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Year 5

A round up of activities during this term's topic work

Friday 15th October


Half-term already! A huge well done to all the children for settling so beautifully into Year 5 and for engaging so well with their learning. They are a delightful bunch. 


We have now completed our Shang Dynasty topic and the children have learnt an enormous amount about this Ancient Civilisation. They finished the topic by creating clay vessels based on those discovered in archaeological digs in China - their various different designs reflect the diversity and craftsmanship evident in ancient artefacts from 3000 years ago.


We are looking forward to our next topic - Stargazers - please do send in any books or information the children would like to share with the Class.


Have a lovely half-term.



Read the two books from the OXFORD OWL reading scheme as per the letter sent out this week.

Keep up the times tables practice 

Friday 8th October


It was wonderful to see so many parents at the Harvest Festival on Wednesday in spite of the limits on numbers. Year 5 should be hugely proud of themselves for their retelling of the Good Samaritan and for the informative presentation about the Tear Fund. Thank you, too for your kind donations.


We've had an exciting end to the week with two visiting teachers today. Mr Miles did his second computing session which involved recreating the great female Chinese Warrior, Fu Hao's tomb and Mrs Middleton (who is Chinese) came in to speak to the children about China and to teach them a little of the language. See if they can remember how to count to ten in Mandarin!


In literacy, we are spinning back in time to the Shang Dynasty where the children are imagining themselves at the centre of daily life in Ancient China. I look forward to reading about their antics as warriors/craftsmen/peasants etc.


In maths, we are adding and subtracting numbers up to 1,000,000 using the column method. 


Have a lovely weekend.



Maths - for Tuesday

Literacy - comprehension  for Friday

Spellings - we will recap the spellings from this term

Reading  - at least 5 times

Times-tables - practise, practise, practise!


Book Club

It was good to have such a pleasing turn out at  Year 5/6 Book Club and interesting to hear your thoughts on The Night Bus Hero. I think we all enjoyed listening to Miss Wright's, often quite controversial, views!

Next time, our text will be The 1,000-year-old Boy by Ross Welford.

Here's a bit of blurb to whet your appetite.

Alfie Monk is like any other nearly teenage boy - except he's 1,000 years old and can remember the last Viking invasion of England.

Obviously no one believes him.

So when everything Alfie knows and loves is destroyed in a fire, and the modern world comes crashing in, Alfie embarks on a mission to find friendship, acceptance, and a different way to live...

... which means finding a way to make sure he will eventually die.

We will meet again to discuss this novel in Term 2.

Friday 1st of October


Well....the weather has certainly changed. Cold, wind and rain was the format of the week but the class still managed PE, forest school and not a single wet play!


The class continued to work on the Shang Dynasty. They created some wonderful "bronze" ornaments and started to create a leaflet covering all aspects of the period.


In maths, they have been working on their rounding skills of numbers up to 1 million and then moved on to addition by counting on.


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and try and stay dry!



Please continue to read 5 times a week to enter the reading raffle.

Spellings - apply, supply, identify, occupy, multiply, rhyme, cycle (i spelt with a y).

Cued - new/knew, lose/loose, not/knot, mail/male

Maths - rounding coding worksheet



Friday 24th September


In spite of it being assessment week, we have had an interesting time in Class 5. Yesterday afternoon was spent investigating the bronze casting processes used by the Shang Dynasty Chinese. Most of the classroom was covered in plaster of Paris by the end of it but the children produced some beautiful objects which we'll be painting next week.


We've also been honing our comprehension technique, reading the questions first and using them as sign-posts to relevant areas of the text. At the moment, we're working on our powers of retrieval so do quiz your children about what's happening in the books they're reading with you.


In Maths, we've been rounding into the 100,000s and thinking about why we round larger numbers - do ask your children about this.


Have a lovely weekend and don't forget PE and Forest School on Monday.



Spellings: words with the short vowel sound /i/ spelt with y

symbol, mystery, oxygen, physical, rhythm

Cued Spellings: desert/dessert  fair/fare   grate/great   heal/heel

Literacy: to write a book review using the sheet in blue homework books

Maths: for Tuesday

Times tables

Reading: at least 5 times a week at home, including once with an adult



Fantastic Mr Fox Workshop and Reading Buddies

Friday 17th September


As you can see from the pictures, it's been another busy week in Year 5. Fantastic Mr Fox put in an appearance on Roald Dahl day with the children engaging in their workshop well. They impressed all of us with their beautifully constructed fox masks. We finished the day with a debate asking whether Boggis, Bunce and Bean or Mr Fox were in the right. The Fox won the day and we discussed what a skillful writer Roald Dahl was for persuading us to like Mr Fox in spite of his thieving ways.


In maths, we've begun rounding into the 10,000s and in literacy we have been learning to construct a narrative and have started reading Cosmic by Frank Cottrell-Boyce - do send your child in with a copy if you have it at home.


