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Year 5


If you have any questions/ queries relating to work set or need to return any of the work for marking please contact Mrs Haysom:

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WEEK 3, 22/6/20

Hi all, 

Welcome to 'Love to be Active' week, where we will be celebrating all things sporting. Do remember to look at the family learning pages for ideas and activities linked to the theme.


1) Reading Comprehension.

1a) This week, the reading - You've got a Friend - is all about a rowing race that turns out to be not quite what it seems. This is the third reading in the set and it follows Mucking About from last week. It can be found in the Literacy Resources below. Answers emailed to me by 4pm Friday 26/6/20 please.

b) Extra comprehension on Mo Farah in Literacy Resources (optional). I am attaching answers so you do not need to send this in to me. 

2) Writing Task - for details see the Literacy Resources section. I have given you a choice of activities again. This time you can choose from diary writing or instruction writing . Please read through the information carefully to make sure that you have included all the features necessary to make your writing effective.  If you choose the instruction writing don't be tempted to overcomplicate it - I'm more interested in your ability to write straightforward and workable instructions. You may prefer to choose to write how to make a game rather than play one, and if so, that's fine.

I have included some examples for both tasks (also to be found in the resources section), which I hope you will find helpful - do take the time to look at these.

I was so pleased to see how carefully most of you checked you work before sending it in for marking last week. This is an extremely important skill that you are developing here - keep it up.  Whichever task you choose, it is due in by 4pm on Friday 26/6/20 please. 

3) GPS mini test - Test 5 . See resources section. As we will be baking on Wednesday this week, we will go over the answers together in the Zoom meeting on Friday. You do not need to send this in for marking.

Spellings: breath/breathe, bicycle, build, caught, centre, eight/eighth, exercise, minute, position, experience.

 Cued spellings group: wouldn't, couldn't, doesn't, shouldn't, didn't, don't, can't, haven't, you're, hasn't, we'll, won't.

There will be a short dictation during Friday's Zoom meeting.

4) Reading -  Twenty minutes, five times per week minimum and at least once to an adult aloud please.

I was delighted to see a few Year 5s at book club this week, although it was still mostly made up of Year 6 pupils. I'm really hoping that more of you will join our next meeting (Term 6 date to be advised shortly) where we will be discussing the House of Hidden Wonders by Sharon Gosling. You will remember her as the author who recorded an excerpt of the book especially for us for Love to Read week.


I'm already looking forward to this week's meetings and also receiving you work; remember, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Mrs Haysom


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Good Work SS - Ch13&14.mp4

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MC and MF - winners of the Chiddingstone Castle Literary Festival 500 word competition, with illustrator Pete Williamson.

MC and MF - winners of the Chiddingstone Castle Literary Festival 500 word competition, with illustrator Pete Williamson. 1
MC and MF - winners of the Chiddingstone Castle Literary Festival 500 word competition, with illustrator Pete Williamson. 2

Maths W/C 22/06/20

Hi Class 5, we continue the area and perimeter this week, I hope you manage it. Remember to differentiate between the two. In the lessons this week it asks you to find the are of different shapes. It asks you to dive the shape into smaller and more manageable sections. Please look to see if the questions have a scale on the page or if you have to measure it. Please email if you have any questions. 

This week I would like you to do lessons 7-11.

If you would like to do any extension work I would like you to complete the "End of Chapter Review" and if you're feeling especiailly brave you could attempt the mind workout.

There is also an arithmetic I would like you to do. 

I hope you have a lovely week in the sun and look forward to seeing you all on Thursday.

Mr Rowland



Hi Class 5, 

A great start to the term last week - I was thrilled with the quality of the work you sent in. What a hard working bunch you are!

Just a reminder that this week the Zoom sessions will be at 9.30 every day. I will host all days apart from Thursday, when Mr Rowland will be holding the fort.

Mrs Haysom



Literacy W/C 15/6/20

Your tasks this week are as follows:

1a) Reading comprehension. Last week you completed the Black Amulet, so this week I would like you to do the second comprehension 'Mucking About', which is a humorous text about a young boy being send off to train as a monk. The text and questions can be found in last week's resources entitled Reading Comprehensions Term 6. Please send your responses to me by Friday 19/6/20.

b) Optional comprehension  - Leisure poem. Poem and questions to be found in the resources section. This task is differentiated so choose the most suitable one for you to tackle. The answers are provided and therefore you do not need to send this in to me for marking.

2) Eco Writing Task. See in Literacy Resources for your choice of tasks - Year 5 Literacy Wk 2. You only need to choose one task. The resources attached below will help, depending on which activity you choose i.e. if you choose to make the poster then the poster Powerpoint will be useful to you, while if you choose the poetry task then it will be helpful to look through the poems. Whichever activity you embark on, please email it to me by Friday 19/6/20.

3) Spellings: science, scientist, recycle, reuse, reusable, review, environment, material, nature/natural, pollute/pollution.

Cued spellings group words: wild, pretty, beautiful, after, last, fast, past, plant, bath, busy.

There will be a short dictation on Friday 19/6/20.

4) Grammar and Punctutation: Two more mini tests to be found in the resources section.We will mark and go through these together in our Zoom meeting on Wednesday 17/6/20. You do not need to send these in to me.

5) Reading - continue to read at least 5 x per week. One of these times should be aloud and to an adult please.

Remember Year 5/6 Book club on Wednesday at 2pm.

As usual, any questions about any of the above, then please email me.

Mrs Haysom

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Maths W/C 15/06/20


Maths No Problem Chapter 12 Area and Perimeter

I hope you will find this week slightly easier as we have covered a lot of area and perimeter in our mental maths on a Friday. Please be accurate in your addition for perimeter and mulitiplication when working out the area. Remember which one is which! I hope that you have continued to work on your times tables recently as this will aid you enormously in this chapter. 

I would like you to cover Lessons 1-6 in this chapter. I have added a couple more lessons this week as I hope you should be able to move through it relatively quickly. The first four lessons are on perimeter and the last two move on to area.

