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Year 3

W/C Monday 1st March 


Dear Class 3


Another new month but this time, things are starting to feel more positive and exciting.  Spring really is on the way and so is our return to school.  This is your last week of home schooling and I cant thank you enough for all your hard work and positivity over the last few weeks.  True superstars. 


This week marks World Book Day which we will celebrate during our Zoom session on Thursday.  A really exciting activity has been set by Mrs Haysom to design a room around your favourite book. (details were sent in letter on 24th February) I would really like you to spend some time and care on this project and therefore this is the main focus for your work this week.  Remember, do not write the name of your book as we would all really like to have a guess!  I am so looking forward to seeing your rooms and a reminder to bring them to school with you on 8th March so we can make a display.


On Friday, I am delighted that Mr Batchelor (ABC's dad) will be joining us on Zoom to talk to us about the Ancient Greeks.  For those of you who may not know, Mr Batchelor is an ace expert in this area of history and wrote the book 'The Ancient Greeks for Dummies.'  I am so grateful that he is going to talk to the class and I know the children will all have an enjoyable and interesting session with him.  This will take place at the normal time on Friday via my login. 


This week there is no work that needs to be formally submitted but I will be very happy to look at anything as always.


Looking forward to seeing you all on Zoom at 9:50 on Monday.


Mrs G



This week, I would really like you to double check that the money and time lessons that were set last term and last week are all complete.  Moving forward, we will work on the 24 hour clock/ seconds in class so we will be skipping a few of the Singapore Maths lessons this week.  I would just like you to complete:


Worksheet 7

Worksheet 8

Worksheet 9



If you are looking for an additional activity, you could time yourself doing the same activities in worksheet 9 or perhaps make your own activities up.  Eg: time yourself doing 20 star jumps, a lap around the garden could time yourself MAKING YOUR BED! 


I would also like everyone to work on their 3s, 4s and 6 times tables this week.  Please give this quite a bit of time.  I am really hoping that most of us will be able to recall the number facts instantly. 

Reading & Writing - please read and prepare for Zoom on Wednesday


During our Zoom last Friday, we started to understand why it is so important to learn about history. As part of this discussion, we learnt that the Ancient Greeks invented so many things that we still use today.  As promised, this is the link for the song that we listened to. 


We are Greeks song:


I am also attaching some interesting fact sheets about some of the very famous Ancient Greek inventors.  Once again, I would like you to read through the information this week  Highlight any unknown words.  We will discuss this text during our Zoom on Wednesday.  In preparation for this, please write up to 3 bullet points on each inventor which summarise  their achievements. 


As an optional task, you may like to choose one of these famous Greeks and create your own poster about them.  Or perhaps you might like to listen to the song again and draw/label as many things as you hear mentioned. 

TERM 4 Week 1 


Dear Class 3


Welcome back to Term 4.  I hope you have had all had a good week off from school and that you are feeling refreshed and ready for our new topic... GODS AND MORTALS!  This term we will be finding out about the ancient Greeks.  We will be exploring the Greek Gods, famous Greeks, reading myths as well as comparing ancient Greece on a map to modern Greece today.  We will also be learning how and when the ancient Greek civilisation flourished, understand their culture, armies and heroes. We may even make Pandora's box, a Trojan horse and try some Greek food. Lots of exciting lessons ahead.


In maths we will begin our new chapter which is time.  Being at home is a really good opportunity for you to be able to perfect your telling time skills, not just through Singapore Maths lessons. 


This week, I would like the writing work to be emailed to me by Friday.  (Zeus character profile)


I look forward to seeing you all on Zoom at 9:50 on Monday morning.


Mrs G



MATHS - must do! Please complete Singapore Maths Ch:9 w/s 1-5 this week


This week, we will begin our new topic 'time.'  It is a long time since you have completed any work on time in school.  In fact, you would have been in year 2.  Therefore I would strongly suggest you all watch the Oak Academy lesson (below) which explains am/pm before starting Chapter 9.


I also find both of these tools below very useful when teaching time.  The first website offers an interactive teaching clock which is clear and easy to use.  The second is a fun game (you can turn the sound off!)  It would be a good idea to visit both these before tackling the Singapore Maths lessons.


Singapore Maths - Chapter 9

Please complete worksheets 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 this week


We will work on telling the time in our Zoom lesson on Tuesday. We wont complete a specific Singapore Maths lesson during this Zoom lesson but the work we do will help you to do so.