The children have particularly enjoyed being reading buddies to Year One and have conducted themselves brilliantly with the younger pupils. It is great to see them mixing with other year groups again.


Have a lovely weekend.



Spellings - ambitious, infectious, nutritious, anxious, obnoxious - to be tested on Friday

Cued Spellings - bear/bare  berry/bury   cereal/serial   break/break - to be tested on Friday

Literacy - short comprehension for Friday in blue book

Maths - sheet for Tuesday in yellow books

Times tables and reading as usual


Friday 10th September

The end of our first full week......breath!

In maths this week, they have continued to work on place value up to the hundreds of thousands. We have been using a lot of counters to read and write these large numbers.

During the literacy lessons, Year 5 has been writing stories about "having a change of heart" using the Susan Boyle audition as inspiration. The work has been well written and is extremely detailed.

The topic lessons have again continued to look at "Dynamic Dynersties". Today they have been designing Taotie masks which look incredible.

The class have also had their first P.E, R.E and PSHE lessons of the year.


Please remember that they have forest school on Monday. They should come into school in their P.E kits and will then get changed into their forest school gear after lunch. They do not need their school uniform.



Literacy - noun wordsearch 

Reading - please make sure you continue to read at home and get your journal signed for the reading raffle

Maths - starts next week

Spellings - vicious, gracious, spacious, precious and delicious 

      Cued - pair/pear, peace/piece, one/won, meet/meat


Have a lovely weekend!


Acting out the creation of the Ancient Chinese Shang Dynasty

Friday 3rd September 


It was fantastic to welcome the children into Class 5 and they're already tackling the work with gusto. 


In  Maths, we've begun to look at place value up to the 100,000s and in literacy we recapped word classes and started thinking about how to write a narrative poem. We'll be basing these on ancient Chinese Myths to tie-in with our topic, Dynamic Dynasties.


As part of their topic work, the children located China on a map of the world and zoomed in to study some of the interesting physical features of this enormous country.


We look forward to more of the same next week.



Spellings - homophones to be tested on Friday

medal/meddle  missed/mist  scene/seen  board/bored  which/witch

Cued spellings (everyone should revise these)

What, when, who, why, where

Maths - please keep learning times tables (we will be sending Maths homework in on a

Tuesday to mark the next Tuesday)

Reading - we will have a reading raffle every Friday. Please read 5 times at home and sign your reading diary. It must be signed at least once by an adult after they've listened to you read. See below for details of Book Club


Year 5/6 Book Club Term 1  5th October (note there will be no netball this day)

We are kicking off the year with a novel by the acclaimed author of The Boy at the Back of the Class - Onjali Q Rauf. It is entitled The Night Bus Hero. Here's the blurb to whet your appetite:

'The boy's an absolute menace.'
'He's a bully. A lost cause!'
'Why can't he be more like his sister?'
I've been getting into trouble for as long I can remember. Usually I don't mind 'cos some of my best, most brilliant ideas have come from sitting in detention.
But recently it feels like no one believes me about anything - even when I'm telling the truth! And it's only gotten worse since I played a prank on the old man who lives in the park.
Everyone thinks I'm just a bully. They don't believe I could be a hero.
Bu I'm going to prove them all wrong...
Told from the perspective of a bully, this book explores themes of bullying and homelessness, while celebrating kindness, friendship and the potential everyone has to change for the good.


We very much hope to see some old faces from last year's meetings as well as welcome plenty of new ones.  For possible first-time attendees, who are wondering what's involved, we invite you to read a selected text each term and then join us for an informal discussion about it after school - normally on the last Monday of the term. As we exchange views and ideas, we share a snack and a drink and hopefully have a pleasant hour together socialising with school pals.

If anyone would like more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kate Haysom and Rebecca Wright

Hever Triathlon Day

Friday 16th July 2021


Welcome to your last Class Page missive as Year 5 students. 


We have two and a half days left next week - don't forget to bring in a large, plastic bag to take all your things home on Monday.


On Tuesday, our matinee performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream is at 2pm and you will need to be back in School via the drop and go system at 5.45  - 6pm Tuesday evening for the later show. (Both performances are ticketed as per Mrs Streatfeild's letter).


Please make sure you have PE shorts/skorts in on Monday for the dress rehearsal if you are a Sprite. The Donkeys will wear their grey school shorts unless they've been told otherwise. School shoes should be worn.


I look forward to seeing you next week. Don't forget - pick up is at 1.30 pm on Wednesday.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Hester



Year 5 Sports Day 2021

Friday 9th July


What a brilliant week you've had, Year 5. We were delighted with the way you embraced the Triathlon Day on Thursday. Well done for taking part with such enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment; hopefully, some of you might feel inspired to put a team together for the Hever Tri in September. You may even want to take on the swim, bike run as a solo athlete.