Please ensure that you are accurate when measuring and drawing shapes. You must use a ruler! Please also remember the correct unit of measurement!

The extension work has some interesting perimeter word porblems which I hope that some of you will attempt!

I will be focusing on this chapter and the arithmetic on Thursday morning at 9:30 (new time). I look forward to seeing you all then.

Mr Rowland

Poetry Reading

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Term 6 W/C 8/6/20

Welcome back, Year 5. I am thrilled to be working with you this term and am very much looking forward to our first Zoom meeting together on Monday morning. 

Please find below details of the work that I have set for the week. I do not require you to send me every piece to mark but I would like to see a little of what you're producing. The work I would like to mark has details of deadlines so that you know you will need to send these in and by when.

Mrs Haysom


1) Comprehension - see the attached resources. I have included several texts but you only need to complete the first one - The Black Amulet. I would like the answers to this emailed by Friday 12/6/20 please. It can be handwritten or typed. Do use a dictionary to help with the word definition task.

2) Writing Task - see attached resources for details. I am requesting that you create a play script based upon a traditional tale and would like this in by Friday 12/6/20. This week it can be handwritten or typed.

3) Spellings - author, character, chapter, (note the different sound made by the 'ch' at the start of these two words) illustrator, review, recommend,  favourite, language, effect (noun), affect (verb).

e.g.The effect of staying up late reading is sleepiness. 

Staying up late reading does not affect my ability to wake up early.

 Cued Spelling Group words: after, again, because, could, would, should, sure, who, whole, hole.

As you practise these spellings, please use this as an opportunity to work on your handwriting and ensure that you are joining your letters accurately.

NB: There will be a short dictation in next Monday's Zoom meeting.

4) Grammar and Punctuation - There are two short tests in the resources section. Please aim to complete the first one of these by Wednesday 10/6/20 and we will mark it together in our Zoom meeting. You do not need to email answers to me.

5) Reading/Book activities - Please continue to read at least 5 times per week for at least 20 mins at time. One of these reads should be aloud to an adult.

There are many book related activities in the family learning section. Do have a look and remember to send in any pictures/videos of anything you produce of which you're particularly proud. I'd particularly like to see your poetry recitals and freeze frames.

I am particularly excited about Sharon Gosling recording an excerpt of her book The House of Hidden Wonders. For those of you keen to get ahead, this will be our next book club title once we have all completed The Vanishing Trick by Jenni Spangler.

Maths W/C 8/6/20

 Maths - No Problem, Chapter 10, Position and Movement.

Lesson/Worksheet 1, Naming and Plotting Points.

Lesson/Worksheet 2 Describing Translations 

Lesson/Worksheet 3 Describing Movements

Lesson 4/Worksheet 4 Describing Movements

Lesson/Worksheet 5 Successive Reflection of Shapes. This is slightly more challenging so you only need to attempt this is you're feeling confident.

These YouTube clips might well be helpful:

Please keep your times tables ticking over. Timing yourself completing a grid is always useful. Mr Rowland attached a blank one on the class page W/C 11/5/20.

Arithmetic: Please could you have this completed by Thursday's zoom to go through the answers with Mr Rowland.

Do email if you have any questions or need a bit of support - just put 'Maths' in your email reference.



Maths Word Problems and Arithmetic W/C 8/6/20

Good Work SS-Ch10&11.mp4

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Week Beginning 18/5/20


Dear Class,

Welcome to the final week of the term. The weather is looking good so make the most of all the glorious sunshine. Get out in the gardens, parks and woodlands as much as you can. Go and explore!

Zoom this week:

Wednesday - bring your pet to zoom day

Thursday - fancy dress

Friday - presentations

This week is RE week so check out the family learning area for ideas.

Mrs Haysom would also like you all to know that the final book of this year is 'The Vanishing Trick' by Jenni Spangler. She said it is a cracking read so have a go if you can.



GPS Mat x 2 (choose which level)

Comprehension x 2

Spellings (tested Thursday)

Long writing task (Presentation)



I have had some wonderful emails outlining any progress in your times tables scores so keep going on that!

Singapore - Lessons 13,14 and end of chapter review. Try and make the review an assessment to see how much you know.

We will be going through the lessons on Monday.

Extension - mind workout (just before the review) and a conversion sheet.




Week Beginning 11/5/20


Welcome to week 4 of term. I hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday in the sun and perhaps managed a little VE day celebration. Thank you for all your work, keep it coming in. 

This week is music week so have a look at all the wonderful activities in the family learning area.

Miss Skinner has also added some more chapters for you to listen to this week.



Lessons 9-12 in your Singapore books, this is all about converting measurements of time. Remember that there are only 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour if you have any word problems.

I have also attached a blank Times Tables grid for you to put the numbers down the edges.

The extension this week is about time tables - a lot of children struggled with these this year and are vitally important in their transition to secondary school.



Please find all the attached documents:

Writing and Spellings, GPS mats (choose the level), Stormzy and Jazz Comprehension.

Please can you complete any literacy work in pen to ensure you remember how to use it when we start back at school.


Have a great week,

Mr Rowland


Good work SS - Ch7.mp4

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Good Work SS - Ch5.mp4

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Good Work SS - Ch6.mp4

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Week Beginning 4/5/20


Welcome to week three of term. I have loved reading all your adventure stories that you have sent in, I will be sending feedback out in the next couple of days. Please do keep sending me your literacy (this week is the World War 2 timeline) and anything else that you wish to share. Having spent a whole term recently focusing on Art, I felt that our focus this week should be World War 2. Therefore the literacy and the comprehension pieces this week are to do with that period of history.


Perhaps instead of recreating a famous piece of art, our class could build a Spitfire or a battle scene out of household objects. I am going to dig out and complete a couple of Airfix models. I can't wait!



I am sure there are going to be a number of wonderful programmes on television or online about VE day and it would be fantastic if you could watch some of them.


I have now uploaded the comprehension - there is an easy, middle and higher level of paper for your child to select.



Lessons 5-8 in the Singapore book. 