READING - Must do! for Zoom on Wednesday


This week, I would like you to start exploring the Greek Gods.  Below you will find their character profiles for you to read through. This week, there are no questions to answer in writing.  Instead, you will need to have a good understanding about each of the mentioned Gods for our Zoom on Wednesday. 

WRITING - Must do! Please send to Year 3 email by Friday 26th February


GPS - Must do!  Please complete activities for Zoom on Thursday




Team 3 - Proud & Hopeful

Week 6  w/c 8th February 2021 



Dear Superstars


Very well done for all your hard work this term and well done for reaching the last week of Term 3.  I have posted a few photos below to celebrate some of our recent work. 


This Friday marks Chinese New Year so I thought it would be interesting to base some of our work on these Chinese celebrations.  On Tuesday, it is Internet Safety Day.  In class, we would usually work on some activities to teach the children how to be safe online.  The BBC are running a live lesson on 9th February at 11am which may be of interest.  It might also be available to watch at a later date:


This week, as highlighted below and on the timetable, the two pieces of work I would liked to be emailed are Maths Review 8 and the book cover design.  Many thanks.


I look forward to seeing you all at 9:50am on Monday morning.


Mrs G 

Class 3 become engineers!

Class 3's volcano poetry display

An earthquake hits Chiddingstone

Still image for this video

MATHS - Must do! (please email Review 8 page 32, 33 and 34 by end of the week)


Singapore Maths


W/S 13 & 14 - Mrs Glover will teach these lessons during Zoom on Tuesday.  Children will complete during lesson but may need to finish after Zoom


Review 8 - pages 32, 33 & 34 - In school, we usually use the review to assess what the children do and don't know following the unit.  I would be so grateful if you could allow the children to work independently on these pages so that I am able to identify the gaps for next term. Obviously, if they need help reading the questions and a few pointers then that is fine.  However, it would really help me to know a true picture of understanding.  Children do not need to complete the review in one block.  I would allow approx 30-45mins for this review. Please email the review answers to me by the end of the week.  Many thanks


Mental maths  - below.  There is just one sheet this week


Timestables - revision of 3s, 4s & 6s - thank you for all your support over the last week with these particular timestables.  I can really see the progress - let's keep it up!

Reading comprehension for Zoom on Wednesday


A lighthearted story about the Chinese Zodiac this week which I hope children will enjoy.  Please bring your answers to Zoom on Wednesday

Writing - must do - please email your designs by the end of the week


This week I would like you to design a book cover.  I thought you might like to do design a new cover for one of the following


1) The Firework Maker's Daughter

2) Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

3) A book of your choice

4) A made up story by you 


I've attached a template idea below but you could do it by just folding an A4 piece of paper in half ...perhaps you might want to include a spine too.  Or you are very welcome to do the design on the computer. It would be wonderful if you could include a blurb too.  You'll find more information about a blurb in the attachment below.  I've also attached a photo of the exisiting Firework Maker's Daughter for your info.

CHINESE NEW YEAR ACTIVITY - this does not need to be sent in but I would like everyone to have a go at writing their name



Week 5 - Monday 1st February, 2021


Dear Class 3


At last, we have said goodbye to January and we welcome February, a month for pancakes, love and lent. It's also the shortest month of our year. Once again, thank you for all your hard work and enthusiasm this term.


This week, there is one BIG difference to our timetable.  I am delighted to let you know that on Wednesday 3rd February, we have a guest joining our Zoom session.  Therefore, we will meet as a whole class at 11am.  Alexandra Knight is the founder of Stemazing ( and will be talking to the children about how to make buildings strong, looking at the science, technology and engineering benefits that protect buildings in an earthquake.  Please could all children join the whole class zoom at 11am via my usual details. You will need to bring some items with you to the session:


  • 8 pieces of A4 paper (this doesn't have to be plain, it can have been used for something else as long as it is flat without any folds in it)
  • sellotape
  • a big pile of books to use as loads
  • a flat surface to work on in front of the screen


I know that this is going to be a really fun and interesting Zoom session and I am very grateful that Alex is going to be joining us.


As always, you will see the work below for the week.  This week, the piece of work I would like emailed in by Friday 5th February is the reading comprehension.