To top off the week with Sports Day was hugely exciting but also exhausting. As we've been so busy, there is no homework this week. Please do try and ensure you know both the Summer Production Songs.


Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Hester and Mrs Haysom

Reading Buddies

Creative Clocks

Week beginning Monday 5th July


As you can see, Year 5 have produced some interesting and slightly surreal clock designs. We were interested to learn about the dream-based surrealist movement and particularly liked Salvador Dali's clocks in his Persistence of Memory picture.


I have been enjoying reading your autobiographies and look forward to finishing these this week. The photos that have been sent in have invoked lots of 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' as they bring back memories and show small you once were  - please ask your parents to email a few pictures in if they haven't yet done so. 


In maths, we are learning how to read and produce coordinates and translate shapes. Children also spent time revising 2D shapes as we missed some of this topic in last year's lockdown.


We have a busy week ahead. Don't forget, we'll be spending the day triathlon training at Hever on Thursday. Friday is home clothes day.



Literacy - workouts 5 & 6 for Tuesday

Maths - sheet for FRIDAY this week

Spellings - homophones - shore/sure  weigh/way  whose/who's.  its/it's  they're/there/their   brake/break. These are the same for everyone

Reading  - please ensure you have your diaries signed.

Keep practising the songs


Our rather splendid A Midsummer Night's Dream Storyboard Display

Friday 25th June

We have finally completed our Midsummer Night’s Dream storyboards (see photo above), ready to share with our Year 1 buddies on Monday – weather permitting.

In anticipation of this, it might be a good idea to practise relaying the story of the play to someone at home to help you consolidate your understanding before explaining the rather complex plot to the younger pupils.

Here is the link to the clips we watched in class:

Autobiographies have now become our focus in literacy. With this in mind, do use the weekend to dig out a suitable photo and, if possible, email it in to the school office.

In maths, we have calculated the missing angle using information provided, as well as developing our skills in using a protractor.

Our topic lesson involved catching a dropped ruler in order to investigate our reaction times and observe how these are affected by distractions (see photos below). 

Next week, we are looking forward to Sports Day and very much hope that the current meteorologists’ predictions are incorrect and that we get clement weather.


  1. Literacy: Spring workouts 3 and 4 for Tuesday please. Do remember there is a glossary on the inside back cover if you need it.
  2. Maths: Thursday please.
  3. Reading – as usual.
  4. Spellings for all – more homophones: principal, principle, profit, prophet descent, dissent, desert, dessert, draft, draught. Please make sure that you know how to use the words accurately in sentences.
  5. Practising our song for the play.

Reaction Times

Using our coding skills to monitor the changing temperature outside the classroom

Friday 18th June


A huge thank you to Mr Miles for coming in on Tuesday and teaching the children block coding on micro-bits. We were able to use the code to record and compare the air temperature inside the classroom and in the playground. We would be hugely grateful if there were any Year 5 parents with expertise in coding who would be willing to give up some time to come in to Class. Please do contact the office if you can help.


The coding session was a welcome break from assessments which have absorbed a large part of the rest of the week. We did manage to squeeze in some art - the results of which should become evident on Sunday...


In PSHE our 'Growing Up' topic focused on changes in boys as they reach puberty. Discussions have been lively and positive as we learn the scientific language for developments in our bodies.


Finally, it's Year 5's turn to go swimming next week (from Tuesday to Friday). They will need swimsuits/trunks (no baggy shorts or bikinis) towels, goggles, a drink and a snack. On Tuesday and Thursday we won't be back until 3.40 pm. PICK UP IS FROM THE CASTLE CAR PARK ON THOSE DAYS.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Hester and Mrs Haysom



Literacy - Spring Term workouts 1 & 2 for Tuesday

Maths - in yellow books for Thursday

Spellings: father, farther, guessed, guest, heard, herd, led, lead, morning, mourning. (These are the same for everyone)

Reading: please aim to be in the Reading Raffle


A very select few members of Year 5 attending Monday’s book club

Fortunately there were a few more Year 6 attendees joining the discussion

Lunch time skipping

Friday 11th June

In order to kick off our Time Traveller topic, Monday was a 'no clocks' day in Year 5, where, at various intervals throughout the day, we estimated what time we thought it was using various clues - such as how hungry were and where the sun was in the sky. We then checked our estimates against the actual time. Most of you were fairly accurate - although the church clock chimes certainly helped guide us!

We have also considered how our bodies change over time and discussed the changes to expect as puberty approaches. 

In literacy, we have begun to study A Midsummer Night's Dream in preparation for this year's summer production. We shall play donkeys and sprites as we sing The Man of My Dreams - a comic love song composed about Titania and Bottom. 

Angles have been the focus in maths, where we have identified angles and compared them by size.

