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Year 3

17th January 2020


I am immensely proud of all the children for their hard work in class this week.


In Literacy, we have been studying the the myth Theseus and the Minotaur which the children have rewritten in their own words. THe quality of their writing has blown me away.  We have also enhanced our DT skills by creating papier-mâché models of the Minotaur. They have caused a genuine intrigue from other pupils in school. Today, we read the myth Daedalus and Icarus Andy the children wrote a diary entry from the point of view of Daedalus. The tea bagged stained paper was a good bribe!


In numeracy, we have been working very hard on division. The children have quickly established that division is the inverse of multiplication and now their times table fact can help them. This weekend, I have sent home a fortune timestable game which I hope they will enjoy playing while learning their multiplication facts at the same time.


In a bid to be more eco friendly, you will notice that the children have written their own spellings in their books this week.  We are still looking at adverbs and this week the rule is, if the root word ends in y add ily 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Glover

10th January, 2020


For those of you who may not have seen my update earlier this week, I would like to wish you all a very happy new year.  It has been lovely to see all the children back for the start of Term 3, well rested and full of stories from the Christmas break.


This week in numeracy, we have been multiplying by 3.  Most of the children are doing really well with their multiples of 3 and understand that 12 x 3 = 36 which can also be understood as 3 x 12 = 36.  Today we began to look at  division being the inverse of multiplication eg:  36 / 12 = 3 and 36 / 3 = 12.  We have also been solving word problems linked to the 3 x table.  I have sent home some fun 3 times tables games for your children to do - any reinforcement would be really welcome before we move onto multiplying by 4 next week. 


We have now started our new topic Gods and Mortals which has stirred lots of fascination in the class.   We have been looking at the geography of Greece, comparing ancient and modern day Greece.  We have also started studying the Greek gods, obviously starting with Zeus the King of the gods.  In Literacy, we have been readying Greek myths.  In today's lesson, the children really enjoyed Theseus and the Mintoaur which they will be re writing in their own words next week. 


This week's spellings are: kindly, quickly, safely, bravely, finally.  We have been learning that with these words, the root word does not change before adding ly to turn it into an adverb.


Just to let you know that PE will now be on a Wednesday for this term.  The children have started gymnastics which they are all really.  


Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Glover

5th January 2020


A very happy new year to you all.  I hope you have all had a very restful and enjoyable Christmas break.  I am very much looking forward to seeing all the children on Tuesday morning and hearing all their news.


Just a reminder that PE is on Thursday again this term.  Please ensure all kit is back in school by then.  There is no forest school this term, our next session will be in the summer. If you could check your child's pencil case to make sure it is nicely stocked up, I would be very grateful.


As I am sure most of you know, Mr Haysom is not with us this term.  He is completing a term at his contrasting school but will be back after February half term.  This term, we welcome Miss Agostinho to Class 3 as part of her teacher training. I know the children will make her feel very welcome.


See you all on Tuesday.


Mrs Glover 

13th December 2019


30 children and their teachers are hanging in there as we hit the near end of term!  They have been working so hard this week and I am really proud of them for not giving up despite being tired and quite a lot of illness in the class.


In Literacy we have been looking at debate writing and speaking and set up our own mini class election.  It was really fascinating to see the children in debating roles. 


In numeracy we have continued with adding and subtracting by using bar models which has proved a really good tool for solving problems.


A couple reminders for next week


Monday -  from 2:45/3pm we welcome you to our class to have a look at the work we have been doing this term

Tuesday - Christmas lunch and jumper day.  Carol concert at 6pm.


Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Glover

Forest School

Forest School 1

Friday 6th December


A very big well done to everyone in the class for their outstanding behaviour on our theatre trip to London on Thursday.  We had a great time watching 'School of Rock' and I hope it's kicked off the Christmas season for children.  It was an added bonus to be able to admire the Covent Garden Christmas lights on our way back to the station.