I look forward to seeing you all at 9:50 for our whole class zoom.  As always, I will go through the work for the week during this session.


Many thanks


Mrs G

Week 5 timetable

printable timetable for week 5



Singapore Maths - this week we will complete lesson 11 & 12 in the Maths No Problem book during our Zoom lesson on Tuesday.


Please could all children complete the Mental Maths sheet below.  They can either do the easier or tricky version or both.  The idea is that children should be able to work the answers out in their head, rather than writing anything down or using manipulatives. You may prefer to start with the easier sheet at the beginning of the week. If there are any questions your child finds difficult, please do email me to let me know or join my Drop In session on Thursday.


This week the timestable focus is the 6 x tables.  There is an optional game below. 




Following on from our work on conjunctions, this week we will be looking at a main clause and a subordinate clause.  It would be very helpful if you could work through the powerpoint presentation and the activities in the word document below before zoom on Thursday.  Children may find this confusing so please don't worry if so.  I will be teaching this lesson on Thursday.


READING - please email the answers by Friday 5th February. Thanks

OPTIONAL Topic Activities


You may enjoy watching these two lessons through Oak National Academy about:


How can we protect against earthquakes




What happens when a volcano erupts


There are also two fun extra activities below


If you would like to see a video on how to make an origami heart ( which we made in our RE lesson today ) do look at the following clip:

Week 4 w/c 25th January, 2021


Dear Class 3


Thank you for all your hard work last week.  It was fantastic see volcanoes out with a boom, pop and fizz by hearing so many of your onomatopoeic poems! I will put these up on display in the classroom.  This week, we will start to learn about earthquakes and you will see that this is the theme to the work set.  As always, the work is colour coded and I would like you to send me your written piece by Friday please.  Although totally optional, you may like to look at the architectural project I have set this week.


I look forward to seeing you all on Zoom at 9:50 on Monday when I will talk through the work for the week.  I hope the optional timetable below may help some of you plan the activities for the week.


Many thanks


Mrs G


Week 4 timetable

Printable Week 4 timetable

MATHS LESSONS - Monday and Tuesday


This week we will be using Maths No Problem Workbook B.  Please bring your MNP book to Zoom on Monday and Tuesday.


MUST DO! Chapter 1 (MONEY) lessons 5-10 as below 


Lessons 5, 6 and 7 (adding money continued) can be completed at home any time during the week after Monday's Zoom Session when they will be explained

Lesson 8 & 9  (subtracting money) will be taught and completed during the Maths Zoom on Tuesday

Lesson 10 can be completed any time in the week after Tuesday's Zoom


Optional maths activity  resource below - 4 times tables activities

4 timestable focus which will be tested during Friday's Zoom

READING COMPREHENSION - please bring to Zoom on Wednesday
GPS ACTIVITIES - please bring to Zoom on Thursday
WRITING ACTIVITY - please email work in by Friday 29th Jan
ADDITIONAL optional activities
RE for Mrs Braid


Dear Class 3

This week I would like you to revise les fruits and les legumes (fruit and veg).

The vocabulary cards are below.  You could draw a fruit and veg stall and lable the items with the french words.


Mrs G

Class email:

30 wishes upon a star from all of Class 3 for 2021 as we start Term 3 together virtually

11th January - Week 2


Dear Class 3


Well done to all of you for a sterling effort in Week 1. Great work all round and I hope you enjoy looking at the photos of the display of your wish stars. 


Thank you for joining Zoom sessions with such enthusiasm and remembering each day.  Same again this week with our whole class zooms taking place on Monday and Friday at 9:50am. A reminder that group zooms are at 11:00am and 11:50am on Tuesday (maths) Wednesday (reading) and Thursday (GPS).  This Friday, our whole class topic zoom will be led by a rock expert who will be talking to the class about many interesting aspects linked to our topic.  Please log into my Zoom as normal with the same password all week. 


I have set the week's work below.  Like last week,  I have added a note at the top of each page (apart from this week's reading comprehension) which I hope will encourage the children to be independent with their learning.  This week, I have colour coded work with a MUST DO piece of maths, reading, writing and GPS. Details of when these  pieces of work are required to be completed are at the top of each page.  The only piece of work I would really like to be emailed to me this week is the MUST DO writing activity.   There is an OPTIONAL piece of work for each area too.  These really are optional and do not have to be completed. You may wish to have a look at them another time during this term.


