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Year 4

Friday 15th November 2019

Year 4 has been experimenting with figurative language this week and finding ways to enliven their writing with similes and metaphors. We have done our best to construct riddles (very popular during Tudor times) using imagery to disguise the subject of our poems and found that it is trickier than you might think.


The column addition and subtraction techniques we have recently learned in maths is now being put to good use to solve some thorny two-step word problems. Children are beginning to see how the bar model can illustrate a question and inform us about how to find a solution.


In anticipation of our trip to Hampton Court Palace next Monday, we have been finding facts about this impressive building which began life as an ordinary country house. We learned about the various jobs Henry VIII’s courtiers had and who was more important than whom. Many of us were shocked to discover that Henry’s wife did not have particularly high status.


In class next week, we shall be creating a life-size collage of Henry VIII in the style of the famous portrait by Hans Holbein. In order to make this suitably impressive, we need your help. Please send in any scraps of fabric or old clothing, ribbons, lace, beads, unwanted jewellery etc. on Monday or Tuesday morning.


Please remember to bring a packed lunch and drink in a backpack on Monday. You may also bring £5 in a named purse. You should wear school uniform and you must bring a coat. We hope to return to school by 4pm. If we are likely to be significantly delayed, the school will let you know.



Topic: Find and bring materials for our Henry VIII collage.

Maths: Word problems – try to draw the bar model for each and show your addition/subtraction workings. For Tuesday.

Literacy: To research Tudor ghosts. Find out if Hampton Court is haunted. If so, by whom? Are there any other Tudor ghosts you can find out about? Which buildings are they said to haunt? Please search wisely and make sure you ask an adult to help you if you are using the internet.

Spellings: weigh/weight, eight/eighth, height, high, neighbour, sleigh




Friday 8th November 2019


It was good to welcome the children back this week and to see them so enthused about our new topic. They have been busy constructing Tudor Roses showing the merging of the Houses of York and Lancaster and we have begun to discuss the wives of Henry VIII and consider their various fates. There is already an impressive amount of knowledge in the classroom which we will be tapping into as the term progresses.


In maths, we are still focusing on subtraction but have moved on to more complex problems requiring renaming in the 100s, 10s and ones - for example 6000 - 2324. Please encourage your child to explain the method we have been using in class.


The new laptops have already been put to good use in Class 4 as we typed up a carefully edited piece of writing from last term. The finished items will be put in the published work books  - always a very satisfying process for the children.


Looking forward to next week, don't forget Superhero day on Friday for Children in Need. Those who are less enthusiastic about dressing up are welcome to wear something spotty to mark the day. Donation details are on the home page of the website.


Have a lovely weekend.


Ms Wright and Mrs Hester



Maths: In yellow books for Tuesday

Times tables: Test Wednesday

Literacy: Comprehension in Purple books for Friday

Spellings: century, history, reign, execute, execution, although


Forest School

Forest School 1

Friday 18th October 2019


It’s been a busy last week of term for our class. Huge congratulations to all the children for their fabulous performances in Act of Worship. They had very limited preparation time and were all absolutely word and action perfect. Well done all and thank you to the parents who were able to come along and give us your much appreciated support.


Based on a touching animation about a guide dog, we have written a story from an alternative point of view in which we attempted to use all the grammatical techniques we have been practising since September. Meanwhile, in maths, we have grasped how to use column addition and subtraction and to rename numbers (carry/borrow digits) as necessary. Discovering how yeast and whisked egg whites can be added to other ingredients to help bread and cakes rise was the purpose of our topic lesson and, on top of all this, the spellings and the maths homework were trickier than usual!


It has been a hectic week for Year 4 families too due to parents’ consultations, the school’s Harvest Festival and our class assembly. Thanks as always to you all for your support.


Next term, our topic is ‘Off With Her Head’ which focuses on the Tudor dynasty.


Wishing you an exciting or restful half term – whichever you prefer.


Ms Wright and Mrs Hester


Maths homework: addition and subtraction

Spellings: because, used, no, know, there, their, they’re, where, wear


Literacy homework: Please have a look at the High Frequency Word list attached and highlight all those you need to learn then have a go at learning them. I have also attached the Statutory Word List for Years 3 and 4 in case you'd like to check those too.

Forest School

Forest School 1

Friday 11th October


It was good to see many of you at Parent's evening this week and we look forward to meeting many more of you next Wednesday. 


In maths we have moved on to column addition. We began by regrouping the ones and dropping off the extra 10 in the 10s column. Our literacy has taken us to culinary heaven as we wrote descriptive poems about our favourite foods.


The children are looking forward to showing you their Act of Worship on Friday. Please send them to school in their costumes. They won't need their uniforms as they can change straight into their Forest School things and back into their costumes on their return. You are all very welcome to come along and watch from 9 am.


Please make sure they know all their words for the song and both short dramas - see copies attached.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Hester and Ms Wright



Maths - for Tuesday

Literacy - learn your words. A comprehension will be given out on Monday to be handed in by Friday please.


Commonly misspelt words: with, went, when.

invade - invasion   divide- division   collide - collision  comprehend - comprehension

Times tables test Wednesday

Forest School

Forest School 1

Friday 4th October 2019


We finished our focus on place value and numbers to 10,000 by using rounding to estimate and with a look at negative numbers.


Children came up with an impressive range of synonyms for ‘said’ in literacy. Do look out for other such verbs in your reading books and try to remember to add them to your list when next in school.