In class this week we have been continuing with column subtraction and also mulitplying by 3.  Next week, we will be introducing the children to bar modelling to help them add and subract in a visual way.  We have been continuing instruction writing in Literacy and created a set of instructions for our magnetic games.  We would love you to come and visit us and play our games on Monday 16th December at 3pm.  We have been exploring magnetic force and different metals this week which has been fascinating.  Who knew that some pennies are magnetic but not all?


We didn't do the 'tian' spelling test this week as we weren't in school on Thursday and they were just too tried on Friday.  So we will go over them on Monday instead.  Then, next Thursday, we will do a review of all the spellings from term 2.


The children have copies of their song words for our carol concert which is due to take place on Tuesday 17th December - it is always a very festive end to the term.  I would be so grateful if you could encourage your children to learn their words.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Glover



Testing magnets

Testing magnets 1
Testing magnets 2
Testing magnets 3
Testing magnets 4
Testing magnets 5
Testing magnets 6
Testing magnets 7
Testing magnets 8
Testing magnets 9
Testing magnets 10
Testing magnets 11
Testing magnets 12
Testing magnets 13
Testing magnets 14
Testing magnets 15
Testing magnets 16
Testing magnets 17

Forest School

Forest School 1

29th November, 2019

Dear Parents


Time is flying and we are fast approaching the glitter month!


We have had a really good week in class. In numeracy we have mastered column subtraction including renaming (borrowing).  This is a complicated method but as  I've explained to the children, that practise makes perfect but they all seem very pleased to now have a way to subtract large numbers.  Next week, we will move on to a new chapter...multiplication and division. 


The children have been learning about writing successful instructions in Literacy.  We have been learning about 'bossy verbs' (the imperative) which have helped us to write a set of instructions for our magnetic games.  We are looking forward to testing the games with Year 1/2 next week.


Spelling rule this week - words that end in 'ian': magician, optician, mathematician and politician (just 4 this week as they are tricky words)


We are now starting to learn our songs for the Christmas carol concert.  I have attached the words as we are really trying to learn O Holy Night by heart.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and hope to see you at the Christmas fair tomorrow.


Mrs Glover



Forest School

Forest School 1

Forest School

Forest School 1

Friday 22nd November 2019


We have a very busy week in school.


In numeracy, we have been learning about subtraction and have introduced column subtraction.  The children understand that in subtraction, the biggest number always needs to come first and that the answer will always be smaller then the number we take away from.


In Literacy, the children have been enjoying using the new school laptops to type up their diary entries.  They have also been learning about headings and subheadings and created information sheets/leaflets about the forces they learnt about at The Science Museum last week.


We have been very busy during our topic time learning about forces with a special focus on magnetism.  The children have been designing magnet games which has been great fun. If they have any materials they would like to bring in to help them make their game then that would be great.  This project has lead us to explore which metals are actually magnetic.


Spellings this week - rule words ending with sion

expression, discussion, extension, confession, permission,


Have a good weekend


Mrs Glover 

Friday 15th November, 2019

Huge apologies that this update is late. I did it on Friday morning but it didn’t save properly. However, that now gives me time to say that we had a fantastic trip to The Science Museum on Friday. All the children were perfectly behaved and we learnt so many new things to support our topic this term. Many thanks to the parents who accompanied our trip.


Friday 15th November 


We have had a great week in school.


In maths, we have carried on with our column addition and have also been working on our number bonds to 100 to help us bridge over the 280 + 50 could be done by partitioning 50 into 20 and 30.  Thank you so much for all the homework folders that have been sent back.  I have marked them and am very pleased to see the children making good progress.


In Literacy, we had a wonderful drama session with Ed Shamwana.  It was great to see some of the children working outside of their comfort zones.  They all did it with so much enthusiasm.  We have been carrying on reading The Iron Man and the children have been writing diary entries from the point of view of the cross the farmers. 



Spellings:  action, addition, correction, station and connection 


In our topic work  the children completed their carts with much excitement. We have also been learning about air resistance and gravity. 


I would be really grateful if you could replace your child's ink in their pens, as many are running low.


