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Year 5

After the excitement of last week's trip, I forgot to save the previous update.


The children were wonderfully behaved at the gallery last week. They seemed thoroughly engrossed in the exhibitions and gave good answers to questions posed to them during our talk.


This week we have continued to explore the "Gallery" topic. They have started sketching their ideas for the exhibition. They have researched some of the most famous galleries in the world and have started to copy a painting from the National Gallery.


In literacy, the class have been finishing their first draft of the adventure story - Based on "Stig of the Dump". They have also completed a number of tricky comprehensions this week.


In maths - we have started our topic of fractions. This is quite a tricky concept so any additional work at home would be fantastic.



Monday - CATs test

Thursday 13th February (TBC) - Gallery Night in Edenbridge.



Spellings - examine, explode, exercise, exhale, explain, excite, external, extend, explore, example (tested Monday/Tuesday)

Maths - word problems (due Wednesday)

Literacy - research a famous artist (not Banksy), 1/2 page of information with a picture and maybe their own drawing (due Friday).


Have a lovely weekend.

Forest School

Forest School 1

Forest School

Forest School 1

Welcome back!

First, I would like to say a big thank you for my wonderful Christmas gifts. I will let you know when I spend my voucher on!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday and had a fun New Year.

We started 2020 with a new topic - "Gallery". The children have created some wonderful self-portraits and some Impressionist art. We are building up to a gallery night on the final week of term - date to be announced soon. Mrs Wetz has kindly offered her services and will be working with the class on a Thursday between break and lunch.

This week in literacy, we have finished off the Potions narrative from last term and have begun to read our new class book "Stig of the Dump".

The new book for book club is "Rooftoppers" by Katherine Rundell, book club will be on Monday 27th January (there is no football club on this date).

In maths, we have been going over some quite tricky word problems (even I struggled).


Timetable Changes

Spanish is now on a Wednesday.

P.E will also continue on a Wednesday (but it will be on a Tuesday for the last two weeks of this term).

Forest School - this will be the last term that the class take part in Forest School this year.



Maths - graphs sheets - due Wednesday

Literacy/Topic - research a period/movement of art. At least 1 page worth of research (not just copy and paste from the Internet). It would be great if they could add a picture as an example and perhaps attempt a version for themselves.

Forest School

Forest School 1

Thank you to everyone who made the "Potion Shop" on Tuesday. The class have thoroughly enjoyed making all the produce and I am sure that it will all be well used over the festive period. 

In maths this week, the class have been working on reading bar and line graphs and interpreting the data. Next week we will be moving on to word problems.

In literacy, the class have been completing a potion narrative; the stories have been both interesting and compelling.


Please remember the KS2 Carol Concert on Tuesday night.



Spellings - profit/prophet, steal/steel, weary/wary, draft/draught, decent/dissent, principal/principle (tested Monday)

Maths - graph questions - 3 sheets (due Wednesday)

Literacy - none set

The class have again been working at a stellar pace this week - switching from maths to science to English at a moment's notice.


In maths we have been looking a timetables (bus and train) and trying to dissect information from them. Please can you work on the 24 hour clock with them at home if you have some extra time! We also started looking at line graphs and understanding how they can represent date in a different way.


During our literacy lessons, the class have been planning a narrative to do with spells and curses and will be writing them next week.They have also completed a number of comprehensions and a SPaG assessment.


Our topic work has been focusing on creating items for the "Potion Shop".....I don't want to give anything more away!



Potion Shop @ The Tulip Tree on Tuesday. Please come and buy some of the amazing items that the children have created. These are sure to be brilliant stocking fillers and on the 'must have' list for Christmas 2019!

If you could bring some change (around £4) then that would be amazing - any profit will go to charity!

Come for 2pm and bring any family you like. We will then head back to the classroom at 2:45 to look at their books.


Trip to National Gallery Friday 17th January 2020! 



Maths - due Wednesday

Spellings - guessed/guest, isle/aisle, allowed/aloud, cereal/serial, desert/dessert, bridal/bridle

Literacy - character profile of a character from a book of their choice - as much detail as possible. These will be going up as a display so lovely handwriting and neat colouring please.


Have a lovely weekend.

Forest School

Forest School 1

This week the class have worked extremely hard on their division skills. The have looked at the process of long division but have moved on to the short division method. Next week we will be moving on to word problems.

In literacy they have produced an amazing write up of a new potion. The class have learnt how to punctuate bullet points properly.

On Friday the class enjoyed a rather sticky science experiment involving coke and mentos as part of our topic.

We also carried out an experiment which proves the need for oxygen for fires.


