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Year 4

Class 4, Friday 19th July 2019


And so Year 4 comes to an end.


Repeating an activity we tackled at the beginning of the very first term, it was fascinating to see which choices have fallen out of favour and which have remained firm since last September. Keep doing your best as you go forward into Year 5. We wish you well and shall watch your progress with interest.


The children will of course be missed, but so will the parents. Thank you all for your unflagging support throughout the year by chivvying your children to do their homework, practise their spellings, learn their times tables, rehearse their lines and so on. Thank you too for providing resources and transport and manpower whenever needed. Please also accept our gratitude for the generous gifts we received this week and, in particular, for taking the time to pass on some very kind comments.


Although most of us will meet again in the autumn, not everyone will be returning to our school. Good luck to Oliver Green and to Mrs Grantham as they head off to pastures new.


Finally, our thoughts go out to Luke Johnston who has suffered an unfortunate spell of ill health lately. Do get well soon, Luke. The place isn’t the same without you.


However you are spending the next month and a bit, we hope you enjoy every minute.


See you soon,

Ms Wright and Mrs Hester



Spanish Cafe

Week Beginning Monday 15th July


As we approach the last week of term, we are very much looking forward to the Summer Production and have been practising hard.

Please ensure your child brings in a pair of dark trousers or leggings by Monday, to be worn under the costumes they've already made. These should be in a named plastic bag and left on their pegs. They can wear their school shoes or black plimsolls to complete the ensemble.


The matinee show begins at 2pm and children must be back in school for 6pm on Thursday evening for the final performance. A drop and go system will be in operation on the night.


As we'll be sending books home this week, could children also bring in an empty bag.


In between rehearsals, we've been discussing Global Warming, the Greenhouse Effect and the impact it is having around the world. Hopefully children understood that amongst all the doom and gloom, a great deal of effort is going in to reducing the impact of climate change on our planet.


We look forward to seeing many of you at one of the shows this week.

Have a great weekend.


Rebecca Wright and Rosie Hester


Snail Race

Class 4, week of 8th July

We have been immersed in insects for most of this week!


We began by exploring expanded noun phrases and using these to describe a variety of crawling, flying or wriggling creatures in interesting and sophisticated ways.


Our maths focus is geometry and, having learned the names and properties of triangles and quadrilaterals, we went on to identify symmetry in polygons and then to create symmetrical butterflies.


Opinions were divided over Henri Matisse’s collage entitled The Snail, which we examined in terms of its shapes and use of complementary colours. Some liked the French artist’s work and could discern its subject matter, while others were far less appreciative of the torn paper pieces and the way they were assembled. The skill and patience involved became a little clearer, however, as we attempted versions of our own.


Living invertebrates made their way into the classroom later in the week as children spent break times enthusiastically collecting woodlice and beetles and made homes for them in snack boxes. A wasps’ nest (possibly still inhabited) was brought in for us to view and we held a very exciting snail race.


It was a pleasure to see so many of you at our open evening and to hear your comments about how well your children’s work has developed over the past year.


Next week, at 2.30pm on Tuesday afternoon, we are looking forward to welcoming those who can make it to our Spanish café where you will be able purchase a mid-afternoon snack and drink and be served by Spanish-speaking waiters. Gluten-free items will be available. As much of the food is being prepared by the children, we ask that they each bring a named apron into school on Monday morning.



Maths: Tuesday.

Spellings: natural, various, separate, opposite, position, group, interest

Week Beginning 1st July


Dear Parents

It has been an incredibly busy and varied week. Congratulations to all for an excellent Sports Day both on and off the athletics track. It was good to witness the sportsmanship and talent we have across the school and we are very grateful for the support of all those parents who were able to make it.


The children have done a good job of creating their costumes for our production of Robin Hood. Some of the soldiers seem to have been involved in a fairly gruesome battle already, judging by the amount of red on their once white t-shirts. Please ignore the request for items below - we have managed to source most things from our costume store.


The only thing children now need are:


* Soldiers - black leggings or trousers and school shoes or plimsolls

* Villagers - brown or grey leggings or trousers and school shoes or plimsolls 


In amongst the prop making, we took part in a Danceathon for the NSPCC led by groups of Year 6s who turned up in the classroom on the hour every hour to put us through our paces. Well done to all for taking part enthusiastically.


Aside from making props and dancing, they have been studying the human eye and comparing it to those of various insects. They have also been creating poems with 3-D artwork to go with them and carrying out further work on classifying invertebrates.


We look forward to seeing many of you at Open Evening on Thursday 4th July (next week).