Thank you to those Year 5s who attended Year 5/6 Book Club on Monday. We're hoping that a few more of you might join us when you're in Year 6 and so will send the next title for discussion out shortly. This will give you more than ample time to read the text over the summer holidays in preparation for Term 1.

Reminders: You need your PE kit in school on a Tuesday, but trainers in school every day as we often go on a run. 

You absolutely must have a working pen. Now you're Year 5 (almost Year 6) you must do your writing in ink rather than pencil.

Please get this sorted over the weekend if you're someone whose stationery supplies are lacking.


Literacy Workouts Autumn 11 and 12 please. This needs to be handed in by Tuesday 15th at the latest so that we can go through it in class together.

Remember that you can ask for help or look things up and I urge you to do so if you're stuck or unsure about a question. This  may help with the one about possessive pronouns: possessive pronouns are used to show ownership of a person or thing. Some can be used on their own (mine, yours, his, hers, ours, theirs, whose); others must be used with a noun (my, your, his, her, its, our, their, whose). There is also a tricky question that asks you to rewrite verbs with a suffix to turn them into nouns and we thought it might help if we were to guide you towards the suffix - ation.

Frustratingly, last week, we had several pupils who had not completed the work on time or had left it at home and, consequently, could not actively join in the lesson. As an incentive to get organised and on top of your homework, we have said that we will allocate 15 minutes golden time to the class if everyone has has it in on the correct day next week. You can do it!

Maths for Thursday please.

Reading - please ensure that you read at home a minimum of five times. At least one of these reads must be to an adult aloud and you should use this time to discuss what you've read. Ask your parents to sign your reading diary to confirm this has happened. Thank you.

Spellings: stationary, stationery, steal, steel, wary, weary, who’s, whose, fate, fete, wander, wonder. Practise putting these into sentences to ensure you know which is which (rather than witch is which wink).

Cued Spellings (everyone should check they know these): church, reach, beach, catch, snatch, batch, hatch, match.



Friday 21st May 2021


It's the end of term 5 already and, as we head out for half term in the horizontal rain and slicing wind, we are all dreaming of a little sunshine over the next two weeks.


Well done for all your hard work this term. Your writing, in particular, has shown the greatest improvement. The best way to build on this, of course, is to keep reading. We had twenty children in the Reading Raffle today and our challenge for next term, is to have all thirty of you involved. Don't forget to show your new bookmark to the adults who read with you at home. The questions provide useful prompts for them to check your comprehension. Please also click on the links below if you are looking for ideas for suitable reading material.


We look forward to seeing you all back, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, for term 6 and our intriguing new topic; Time Traveller.

Have a lovely half term.


Mrs Hester and Mrs Haysom




GPS workouts 9 & 10 for the first Tuesday back.

Maths Arithmetic Sheet in Yellow Books for the first Thursday back.

Please keep up with your reading and times-tables.

Dragonfly sculptures made from wire - inspired by the works of Alexander Calder and David Oliveira

Our Climate Zone Map and accompanying work

Friday 14/5/21

The board above summaries our what we have covered so far this term in our Grow, Sow and Farm topic.

We have identified the origins of various fresh produce that we consume at home and then considered why these specific areas provide growing conditions that will allow the crop to thrive.

In particular, we focused on citrus farming in California and used this research to produce detailed leaflets. We also sampled and then sketched oranges - rather successfully, as you can see.

Next week, in our final lessons, we will think about how far produce travels, from its place of growth to where it is sold to consumers - as well as why this is important.

In anticipation of our next term's topic, Time Traveller, we have begun a new class text: Time Travelling with a Hamster by Ross Welford. Some of you have already brought a copy in, or downloaded it on your Kindle, in order to be able to follow along as we read. Great!

In maths lessons, we have begun work on decimals and are developing our confidence in converting them into fractions and vice versa.

In spite of Mrs Hester's plea last week, some of you are still without a working pen. Please use the weekend to ensure you have one in school ready for use on Monday morning - it really is an essential. Thank you.


Literacy - Please complete the next two workouts (Workouts 7 and 8) and make sure that you have them in school for Tuesday please.

These links may be useful:

Reading - as usual.

Maths -  a sheet in your yellow books for Thursday pls. Do as much as you can in 30-45 minutes.

Spellings - We will be revising all rules from this term. Please see attached.

Times tables - if you don't already have a fast recall.





Spelling words for revision

Year 5 watching the Maypole dancing by Year 6 -taking notes for next year.

Year 5 and 6 Orchestra Practice 5/5/21

Friday 7th May 


It has been really lovely to see many of your parents at consultations over the last couple of weeks. Please thank them on our behalf for all their fabulous support.


Well done everyone for cracking fractions. We are almost at the end of the chapter and have just about mastered the grand finale - multiplying mixed numbers by fractions. Both Mrs Haysom and I have been impressed with the level of focus and determination you have shown in understanding this difficult concept.