This is about mass - converting grams in to kilograms and also pounds.

There is the usual arithmetic, times tables works and an extension if you wish.



Monday - baking zoom

Thursday - onesie zoom

Friday - no zoom 


Miss Skinner has uploaded some wonderful videos of her reading Secret Seven just for our class so please do have a listen. She will be adding some more chapters this week. Thank you Miss Skinner!

ss ch 1 and 2.mp4

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ss ch 3 and 4.mp4

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Week beginning 27/4/20


What a glorious week of weather we have had, forecast isn't great for the end of this one coming up but let's see how it goes!

Thank you for all your wonderful pictures of your baking and cooking at home, it all looked delicious. Thank you also to everyone who have sent through the persuasive letters about my birthday lunch/dinner. They all sound absolutely incredible! I will be giving my feedback on Tuesday and Wednesday. Sorry that I wasn't able to reply to many emails last week. I was quite busy talking to mums or dads about how wonderful you all are and how well they are all doing at home!


Here is the work for the week ahead. The only work I definitely want sent back is the long writing task to mark. If you are struggling with any area or are particularly proud of anything else that you have done then please email me or send me a picture of your work.


Zoom: It has been wonderful seeing you on zoom every day. I must insist now that you only have your proper name for our zoom sessions so I know who you are when you are in the waiting room. I will not let you in if I do not recognise your/your parents name.



Chapter 11 - Measurement (Please not that we have skipped chapter 10 and I hope to do it when (if) we are back in school)

Lessons 1-4, these are all about converting units of length so mostly working on multiplying/dividing by 10/100/1000.

There is also an extension if they wish to try some slightly harder questions.

I have also attached an arithmetic and some ideas for Times Tables.



Please find all the work attached below.



Week Beginning 20/4/20


Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a good holiday. I imagine that all of ours have been pretty similar; walks, bike rides, playing in the garden and local area. What amazing weather we have had and continue to have this week. Obviously some of us were supposed to be heading to Barcelona this week, it is such a shame that we are not there! But if you look up the weather in Barcelona you will see it is supposed to rain for most of the week!

I look forward to seeing you all on zoom at 10:15 this morning. Please note that you now need a password for it that you have all hopefully received by email.

Here is your literacy and maths work for this week:



Maths No Problem – Workbook B

Geometry – Lesson 9, 10, 13, end of chapter review (the final few questions may become difficult but please give them a go, don’t worry if you do not understand).

Extension –  Mind Workout

Times tables – please can you complete a mixed times tables grid (100 squares) and I will take your times in on Friday.

Arithmetic – attached below is your arithmetic for this week. We will go through the answers on Friday to this.



(all attached below)

2 x reading comprehension activities

1 x short writing task

1 x Grammar Punctuation & Spelling document

Wednesday 1st April (Day 9)


Morning everyone. Look forward to speaking to you in a bit.


Spanish - please find below.


Literacy - Please complete Mrs Durrant's literacy work.


Maths - Keep working on your times tables over Easter as I know they will have slowed. Try a mixed grid today and one at the end to see if your time improves.


Reading - Keep reading, ask questions if you don't understand a word or a phrase.


Have a lovely Easter break, keep working on the skills and targets you want to achieve. I'm currently on 200 press-ups a day. Enjoy the beautiful weather that is forecast for the next week. Spend lots of time with your family. See you all on Monday 20th of April.




Tuesday 31st March (Day 8)


I am looking forward to seeing as many children as possible for our Zoom session at 10.15am tomorrow. Please note that my Zoom ID, as previously sent via email, will need to be used.
Thank you to all the children who have returned their work. There are still a small number outstanding. Please ensure that your work is with me before the end of Monday.
Children, I was delighted with the standard of your work and will talk to you about this during tomorrow’s Zoom session. Mrs Streatfeild will be giving out 3 virtual awards today.
For your final piece of work this term, I would like you to make a time capsule. You will need to find a container that is waterproof and then bury this capsule in your garden, for someone to find in many years to come! You can bury the completed capsule during your Easter break.
Your time capsule will need to contain a recount of your last 2 weeks. Please use this planning guide:
Please explain who you are, how old you are and a little bit more about you and your family.
Explain why you are at home, what is going on in our world and what you think about  the changes to your daily life.
Share your thoughts: what are you enjoying most, what are you missing most and what are you looking forward to.
The piece of writing should be 3 paragraphs in total, written in joined writing unless you usually type in class. You will need to email me your final piece of writing. I would also like to see a photo of your completed capsule, before it is buried!
You will find lots of links and great ideas on how to make a time capsule, and what to put inside, on the internet. Please do a little research before you begin this task.
Good luck everybody!
Mrs Durrant



Geometry (Lesson 8) - Investigating angles in squares and rectangles

To begin this lesson, show your child the In Focus task and give them some time to read and think about the problem. What do we need to investigate? Who can make a prediction on the sum of all four angles? Provide each group of pupils with various paper shapes as in the In Focus task.

Mr Rowland

Monday 30th March (Day 7)

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Lots of sun on Saturday (if a little breezy) and then hail on Sunday. It is supposed to be slightly colder this week so wrap-up warm if you head out.


Spellings (Today if possible) - Please can you ask to get test on your spellings this week. There will be no new spellings this week for Easter. Try to revise all your spellings from this term and I will send out a dictation for you to do after Easter.


Reading (on going) – Continue to read your book. Now you are at home can you try to push yourself on some of the books you are reading. Here are some links to some audio books that you can listen to and read along with if you want. You may have to sign-up to them but I think they are free. Please check the Ts and Cs.


Maths (Due Wednesday) – Geometry Lesson 8 – Properties of squares and rectangles

To begin this lesson, show your child the In Focus task and allow them some time to think about the question. Tell them your friend says he can make generalisations about the sides and angles inside squares and rectangles. What does he mean when he says 'generalisations'? (Rules.) What rules or generalisations can we make about the sides and inside angles? Allow child time to formulate a list with two or three examples from the In Focus task. What equipment might we need to measure sides and angles accurately? Begin to create a list of generalisations about squares and rectangles, e.g. they always have 4 sides; square sides always have the same length; opposite sides of a rectangle have the same lengths.