A reminder, please do collect your child's Singapore Maths book from school on Monday as per the letter that was sent out last week.  


As always, if you have any questions about the work set or if I can help with anything, please do let me know.  


I look forward to seeing you all at 9:50am on Monday.


Mrs G



GPS - must do (no optional task!)

Year 3 RE for week beginning 11/1/21

Our topic for this term is

INCARNATION:  What is the Trinity?

Please complete task 1 and go onto the task 2  if you have time.

Last week we looked at art work and a passage for the gospels about The Trinity.

  1. This week we are going to focus on God the Father in preparation for a poem and art work at the end of the term.
  • Here are some names that describe God the Father







  • Here is a ‘kenning poem’ which just uses two words to describe God

Time starter

Space maker

Earth shaper

Mud modeller

Garden planter

Fruit grower

  • Try to make your own kenning poem using these words as your starting points  :







2 Look up these verses in the Bible to see how God is described.

Numbers 23 v19   Psalm 18 :v30   Psalm 50v6 Joshua 1:9

Dear Class 3 


Wishing you all a very happy New Year and welcome back to Term 3.  I am so sorry not to be seeing you all this week but I look forward to our 'virtual classroom' and hearing all your Christmas stories during our zoom sessions.


My contact email is  - you can use this to ask any questions and send pieces of work.  I am in school full time but will have pockets of time to respond to you.  I apologise in advance if it is not straight away.


I am really excited about our new topic Rocks, Relics and Rumbles which I will talk to you about in our zoom session on Tuesday.  Lots of the work I am asking you to do at home will be linked to our topic. On that note, does anyone know how many volcanoes there are in the world?  Have a look at the reading comprehension below and you will find out!


I have attached work below for writing, reading, spelling and maths.  When you click on the document, you will see a little note from me about each piece of work.  I hope it all makes sense and that you have fun working on the tasks.  Mrs Braid has also suggested a piece of RE work for you to do at home too.


In the meantime, keep well and safe and we will be back together very soon.


Mrs G


Reading comprehension - Week 1

Writing activity - Week 1

French - Week 1

RE Year 3

Please do items 1 and 2 and if time you may like to do item 3

1. Our topic for this term is

INCARNATION:  What is the Trinity?


  • Christians believe God is three in one, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Here we are focusing on the baptism of Jesus to discover more about the Trinity. This extract is  from Matthew which is one of the four gospels- what are the other three called? A gospel ( gospel means good news) is  the story of Jesus’ life and teaching.
  • Read the story below and notice when each member of the Trinity is mentioned. You could highlight or underline the members of the Trinity using three different colours.

The baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist: MATTHEW 3:11–17

 I ( John) baptize you with water to show that you have repented, but the one who will come after me will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. He is much greater than I am; and I am not good enough even to carry his sandals. 

The Baptism of Jesus

 At that time Jesus arrived from Galilee and came to John at the Jordan to be baptized by him. 14 But John tried to make him change his mind. “I ought to be baptized by you,” John said, “and yet you have come to me!”

 But Jesus answered him, “Let it be so for now. For in this way we shall do all that God requires.” So John agreed.

 As soon as Jesus was baptized, he came up out of the water. Then heaven was opened to him, and he saw the Spirit of God coming down like a dove and lighting on him. 17 Then a voice said from heaven, “This is my own dear Son, with whom I am pleased.”

2 Look carefully at two paintings on the attached sheet (or if you are in school they are in the back of your RE book.)

What are the symbols for each member of the Trinity?

LQ Year 3 Reflection: What is the Trinity?                 

 1.Look at these two pictures and explain how each of these pictures describe the Trinity

 2. Add your own questions about the Trinity below.


3.If you would like to, draw or paint your own picture showing the Trinity. It can be any style- realistic or abstract. You may find it helpful to think of these symbols which are often used ;

God the Father- pictures of the world or creation or light

God the Son- the cross or light

God the Holy Spirit- a dove or tongues of fire

I Friday 10th December


We are now into the full festive swing and Class 3 is filled with decorations, a post box overflowing with Christmas cards, a ceiling filled with 3D snowflakes and the children’s beautiful voices rehearsing for our nativity next week.  We also enjoyed a fabulous Christmas lunch on Thursday- enjoy the video and photos below. At the same time, we have still been very busy bees, working away each day.