We have also been delighted with, both your reports on spiders, and your diaries from the viewpoint of that dastardly rat: Templeton. It is marvellous to see the progress you have made in your writing. We were sad to read about the death of Charlotte in the closing chapters of Charlotte's Web - I wonder what we'll be reading next...




GPS Homework for Tuesday: please complete workouts 5 & 6 for this Tuesday (11th May) and 7 & 8 for next Tuesday (18th May)

Maths Homework for Thursday: sheet in yellow books (30-45 minutes)

Spellings: words with the long vowel sound /i/ spelt with y

apply, occupy, identify, supply, multiply, rhyme, cycle, python, hyphen, hygiene

Cued Spellings: multiply, ring, sing, bring, think, drink, sink.

Reading: we are still running the reading raffle every Friday so make sure you read 5 times at home and ask a family member to listen to you once and sign your diary - REMEMBER - you have to be in it to win it!

Times tables: keep practising these at home.






Back on the astro!

Friday 30/4/21

Might we start by saying how good it was to catch up with many of your parents this week at the family meetings. We enjoyed letting them how well you are getting on and how good it is to have you back in the classroom after lockdown.

In Literacy this week, we have written diaries from the point of view of Templeton  - a gluttonous rat and and overall anti-hero of Charlotte's Web. He is greedy, lazy, and rather selfish and helps Charlotte and Wilbur only when offered food. You have captured his character extremely well and impressed with the overall standard of writing. Next week, we shall edit and improve these pieces and then go on to publish them.

In Maths, we have moved from adding fractions to subtracting them, using many of the same skills in the process. We have also practised converting mixed numbers to top-heavy (improper fractions) and vice versa. Finally, we have become more confident in simplifying fractions at the end of a calculation. This task is, of course, far more straightforward if your times tables knowledge is strong.

As part of our Grow, Sow and Farm topic, we have investigated how climate and other environmental factors determine land use, with a particular focus on North and South America.

Finally, I'd like to plug the new Year 5/6 Book Club title, Shadow, which is described on the goodreads website as a stunning and moving novel from Michael Morpurgo. In this passionate and touching story, the interlinked fortunes of an Afghan boy and the dog who helped him to escape from his war-torn country and find sanctuary in the UK is full of emotion and tension. Now in detention in the UK and facing deportation with his mother, despite having lived safely in the UK for six years, Aman tells his desperate story to his friend Matt’s grandpa. Sensing the injustice of it all, Grandpa campaigns furiously to ensure Aman and his mother a secure future. We shall meet after school on the first Monday of next term to chat about the text. The meeting will be outside on the stage - like last time. There will not be a clash with cricket club, as it will not be on this day. Ms Wright and I hope that plenty of you will join us.

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend.

Mrs Haysom and Mrs Hester


1) Times tables practice for those who are still working on instant recall. Maybe just select one table to focus on and then just work on the ones that usually hold you up. For example, when I was at school it was usually the middle calculations that I had to think extra hard about, for example, 6x7, 7x7, 8x7. So you may find that you only really need to practise a few to get really quick.

2) Reading - please continue to read at home regularly. Do make sure that you have a reading book and your diary in school every day.

3) GPS Booklet. Please complete Workouts 3 and 4 and ensure that you have them with you so that we can go over them in class on TuesdayIf you've done them sooner, then by all means hand them in before. (Although this will be tricky this week, as, of course, you're not in on Monday!) It is fine to ask for support at home with any questions you get stuck on, or to look things up yourself. Perhaps make a note of any questions that you couldn't manage alone so that I can go over them in more detail in the lesson.

4) Spellings: words with the short vowel sound /i/ spelt with y. There are symbol, mystery, lyrics, oxygen, symptom, physical, system, typical, crystal and rhythm.

Cued Spellings: stir, bird, burn enter, better, master, person.

A selection of these words will be tested through a dictation on Friday.

5) Maths sheet for Mrs Hester, which is to be completed and returned by Thursday.






Monday’s Book Club

Friday 23rd April


First week back and what a week it's been! The sun has been shining and the children have been able to use a far larger chunk of the playground so it's been smiles all round.


In the classroom, we are still focusing on adding fractions. Children are learning to find common denominators, simplify fractions and turn improper fractions into mixed numbers.


We've been loving the gentle humour of Charlotte's Web and are looking forward to creating diary entries from Templeton the rat's point of view. He's rather a self-centred character so it will be interesting to see how the children write in his voice.


We've also been researching those abominable arachnids: SPIDERS. There were lots of shivers as children looked various species up on the Ipads - I look forward to reading the resulting reports.


