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Educating for life in all its fullness - John 10:10

Year 4

Friday 23rd February 2024


Welcome back to Year 4. In English, we have started with our new book, "Arthur and the Golden Rope." As we delve into this story, we have been honing our writing skills by drafting letters. We have also been creating beautiful poems about books and reading.


In Maths, we have continued our exploration of time, building on our understanding of hours, minutes, and seconds. This has hopefully enabled us to appreciate the value of time in our daily lives.


Our art lessons have focused on landscapes. We have been introduced to various techniques and styles, encouraging us to observe and replicate the beauty of the natural world through our artwork. Furthermore, in Geography, we have begun exploring the rivers of the world.


Next week, we're in for a treat as we eagerly anticipate a special visit from none other than the author Jo Clarke, renowned for her captivating Spellboda series.


Homework this week will be on Atom due Friday.




antiseptic anticlockwise antisocial antidote antibiotic antivenom anti-ageing antifreeze antiperspirant antigravity


Bonus Word


Friday 9th February 2024


This week in our English lessons, we have been diving into the art of persuasive writing. Year 4 has been busy crafting convincing posters aimed at enticing people to visit the majestic Grand Canyon.


In Maths, our focus has been on mastering the art of time-telling and conversions. From analogue clocks to digital displays, we're becoming time-telling experts, ensuring we're never late for our next adventure.


In DT we've not only created delicious and healthy snacks but also designed the packaging for them. With sustainability in mind, we've carefully considered the materials we could use, ensuring that our packaging is both eco-friendly and appealing. See some finished products below and us preparing the snacks.


Regarding Homework, as Year 4 has worked so hard there will be no mandatory homework only an optional Atom which we be covering everything we have learnt this term in Maths.


Enjoy the break,

Mr. Reid

Friday 2nd February 2024


In our English lessons, we've been delving into the art of punctuation by learning how to use inverted commas. This skill allows us to give voices to characters in our writing, making our stories and dialogues even more engaging. We've also been honing our debate skills, discovering how to express our opinions persuasively while respecting the viewpoints of others.


In the realm of mathematics, Year 4 continues to explore fractions. We've mastered the art of simplifying fractions even those pesky improper ones. Additionally (excuse the pun), we've ventured into the realm of adding fractions.


Geography has taken on an exploration of our backyard – the United Kingdom. We've been studying the physical and human features that make the UK unique and diverse. Furthermore, our studies have led us to examine the intricate web of connections that form the national rail network, showcasing how transportation links our communities.


The Atom homework this week will focus on fractions and the English homework will be on inverted commas. Both are due on Friday.


Have a great weekend,

Mr. Reid




submerge subheading submarine subordinate subway superman supervise supersede superpower superhuman

Friday 26th January 2024


In Year 4 this week, we have been learning all about Imperative verbs and instructions writing. Learning about the steps required to create campfires and writing our own instructions for others to follow. In mathematics, our Year 4 have continued with fractions delving deeper into equivalent fractions. Finding out hard facts like though you may get more slices of pizza doesn’t always mean you get more.


In science, we performed an experiment, observing the temperature of ice as it melted. We have also begun our DT project looking at packaging on food seeing how they turn 2d shapes into 3d packaging. Geography has been all about physical and human features this week.


As for homework this week, there’ll be both an English and Maths piece to complete for Friday. The English this week is in their homework books and Maths is online with the Atom.


Best regards,

Mr. Reid




cereal serial check cheque through threw draft draught stares stairs

Friday 19th January 2024


In Year 4 this week, we have been discovering new and exciting literary devices to enhance our writing skills. From similes to metaphors. Over in the realm of mathematics, our Year 4 mathematicians have embarked on an adventure with fractions. They're diving into the world of numerators and denominators, learning to slice and share numbers and pizzas!


In the captivating world of science, we performed an experiment, observing how ice transforms from a solid to a liquid in various conditions. It became even more exciting with the recent drop in temperatures, providing an unexpected twist to our scientific investigation.


Geography this week has taken us on a journey across the continents, focusing on the climates of countries in North and South America.


As for homework going forward each week, there’ll be both an English and Maths piece to complete for Friday. The English this week is in their homework books (hopefully in their bags) and Maths is online with the Atom.


Best regards,

Mr. Reid




creation radiation indication ventilation relegation dedication demonstration abbreviation translation vibration

Friday 12th January 2024


Greetings from the Year 4 class! This term, our budding writers have been honing their letter-writing skills in English class, drawing inspiration from the captivating adventures of the main character in our class book, "The Boy Who Biked the World." It's been a fantastic journey delving into the intricacies of letter structure both informal and formal.