Next week we will be busing making items ready for the "Potions Shop" at the Tulip Tree - 2pm on Tuesday 10th December.



Spellings - farther/further, heard/herd, lead (metal)/led, morning/mourning, past/passed, precede/proceed (tested Monday).

Maths - Word problem (due Wednesday).

Literacy - Draw out their favourite book cover (front and back) on an A4 piece of paper (due Friday).

Spanish - Spanish Languagenut homework: Family members. Please  to go straight into your homework and then the system will count it as done, you have to click on top of "Homework Overview", (on the screen, left side at the bottom, you can see a red circle showing you have homework).

Forest School

Forest School 1

In maths this week, the class have continued to work on multiplication. We have been trying out a number of different ways and methods for answering it. We finished on multiplying 3 digits by 2 digits and will continue on Monday.


In literacy the class have been looking at instructions; the different forms and the features of them. They then moved on to writing a number of different instructions. They have also enjoyed reading and telling others about the instructions of the board games that they have brought in.....and playing them.


They have also been researching famous scientists and discovering about their findings. We will be looking at the reaction that takes place with fire on Monday.



Spellings - rain/rein/reign, missed/mist, peace/piece, plain/plane, scene/seen, weather/whether (tested Monday)

Maths - TIMES TABLES - writing them, singing them, grids, apps - I am not fussy but they need to be better and faster!

Literacy - write out a set of instructions for making a cup of tea

            - write out a set of instructions for getting ready for school (on lined/plain paper (hand written) due Friday)

Forest School

Forest School 1

Winter has officially arrived - the class endured a very wet/cold week in and out of school.


We have gone multiplication made in maths - multiplying 2,3 and 4 digit numbers by a single digit. Please continue to work on their times tables. 


In literacy, the class have been creating some wonderful leaflets about Chiddingstone School. You may even find some of them outside the office in the next couple of weeks.


We continued our science experiments this week by discovering the properties and making observations about ice balloons under different conditions.


Have a lovely weekend.



Maths - Investigations (due in Wednesday)

Spellings - groan/grown, here/hear, heel/heal/he'll, knot/not, mail/male, main/mane, meet/meat, medal/meddle (tested Monday)

Literacy - finish leaflets (some children only - due Monday)

             - play a board game with someone at home over the weekend - focus on the instructions of the game - are they detailed?                Do they have pictures? Are they confusing? What makes a good set of instructions? (discussion only by Monday)

            -bring a board game/card game into school on Monday to play

Forest School

Forest School 1

Welcome back everyone, I hope you had a restful holiday.

This week we finished out extra work on Space, they created a wonderful Solar System and an information poster about thier chosen planet.

We also started our new topic of "Potions". Today we started an experiment on height and jumping. The class were learning the process of a scientific experiment.

Date for the diary - Tuesday 10th December - Potions Shop at the Tulip Tree (2-3). Please come along and purchase the goods that we will be selling as well as a cup of tea and a cake from the Tulip Tree. Any profit we make will go to a chosen charity. You can then come back to the classroom to look at their books.

Maths - so far this term we have covered prime and composite numbers, some multiplication and factors. Next week we will be continuing with mulitiplaction.

Literacy - We have been looking at different information booklets this week and have been deciding what makes a good booklet. The class have then designed and started an information booklet about Chiddingstone School.


Reading - the class will be starting their reading raffle again this term. Please can you sign when you hear/see your child read. If they read 5 times (at home) a week then they will recive a raffle ticket. Please note that they must be listened to at least once a week by someone at home.


Have a great weekend.

Forest School

Forest School 1

We have made it! After a long 6 and a half weeks it is finally the holiday.

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching the class this term, it has been wonderful getting to know them and seeing them flourish.


On Monday we had a fantastic trip to the Science Museum, the children were brilliantly behaved throughout the trip. They explored most of the museum and had an interactive 4d film about a moon landing. Thank you to the mums who came on this trip.


We have carried with the space topic by producing an information page about their favourite plane. On Friday, Dr Gerard Hester came in to talk about his field of physics and his passion of space.


In maths we have finished off our addition and subtraction section and will move on to multiplication and division after half term.



Spellings - look over all spellings from the last term.

Maths - Word problem sheet, the children have been asked to write out their solution in words, explaining what they did and why they did it. Please can they add as much reasoning in as they can. Please keep going with times tables.

Potions - emailed out this week


Have a wonderful break and see you all next term.



Forest School

Forest School 1

Well done to the whole class for their wonderful presentations. They were all extremely informative. Thank you to everyone who came to listen to them.