There is literacy and spelling homework this week - see below - and could the children please practise their times tables.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Hester and Mrs Haysom


Spellings - words ending with the sound shuhs spelt -tious or -ious

Cued Spellings: poor, floor, door, more, sore, explore, saw, paw, flaw, straw

Friday 26th March 2021


It's been quite a tiring week for the children as they completed assessments in reading, grammar, spelling and maths - fortunately we were all done by end of day Thursday so today has been more relaxing. We have been learning how to read maps and identify the six figure grid references for various places in our area. Children were particularly interested in finding their own houses on Ordnance Survey maps of the locality.


We also managed to dodge the rain and have lunch break up on the Rec. which was a popular choice. It was great to see them in all that space.


There is no homework again this week, as term ends on Wednesday, but it would be helpful if children could ensure they know the words to the KS2 Easter song - see newsletter. 


We will be doing CAT tests with the children on Monday and Tuesday of next week. These are done routinely at this stage in their school career so we can feedback on how they're doing with some useful data at our parent meetings in May. They don't need to prepare but a large breakfast and substantial snack are important.


Don't forget, it's the Easter Bonnet and Boot parade on Wednesday - I look forward to seeing all their creations.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Hester

Comic Relief

Lockdown Work On Display

Friday 19th March 2021


Another Friday, it's Red Nose Day, the sun's out and we've been egg-and-spoon racing with ping pong balls! The children have had a good week. One of the highlights was our Q & A session with Oliver Vicary's dad about farming and what's involved in being a dairy farmer. A huge thank you to Mr Vicary for Zooming in and answering all our questions.


In maths, we finished the week with a fun game - played entirely in silence - in which the children had to find equivalent fractions. Perhaps you had to be there?? Even more of a hit was the game in which they had to work out what fraction of a bar of dairy milk they'd get when 24 pieces were split between 4. They were amazingly quick to reach the answer.


There is no homework this week (apart from spellings) as we have assessments next week and the children will benefit from a relaxing weekend. Please send them in with a substantial snack to keep their brains working at optimum capacity!


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Hester



A note about the Year 5 & 6 Book Club on Monday 19th March


The book is Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson. I highly recommend it if you're hoping to push yourself with a more challenging read.

Twelve-year-old Matthew is trapped in his bedroom by crippling OCD, spending most of his time staring out of his window as the inhabitants of Chestnut Close go about their business. Until the day he is the last person to see his next-door neighbour's toddler, Teddy, before he goes missing...

Term 4 Week 5 Spellings adding the suffix -ship to create nouns

Cued Spellings Term 4 Week 5: I'd, you've, they've, didn't, haven't, weren't.

Friday 12th March 2021


Well done Class 5 - you have completed your first week back after lockdown and been fantastic - of course.


In maths, we have embarked on fractions and have been learning about mixed numbers, improper fractions and simplifying fractions. Please do ask your children what all these terms mean - they ALL assure me they know!


As part of our Sow, grow and farm topic, we've been reading Charlotte's Web and discussing the description of Mr Zuckerman's cosy and very fragrant barn. The children have been thinking about their 'happy places' and writing detailed descriptions of them - they've really done some excellent work.


There is maths and comprehension homework this week - it's been sent home in their purple comprehension books and yellow maths books. Please don't spend more than 30 minutes on the maths and 20 minutes on the comprehension. Just write a note in their books if they don't complete anything. BOTH ARE DUE IN ON FRIDAY.


Have a lovely weekend. 


Mrs Hester



Spellings - adding the suffix -ness

Cued Spellings: tidy/tidiness happy/happiness nasty/nastiness 

Friday 5th March 2021


Dear All


We made it! Thank you so much to all the lovely Year 5 parents and carers for your incredible support over the last few weeks. Home-schooling can be extremely challenging and I have been impressed, surprised, delighted and amazed at the standard of work that's been sent in over the last few weeks. I am very grateful to all of you.


We're looking forward to seeing the children back in school on Monday - here is a reminder of what they need to bring in:

  • Snack, water and lunch
  • School Coat and wellies (or similar)
  • PE kits (which will stay in School all week)
  • Maths No Problem book
  • 'Book Room' and life-cycle poster 
  • Reading book and diary (if it's at home)


Attached is the "Happiness Hack" PPT I talked them through this morning - it is a little rough and ready but might help those who are apprehensive to feel a little more positive.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Hester

Friday 11th December 2020


.....and, as if by magic we head in to the last school week of 2020. I'm sure we'll all be glad to see the back of this strange year. The children have soldiered on in spite of the restrictions imposed on them; their resilience is admirable.


We've had a busy week; writing stories in the guise of Scrooge, creating beautiful stars and mastering the art of reading graphs. We have our Carol Service on Wednesday. Hopefully, there'll be plenty of video footage to show you all. Class 5 are Kings and will be singing the very jaunty, Three Kings . All the words for the carols are attached. We'd be grateful if you could ensure the children know them before Wednesday. They are already almost word perfect.