In maths, the children have continued to work on division as the inverse of multiplication.  The focus has been the 3s, 4s and 8 times tables. Children can now recognise that if 3 x 4 = 12 then there is one further multiplication sentence and two division sums that complete this family 4 x 3 = 12, 12/ 4 = 3 and 12 / 3 = 4.  I have reiterated the importance of learning times tables as often as possible so I am hoping the children will be keen to do this at home.


In our topic this week, we have been looking at carnivorous and parasitic plants, as well as how ‘normal’ plants gain their energy from nutrients in the ground and from the sun. We currently have 30 sticks of celery sat in red food dye to show how pants absorb liquid through xylem tissue.


A reminder that on Monday we have a drama workshop based on The Christmas Carol. Our workshop starts at 9am so if children could be prompt to school I would be very grateful. Our nativity takes place on Wednesday and our class Christmas party on Thursday. All children are welcome to wear full party gear on Thursday - no school uniform required!


Have a super weekend


 Mrs G 




Merry Christmas Everyone!

Still image for this video

Christmas Lunch excitement in Class 3

Advent countdown

Forest School

Friday 4th December


A busy and exciting week in class 3 now that 1st December has arrived! We have been decorating our classroom to make it look as festive as possible. Ms Linton has very kindly given the class an Advent Calendar that we enjoy opening each day.  The children have also made their own calendars with a picture of Santa’s beard, which they add cotton wool to each morning when they come in.  We continue to sing our nativity songs, which is always a splendid activity at this time of the year.


In maths, we have moved on to multiplication.  This week we have been looking at ways to improve our times table speed.  It would be wonderful if you support this at home, especially the 3s, 4s and 8s.  We are now beginning to look at division as the inverse of multiplication and this will be the focus until the end of this term. Do have a look at the following times tables websites, which are both very good.


I would also recommend Mrs J’s times table card game, available to buy on Amazon.  Emma Jonas is a retired local head teacher who created this game and I think it works wonders.  You can buy the card game or there is an app.  There is also a video on You Tube explaining how it works. (a perfect stocking filler!)


In topic and Literacy, we have been studying aquatic predators.  The children have also been researching their favourite predator and have been writing an information text in the form of a leaflet using headings, subheadings and bullet points.  Next week we will be researching carnivorous plants.  We are also going to join a live virtual trip to Chester Zoo for a science special all about predators.


I would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to a ‘virtual’ presentation by Class 3.  We would usually invite you in to the classroom at the end of term to look at the children’s work and hear about what we have been up to. As we are unable to invite any parents into school, I thought we could try and run this via Zoom instead.  This will take place on Friday 11th December at 11:30am.  I will send out Zoom details via parent mail and would be grateful if you could let me know if you would like to join so we can make sure we allow you in to the meeting.   


Thank you to those of you who have kindly sent in tins for our baking activity.  The small baked bean tins look to be the best so if anyone has any I would be very grateful if you could send them in.  We will be baking on Monday 14th after The Christmas Carol drama workshop.


Spellings for Monday are:  myth, Egypt, pyramid, gym, mystery. 

There will not be a spelling test in the last week of term. 


Thank you as always for all your support and encouragement.


Have a lovely weekend


Mrs G

Forest School

Owl pellets

Still image for this video

Pellet ID

Still image for this video



Friday 27th November


We have had a fun and busy week in class 3 finishing off with a full DT morning and a craft afternoon today! This week as part of our topic we have been investigating fossils so today we had a go at making our own.  Have a look at Chidd chat in Instagram for photo evidence.  We had lots of fun and the children have produced some very life like fossils.


In Literacy, the children have been studying Haiku poetry which originates from Japan.  These are 3 line poems which have 5 syllables on the first line, seven on the second and 5 on the third. Although some can be a little dry to read, we had a great time exploring syllables and creating our own Haikus about animals. This lesson really forced the children to search for an alternative word or a synonymy in order to ensure they had the correct beats per line. These are now on display on our Japanese blossom tree. We have also been writing instructions and learning about homophones which are our spellings this week. 


In Maths, I really feel that we have now accomplished column subtraction.  We have worked through so many variations. An example of the hardest is 600 - 273 which involves regrouping from the hundreds column, taking it over to the tens column, regrouping from the tens column and taking it to the ones column!  Yes we are masters!  ( I actually used the phrase “swapping from next door but one” to try and contextualise this difficult concept.). Any practise you can continue to do on column subtraction and addition would be very welcome as we will be moving on to multiplication and division.