Meanwhile, in mathematics, our young mathematicians have been mastering the art of line graphs, showcasing their analytical skills. This afternoon we have been practicing all the skills we have learned so far. The Atom homework this week reflects areas that the class could use some more practice in,


Over in science, we've been exploring the fascinating realm of states of matter, with engaging practical demonstrations involving hula hoops to illustrate particle structures (See photos below) And let's not forget our artistic endeavours in watercolour, where we've been channelling the spirit of J. M. W. Turner


Please note: Nail varnish is not a part of the school uniform. Also, please ensure your child comes to school with a working blue pen filled with ink.


Best regards,

Mr. Reid


Star of the week – Tilly Martin




information adoration sensation preparation education location exaggeration concentration imagination organisation

Friday 5th January 2024


Welcome back Year 4 and happy New Year. The last two days we have immersed ourselves in the art of Haikus in English, making some of our own. Additionally, in art this afternoon we explored watercolours, letting our creativity flow onto paper and creating some lovely nature scenes. In Maths, we continue to learn about graphs focusing specifically on line graphs this week. There’ll be some maths homework on Atom due on Friday. Also, our spelling tests will resume on Fridays.


Best wishes,

Mr. Reid




Accept except affect effect aloud allowed weather whether whose who’s

End of Term 2 19/12/2023


It has been a fantastic term for Year 4. I just wanted to take a moment to express how incredibly impressed I am with our recent carol concert! The dedication and hard work shown by all the children was truly remarkable. Their performance was outstanding!


I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to every child for their effort and commitment throughout this term. Your dedication truly shines through, and I couldn't be prouder. I'd also like to express my gratitude to the parents for the fantastic gifts I received. Your generosity and support mean a lot to me.


There will be no homework assigned over the break! Instead, I encourage Y4 to indulge in the joy of reading the books they have borrowed from our school library which should be in their bags.


Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season and looking forward to more amazing achievements in the upcoming term.


Best wishes,

Mr. Reid

Friday 15th of December 2023


This week in Year 4 has been quite eventful! We have dived into the realm of graphs during our maths lessons, mastering the art of drawing bar graphs and putting our skills to the test. Our English lessons were filled with poetry, some deliciously describing chocolate cake while others had us giggling over turkey-themed verses.


A highlight of the week was our fantastic trip to watch Aladdin in pantomime on Tuesday—it was absolutely fabulous and had us all captivated! During art, we got into the festive spirit by creating Christmas decorations. I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them!


In Science today we focused on teeth, learning all about dental care. We even conducted an experiment to discover who's been brushing their teeth properly—quite an interesting discovery! See the results below.


No new spellings or homework this week.


Star of the week-Penny Raybone


Kind regards,

Mr. Reid


Friday 8th of December 2023


This past week in Year 4 has been a whirlwind of learning. In our maths lessons, we've tackled the challenge of division with remainders. It's been quite the mental exercise, working out how to divide fairly when there's something left over. But gradually, we've been mastering the art of dividing numbers and understanding those tricky remainders. Therefore, this week there will be some Maths homework on Atom.


In science, we delved into the world of teeth—discovering the diverse types found in carnivores and herbivores. From sharp incisors to sturdy molars, we've been learning not only about their shapes but also about how they're specialised for different diets.


During our English lessons, we've been engrossed in the heroic tale of Theseus and the Minotaur. Venturing into the maze of ancient Greece, we've crafted our own narratives, spinning imaginative stories about the clash between Theseus and the fearsome Minotaur.


And amidst all this learning, we've embraced the festive spirit! We've dedicated ourselves to rehearsing and perfecting our Christmas carols, putting in our utmost effort to make them shine during the upcoming celebrations. Over this weekend if they could practice their lines for the upcoming service it would be much appreciated.


Star of the week-Tilly Toynton




interest experiment potatoes favourite imagine material promise opposite minute increase

Friday 1st of December 2023


Well, Year 4, here we are in Christmas month. We have our own class advent calendar and today we were treated to some holly behind our first door.


In maths, we have been learning about multiplication with two/three-digit numbers and division with the bus stop method. There is some optional Atom maths homework to help consolidate this. Although it is optional, I do recommend that you give it a go.


We have continued to write our myths in English lessons - ensuring we have written in the past tense as the task required. The English homework (compulsory) is based on irregular words and the past tense. This is due next Friday.


We conducted a fascinating experiment in science, demonstrating how food is digested in our bodies. Please see photos below.


Today we enjoyed a visit from our local MP - Tom Tugendhat, who had come to present Leo Heath in Year 6 with an award for his annual Christmas card competition. He then took questions from the floor; we were proud when Caspar posed a challenging question to him.


Hoping to see plenty of you at the Christmas fair tomorrow!