Have a great weekend


Mrs Glover

Forest School

Forest School 1

Friday 8th November


Welcome back to Term 2 - the winter temperatures have certainly set in and this seems a good time for a reminder that children really do need their winter coats every day.  School hats and gloves are available from the office should you need them.  


It has been lovely to welcome the children back to school - all rested for another busy term.


We have started our new topic Mighty Metals.  This week, we have been exploring forces and materials.  The children made their own spinners to identify which material made a better surface and whether height and weight made a difference to the spin.  We have also started designing and making carts with wheels and axles.  We will set up a fair test next week to race them which I am sure will be lots of fun.

In Numeracy we have been learning how to do column addition. All children have picked up the method quickly and I am really pleased with the progress they have made.  We will carry this on next week.  I'm hoping many of you will have seen the orange homework folder your child should have brought home on Wednesday.  This week, there are some column addition questions along with an example on the back.  This is non-compulsory and there is no deadline.  However, I would really welcome children to have a go as regular practise with any new method is a positive.  I will always send homework home that links to our class learning and that I feel children should be able to do.  If your child struggles with this, please return it to me with a little note and don't force them to do it.  It's good for me to know if they can't do it.  When your child completes some / all of it, please return to me so I can mark it.  Many thanks.


In Literacy this week we have started to read the Iron Man by Ted Hughes.  We have been learning about personification and the children wrote their own prediction of what happens next in the story.  I am really pleased with the progress the children are making with their writing.


Spellings for next Thursday: the 'y' makes the 'ee' sound at the end of a 2/3 syllable word:

actually, early, history, probably, history, 


They have had a lovely morning at forest school today.  Thank you for sending in the warm layers.


Have a lovely weekend.  See you on Monday and looking forward to our trip to The Science Museum next Friday - meeting at Hildenborough Station at 9:15


Mrs Glover




Very well done children for making it to end of Term 1 and for such an excellent term of work.  We are very proud of you all and thank you for making Term 1 so much fun.


A huge thank you to all the children and parents for my incredible birthday gift.  What a wonderful surprise! I feel extremely spoilt by you all and I am very much looking forward to my afternoon tea in London.  What a treat!


This last week of term really has been a celebration of our topic Heroes and Villains with lots of interesting visitors telling us about real life heroes.  The children were all fascinated and had so many questions.  A big thank you to all our visitors for making our last week of learning so interesting.


Thank you to all of you who were able to join us at Harvest Festival.  It was a lovely way to end the term.


Next term we will be reading the book The Iron Man by Ted Hughes as our class text.  If any of your children have their own copy of this book or would like to borrow it from the library, they are very welcome to bring it in.  There are no new spellings over half term.  During week 1 of Term 2, we will be reviewing all the Term 1 spellings.


Finally, I hope you all have a very restful and enjoyable half term.


See you on Monday 4th November.


Mrs Glover








Another busy week in class 3.


In Literacy, we have been working hard on the rules of direct speech and putting it into practise in our own writing.  This has given us the full tool kit to write our own version of a traditional tale and these are coming on really nicely.  


In Numeracy we are moving on from place value to addition and subtraction.  This week we have understood that addition can be done in any order.  We are still working hard on our timestables and are now learning our 4s and 8s.


In topic, we have created our own hero statues out of clay - I was amazed by the artistic skills in class.  Next week, we are looking forward to having some real life heroes visit our class.


We are continuing with homophones this week and spellings are: berry, bury, brake, break, ball, bull, fair, fare


A reminder that Harvest festival is at 9am on Wednesday and you're very welcome to join us.


Have a lovely weekend


The Year 3 team





Term 2 Forest School rota

Friday 4 October


We have had a good week in Class 3. 


In Numeracy we have been investigating doubling numbers.  We have found out that if you double an even or an odd number you always end up with an even number.  We are now counting and working with number sequences moving in steps of 4s and 8s which will help us with the 4 and 8 times tables.