The class ended their WW1 "Fallen Fields" topic by making some incredible trenches. The results were spectacular. There was so much creativity around the classroom and the perspective parents loved watching them work and so engaged with the topic. On Thursday the class made trench cakes (cakes that were given to the soldiers at Christmas in 1914)….and I believe they tasted quite nice as well!


In the literacy lessons we also continued our WW1 topic and finished our newspaper articles on 'The Christmas Truce'.


There has been a lot of column addition and subtraction in the maths lessons. The class are working quickly and efficiently to answer the questions.


On Friday the enjoyed a great inter-house football tournament with Year 6, this week we weren't lucky enough to miss the rain but I think they all had a good time.


TRIP ON MONDAY - please remember that we have our trip on Monday. They need to be in full school uniform including a red school cap. They will need a packed lunch and can bring a maximum of £10. We will be meeting at Hildenborough at 9:15am and hope to be on the train that arrives back in Hildenborough at 3:12pm.

Forest School

Forest School 1

Term 2 Forest School rota

Year 5 persevered through the wet weather this week. On Wednesday they enjoyed their RE day, they built bags, created animals, completed a scavenger hunt and danced up a storm in the church. They also enjoyed a shooting drill in football on Friday and only just missed the rain.


In literacy lessons, we have been looking at newspapers and their features. On Friday we started our newspaper article on the "Christmas Truce".


In maths, we began the chapter on addition and subtraction and have focused on counting forwards and backwards and column addition.


Our topic lessons have been based on the trenches and the children have designed trenches which they will be building on Wednesday.


Thank you everyone for sending in the presentations, I look forward to seeing you all next week. Have a lovely weekend watching the rugby. 



Spellings - official, special, artificial, partial, confidential, essential (tested Monday)


Shoebox Trenches - the children have been asked to bring in a shoebox, any cardboard, plastic and any other items that they will need to create their shoebox trench. We will be making these on Wednesday.


Forest School

Forest School 1

Friday 27th September


The class had a wonderful.....if slightly brief trip to Eden Valley Museum yesterday. We learnt about the WW1 airfield and wireless school in the Causeway. We were then told about the different professions that the soldiers would have had before the war: cricket ball making, hop picking, blacksmith and farmers to name a few. Elsewhere in the topic we also re-enacted 'The Christmas Truce' is the playground, the 'soldiers' from opposing sides greeted each other, sang carols, shared presents and even had a game of footy! We also learnt about the role of women in WW1 and researched a number of famous girls.


In maths we have finally finished our first topic of place value, this week we working on rounding numbers to the nearest 1000,10000 and 100000. Using IPads we were rounding the populations of different countries.


Mrs Haysom came into our class again to discuss a comprehension and we also looked at the reasons for news, how we get it and what people want to know.



Spellings - definite, shoulder, excellent, lightning, community (tested Monday)

Maths - place value sheet in homework book (due in Wednesday but please bring back in ASAP)

Literacy - Create a powerpoint presentation for their family consultation. This must be 4 slides long. The first slide is an introduction. Slide 2: Literacy - 3 strengths and 3 things that they would like to getter better at. Slide 3: Maths - same principle. Slide 4 - Extra Curricular - 3 things that they enjoy (PE, Music, Topic, Buddies etc) and 2/3 personal targets for the year ahead (e.g. achieving grade 2 on piano, learning how to do a walkover in gymnastics).



Forest School

Forest School 1

Dear Parents,


Welcome to Year 5 (forgot to save the class update last Friday)!The class have settled in really nicely into Year 5 life. They are working well and are adapting the faster pace expected of them. 


Through the reading of "One Boy's War" and watching clips from WW1, the class have been busy imagining what life was like in the trenches of Belgium and France. They have all written some wonderful and emotive letters home from the trenches.


Topic work has also been based around WW1, they have created propaganda posters, understood the reasons for WW1 starting and looked at the geography of Europe in 1914.


It has been pleasing to see that class has such a wonderful understanding of place value. We have been ordering and comparing numbers as well as finding and creating number patterns. The children have also been taking part in regular arithmetic and times tables activities. 


The class looked fantastic on Wednesday, during our annual Roald Dahl dress up day. 


Just a reminder that next week the class are visiting Eden Valley Museum, I now only need 1 parent helper but have yet to have an offer. Can anyone help?!



Spellings - bruise, develop, vehicle, physical, stomach (tested Monday)

R.E - drawing for the Harvest Festival hymn sheet (compulsory and due Wednesday)


Have a lovely weekend

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Curriculum Meeting

Year 5 Forest School

Year 5 Forest School 1

Year 5 Forest School rota

Year 5 Forest School

Year 5 Forest School 1