There was an unexpected twist in our food-based topic this week as we turned our attention to the work of a sixteenth century Italian painter. Giuseppe Arcimboldo used fruits, vegetables and other objects to create fascinating portraits. Children have designed their own images in his style and will create colourful collages in their next lesson. Thank you to those who have managed to find suitable magazine cuttings – it isn’t an easy task. We will supply a range of clipart pictures for children to use but, if they do have a particular requirement for their masterpiece, we would be grateful if you could find and print this at home. Please ask them about their plans.


Having researched key facts about the artist’s life, children then wrote non-chronological reports to detail their findings.


Mid-week, the whole school took part in an RE Day when we enjoyed activities based on key stories from The Bible which underlined the Christian values of creation, compassion, forgiveness and salvation. Year 4 painted pictures, shaped and baked bread, wove baskets, competed in an obstacle race and modelled plasticine butterflies.



Maths: Negative numbers. Due on Tuesday.

Times tables will be tested again on Wednesday – learn those tricky ones.

Spellings: different, difficult, important, ordinary, enough (for Friday)

Literacy: The children are writing poems about their favourite food or drink on Tuesday. Please could they eat their favourite food or drink and take notes on how it tastes, feels, smells and sounds while they're eating it. Can they think of adjectives, alliteration and any metaphors and similes that may help their poetic descriptions.

Forest School

Forest School 1

Dahlicious Dress Up Day - Photos by Ollie Vicary

Picture 1

Class 4, Friday 27th September 2019


Maths has proved challenging for many children this week as we move on to rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000. We have focused on looking at the number before the digit we are rounding to and on thinking about the nearest 10, 100 or 1000 going forwards or backwards. Do encourage children to round numbers to estimate the cost of any shopping you are doing.


In literacy we have read Dr Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham and been impressed by his ability to create an entertaining bit of poetry using just fifty words. We have decided to turn it into a little drama and are going to be presenting it during Act of Worship on the last day of term, Friday 18th October. Parents are welcome to come and watch on the day. We will start at around 9:00 am. A script is attached and the children know their parts.


Also attached are the words to a song we will be singing at our Harvest Festival service on 16th October. It would be helpful if children could begin to learn them.


Our topic work has taken us around the world as children identified where many of the foods we eat and drink come from. Thank you for all the labels you sent in - we received useful contributions from everyone in the class which made for a really interesting and informative lesson. We hope you don't mind us calling upon you again this week to find colour pictures of fruit and vegetables in magazines which children can use to create a collage. Please do not print anything, however, until we have had an opportunity to plan which images we will definitely need. As ever, we are immensely grateful for your support.


Please note that Tom Tugendhat (Member of Parliament for Tonbridge and Malling) is running a competition to design his Christmas cards again this year. Drawings should be on A4 (portrait or landscape) using any medium. It would be great if children were able to stick to a Christmas theme and sign their name on the front. The winning four designs will receive 100 copies of their own card, a Tour of the Houses of Parliament with their parents and a special prize.’ The deadline is Friday 11th October and no later. More details can be seen in this week's newsletter.



Maths: Rounding numbers. Due by Tuesday

Literacy: Grammar questions in purple books

Spellings: Adding the prefix mis- at the beginning of words - mistake, mislead, misspell, misunderstand, misbehave Test on Friday

Times tables: Test on Wednesday. Which ones do you tend to miss out or get wrong? Try to learn some of these.

Picture 1

It's been another busy week in Class 4. Our taste buds have had a full work out with the testing of various different foodstuffs including, cockles, tofu, kale and radishes. We've also been checking each other's tongues to identify who amongst us could be a super-taster or even a non-taster.


Our topic has also lead us into scientific realms with the identification of the three states of matter. We spent some time in the playground pretending to be particles in solids, liquids and gases and running around or sticking tightly together depending on which state we were pretending to be. 


In literacy we've focused on creating poems about our strengths and weaknesses as well as writing a sympathetic letter to James from James and the Giant Peach.


Our maths focus is still place value and looking at ordering numbers into the 1000s according to their size.


Well done all for excellent teamwork.


Ms Wright and Mrs Hester



Maths to be handed in by Tuesday

Literacy comprehension to be in by Friday - please spend no longer than 30 minutes on it.

Spellings: bake/baking   shake/shaking   paste/pasting   make/making   

Times-tables: practise at home.

Reading Raffle: Read five times and two of which must be to someone at home. Make sure reading diaries are signed.


Bread making at Bore Place

Bread making at Bore Place  1
Bread making at Bore Place  2
Bread making at Bore Place  3
Bread making at Bore Place  4
Bread making at Bore Place  5
Bread making at Bore Place  6
Bread making at Bore Place  7

Year 4 Forest School

Year 4 Forest School 1

Class 4, Friday 6th September 2019


Hello and welcome to your new class.


We hope that everyone enjoyed the trip to Bore Place, which served as an introduction to this year’s first topic. As its name suggests, Scrummdiddlyumptious is all about food – its science, history, geography and even art.


There was more outdoor activity to follow as everyone headed off to Forest School which will take place on Fridays until half term. Thank you to the adults who have volunteered their help. A rota can be found below.


We have already discussed some of our expectations with the children and look forward to explaining more about how the class operates in our curriculum meeting at 2pm on Wednesday when we hope many of you will be able to join us. For those of you that are unable to attend, notes will be available on this website.


We look forward to enjoyable and successful times ahead.


Ms Wright and Mrs Hester



Weekly spellings will be practised in school, but should also be learned at home. They will be tested in context at the end of the week.

Spellings: fruit, favourite, potatoes, tomatoes, exercise


Maths homework will be set on Tuesday.

Year 4 Forest School timetable