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Year 3

Friday 12th July

We are very nearly there with one week left to go!


The children have been working hard in maths on data handling.  We have been learning about bar graphs and how scales can vary.


I our topic, we have been busy learning about the parts of a flower and how some flowers are carnivorous. We have also started to make our own Top Trump predator cards.


We are looking forward to seeing you all at the production next Thursday.  Thank you so much to everyone who has already brought in their costumes.  We will be having a dress rehearsal on Wednesday.


Have a lovely weekend.


The Year 3 team

Friday 5th July


It was lovely to see so many of you at Open Evening last night.  Thank you so much for coming and we hope you enjoyed looking at your child's work.  All the books will be coming home at the end of the year so you will have plenty more time to look through.


We have been very busy in class this week.  In Literacy the children have enjoyed writing their dilemma stories and they have also been learning about how to write a speech. 


We have been continuing with time in numeracy and the children are showing good understanding of digital time.  We are delighted with their times tables and they are now all able to complete a times table grid up to the 12s.  Now we just have to work on speed!


We have been very busy rehearsing for Robin Hood.  It would be fantastic if you could go over the words at home with the children.


We hope you have a lovely weekend


The Year 1 Team

Friday 28th June


Class 3 well done for your fabulous effort and achievement at Sports day. You were all superstars!! 


In maths this week we have been focusing on converting between analogue and digital clocks (just for am). The class are all doing really well with this. We are also having a big times table push before year 4 so will be sending home times table grids for the children to do in their own time at home and practising them at school as well.  There are so many excellent online timestables games that can make this learning fun.  We would really encourage you to do as much practise as you can with your child at home as timestables really are the foundation to so many maths areas. 


In Literacy, the class have written their predator Haiku poems onto birds of prey which are up in the classroom. They are looking forward to showing you them at open evening next Thursday. We have also been researching different habitats and writing about how a chosen animal adapts to that place.  


Class 3 have also been busy practising their song for the summer production. Please encourage them to practise at home - Here is the link for the song on youtube :​ . The class will know that they sing different lyrics in two parts - 'along the forest track' and 'my arrows on my back'.   We are going to be forest animals. and have made our masks during props day today.  We have lots of brown tshirts but if anyone has a black tshirt (for badgers) they could lend, we would be very grateful. Could children please bring in a pair of brown or black shorts / leggings/ tights that they can wear on their bottom half.  Thank you so much for all your help.


Have a lovely weekend 

Friday 21st June

What an exciting week for class 3.  We would like to praise every pupil for making the camp out such a huge success.  Everyone behaved really well and the children had a fantastic time.  They were all very independent and enjoyed the planned activities. An extra big thank you Mrs Horvarth, Mrs Wilkinson and Mr Brennan for helping and giving up their time....and sleep!


Thank you to those of you who were able to come and watch our Maypole festivities. We were really proud of the children and their dance which we hope you enjoyed.


In numeracy, we are continuing with time which we will complete next week.  In Literacy, we are going to be looking at dilemmas and we will be writing out own story which involves a dilemma.


We hope you all have a lovely weekend and that the children return to school well rested on Monday!










Friday 14th June


It has been lovely to welcome the children back to Term 6, our last term together in Year 3. The children are all well rested and have told us all about your adventures during the holidays.


Thank you to everyone who came to our explosive volcano session on the last term - exciting memories for the children. 


Our first week has been wet but productive! In Literacy, we have been learning about the past tense and how to use it appropriately. In numeracy we are learning about time.  Please could you encourage your child to tell you the time as much as possible.


We have started our new topic- Predators. This week we have looked st different groups eg: mammals, reptiles, birds and insects. We have also been learning about food chains.


Next week is assessment week in school so we are not setting any spellings.


Have a lovely weekend and we hope to see you at Maypole dancing on Wednesday.


The Year 1 Team

The children have been tackling some tricky problem solving in maths involving money. They have been using the bar model to help draw out the question to help them understand what it is asking them to do. Well done class 3! 


