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Year 5

Week ending 19th July 


Yay! School is Out! 

The Year 5 team would like to say what a pleasure it has been to teach Year 5 this year and Mrs Wetz is very much looking forward to teaching them again in September when they become year 6's. We would also like to say thank you very much for our generous presents - very spoilt teachers!


Wishing you all a very lovely summer holiday! 


Sarah Wetz and Dan Rowland


Holiday homework

Along with the Reading Challenge, Year 5 (almost year 6) have decided they would like to be involved in a whole class project based over the year on an issue/cause they feel passionate about.  This could be on an environmental issue, an endangered species, a local concern, a children’s charity…

Their homework, over the summer holidays, is to research an issue or cause they would like to research/support and write a brief one page summary of their idea, why they wish to get involved and how they see the project developing over the course of the year.  We will be allocating an afternoon each term and some homework time to this project.  The project will culminate with a finale in term 6 – some suggestions might be a fund-raising event, gaining an award or a whole school presentation.

This project will hopefully inspire them to take an interest in the world around them and will be part of our literacy, PHSE and possibly (depending on the topic) science curriculum.

Mrs Haysom and I will select 3 or 4 projects, based on the one page summaries and then these children will present their ideas to the class who will then vote on their favourite project. 

Good luck everyone!

Mrs Wetz

Week commencing 8th July


It was lovely to see so many of you at the Open Evening yesterday - the children enjoyed reminiscing over the Barcelona pictures and short video clips, which we had playing on the board.   


This week we have learnt about expanded noun phrases in literacy, volume and capacity in numeracy and, as part of our Scream Machine topic work, we carried out several investigations to find the best design for an autogyro.  The children had to take in to account how gravity and air resistance altered the rate of spin and speed of decent. Mrs Wetz had to put on her best singing voice (cover your ears) to practice our class song for Robin Hood with the class. 


This afternoon, those children who weren't at Wimbledon spent the day painting scenery for the summer production - even if we say so ourselves, it looks fabulous and we were all very proud of our creation. 


Congratulations to Charlie, Isabelle, Sophie and Sam who came second in the Great Maths Race at Leigh School this afternoon.  


Enjoy the sunshine!

Sarah Wetz @ Dan Rowland

Week Commencing 1st July


Wow.....July already!


To be honest last week very little teaching took place but we all had a lot of fun.

Monday consisted of a science/forest school day at Broomlands. The children were split in groups and joined children from other local schools, many of which they will see in the future at secondary school or on the bus. 

On Tuesday we rehearsed and rehearsed our song for Robin well as a bit of 3-legged racing.

I actually think we had a lesson or two on Wednesday!

Thursday was Sports Day, all the children did amazingly well on what turned out to be a rather warm afternoon, my pink face is testament to that.

Friday started with our usual Funky Fit, it was followed by a whole school Conga and then hourly dance routines. Intertwined with this was prop day, the class created hats and props to go with our "Outlaw" theme.

Hopefully next week will be slightly more normal.


Please remember Open Evening on Thursday.

On Tuesday the class will be having a Tapas lesson, Mrs Crespo has kindly asked for a £1 donation to cover the costs.


Have a warm weekend!


Mr Rowland/Mrs Wetz


Robin Hood Finale lyrics

Week commencing 24th June


A huge congratulations to year 5 who performed their maypole dance perfectly and with great aplomb on Wednesday – well done everyone!

We have made a start on the school summer production this week – Year 5 are going to be Robin Hood’s band of merry men/outlaws.  They will be singing ‘Whenever I feel Afraid’ and have been creating some of their own actions/moves to go with the song. The children have been asked to learn the words to the finale song – please see lyrics attached.  They will need long brown/green t shirts, brown/green leggings or trousers for their costumes.  We will be making hats on Props day.


We are very excited about our Science/Forest school day on Monday at Broomlands Farm.  Please see the parent letters which have been sent home for all the relevant information about the day.  We have advised the children to wear long trousers and not shorts so they can avoid being stung by stinging nettles or scratched on the brambles. Please ensure they bring plenty of water, a packed lunch, sun cream, sun hat and a raincoat. They should also be wearing a t-shirt in the colour of their  team (see parent letter) The children, as well as taking part in some science based activities, will also be working towards their Junior Foresters Award, which is linked to the Royal Forestry Society.  It should be a fun day for everyone – fingers crossed for some good weather!