Top tip – quadrilateral is a 4 sided shape!


Literacy (On going) – Complete your diary entries from the weekend. Can you add some time connectives into your writing. A big focus on your handwriting please. Some head teacher’s awards may be available for best writing and most improved.


Topic (Optional) – Watch this clip:

Choose 3/4 countries and write about their climate and the crops that they produce there. Can you locate them on a globe or map too?

Friday 27th March (Day 6)


Glorious sunshine awaits us again today. Keep going outside, explore your surroundings and keep active. Remember Joe Wick’s P.E at 9 o’clock!


Note - If you are messaging or talking to each other on-line, please make sure you are safe and sensible with what you write and say to each other.


Maths – I have added an arithmetic below to go through. Remember to read each question properly and check your workings once you have completed it.

Geometry Lesson 7 - To begin this lesson, show you child the In Focus task and give them some time to think about what the problem requires them to do. Do you think it is possible to recreate this angle? What do you think we need to do? What equipment do we need to use? Can I accurately draw a 10 cm line with a protractor? What would work better? If we start with F to O what should we do first? How will we keep it accurate?

Accuracy is really important in today’s lesson! Measure to the nearest mm and angle to the correct degrees. You must use a ruler!


Literacy/Topic – Choose one of the wild animals you found yesterday (or another of your choice) and create an information page. Talk about food, habitat, where they travel to, about their lifestyle, fun facts, a quiz, drawings, maps, images.

Think about the layout, the presentation is important but also the information. (Due Tuesday)


Spellings – Keep working on them, perhaps a drawing of each one today? (Test on Monday)


Catch up – R.E, Spanish (due Wednesday), Mrs Durrant’s work on bees (due Sunday I believe), creating your farm, food webs (no deadline)


Have a lovely day everyone and enjoy your weekend. 

Thursday 26th March (Day 5)


Spelling – Continue to practice your spellings. Perhaps you could write out each spelling as neatly as you can with your good hand (joined up/cursive) and then see how close you can get it with your opposite hand.


Reading – continue reading your book, aloud if possible to someone else in your family. Is anyone reading Charlotte’s Web?


Maths – This has a very tricky “In-focus Task” to start with. First of all I would like you to practice drawing different size angles. 40 degrees, 100 degrees and 140 degrees. Remember how to use a protractor – should the angle be bigger or smaller than a right angle?


To begin this lesson, show your child the In Focus task and give them some time to solve the problem. What is the question asking us to do? Do we have to draw angles? What information in the question makes you think that? What can we use to draw an angle? Where would we place the protractor if we had to draw a line showing where the spider moved? Show the class where to place the protractor so the middle cross lines up exactly at point A. Ask pupils what information we have about how the spider moved. We know the spider moved so the line was always 30º away from him and in a straight line. Should we mark this in a special way? What does the question say?


Go through the working with them to see if they can answer it. if they don’t understand; don’t fret if you do not get it either!

The workbook is then drawing angles.


Literacy/Topic – Go out into the garden/area around you. Take a whiteboard/paper and write down all the different animals that you see. In your book/on a computer create the following table. I’m sure you can find at least 6 animals.





Blue tit



Draw picture (to the best of your ability)

Blue tits are common in woodland, hedgerows, parks and gardens. They're widespread and found across the whole of the UK with the exception of some Scottish islands.





Enjoy the sunshine too! Make the most of it! Spend as much time outside as you can!

Wednesday 25th March (Day 4)


Morning everyone, I hope you had a good sleep. Our usual Wednesday: R.E and Spanish in the morning and P.E in the afternoon.

I will hopefully be speaking to you at 10:15 to (Mr Rowland's number). Mrs Crespo and Mrs Braid have both set some work for you which you can find below.


Keep working on your spellings - perhaps you could create a giant word search for someone in your family to complete! 


Continue with the reading and diary if you can too.


P.E. You may have seen/done Joe Wicks live P.E this morning. If not get on it on Youtube. Tag rugby may be difficult in your garden but have a go at playing some sport or doing some exercise for at least an hour today. The sun is shining so make the most of it!


Keep smiling and be nice to whoever is looking after you!


Mr Rowland


Year Five Term 4 RE assessment:

What did Jesus do to save human beings and how does it make a difference to Christians today?                         25/3/20


Our topic this term has been ‘Salvation’ and we have  looked different Bible passages that describe what Christians believe about Jesus’ death on the cross and his rising again and noted how this involved sacrifice that was emotional (eg betrayed by a friend) physical ( crucifixion) and spiritual ( being separated from God the Father on the cross as he took on himself the sins of the world.)

As you answer the main question, use the vocabulary grid below to prompt you in your answer.













Isaiah 53

John 19









Extension. Read ‘The lion, the witch and the wardrobe especially chapters 14 and 15  and/ or watch the film ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ ( the film is PG so please check with your parents first !)

 In what ways does C.S . Lewis help you understand the concept of salvation?

STOP PRESS: The excellent questions that you composed for Revd Bill Macdougall are being answered and I will post the answers on your class page !

SPANISH 25.03.20

Tuesday 24th March (Day 3)


Another beautiful day - make sure you keep exploring those food webs and food chains in the garden - have you seen the apex predator yet?!


Dear Children, 


In class we have learnt about both the life cycle of the bee and how bees collect honey. You have also written some excellent explanation texts on each of these topics. 


Today we are going to be learning about the biology and body of the bee. I have attached a Power Point with lots of details about the bee's body. Please choose 4 areas to write about in detail but do not be tempted to copy from this Power Point. You will need to read through, make notes and then do some research yourself- just how we have worked in class. 


There are also some interesting video links in the Power Point- take a look at some of them. 


Once you have completed your research, please complete your draft copies. These should include labelled diagrams. Remember that this is a literacy task. You will need to check your grammar, spelling and punctuation once you think you have finished. 