I've sent them home with statutory spelling lists for Years 3,4, 5 and 6. Do please encourage them to pick a word a day to learn and understand over the next few months as it will help improve their vocabulary and stretch their spelling ability. Apart from that, there is no homework


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Hester and Mr Rowland

Today's Golden Time

Friday 4th December 2020


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Year 5. Our tree is up but is looking a little sad and bare. I've asked the children if they could bring in one or two things to decorate it each. Hopefully, with their (your) contributions, it will look more festive by Monday.


In other news, we've been busy tackling word problems in maths and reading the very spooky Clockwork by Phillip Pullma in literacy. We'll be focusing on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol next week  as the children are doing a drama workshop (via Zoom) based around the story. If you have time over the weekend, do encourage the children to watch one of the many movie versions.


Sticking with books, don't forget the Year 5 Book Club title, I was A Rat. Mrs Haysom will be running Book Club early next term so there's plenty of time to read it over the holidays.


Our Christmas lunch is on Thursday and the children are invited to come in wearing Christmas Jumpers...….The only homework this week is the usual spelling list - see below.


Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Hester

Cued Spellings: bear/bare  berry/bury   break/brake   cereal/serial

Friday 27th November 2020


Well done Year 5 - another fab week! The children have worked really hard this week and deserve a pat on the back for their focus. We've completed our letters to The Ministry of Magic at Chogwarts School. They will be sent off on Monday and we'll be eagerly awaiting verdicts from Chief Wizards, Streatldore and McHaysomall, on which Covid Killing Potions they think the School should buy.


In maths, we've just about cracked short division. We've been using the 'bus stop' method (see homework) The children should be able to explain it to you if it's unfamiliar.


Our week long science experiment on evaporation is complete and we've created line graphs with the results. I've been impressed with the children's enthusiasm and knowledge in science lessons.


Finally, we've been making music using GarageBand on the Ipads. - they are far more adept than me and we'll be finishing their Corona Cure jingles using this brilliant software next week.


Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Hester

PS - Please make sure all Christmas cards that the children would like to give out to their friends are in School by Friday 11th December.



Cued Spellings: improve, sugar, could, would, sure


Literacy - Comprehension in purple books for Friday

Maths - in yellow books for Friday (it is stuck in their books but the photocopier scrambled a few copies so I have attached it here. Children should do the ones they are comfortable with).

Friday 20th November 2020


It's been another busy week in Year 5. We've been taking daily measurements to see how much salt solution has evaporated from beakers strategically placed round the classroom. In literacy, the children created potent potions (in their imaginations) to cure Coronavirus and will be sending letters to the Ministry of Magic persuading the School to buy their particular concoction - the Jack Vacc, Corona Cracker and Covid Killer 2020 all sound very promising!


In maths, we're working on multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers using the column method. The children need more practice at this so there is maths homework for Friday in their yellow books.


We finished the week by looking at advertising jingles and are well on the way to producing some catchy raps promoting their miracle Covid Cures. Several children have asked to bring in instruments . I have agreed to this, as long as they have permission. Please could they bring them in for Monday.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Hester



LITERACY - Pronouns - sheets in purple books for Friday

CUED SPELLINGS - age, change, charge, village, huge

Maths Homework in Yellow Books for Friday choose the most appropriate sheet. This (rather loud) short clip will help with the method

Children in Need Day

Friday 13th November


What a fabulous effort Class 5 made for Children in Need! From Tom Daley to Lewis Hamilton via several top flight footballers, some karate experts, champion horse riders, rugby stars, a ballerina, Serena Williams and a handful of Olympians - we had the full Monty of athletes. As you can see from the picture, we kicked off the day with a Joe Wicks workout then moved on to thinking about looking after our mental well-being. They came up with an impressive list of things for which they are grateful.


We also undertook some science activities this week focusing on how to separate mixtures. We spent Thursday morning testing the best materials for filtering dirty water and writing up our findings. The children are becoming much more adept at thinking scientifically. They asked me to include a link for them to try at home.



In maths we're working on column multiplication - keep practising those times tables as they're absolutely vital.


Have a lovely weekend.





Comprehension Homework - in purple books for Friday 20th November (answers attached but please ignore!)

Friday 6th November


Year 5 started the week with a charming walk through the Chiddingstone countryside to find ideas for a portal. The children took photos using the Ipads and selected their favourite one. They then used this as a starting point for an adventure story. Taking them to a mysterious land and ready to see what they encounter.

The children were also given a riddle and a map as part of the new topic "Alchemy Island", the class had to use dictionaries to understand some of the more difficult words and then decipher what the riddle meant.

They also started researching gold and I would like them to continue this over the weekend.

The first science experiment of the term was also completed. The class were trying to find out which objects were magnetic and which objects would pass a current through. They talked about fair tests and wrote the experiment up.

Maths was all about: factors, multiples and prime numbers and I hope they will be able to explain to you what each one is.


Maths Homework:

2 grids - please can you write down the time taken to complete each grid.


