term.



Friday 7th October


A huge well done to the children for their presentation on Wateraid at the Harvest Festival. They did an excellent job!


In our topic work, the children have been composing a Tudor fanfare with Mrs Streatfeild, recreating the Spanish Armada with Mr Rowland and creating of a large collage version of Henry VIII using glitter, fabric, pom poms, buttons etc, with me. He is on display on our back wall looking very regal with a slight Cubist feel.


The ghost stories are complete and the children have been proof-reading and checking their own and each others work. Many of the stories are surprisingly creepy.


In maths, we've moved on to word problems, focusing on identifying which operation we're being asked to utilise - addition or subtraction.



Spellings: adding suffixes beginning with a vowel to words of more than one syllable

forgetting, forgotten, beginning, beginner, preferring, preferred, occurring, occurred, forbidden, committed.

Comprehension: please do the first comprehension in the Year 5 SATS book - PORTRAIT OF A DRAGON - for Friday 14th.

Maths: times tables


Friday 30th September 


We've been giving ourselves the shivers in Year 5 this week as we watched and listened to tales of Hampton Court hauntings as inspiration for writing our own spooky stories. In grammar lessons, we've been learning about different sentence structures to help create tension.


Our maths focus has moved to addition and we've been making sure we line up all the columns when adding large numbers - so far, so good.


Don't forget our Harvest Festival service in the Church on Wednesday at 9:00 am. Year 5 have been  practising for their presentation and the words for the KS2 song are attached; children - please make sure you are word perfect by Wednesday.

All children should bring in a non-perishable food item to be donated to the food bank in Edenbridge. We'll also be sending them home with an envelope for your donations to this year's charity which is Wateraid. Please can these be decorated and sent back into school by Tuesday of next week.


Children are coming home with templates for a Christmas card design - please return these by 12th October.


Have a lovely weekend



Spellings: believe, appear, often, group, breath, continue, arrive, women, describe, height

Learn the words to the KS2 song

Decorate your Wateraid donation envelope

(Our comprehension homework books have arrived smiley but the children have enough on this week so we'll start with those next week)

The Top Table at Hampton Court!

Friday 23rd September


What a great trip we had to Hampton Court! We took a Tudor trail through Henry VIII's apartments and took part in a workshop examining historical sources and how historians get to the truth - well done all for taking part with such enthusiasm.


In maths this week, the class have almost finished their topic of place value. The have been busy learning about round to 100,000. Their next chapter is focused on multiplication and division.


In literacy, the class have been writing biographies about Henry VIII. On Friday, they went to Year 2 and read through them together


The class have also been rehearsing a drama for the upcoming Harvest Service.


Hampton Court was a lovely day out on Thursday. They had a tour of the palace and then completed a workshop in the afternoon. 



Maths - times tables

Spellings - the /ur/ sound spelt 'ear'

earth, early, learn, heard, earn, pearl, search, unearth, rehearse

Hopefully, our comprehension books will arrive next week!