On our last day of term, Thursday 18th December, I would like to invite the class to come to school in their own clothes, party clothes or Christmas jumpers. I will be holding a little party to celebrate birthdays of children who have turned 8 during term 1 and 2. We will also have a fun Christmas morning on this same day before the children go home at 1:30.


Spellings for this week are main, mane, heel, heal, knot, not, mail, male, here, hear 


Have a lovely weekend,


Mrs Glover






Forest School

During the first part of the week, Class 3 became journalists!  We looked at the main features of a newspaper article and then wrote our own based on our African predador visit last week.  This had to be written in the past tense so we have been polishing up on our past tense verbs and have realised how tricky our own language can be.  We have also written another narrative this week about a tiger in the jungle.  We used a clip from WWF to inspire us and this has led us to the idea that we would like to adopt a tiger.  We need to raise £20 as a class and the children have come up with some fantastic ideas.  So watch this space!  Today for our GPS we have been researching collective nouns.  The children made a fantastic collage of a hippo using images of predators from National Geographic magazine.  The collective noun for a group of hippo is a bloat but we discovered so many more which we have added to a display in the class room.


Column subtractions kings and queens!  We can now 'swap/rename' through the tens and the hundreds.  Today we had a real challenge of having to rename across the tens and into the hundreds with the sum 607 - 89.  We will continue this on Monday but I will attach some practise that all children should be able to do with ease.


Spellings for Monday are: know, knew, knowing, knight, knocked


I hope you have a lovely weekend....I wonder if anyone will be putting up their Christmas tree? Or are you waiting for 1st December?!

Mrs G


Forest School

Friday 13th marks the end of a super day and week in Class 3.  It has been lovely to see the children dressed up in sports gear today.  Obviously, we started the day by joining Joe Wicks in the last 20 minutes of his 24 hour challenge.  We had so much fun!


In numeracy this week we have been working on subtraction and today we started column subtraction.  I have attached some questions for you to look at with your child at home.  Please note we have not yet started renaming (borrowing for my generation) and we will do this next week so there is no need for you to do this at home.  Once again, please feel free to mark these yourself and you do not need to print the questions out. However, I always encourage the children to write their columns very neatly to make the process easier.


In Literacy, the children have written some excellent narratives this week which are on display as final copies in the classroom.  I am so pleased with the way their writing is improving and all of the children managed to include similes and at least one expanded noun phrase, our GPS focus this week. 


We have been very busy with our topic - a particular emphasis on birds of prey.  Today, we had a visit via Zoom from Jasmine's dad who talked to us about African predators.  Who knew that the collective noun for a group of giraffe is 'tower' ? We have also started making models of birds of prey - I am blown away by the Design & Technology skills in the class.


Spellings for Monday are: write, wrote, written, wrapping, wrapped


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Glover

Forest School

Welcome back to Term 2.  It has been lovely to welcome the children back in to class, all looking very rested after the half term break.


We have started our new topic Predator.  This week we have been looking at the deadliest creatures on earth and discovered that the mosquito is the most dangerous creature to humans.  We have been creating food chains, exploring the three food groups herbivores, omnivores and carnivores.  With this, we found it hard to decide which group some animals belong to.  However, by using the ipads, we researched different animals through National Geographic.  I really recommend this website as the images are amazing and the facts too.  Perhaps your child may enjoy exploring it further over the weekend.  They could create a little fact file about a chosen animal if they would like to which they are welcome to bring to school when they finish. This could be handwritten or typed.


In Maths we have been column addition superstars!  Following on from the year 2 programme of study where pupils were starting to rename (carry on for those in my generation!) we have been adding 3 digit numbers together using a column.  Today, we began to rename and the children all did really well.  They loved it so much that I have attached some extra work below that they could look at over the weekend.  Please feel free to mark this yourselves but email me if you think your child has any issues with it.  You don’t need to print it out if this doesn’t work for you but I hope you will enjoy watching your child doing their maths as it was such a pleasure for me to see.


In Literacy, we have been studying similes and the class have been creating some super versions of their own.  To tie in with Remembrance, we watched the very moving clip ‘Poppies’ and have started to write a creative piece of writing about the rabbit in the poppy field.  We will continue this next week.