A further note for your diary: Year 4 will be holding a Spanish Cafe on Tuesday 9th July from 2.30pm when savoury snacks, cakes and drinks will be available for you to enjoy. A small charge will be payable for each item in order to cover costs. Any profits will be spent on the children at a later date. This is an excellent opportunity for children to practise their Spanish speaking skills using purposeful phrases and vocabulary. We look forward to welcoming as many of you as are able to come. 


Enjoy the weather this weekend.


Kind regards

Rosie Hester and Rebecca Wright



Maths in books for Tuesday

Literacy homework - find out six facts about an insect or other arthropod of your choice. Information about its appearance, habitat, movement, behaviour, eating habits and predators would be useful. Typed or handwritten for Monday.

Spellings: humour/humorous  poison/poisonous  adventure/adventurous   danger/dangerous     fame/ famous

Oh Soldier, Soldier Won't You Marry Me lyrics

Robin Hood Lyrics

Class 4, week of 24th June (extra information)


As you may already know, our Summer Production this year is Robin Hood. Year 4 has been tasked with performing the song ‘Oh Soldier, Soldier Won’t You Marry Me’ (with a few minor modifications).

Children need to learn the words and tune as soon as possible. The version we are using is attached.

If you are unsure of the melody, there are several videos available online, for instance


For the grand finale, everyone will also need to be able to sing 'Robin Hood,' the theme to the 1950s TV series. Lyrics are similarly attached and the tune can be found online at 


In terms of costume, most of the girls will be playing soldiers and the boys will be medieval villagers.

We would be grateful if you could provide the following items:



  • grey school trousers or leggings
  • a black top with sleeves
  • a white tabard with a large red cross (perhaps made from a pillowcase)
  • a buckled belt
  • black shoes or boots



  • grey or brown trousers
  • an oversized grey or brown T-shirt
  • twine for a belt and below the knee
  • black shoes

Class 4 Week of 23rd June

Class 4 Week of 23rd June 1
Class 4 Week of 23rd June 2
Class 4 Week of 23rd June 3
Class 4 Week of 23rd June 4

Literacy/topic homework

A huge thank you to Sue Skinner for allowing Class 4 to wander down to her beautiful garden and fields to search for mini beasts this morning. The children were very well behaved and attacked the task of finding as many different creepy crawlies as they could, with gusto.


We have begun to think about how to classify these creatures scientifically and they have all had a go at grouping them according to their own criteria. I was very impressed with the careful way they approached this task - we appear to have many budding scientists.


I maths we have begun to look at angles in triangles; sorting them into acute, obtuse and right-angled and in literacy they have researched a particularly dangerous bug and begun to think about how to create a story based on their chosen deadly critter.


Next week is another busy one. Don't forget it is Sports Day on Thursday afternoon. The children should come to school in PE kit and wearing their house t-shirts. They will have lunch at school as normal but will need a bottle of water and red hat. Please apply sun-cream before school if it's warm. 


Friday is prop-making day. Children must come in wearing old clothes, suitable for messing about with glue etc.


Have a lovely weekend



Maths - Yellow books for Tuesday

Literacy/topic see attached sheets

Spellings: expression, discussion, confession, permission, admission 



Class 4, week of 17th June

Having learned how to measure the area and perimeter of rectilinear shapes, we explored the relationship between the two measurements and noticed how minor changes in one could impact significantly upon the other.


Our latest topic, Beast Creator, got underway with a careful look at the specific characteristics of an insect and an understanding of food chains, including what it means to be a producer, consumer, prey or predator. The animal kingdom was similarly the focus of our literacy lessons in which we tackled poems - both light-hearted song lyrics and descriptive odes.


The children have selected a challenging traditional country dance to learn and perform at next week's Maypole event and, with very little help from their teachers, have grasped the moves and co-operated excellently to produce a delightfully entertaining spectacle. We hope you will be able to come along on Wednesday afternoon at 2pm to see for yourselves. 



Clothes for the Spanish Fashion Show MUST be in school on Tuesday morning. You may bring them in on Monday, if need be.

Maths: Completed by Tuesday. Please ensure all work is glued into your yellow homework book. It should not be left loose.


Class 4, week of 10th June

We reached the final chapter of our class text, There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom by Louis Sachar. Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed the story and, both this term and last, the children have produced a number of pieces of quality writing based on the book. Their understanding of the main character's joy and pain was evident from the pictures and words they brought to school last week to illustrate the duality of his behaviour. They co-operated excellently in small groups during this activity and their affection and empathy for Bradley Chalkers is clear. 


Understanding of how to convert between different units of measurement has grown and the class has improved overall in speed and accuracy.


We completed our American-based topic with a look at the origins of the popular fast food chain, McDonald's, and children celebrated the end of their work by writing and performing short plays stemming from native American myths. Thank you to those of you who were able to come along and watch.