In Literacy, we have been looking at a range traditional tales and the way that they are written.  This has linked well to our hero and villain topic and next week we will be writing our own versions.  We have also been learning about direct speech and how to use it accurately as there is a lot to remember.  It would be fantastic if you could point out any examples of direct speech when your child is reading and ask them to change their voice.


In our topic time, we have been writing songs, learning about statues around the world and we have been busy preparing for our Blue Peter music badge.  Thank you so much for all your help with the form filling and photos - it is hugely appreciated.


You will notice there are more spellings this week than usual as we are learning about homophones.  Therefore the children have 4 pairs of words to learn: hear, here, main, mane, male, mail, knot, not.  As always, we will be going over these in class daily.



As an additional homework this weekend, I would really like the children to find out about a famous inventor.  Perhaps they would like to find out about who designed the telephone, the first train, the first plane or absolutely  anything they may be interested in.  If they could write a few notes and perhaps find a picture of the inventor that would be brilliant.  We can then use this information to create a poster next week where I will be teaching the children how to use bullet points, titles, headings and subheadings. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Glover

Friday 27th September


Another busy week in class!


In Numeracy we have really been working hard on adding 1 more/ 1 less, 10 more/10 less and 100 more/100 less to a number.  We have also been working on our 2s, 5s and 10s and we are now able to do this with mixed up questions which is fantastic. If you would like to practise at home I would really recommend Mrs J's Timestables cards or the online game Top Marks Daily 10 (your child will recongise it from class- we are now able to set the timer for 2s, 5s and 10s to 10 second intervals)  Year 3's understanding of Place Value is coming on really well.


In Literacy, we have been learning about synonyms and antonyms by finding adjectives to describe a hero and an antonym suitable for a villain.  We have also been looking at characterisation and created 30 different characters for a story.  Today, we have worked on our comprehension skills and discussed how important it is to find the information from the text rather than use our own opinion. 


This week Mrs Glover has been brave.  We got the musical instruments out and have started creating our own song about a hero! Obviously, we had to listen to some of Mrs Glover's favourite songs about heroes in order to do this.  We are hoping to share this magical musical moment with you when you come to visit our class on 17th October!


Spellings this week are: earth, early, learn, heard, search


Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Glover






Friday 20th September, 2019


Another week has whizzed by!  The Roald Dahl Day was a huge success and we had lots of fun in class looking at Charlie and the Chocolate factory.  Thank you for all your support with the array of wonderful costumes. 


In Literacy, we have been working hard to improve our descriptive writing by not only using adjectives but also adverbs and similes.  The children have written some fantastic riddles using these descriptive devices. Today we wrote riddles about a person which caused much hilarity in class. The children wrote excellent clues, always starting with a really hard one that made it impossible to guess.  I am so impressed by the handwriting in Year 3.


In Numeracy we have been comparing numbers and looking at 1 more, 1 less and 10 more 10 less then a given number in the hundreds. The children were learning to count in 50s which they all enjoyed....who knew we did the 50 times table in school! We have also been working on our 5 times table and trying to get it on the tip of our tongues.  Again, any support with this at home would be most welcome.  Next Friday, I would like to test the children on their 2s, 5s and 10s mixed.


We now have new table names each week which link to our topic.  This week they were named after famous women in history so we have been researching Marie Curie, Rosa Parks, Emmeline Pankhust and Margaret Thatcher.   


Well done to everyone for all their hard work this week.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will see you on Monday.


Mrs Glover



Friday 13th September


Thankfully, Friday 13th has been a very smooth and happy day in Class 3, much like the rest of the week!  


Thank you to all that came to the Curriculum Meeting on Tuesday.  It was a pleasure to talk to you about our exciting year ahead.  I am attaching the powerpoint that I showed which highlights our timetable and the curriculum topics for the year ahead.


We had a wonderful start to the week with our very successful trip to The National Portrait Gallery.  It was a pleasure to take the class to London and I was proud in the way they represented Chiddingstone School.  We saw many portraits of both heroes and villains and the trip has inspired our learning for the term ahead.  This week, we have been looking at Kings, Queens and Leaders and so far we have looked at Henry VIII, Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama.