Spellings for this week are: 



I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Glover

Forest School

Fire lighting

Still image for this video

November cleaning

Still image for this video

Friday 16th October


I would like to congratulate all the children for making it to the end of Term 1 in class 3. When I reflect back on the last six weeks, it feels as we have been together for months and months. I am so proud of how hard all the children have worked and they really do deserve a relaxing half term break.


Today has been a very special day in class as we have celebrated all the heroes in your families.  The range has been phenomenal and everyone presented their story so beautifully.  I was totally blown away as it really isn’t easy standing up in front of the class.


In other news, we have been looking at addition and subtraction in maths and number families.  We also had fantastic fun reading and reciting poetry and next term we will start writing our own.


Thank you all for all 



Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Forest School


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

9th October 2020


A fabulous week in class which included our socially distanced Harvest Festival.  Year 3 sang their hearts out and performed a brilliant dance to 'Have you heard the raindrops?'  A proud teacher moment!


Thank you to all of you who joined me on Wednesday for parent consultations.  I look forward to chatting with others next Wednesday.


In maths this week we have been counting in 4s and 8s but not just in times table fashion.  Children have been completing number sequences such as 192, 196, ? ,204 and 300, ?, 284, 276.  Challenging to say the least but they have all been doing so well.  We have used a 100 square to really help us as well as hundreds, tens and ones counters.


This week, the children have been writing a creative narrative using their own superhero and villain. We have worked really hard on successful story openings and the importance of thinking about the ending.  I am really looking forward to reading their finished stories over the weekend.  We have also been finishing off our Publisher document all about Henry VIII.


In topic, we have been learning about Nelson Mandela which has been stirred lots of interesting discussion in class.


As next week is the last week of term, I will not be setting any new spelling learning.  A reminder that the spelling test on Monday will be boxes, foxes, buses, glasses and dresses.


Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Glover




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Tree Identification

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Forest School

Forest School Rota Term 2

Friday 2nd October


Firstly, a big thank you to Sue Skinner who has kindly recorded readings of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and uploaded them to our class page. We thought your child may enjoy having a listen to another voice which isn’t mine! We are nearing the end of the book in class and the children have all been gripped by the story which I have really enjoyed reading to them.  


It has been a busy week in the classroom with a noticeable change in climate. Thank you for sending your children in with their coats. Please note winter uniform is compulsory for all children from Monday 5th October.


In Maths we have been ordering 3 digit numbers, counting in 50s up to 1000 and looking at 1 more/ less 10 more/ less than a 3 digit number. The children have been using equipment in class to help them make really pleasing progress and visualise the change, especially when bridging the gap into a new hundreds number eg 10 more than 99 and 10 less than 405.


In Literacy we have been exploring verbs with plenty of action games to help!  The children are working on expanding their vocabulary by using alternative verbs in their written work.  We have started writing a fact file on King Henry Viii using Publisher on the laptops. Not only has this tested our computing skills, we have also included headings, subheadings and bullet points.  If you have any non fiction books which include these, please do point them out to your child.


In topic work, we have been finishing off Henry VIII week. The children have been learning about chronological order, plotting dates on a time line. They have also researched Henry’s 6 wives and created a set of Top Trump cards which they enjoyed playing in class with friends. It was lovely to observe the children enjoy their time tucking into a range of books from the library, finding out many historical facts along the way.


The class has been busy getting ready for Harvest Festival which takes place next Wednesday. They have choreographed their own dance while this space with details on how to watch the festival online.


A reminder that spellings for Monday’s test are: table, little, middle, apple, bottle

New spellings for next week are: foxes, boxes, buses, glasses, dresses (we will be doing lots of work on plural nouns)


Have a great weekend


Mrs Glover








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Forest School

It is already the end of Week 4 and it has been another busy week in class.


I was so proud that every child got all their spellings correct in the test this week.  Very well done. In Literacy we have been learning how to respond fully to a question by including the question in their answer.  We have also been looking at diary writing and the children wrote a diary entry by Florence Nightingale which they then published onto tea stained paper - both stunning and authentic.  

In numeracy we have been continuing to build knowledge on using 3 digit numbers.  This week we have been comparing 3 digit numbers and have learnt to look at the hundreds column to help us do this.  Eg when comparing 667 and 525 the hundreds column is the only column that will help but when comparing 345 and 389 then we need to consider the tens column. We have been playing lots of games and completed Singapore Maths to help support this.  We have also started to revisit 2s 5s and 10 times table but really trying to understand what they mean rather than just counting 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 etc.