I have also attached a Power Point with a reminder on the features of explanation texts. This will help you to lay out and complete your draft copies. Please email copies of your work back to me via the Class 5 email address. I will need this completed by Sunday 29th March please. 


Mrs Durrant 


Maths – Geometry Lesson 5 

To begin this lesson, show your child the In Focus task and allow them some time to think about what the question is asking. What is meant by angle x + angle y + angle z = 360º? Tell them that when professional skaters hit a jump, do a full turn and land facing the same way this is a 360º turn. Is this the same thing? Can we check each of the angles using our protractor? Do the angles equal 360?

Exn – Watch some ice skating/snowboard videos on the internet, how many degrees do they spin around?


Spellings – equipment, environment, government, parliament, enjoyment, document, management movement, replacement, statement – write out and find their definitions.


Mr Rowland

Monday 23rd March (Day 2)

Morning everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend and made the most of the sunshine. I also hope you all spoilt your mums rotten.

I will try to explain to you about today’s work in our zoom meeting.


Maths – Geometry Lesson 4 –Investigating angles on a line

To begin this lesson, show pupils the In Focus task and allow them some time to solve the problem. What information do we have? What words can we use to describe these angles? Recap on vocabulary learnt in previous lessons: acute, obtuse and right angles. What unit of measurement do we use to measure angles?


Literacy – complete your weekend diary entries. Remember the key skills of a diary. 1st person, past tense, facts, opinions, feelings and emotions.

Finish your poster about Fair trade, make it eye catching but make sure all the facts are in!


Spellings – test last week’s spellings – parents: can you try and put them into a dictation. New spellings will be sent out tomorrow.


Topic - Provide the children with a food web from around the world and discuss the plants and animals in the web, using the correct vocabulary, including 'producer', 'consumers' and 'apex predators'. Ask the children to use their knowledge to create a Food chain/web from the animals in their garden or local area, identifying the producer, primary, secondary and tertiary consumers and which animal is the apex predator. Encourage the children to predict what would happen if the producer in their food chain became less or more abundant.


Year Five Term 4 RE assessment:

What did Jesus do to save human beings and how does it make a difference to Christians today?                         25/3/20


Our topic this term has been ‘Salvation’ and we have  looked different Bible passages that describe what Christians believe about Jesus’ death on the cross and his rising again and noted how this involved sacrifice that was emotional (eg betrayed by a friend) physical ( crucifixion) and spiritual ( being separated from God the Father on the cross as he took on himself the sins of the world.)

As you answer the main question, use the vocabulary grid below to prompt you in your answer.













Isaiah 53

John 19









Extension. Read ‘The lion, the witch and the wardrobe especially chapters 14 and 15  and/ or watch the film ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ ( the film is PG so please check with your parents first !)

 In what ways does C.S . Lewis help you understand the concept of salvation?

STOP PRESS: The excellent questions that you composed for Revd Bill Macdougall are being answered and I will post the answers on your class page !

Friday 20th March (Day 1)

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the delay – the class website keeps crashing! I can’t think why!


Work for today:

Maths – Geometry lesson 3. Measuring angles. I hope you all have a protractor (if you don’t then can you estimate each angle). L = angle   ACD = point A to point C to point D. So measure point C.

Spellings – Can they put each spelling into sentences. Focus on joined up cursive handwriting. This can be done in their new exercise books

Literacy – Can they make a poster to persuade someone about the benefits of Fair Trade using the research they did yesterday.

Topic – Thinking about the farm’s they drew or create a new design. Build a farm out of boxes etc. Think about everything that a farm needs. Is it arable or is it pastoral. This needs to be finished by Wednesday. Please can you email a photo of your farms once you have made them.


I also think that, thinking about our recent topic, creating a diary may be quite interesting. This really is an usual time in the world. Perhaps in hundreds of years time other may be reading it in their school lessons!


Remember to keep reading too!


I look forward to seeing you all on Zoom on Monday…..hopefully. I am sure that this will ensure that you all understand the work that I am setting.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mr Rowland

Thursday 19th March

What an unusual day!

Lesson 1 maths - Geometry lessons 1 and 2. The children went through the different types of angles and started to measure them using a protractor. They then drew their own angles and estimated and then measured them.

Lesson 2 literacy - The children watched a short video about Fair Trade and then researched information about it. Why it is important? What is fair trade? Where in the world? What does it achieve?

Lesson 3 Spellings - using a dictionary the children found the definitions of each word.

Lesson 4 Mothers' Day cards - the children used straws and paint to create a mothers' day card that resembled a corn flower field. 


Tomorrow's work will be on the website by 10 o'clock.

I will try to add as much detail as possible.


I hope you have a nice evening.

Mr Rowland

Wednesday 18th March

For those who are not at school today:

Lesson 1 - R.E. The children completed work from last week. They then thought of questions at they would ask Bill McDougal (our vicar) about what is like to be a vicar and ask him about his faith.

Lesson 2 - Spanish, the children continued to research farming and the countryside and made a powerpoint about it.

Lesson 3 - Spellings, Membership, ownership, partnership, dictatorship, championship, fellowship, apprenticeship, sponsorship

children can think of different ways to learn their spellings from what we do in class spelling lessons.

Lesson 4 - Tag Rugby training and matches (a little harder to do).


I hope you are all working hard at home!

Mr Rowland

Tuesday 17th March

For those that are away from school currently; the class completed the following:

Maths - Finished Fractions worksheet 3 and end of chapter review.

Literacy (Mrs Durrant) - Wrote up their final copy of "How bees make honey" - they can complete this on paper or typed. I know they don't have their literacy books but there is lots online/youtube.

Spellings - test completed (new spellings tomorrow).

Topic - finished their food web and then finished the drawing of a farm (hopefully this has come home to them).


I hope this makes sense.

Mr Rowland

The children have had a great week. It has stopped times so spirits are up!


We have managed to rattle through decimals at a great pace this week and then moved on to decimals. We recognised the link between fractions and decimals.