Next term, we are looking forward to working from the Beast Creator scheme which brings lots of opportunity for scientific learning and outdoor activities.



Maths is due on Tuesday 11th June

Spellings will be selected at random from those learned in term 5.




Class 4, week of 20th May

A huge thank you to Jerry Quinnell for coming in to talk to the children about computers and their inner workings. We had an interesting time pretending to be computers and programmers and ensuring the instructions given were detailed and precise enough to result in the appropriate actions. We are looking forward to doing more coding next term.

In maths we have concentrated on units of measure and converting between grams and kilograms, millilitres and litres and centimetres and metres. You might like to have a family weigh-in or measuring session and convert the various results by multiplying or dividing by 100 or 1000. Many of the children (understandably) found this a difficult concept.


In literacy, Class 4 have been hard at work practising their dramas for Friday. We look forward to seeing those who can make it from 2.30pm on Friday 24th May.


Don't forget that pick up will be a little later on Thursday (23rd) as we are going to the Sackville Theatre at Sevenoaks School for an introduction to Shakespeare. We should be back at school by 4pm at the latest.



Please bring a named carrier bag in which to carry items you have made home from school.

Literacy: comprehension in red books for Friday (please spend no more than 20 minutes on this)

Please do your best to learn your lines for Friday and don't forget any props or clothing for the Native American Myth Plays

Maths is due on Tuesday. 

Spellings: scheme, chorus, chemist, echo, character

Also for Tuesday, please produce an A4 sheet showing six images large enough to fill the page. These can be pictures (hand drawn, downloaded, cut from a magazine or photographed) or phrases / lines of text. Three should indicate Bradley Chalkers' character at the beginning of his story and a further three should suggest they type of person he becomes by the end of the book.


Frank Cottrell Boyce

Frank Cottrell Boyce 1
Frank Cottrell Boyce 2

Literary Festival - Winning Illustration

Class 4, week of 13th May

How lucky we were to bag front row seats at the Chiddingstone Castle Literary Festival to see author and screenplay writer, Frank Cottrell Boyce (see photos). He entertained us by reading extracts from his funny and exciting books, inspired us with ideas for stories, motivated us all with his positive outlook and charmed us with his modesty. Frank has written nine children's books and every single member of the class came away eager to read them. Head to Amazon now!


More good things came from our local literary extravaganza which ran throughout the bank holiday weekend. Prior to the event, children were invited to enter a story writing competition with an option to illustrate their work. Year 4's Ava Sinclair beat hundreds of other candidates to be awarded the prize for best illustration. Her watercolour of a stag is attached.


Other literacy learning this week included revision of all punctuation relating to dialogue which continues to cause difficulties. Do please point out and discuss all the elements of written speech when it crops up in your child's reading.


Weights and measures were the focus of our maths lessons and children were able to read sets of scales with impressive accuracy. Converting between kilograms and grams proved slightly more challenging but, having recapped how to multiply and divide efficiently by multiples of ten, we made good progress.



Maths is due on Tuesday

Spellings (silent letters): autumn, calm, honest, knee/kneel, library, subtle, February, Wednesday

Class 4, week of 29th April

And so we begin the final term of the academic year. How quickly the time seems to have gone. Year 5 beckons and I am delighted to say that the children are already beginning to show good levels of maturity which will serve them well.


Money is currently the subject of our maths lessons and it is pleasing to report that everyone appears to be very confident in their understanding of this essential skill.


In literacy we are considering synonyms and have been learning to select vocabulary carefully in order to communicate shades of meaning. This has also led to children being exposed to new words (such as ‘accumulate’) which I hope they will endeavour to remember and to use appropriately. Not everyone is familiar with a thesaurus so, if you have one at home, please help your children to explore its contents.


Continuing with our American topic, we examined the history and role of the cheerleader at US sporting events. Children worked together to create some slick routines using established moves including the ‘touchdown’, ‘bow and arrow’ and ‘broken T’. It is worth mentioning that the two all-boy groups co-operated especially well and found the experience far more rewarding than they had expected to! Well done, lads.



Maths homework is due on Tuesday.

Spellings: calendar, grammar, particular, peculiar, popular, regular

Class 4, week of 8th April

A huge well done to all the children for performing their Forgiveness Poem so beautifully at the Easter Service. They have received many compliments on both their performance and their writing from various sources. 

It has been a busy, fun-filled term but we don't feel that we have quite exhausted our Road Trip USA topic so we will be continuing with it next term. 

There is no literacy or spelling homework over Easter but your challenge is to learn ALL your times tables and to read at least one whole book during the Easter holidays. We will be discussing the books we've read on our return to school. 

Have a lovely Easter. 

Ms Wright and Mrs Hester