Friday is Props day so the children might like to bring in an old shirt or apron to protect their clothes.  Also, happening on Friday, the school plans to dance on the hour every hour in order to raise funds for the NSPCC. Tuesday's AOW explained why we would be fundraising and what the money raised would go to. Every child should have taken a sponsor form home with them and hopefully will be asking for friends and family to sponsor their dancing. It will begin straight after Funky Fit Friday when the Year 6 pupils will lead a whole school conga around the pavement up the road, round the Chiding Stone and then back to school. On every hour, a couple of representatives from Year 6 will come into the classes and lead a dance routine for the duration of one song. What fun!


No spellings or maths homework this week

Literacy – some children need to complete their Robin Hood stories in to their Published Work books.


Have a lovely weekend!

Sarah Wetz and Dan Rowland


Week Beginning 17th June


Welcome back after a lovely...if slightly wet half term to probably an even wetter first week back!

The children have been finishing a number of pieces of literacy work, including a Robin Hood story.

In maths they have been looking at perimeter and working out the distance around the outside of a shape accurately.

We have also started our new topic "Scream Machine". The class have been busy looking at different theme parks from around the world as well as creating some Top Trumps about different rides. 

We have also been busy practicing for the Maypole!



sufficient, determined, controversy , marvellous, recommend 



Please bring clothes for the fashion show in on Tuesday



Year 5 - walk

Year 5 - walk  1

Friday 17th May 2019


This week in maths we have been converting between measures - millilitres (ml), litres (L), grams (g), kilograms (kg) and pounds (llbs).  We went on a nature walk, on Wednesday morning, looking for inspiration for a nature poem.  Earlier in class, we had looked at the beautifully illustrated book 'the lost words' by Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris, which includes 'spells' (poems) about different plants, animals, birds.  The children's poems were fabulous and several Headteacher awards were given!  

On our way back to school, at the end of the walk, the children ran through the rapeseed crop (on the footpath) – young and carefree! We thought you would like to see a photo – see attached.

Next week, Year 5 will be being taught by Mrs Haysom and Mrs Lloyd-Davies as both, myself and Mr Rowland are going on the Year 6 trip to Seville.  We would, therefore like to wish you all a very happy May half term and look forward to seeing you all when we return for term 6 in June.  Next term's creative curriculum topic is 'Scream Machine' - we will be looking at forces and carrying out some investigations and fair tests.  


Mrs Wetz & Mr Rowland



Spellings – will be tested on Friday

Maths – due in on Monday

Literacy – research and explore the sensory properties of herbs such as feverfew, marjoram, lemon balm and lungwort, finding out how such herbs were used during the Middle Ages. The children should then choose one herb and write a description explaining its properties including smell, touch, medicinal uses and how it was used. They should include a picture or a detailed scientific drawing of the herb.  They should write or create this using Word/Publisher – it will be due in after half term on Thursday 13th June.    

Friday 10th May

The class enjoyed a wonderful day at the Literary Festival at Chiddingstone Castle on Tuesday. Dan Freeman (author of the Jamie Johnson series), gave a fascinating insight into his life, his job and answer many questions that the children had.

In our literacy lessons they have started to research Geoffrey Chaucer and will be reading and creating their own Canterbury Tale.

During our numeracy, year 5 have now moved on to units of measurement and converting them.

In our new topic of Kings, Peasants and Pestilence we have been discovering information about the Black Death, Coats of Arms and different parts of armour that knights wore.

Have a lovely weekend.



Literacy homework - it is in their book, this is due in on Wednesday.

Spellings - persuade, sacrifice, desperate, amateur, privilege 


The class had a wonderful end to the term with a lovely boots and bonnet parade. Everyone looked fantastic! 
A big well done to Millie and Isla for their Headteacher Awards. 
We look forward to seeing you all at Gatwick in just over two weeks time. The children should have been given a bag to put their liquids in - please can you make sure it is named! 
Have a wonderful Easter break! 
Mr Rowland and Mrs Wetz