In literacy the class have been putting their finishing touches on their books adding front covers and illustrations. They are excited to read your their stories on Friday afternoon. We have also been learning about how to use speech marks and how to punctuate them correctly. 


The term has flown by but when you look around the classroom you can see the children have been very busy!! There are volcanoes, earthquake structures, fact files, volcano paintings and poems and earths made from plasticine. It has been a fantastic topic that they have all really engaged in and produced some brilliant work. 


Well done class 3. Have a wonderful rest over the half term. We are looking forward to our last term together. 


The Year 3 team


PS) No homework, apart from to rest and enjoy (and keep reading!) 

Another busy week in Class 3.  In numeracy, we have continued learning about money and the children are becoming more fluid with adding larger amounts.  We have moved on to subtracting money and giving change which is always a little more complicated.


In Literacy, the children have finished their creative writing pieces about Pompeii and they are all outstanding.  


In our topic, we have been learning about earthquakes and tsunamis and the children have had to design an earthquake proof structure using all the techniques we have studied!  We are looking forward to seeing if they pass the 10 second shake test!


Spellings for this week are: believe, breath, breathe, bicycle, build


Have a lovely weekend

Picture 1

We have had a busy week in Class 3 even though we weren't in school on Monday. 


The class really enjoyed listening to the author Maz Evans at the Literary Festival.  Following her talk, we are hoping to have some inspired young authors.  Maz has written the series Who Let The Gods Out in case any of you are interested. 


Class 3 have started looking at money in maths this week and been counting up different sums of money including notes and coins. For their homework they have 6 empty jars and they need to draw or write which coins/notes could be in the jar to make the right amount money shown.  We would encourage as much counting money as possible!


I have been really impressed with year 3's descriptive language in their narratives. They have been using lots of adjectives and adverbs and are excited to publish their stories into a mini book before the end of term.  We have also been learning about how to write a formal letter, from the point of view of a volcanologist! 


The class thoroughly enjoyed painting their volcanoes and they are looking very explosive!! (Photo attached)


Spellings this week: answer, accident, address, actual, arrive


Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 3 Team

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Picture 3
Picture 4

Class 3, week of 22nd April


Dear Class 3, 

It has been wonderful getting to know you this week! What a fantastic start back after the Easter holidays. We have officially begun our Tremors topic and the class have been very enthusiastic about it already bringing in lots of items to show each other.


On Monday, the class were 'rock detectives' with Mrs Glover learning all about sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks. They then created models of the earth using plasticine which show the earth's layers. They look fantastic! We then started to learn about why volcanoes erupt and looked at the different parts of a volcano. 


In literacy we have been reading a book called, 'Escape to Pompeii'. The children have been fascinated by the huge eruption and how it left the city of Pompeii frozen in time. 


In maths we have been learning all about volume. The children have been doing lots of hands on measuring and looking at the different scales on measuring jugs. Do encourage them to help measure things in the kitchen at home! 


On Thursday afternoon, the class were very lucky to have a visit from Sevenoaks School. They spoke to them about pitch and rhythm and even taught them a song in Malay! The class are looking forward to their next session next Thursday. 


Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Frederick & Mrs Glover

Class 3, week of 8th April

Well done year 3 on a brilliant end to the term. 

This topic has been a huge success and we have enjoyed exploring both the science and art aspects of it. The children have also become excellent poets in their writing as well as developing their non-fiction writing through leaflets and posters of the local area. 

Thank you for coming to parent consultations this week, it was great to meet with you and talk through how your child is doing. Also, thank you for coming to the Easter service - it was a delight to see the children come together for their dance. I think you'll agree that they did such a good job and it was a lovely part of the service. Well done Year 3! 

Whilst it's not quite goodbye from me yet, I will miss the class hugely as I now step into the office for the remainder of my time before going on maternity leave. They have been such a delight to teach and they have become such passionate learners as well as working as a team. They've matured so much over the year and I will really miss not being their teacher. However, I look forward to still seeing them around the school before I head off on Thursday 9th May. 

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter! 
Mrs Ralph