In literacy, the class managed to finish their diary entry which they have edited themselves. They will go on to write it out in neat next week. They also completed some wonderful comprehension work with Mrs Hester on Charlotte's Web.


During topic lessons, the class studied food webs and focused on some scientific language. 


On Friday, the class took part in their Sports Leadership Day. This was a training day to allow them to run activities at lunch/break times with the younger children.


Trip - Please remember our trip to Bore Place on Monday (9am drop off at Bore Place). They will need old clothing, trainers, a pair of wellies, snack, drink and a packed lunch. Pick up is at normal time from school. 



Spellings - symbol, mystery, lyrics, oxygen, symptom, physical, system, typical, crystal, rhythm (tested Tuesday)

Maths - decimal worksheets (due Friday)

Literacy - Please can they write a diary entry about one of their days of the weekend. This can by typed or handwritten. Focus on feelings, senses, facts, opinions. This should be half a A4 page.


This was probably the most unusual swimming week I have ever been part of. A broken brake at the start of the week and then a flat tyre on the other minibus in the middle. The children coped well with the disappointment each time and were all en route to Tonbridge today. Thank you to the parents who helped with transport. 


On Thursday, the class enjoyed World Book Day. They listened to the book, created and mask and enjoyed a West End theatre workshop. 


In literacy this week, the children have been studying diary entries and on Friday started to write one. They were imagining that they were a farmer and carrying out the countless tasks on the farm.


During their maths lessons, we have been busy adding and subtracting decimals. They generally have a good understanding of place value and the rules of column addition/subtraction. This has allowed us to rattle through the area.


There has been little time for topic this week because of swimming.



Spanish - work online (due Wednesday)

Literacy - Dig for Victory - create an A4 propaganda poster for Dig for Victory and 1/4 to 1/3 of research about what it is (due Friday)

Spellings - (tested Monday)

Maths - Lots of work on times tables please this week.

A wet and windy week back in school.


The children started their new topic - Sow, Grow and Farm. The children have been discovering what land is used for in the United Kingdom, the different types of farms and all the multitude jobs a farmer undertakes.


In maths, we have been discovering the link between fractions and decimals. They have then compared different fractions and decimals.


During literacy lessons, we finished writing out a neat copy of a newspaper report, found facts about the lifecycle of a bee and started some diary writing. 


Next week is swimming, so please remember swimming attire (especially a hat and goggles). There will be no P.E next week as a result.



Literacy - Finish the 500 words (due Monday)

Spellings - nearby, everywhere, nowhere, downstairs, outside, upstairs, underneath, behind, somewhere (tested Monday)

Maths - Mid-Year Review in Singapore book, I would like them to spend at least 45 minutes (or until they finish it)working on this. Due Wednesday.

Thank you to everyone who came to the gallery night. I hope you all agree that the children's work looked incredible and the night was a great success. We raised £200 - £100 for the PTA and £100 for the Chiddingstone Art Department. A big thank you to Mr Clarke for framing the paintings and setting everything up.


This week we finally finished workbook one in our Singapore Books by multiplying fractions.


We finished our gallery topic by creating some digital artwork on the laptops.


Have a wonderful half term!


Homework - 500 word competition - the children must complete a 500 word story. Mrs Durrant has given the input in class so they should all know what they are doing. More information on the link below!


Book club - The Dog that Saved the World by Ross Welford

Forest School

Forest School 1

Another busy week at work in Year 5.

The children have worked hard on their fraction topic. We have been finding the common denominators to add fractions together and to compare fractions.

In literacy, the class have finished their Stig stories and are now researching the Bronze Age.

During topic time, the class have begun their final piece for the exhibition - the art work looks incredible! I look forward to seeing your reactions when you come and visit.


Key Information:    

Next week - P.E will be on Tuesday - this will be hockey and dance - please can they bring shinpads (beg, borrow or steal).

Mrs Durrant will be teaching Tuesday morning and Friday next week.

Thursday 14th - Gallery night. A letter will be sent out next week.



Maths - Equivalent fractions work - due Thursday.

Literacy - information page (hand written)  about Stonehenge - can include drawings. I am looking for fantastic presentation skills, interesting facts/stories and drawings/pictures.

Spellings - certainly, definitely, possibly, probably, frequently, often, occasionally, rarely 


Forest School

Forest School 1

After the excitement of last week's trip, I forgot to save the previous update.


The children were wonderfully behaved at the gallery last week. They seemed thoroughly engrossed in the exhibitions and gave good answers to questions posed to them during our talk.


This week we have continued to explore the "Gallery" topic. They have started sketching their ideas for the exhibition. They have researched some of the most famous galleries in the world and have started to copy a painting from the National Gallery.


In literacy, the class have been finishing their first draft of the adventure story - Based on "Stig of the Dump". They have also completed a number of tricky comprehensions this week.


In maths - we have started our topic of fractions. This is quite a tricky concept so any additional work at home would be fantastic.



Monday - CATs test

Thursday 13th February (TBC) - Gallery Night in Edenbridge.



Spellings - examine, explode, exercise, exhale, explain, excite, external, extend, explore, example (tested Monday/Tuesday)

Maths - word problems (due Wednesday)

Literacy - research a famous artist (not Banksy), 1/2 page of information with a picture and maybe their own drawing (due Friday).


Have a lovely weekend.

Forest School

Forest School 1

Forest School

Forest School 1

Welcome back!

First, I would like to say a big thank you for my wonderful Christmas gifts. I will let you know when I spend my voucher on!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday and had a fun New Year.

We started 2020 with a new topic - "Gallery". The children have created some wonderful self-portraits and some Impressionist art. We are building up to a gallery night on the final week of term - date to be announced soon. Mrs Wetz has kindly offered her services and will be working with the class on a Thursday between break and lunch.

This week in literacy, we have finished off the Potions narrative from last term and have begun to read our new class book "Stig of the Dump".

The new book for book club is "Rooftoppers" by Katherine Rundell, book club will be on Monday 27th January (there is no football club on this date).