Star of the week – Albert waters




though although dough through breakthrough thought bought brought fought ought


An Investigation into the Human Digestive System with Mrs Glover

Friday 24th of November 2023


This week in Year 4 it has been a whirlwind of learning adventures! In English, our creative juices have been flowing as we've delved deeper into the fascinating world of Greek mythology. We've put our thinking caps on and started crafting our very own Greek myths - stories filled with heroes, gods, and epic quests!


Meanwhile, our history lessons have transported us back in time to ancient Greece. We've been exploring the everyday lives of people in that era and discovering more about the famous figures who left their mark on history.


Maths has been an exciting journey too! We've shifted gears and dived headfirst into the realm of multiplication. It's been challenging, but we're tackling it with enthusiasm and determination.


For the homework this week it’ll be more Atom. However, there will be an optional extra for those who would like more of a challenge. I would also like to add that on a Friday afternoon we do class presentations. It is a chance for students to share something they're passionate about with the rest of the class, and it's entirely optional.


Have a good weekend,



Star of the week – Darcy Quinnell




musician politician electrician magician mathematician dietician statistician technician clinician beautician

Friday 17th of November 2023


Division was the star of our maths lessons this week! The children tackled division techniques, mastering both with and without remainders. From sharing equally to solving real-life problems, they're becoming division experts. Once again there will be more maths homework this week on Atom to be completed.


In English and History, we dove into the world of ancient Greece by crafting diary entries from the perspectives of Orpheus or Eurydice. It was an imaginative exercise that allowed students to explore the thoughts and emotions of these mythical characters.


In science this week, we took a fascinating journey through the digestive system, unravelling how our bodies process food. From the mouth to the stomach and beyond!


Atom Learning Link


All the best,



Star of the week – Mabel Rainbow




invention injection action question mention attraction translation devotion position solution

Friday 10th of November 2023


Welcome back to Year 4! This week, we've been delving into the world of multiplication and division, focusing particularly on the magical numbers 7, 8, 9, 11, and 12. For maths homework this week, we're trying out a new programme called Atom Learning, which is an online platform. The children should find their logins in their bags. I'll leave the URL below for you to follow. It's due on Friday, just like the spellings.


In English and History, we've embarked on an exploration of Greek mythology. Immersing ourselves in the captivating tales of gods and mortals, we've set out on an intellectual odyssey—excuse the pun—exploring all things 'myth'.


Year 4 students have also been unravelling the mysteries of food chains. From predators to prey, they're discovering the intricate relationships that keep ecosystems buzzing.



Atom Learning Link


All the best,





expression discussion confession permission admission transmission possession profession depression impression

Friday 20th of October 2023


It’s been a great term for Year 4. To conclude our topic this week, children learned how the Anglo-Saxon and Viking invasions were brought to an end by the Normans in 1066. They also competed in the Big Quiz, testing their knowledge of all the amazing history they have learnt so far.


Year 4 has also tackled challenging maths problems and made great strides in their understanding this term. In English, their writing and reading skills have flourished, showing lots of creativity.


I’d also like to take a moment to acknowledge the support of you, the parents and guardians. Your involvement, encouragement, and commitment have been invaluable. Thank you.


Half Term Art Competition


We are delighted to hold an art competition linked to English. Over the half term break, we would like the children to choose their favourite book and design a front cover for it using their own ideas. They might like to choose one of the books they read for the summer reading challenge but this is not essential. The design must be drawn on the A4 card supplied. The children can use any medium they enjoy or even add collage. They need to add a title and it must be their own design - rather than copied from the original cover. Your child’s name should be written on the back of the design. We look forward to displaying the covers in our library area and announcing a winner from each key stage. There will be a prize for KS1 and one for KS2, as well as runner up prizes. All book cover designs should be given to class teachers during the first week back at school after the October half term. Below are some examples of book cover designs.


Have a lovely break,

Mr Reid




No new spellings over half term please just practice the ones already covered.

Friday 13th October 2023


Year 4 has had a lovely week. We enjoyed a music workshop and children spent an afternoon creating presentations about an Anglo-Saxon king of their choice. It was made even more exciting due to a power cut!


In maths, Year 4 has continued to work on column subtraction and has now moved on to the difficult task of word problems involving both addition and subtraction. I have set eight word questions for them to complete for homework. This is due to be handed in on the first Friday after the holiday.


In English, we have been working on our grammar and have learned to use prepositions and fronted adverbials. We have also been looking at narrative structure and have written non-chronological reports on a monster of our own creation (LazarPig being one of my favourites!).


In history, we have been learning about Norse mythology and the children have created their own comic retelling of a famous myth about Freya and the goblins.


Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Reid





Words with /shun/ endings spelt with ‘sion’ (if root word ends in ‘se’, ‘de’ or ‘d’)


division invasion confusion decision collision television revision erosion inclusion explosion

Friday 6th of October 2023


Year 4 has had a great week, this afternoon in forest school we were learning about Nordic Runes and how to write our names and coded messages for each other.