Thank you for sending trainers in today.  We went for a 15 minute jog between lessons.  It would be wonderful if the children could have a pair of trainers with them in school every day if at all possible. 


A reminder that the spelling test on Monday will be brain, faint, praise, afraid and straight

Next week the spellings will be table, middle, apple, little, bottle



Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Glover


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Forest School

Forest School

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Friday 18th September


It's the end of a busy but fantastic week in class.


Firstly, thank you to all those who could join the Curriculum Meeting on Wednesday.  I am so sorry once again for the technical difficulties but I hope you found the meeting useful. 


In Literacy this week we have been exploring character traits both positive and negative.  The children have ben learning about first and third person and wrote a letter from Charlie Bucket to Willy Wonka in first person, to explain how excited he is about visiting the chocolate factory.  We are still really enjoying reading the book in class and this resulted in a very exciting Roald Dahl day.  I hope you all liked the Willy Wonka hats and Wonka bars!  Today we have written up our Wonka bar science experiment - behind all fun there is learning!  We have been discussing different states and how these can be reversed.  This is exactly how we made the Wonka bars - changing state from solid to liquid and then back to a solid again.


In maths, we have continued with place value working with hundreds, tens and ones.  We have been using the part, part, part whole model to help partition 3 digit numbers.


A reminder that children will be tested on Monday on the following spellings: they, grey, obey, disobey prey

Spellings for next week will be yet another 'ai' sound:  straight, brain, faint, praise, afraid.


Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Glover


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Forest School

9th September 2020


We have reached the end of week 2 and the children have been fantastic despite quite a few bad colds in the class. 


This week, we have been working through assessments in maths, reading and spelling.  This will help me assess whether there are any gaps in their learning and plan my lessons accordingly.  All the children have given their best effort and I am now looking forward to pressing on with some teaching and learning!

In maths, many of the children find it difficult when a number is missing from a different place in a number sentence eg:  3 + ? = 5 or ? + 2 = 5   This is the start of algebra! They have only been used to 3 + 2 = so we have been working on cracking Mrs Glover's codes this week and they have made great progress.  This might be something you might like to practise at home.


We have continued to look at heroes and villains - this week's villain has been Creulla de Vil.  The children wrote a formal letter to Cruella commanding that she stops being cruel to the dalmations. They certainly have some very strong opinions!


A reminder that on Monday, children will be tested on their spellings which are: eight, eighty, eighth, weight, neighbour 


Next week's spellings will be: they, obey, disobey, grey, prey and they will be tested on Monday 20th September.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing those that can at our Curriculum Meeting via zoom on Wednesday at 1:30.


Mrs Glover


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Forest School

Welcome to Class 3


A very warm welcome to Class 3.  It has been an absolute delight getting to know all your children this week.  Everyone has returned to school in such a happy manner and there has been a really positive vibe all week in class. It is brilliant to have all the back on site. This week we have spent some time getting to know the new routines which children have picked up quickly. 


In Literacy, we have started reading our new book Charlie and the Chocolate factory which has created lots of great discussion.  We also read Michael Rosen's poem 'Chocolate Cake' which is hilarious.  The children are enjoying writing with their pens - a big thank you to you all for sending them in so quickly.  Next week, we will start introducing weekly spellings.  We learn 5 spellings a week which we practise each day in class in a fun and interesting way. All the children should now have a reading book.  If possible could this be sent to class each day.  Thank you.


In maths we have been revisiting addition through Snakes and Ladders and today we started Singapore Maths counting in 100s to 1000. 


Next week, we will be running assessments throughout the school so we really can gauge where each child is and where the gaps are.


Date for the diary- Wednesday 16th September at 1:30... a Zoom Curriculum meeting where I will talk through the Year 3 curriculum and my plans for the year ahead.  If you are not able to join, I will email you the notes.  Details with Zoom ID / password will be sent out by the office.  


Obviously there is no homework of any such this weekend.  Just relax and enjoy it!  


I look forward to seeing all the children on Monday and don't forget, they can come to school on Tuesday in their PE kit and Forest School is on Tuesday afternoon.


Have a very happy weekend.


Mrs Glover