In maths, we have been going over some quite tricky word problems (even I struggled).


Timetable Changes

Spanish is now on a Wednesday.

P.E will also continue on a Wednesday (but it will be on a Tuesday for the last two weeks of this term).

Forest School - this will be the last term that the class take part in Forest School this year.



Maths - graphs sheets - due Wednesday

Literacy/Topic - research a period/movement of art. At least 1 page worth of research (not just copy and paste from the Internet). It would be great if they could add a picture as an example and perhaps attempt a version for themselves.

Forest School

Forest School 1

Thank you to everyone who made the "Potion Shop" on Tuesday. The class have thoroughly enjoyed making all the produce and I am sure that it will all be well used over the festive period. 

In maths this week, the class have been working on reading bar and line graphs and interpreting the data. Next week we will be moving on to word problems.

In literacy, the class have been completing a potion narrative; the stories have been both interesting and compelling.


Please remember the KS2 Carol Concert on Tuesday night.



Spellings - profit/prophet, steal/steel, weary/wary, draft/draught, decent/dissent, principal/principle (tested Monday)

Maths - graph questions - 3 sheets (due Wednesday)

Literacy - none set

The class have again been working at a stellar pace this week - switching from maths to science to English at a moment's notice.


In maths we have been looking a timetables (bus and train) and trying to dissect information from them. Please can you work on the 24 hour clock with them at home if you have some extra time! We also started looking at line graphs and understanding how they can represent date in a different way.


During our literacy lessons, the class have been planning a narrative to do with spells and curses and will be writing them next week.They have also completed a number of comprehensions and a SPaG assessment.


Our topic work has been focusing on creating items for the "Potion Shop".....I don't want to give anything more away!



Potion Shop @ The Tulip Tree on Tuesday. Please come and buy some of the amazing items that the children have created. These are sure to be brilliant stocking fillers and on the 'must have' list for Christmas 2019!

If you could bring some change (around £4) then that would be amazing - any profit will go to charity!

Come for 2pm and bring any family you like. We will then head back to the classroom at 2:45 to look at their books.


Trip to National Gallery Friday 17th January 2020! 



Maths - due Wednesday

Spellings - guessed/guest, isle/aisle, allowed/aloud, cereal/serial, desert/dessert, bridal/bridle

Literacy - character profile of a character from a book of their choice - as much detail as possible. These will be going up as a display so lovely handwriting and neat colouring please.


Have a lovely weekend.

Forest School

Forest School 1

This week the class have worked extremely hard on their division skills. The have looked at the process of long division but have moved on to the short division method. Next week we will be moving on to word problems.

In literacy they have produced an amazing write up of a new potion. The class have learnt how to punctuate bullet points properly.

On Friday the class enjoyed a rather sticky science experiment involving coke and mentos as part of our topic.

We also carried out an experiment which proves the need for oxygen for fires.


Next week we will be busing making items ready for the "Potions Shop" at the Tulip Tree - 2pm on Tuesday 10th December.



Spellings - farther/further, heard/herd, lead (metal)/led, morning/mourning, past/passed, precede/proceed (tested Monday).

Maths - Word problem (due Wednesday).

Literacy - Draw out their favourite book cover (front and back) on an A4 piece of paper (due Friday).

Spanish - Spanish Languagenut homework: Family members. Please  to go straight into your homework and then the system will count it as done, you have to click on top of "Homework Overview", (on the screen, left side at the bottom, you can see a red circle showing you have homework).

Forest School

Forest School 1

In maths this week, the class have continued to work on multiplication. We have been trying out a number of different ways and methods for answering it. We finished on multiplying 3 digits by 2 digits and will continue on Monday.


In literacy the class have been looking at instructions; the different forms and the features of them. They then moved on to writing a number of different instructions. They have also enjoyed reading and telling others about the instructions of the board games that they have brought in.....and playing them.


They have also been researching famous scientists and discovering about their findings. We will be looking at the reaction that takes place with fire on Monday.



Spellings - rain/rein/reign, missed/mist, peace/piece, plain/plane, scene/seen, weather/whether (tested Monday)

Maths - TIMES TABLES - writing them, singing them, grids, apps - I am not fussy but they need to be better and faster!

Literacy - write out a set of instructions for making a cup of tea

            - write out a set of instructions for getting ready for school (on lined/plain paper (hand written) due Friday)

Forest School

Forest School 1

Winter has officially arrived - the class endured a very wet/cold week in and out of school.


We have gone multiplication made in maths - multiplying 2,3 and 4 digit numbers by a single digit. Please continue to work on their times tables. 


In literacy, the class have been creating some wonderful leaflets about Chiddingstone School. You may even find some of them outside the office in the next couple of weeks.


We continued our science experiments this week by discovering the properties and making observations about ice balloons under different conditions.


Have a lovely weekend.



Maths - Investigations (due in Wednesday)

Spellings - groan/grown, here/hear, heel/heal/he'll, knot/not, mail/male, main/mane, meet/meat, medal/meddle (tested Monday)

Literacy - finish leaflets (some children only - due Monday)

             - play a board game with someone at home over the weekend - focus on the instructions of the game - are they detailed?                Do they have pictures? Are they confusing? What makes a good set of instructions? (discussion only by Monday)

            -bring a board game/card game into school on Monday to play

Forest School

Forest School 1

Welcome back everyone, I hope you had a restful holiday.

This week we finished out extra work on Space, they created a wonderful Solar System and an information poster about thier chosen planet.

We also started our new topic of "Potions". Today we started an experiment on height and jumping. The class were learning the process of a scientific experiment.

Date for the diary - Tuesday 10th December - Potions Shop at the Tulip Tree (2-3). Please come along and purchase the goods that we will be selling as well as a cup of tea and a cake from the Tulip Tree. Any profit we make will go to a chosen charity. You can then come back to the classroom to look at their books.

Maths - so far this term we have covered prime and composite numbers, some multiplication and factors. Next week we will be continuing with mulitiplaction.