In maths, Year 4 has been working on finding the difference and column subtraction. We continue to practice our time tables daily in class and have songs for the 7s 6s and 3s now.


In English, we have been working on creating our own short stories. We have been analysing other short stories and looking at the structure and how to hook a reader in. The children then set about writing their own and I must say I am extremely impressed with the creativity of some of the stories.


During PSHE this week the children have been learning about Black History Month which is celebrated in October in the UK. Black History Month gives everyone the opportunity to share, celebrate and understand the impact of black heritage and culture. We have been discussing famous black and mixed heritage people from history and the modern-day who have advocated for racial equality or have had a positive impact on their community such as Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Mary Seacole, Katherine Johnson, Marcus Rashford, Pele and Sir Lenny Henry to name but a few.


I have asked the children to do some research either on one of the people listed above or someone else relevant to the lesson and produce a Word document with some facts about their lives and achievements. These need to be no more than one side of A4 and can include pictures. They may make the fact sheet as eye-catching as they wish with larger fonts and colourful writing. We will be displaying them in and around the school for October.


They will need to be handed in on Wednesday 10th October for our next PSHE lesson.


Have a lovely weekend




Homophones & near homophones


medal meddle missed mist scene seen board bored which witch

Please see the attached for details of PSHE homework for Mrs Major for 11/10/23.

PSHE Homework for Mrs Major

Friday 29th of September 2023


Year 4 has been working hard and has had a very busy week. Performing at Harvest festival to much acclaim with a fantastic dance.


In maths, Year 4 has been working on column addition and mental maths strategies. There is some Maths homework this week which I will review and mark on a Friday same as the spelling.


In English, we have been working on our descriptive writing creating some fabulous character descriptions. As a school, we took part in Roald Dahl Day on Thursday which entailed a workshop in which we all took part in acting out scenes from George's Marvellous Medicine. We also have been planning and writing a book review for a blue Peter badge which we plan to finish next week.


Also In preparation for a music workshop next Tuesday, we would like the children to choose a song of their choice and then write a review explaining why they chose it. They should explain how it makes them feel and what instruments they can hear.


Have a lovely weekend





Adding the prefix il- (before a root word starting with ‘l’) and the prefix ir- (before a root word starting with ‘r’)


Illegal, illegible illogical, illiterate, illicit, irregular, irrelevant, irresponsible, irrational, irresistible

Friday 22nd of September 2023


Year 4 have been learning about the daily life of Anglo-Saxons this week in history and have continued to develop their weaving ability in art. We have also been to forest school today enjoying the sun.


In maths, Year 4 has been polishing their estimation skills. We also have started developing our adding ability and how to deal with remainders.


In English, we continued to enjoy Esio Trot and discussed in depth the moral conundrum of replacing tortoises. We have also been writing poetry in the Kennings style, which are now on display in the classroom.


Please find below the Y4 curriculum and some websites that may help with times tables.




Have a lovely weekend!

Mr Reid



Adding the prefix im- (before a root word staring with ‘m’ or ‘p’)


Immature, immeasurable, impossible, immortal, imperfect, impatient, immovable impolite, important, improper 

Friday 15th September 2023

 Year 4 has had a great week. This afternoon we have been hard at work weaving and some of the class expressed it was their new favourite hobby.


In maths, Year 4 has been working on rounding and estimating. We have also been creating and solving number patterns.


In English, we have been looking at fables and started with the classic tortoise and the hare deciphering the morals that they teach us. On the topic of tortoises, we have also started a new class book ‘Esio Trot’ which has been very popular.


We have also been practicing our harvest festival songs and I have been blown away by the singer ability of the class.


Have a lovely weekend and please remember to practice your spellings and times tables!

Mr Reid

Spellings (Test On Friday)


Adding the prefix in- (meaning ‘not’ or ‘into’)


Inactive, incorrect, inaccurate, insecure, indefinite, incomplete, infinite, inedible, inability, indecisive

Friday 8th September 2023


Year 4 have had a great time and are settling in well.  This afternoon we took advantage of the good weather and went across to the church to practice our sketching skills working on perspective and shading.


In maths, Year 4 have been working on place value and ordering numbers up to 4 digits.


In English we have been analysing poems and creating our own. We have also been focusing on our reading comprehension about garden birds, Year 4 then went about creating a fact file on a garden bird of their choice. I never realised Toucans and Snowy owls were so common in Chiddingstone!


The children have spelling homework this week – Please see the words below. The test will be on Friday.


Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sun!

Mr Reid



Words with /aw/ spelt with augh and au 


Caught, naughty, taught, daughter, autumn, clause, cause, astronaut, applaud, author