In numeracy, we have been revising odd and even numbers which has helped us successfully master the 2 times table... almost all the children can now recall the 2 times table number facts within 7 seconds!  The target is 3 seconds - no pressure. We have also been partitioning numbers into thousands, hundreds, tens and units.


In Literacy, the children have been learning about using the past tense and they were able to practise this in their fantastic reports which are up on display about our trip to London. Everyone did really well in the spelling quiz on Thursday.  The new spellings for this week are; they, obey, disobey, prey, grey


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  Enjoy the attached photos from our trip.


See you next week.


Mrs Glover






The National Portrait Gallery trip

The National Portrait Gallery trip 1
The National Portrait Gallery trip 2
The National Portrait Gallery trip 3
The National Portrait Gallery trip 4
The National Portrait Gallery trip 5
The National Portrait Gallery trip 6
The National Portrait Gallery trip 7
The National Portrait Gallery trip 8
The National Portrait Gallery trip 9
The National Portrait Gallery trip 10
The National Portrait Gallery trip 11
The National Portrait Gallery trip 12
The National Portrait Gallery trip 13
The National Portrait Gallery trip 14
The National Portrait Gallery trip 15
The National Portrait Gallery trip 16
The National Portrait Gallery trip 17
The National Portrait Gallery trip 18
The National Portrait Gallery trip 19
The National Portrait Gallery trip 20
The National Portrait Gallery trip 21
The National Portrait Gallery trip 22
The National Portrait Gallery trip 23
The National Portrait Gallery trip 24
The National Portrait Gallery trip 25
The National Portrait Gallery trip 26
The National Portrait Gallery trip 27
The National Portrait Gallery trip 28
The National Portrait Gallery trip 29
The National Portrait Gallery trip 30
The National Portrait Gallery trip 31
The National Portrait Gallery trip 32
The National Portrait Gallery trip 33
The National Portrait Gallery trip 34
The National Portrait Gallery trip 35
The National Portrait Gallery trip 36
The National Portrait Gallery trip 37

Friday 6th September


A very warm welcome to Class 3.  It has been wonderful to see the children this week who are all looking healthy and relaxed after the summer break.  We hope that you all had a lovely holiday.  I am looking forward to seeing many of you at our Class Curriculum Meeting at 2:45 on Tuesday in the hall.  In that meeting I will tell you all about the year ahead rather than in this class update.  For those of you who are unable to make the meeting, I will send home a handout with your child.


This week we have enjoyed getting to know your children again. Everyone has settled well into the school routine including the change of lunch hour for ks2!  I have said to the children that they are welcome to bring in an afternoon snack if they would like to as unfortunaly, KS2 do not have fruit provided. 


We we have started our new topic Heroes and Villains, talking and writing about heroes in our own lives.  We also researched Florence Nightingale as the first of many famous heroes.  We are very much looking forward to our trip to The National Portrait 

gallery on Monday.  I’m hoping you have all received the details- all children to come to school as normal on Monday morning but we would be grateful if you could collect them from Hildenborough Station at 15:12.


Thank you to all of you who have carried on reading with your child and returned their books.  We have a reading raffle in Class 3.  On a Friday, any child who has read 5 times at home that week will be entered into the raffle to win a brand new book.  It would be very helpful if you could sign their book and put an H and the date each time they read.....this includes reading to themsleves. I will talk this through more at out meeting.


Hopefully you will have have seen the orange GPS (grammar, punctuation, spelling) books. These will come home with your child each night but also need to come back to school each day.  If they have time to practise, they can use their books or spare paper.  They will be tested on a Thursday in the back of this book.  There will always be a spellings rule which links to the spellings for the week and every child’s will have the same words.  We practise them every day in class.


I hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.  If you have any questions about Class 3 please do come and see me.


Mrs Glover


i hope you have