Literacy - We have been looking at different information booklets this week and have been deciding what makes a good booklet. The class have then designed and started an information booklet about Chiddingstone School.


Reading - the class will be starting their reading raffle again this term. Please can you sign when you hear/see your child read. If they read 5 times (at home) a week then they will recive a raffle ticket. Please note that they must be listened to at least once a week by someone at home.


Have a great weekend.

Forest School

Forest School 1

We have made it! After a long 6 and a half weeks it is finally the holiday.

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching the class this term, it has been wonderful getting to know them and seeing them flourish.


On Monday we had a fantastic trip to the Science Museum, the children were brilliantly behaved throughout the trip. They explored most of the museum and had an interactive 4d film about a moon landing. Thank you to the mums who came on this trip.


We have carried with the space topic by producing an information page about their favourite plane. On Friday, Dr Gerard Hester came in to talk about his field of physics and his passion of space.


In maths we have finished off our addition and subtraction section and will move on to multiplication and division after half term.



Spellings - look over all spellings from the last term.

Maths - Word problem sheet, the children have been asked to write out their solution in words, explaining what they did and why they did it. Please can they add as much reasoning in as they can. Please keep going with times tables.

Potions - emailed out this week


Have a wonderful break and see you all next term.



Forest School

Forest School 1

Well done to the whole class for their wonderful presentations. They were all extremely informative. Thank you to everyone who came to listen to them.


The class ended their WW1 "Fallen Fields" topic by making some incredible trenches. The results were spectacular. There was so much creativity around the classroom and the perspective parents loved watching them work and so engaged with the topic. On Thursday the class made trench cakes (cakes that were given to the soldiers at Christmas in 1914)….and I believe they tasted quite nice as well!


In the literacy lessons we also continued our WW1 topic and finished our newspaper articles on 'The Christmas Truce'.


There has been a lot of column addition and subtraction in the maths lessons. The class are working quickly and efficiently to answer the questions.


On Friday the enjoyed a great inter-house football tournament with Year 6, this week we weren't lucky enough to miss the rain but I think they all had a good time.


TRIP ON MONDAY - please remember that we have our trip on Monday. They need to be in full school uniform including a red school cap. They will need a packed lunch and can bring a maximum of £10. We will be meeting at Hildenborough at 9:15am and hope to be on the train that arrives back in Hildenborough at 3:12pm.

Forest School

Forest School 1

Term 2 Forest School rota

Year 5 persevered through the wet weather this week. On Wednesday they enjoyed their RE day, they built bags, created animals, completed a scavenger hunt and danced up a storm in the church. They also enjoyed a shooting drill in football on Friday and only just missed the rain.


In literacy lessons, we have been looking at newspapers and their features. On Friday we started our newspaper article on the "Christmas Truce".


In maths, we began the chapter on addition and subtraction and have focused on counting forwards and backwards and column addition.


Our topic lessons have been based on the trenches and the children have designed trenches which they will be building on Wednesday.


Thank you everyone for sending in the presentations, I look forward to seeing you all next week. Have a lovely weekend watching the rugby. 



Spellings - official, special, artificial, partial, confidential, essential (tested Monday)


Shoebox Trenches - the children have been asked to bring in a shoebox, any cardboard, plastic and any other items that they will need to create their shoebox trench. We will be making these on Wednesday.


Forest School

Forest School 1

Friday 27th September


The class had a wonderful.....if slightly brief trip to Eden Valley Museum yesterday. We learnt about the WW1 airfield and wireless school in the Causeway. We were then told about the different professions that the soldiers would have had before the war: cricket ball making, hop picking, blacksmith and farmers to name a few. Elsewhere in the topic we also re-enacted 'The Christmas Truce' is the playground, the 'soldiers' from opposing sides greeted each other, sang carols, shared presents and even had a game of footy! We also learnt about the role of women in WW1 and researched a number of famous girls.


In maths we have finally finished our first topic of place value, this week we working on rounding numbers to the nearest 1000,10000 and 100000. Using IPads we were rounding the populations of different countries.


Mrs Haysom came into our class again to discuss a comprehension and we also looked at the reasons for news, how we get it and what people want to know.



Spellings - definite, shoulder, excellent, lightning, community (tested Monday)

Maths - place value sheet in homework book (due in Wednesday but please bring back in ASAP)

Literacy - Create a powerpoint presentation for their family consultation. This must be 4 slides long. The first slide is an introduction. Slide 2: Literacy - 3 strengths and 3 things that they would like to getter better at. Slide 3: Maths - same principle. Slide 4 - Extra Curricular - 3 things that they enjoy (PE, Music, Topic, Buddies etc) and 2/3 personal targets for the year ahead (e.g. achieving grade 2 on piano, learning how to do a walkover in gymnastics).



Forest School

Forest School 1

Dear Parents,


Welcome to Year 5 (forgot to save the class update last Friday)!The class have settled in really nicely into Year 5 life. They are working well and are adapting the faster pace expected of them. 


Through the reading of "One Boy's War" and watching clips from WW1, the class have been busy imagining what life was like in the trenches of Belgium and France. They have all written some wonderful and emotive letters home from the trenches.


Topic work has also been based around WW1, they have created propaganda posters, understood the reasons for WW1 starting and looked at the geography of Europe in 1914.


It has been pleasing to see that class has such a wonderful understanding of place value. We have been ordering and comparing numbers as well as finding and creating number patterns. The children have also been taking part in regular arithmetic and times tables activities. 


The class looked fantastic on Wednesday, during our annual Roald Dahl dress up day. 


Just a reminder that next week the class are visiting Eden Valley Museum, I now only need 1 parent helper but have yet to have an offer. Can anyone help?!



Spellings - bruise, develop, vehicle, physical, stomach (tested Monday)

R.E - drawing for the Harvest Festival hymn sheet (compulsory and due Wednesday)


Have a lovely weekend

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Curriculum Meeting

Year 5 Forest School

Year 5 Forest School 1

Year 5 Forest School rota

Year 5 Forest School

Year 5 Forest School 1