Have a lovely weekend. 


Homework -Gold research for Monday. Comprehension in Purple Books for Friday


Year 5 Homework: Potions


I hope you have all had a wonderful first week of holiday. Here is your homework for this week. 

Please can the children create their own potion. The could use: food dyes, oils or a range of liquids and other materials from home (please try not to use anything that will ferment over the 6 week term as we don’t want any sudden rather smelly explosions in the classroom – it has happened before!).  The potion needs to be in a small plastic bottle with a secure lid, no bigger than 500ml. 

The potion will need a label, neatly attached to the bottle. The label should contain the name of the potion, what it is used for (e.g. to turn a dragon into stone), the inventors name (their name) and also details of the ingredients used and in what quantities (can also add a more creative ingredients list such as 2 drops of unicorn blood, a strand of witches hair….).  Some children may also like to write a spell to make their potion detailing the order in which the ingredients need to be added, how they should be prepared and what should be said as the potion is stirred…

The potions should be in school by Monday 9th November, although they may bring their potion in at any point during the first week. The children will then present their potion to the rest of the class. 

Have fun!

Mr Rowland​

Wow! What a term it's been. Highlights included the children's performance at the Harvest Festival, the enthusiasm with which they embraced the 'Fallen Fields' topic and their fabulous trenches.


Despite six months off, every single one of your children has knuckled down, worked hard and produced some excellent results. they should be proud of themselves. They (and possibly you) will be delighted to hear that the only homework is to make a potion and produce a recipe and method - as per Mr Rowland's letter. They will present these over the course of next term. Our topic is Alchemy Island - all about the chemistry of life!


I would also like them to read, read, read. I'll be asking them which book(s), magazines, graphic novels, newspapers, comics etc they enjoyed over the half term so encourage them to be prepared.


Don't forget The Middler book club on Zoom the first Monday back.


I hope the children have a lovely, restful couple of weeks off.


See you next term!

Harvest Festival

One week to go!

It was wonderful to speak to some of you on Wednesday and we look forward to the rest of the consultations next week.

The children have had a lovely week at school.

Monday - Consisted of the creation of the shoebox trenches. The children glued, cut, tore and painted (mostly the desk and carpet) and came out with some wonderful and authentic trenches. 

Tuesday - Harvest rehearsals, maths and a cracking game of diamond cricket.

Wednesday - The Harvest Service.

Thursday - Writing a creative story about an Octopus on an adventure.

Friday - Designing and creating a WW1 propaganda poster on publisher.


Please can all children have their wellies in for next Wednesday.


Have a restful weekend.



Literacy: a short quiz on WWI in Purple Books. This isn't a comprehension but just a chance for them to check what they know about the First World War. They can, of course, look any answers up.

Cued Spelling Group: wasn't, weren't, wouldn't, shouldn't, couldn't

Spellings words with the ending /shun/ spelt sion (root words ending in 'se', 'de', 'd' division, confusion, invasion, explosion, decision, television

Friday 2nd October


Rain was the order of play this week. Luckily we managed a bit of time outside. The class have been busy rehearsing for the Harvest Service (fingers crossed for a dry day). We will continue to work on the performance leading up to the event. 

In maths, the children have been completing their lessons on place value and specifically rounding.

Literacy lessons consisted of understanding the differences between: statements, questions and excalamtions! The also began writing fascinating stories about an octopus.

During our topic lessons, they spent time researching trenches and have created their designs for their shoebox trenches. We will be making these on Monday.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and don't get too wet.



Maths - I have attached a combination of grids for you to complete. Please complete at least one.

Literacy: comprehension in purple books for Friday. It's quite a long one this week. I've told the children to spend no more than 30 minutes on it and see how far they get.




Spellings: homophones: medal/meddle, missed/mist, scene/seen, board/bored, which/witch. Cued Spelling Groups: meddle/medal, threw/through, where/wear, which/witch

Friday 25th September 2020


We've completed our third full week back and the children have adjusted brilliantly to being in a 'bubble'. The 'mile a day' helps as they need the extra exercise and time out of the classroom. As the weather cools and we get more rain, it might be sensible to invest in a cheap pair of wellies they can leave at school; coats will also be essential in the coming weeks.


As ever, it's been a busy week -  we've read and discussed a large chunk of Private Peaceful,  revisited subordinating and co-ordinating conjunctions (what a mouthful!), written up our First Day of School stories, rounded numbers into the 100,000s and made poppies.


We were delighted to welcome our new Head Boy and Girl and all the heads of houses - it got the children thinking about the fact that it'll be their turn next year......


Don't forget this term's  Year 5 & 6 Book Club book -The Middler - I've seen a couple of copies on desks and reviews from the children are very positive.


Literacy homework is in the purple books  - due back Friday.


Spellings: The prefixes 'il' and 'ir' added to root words beginning with r and l.

illegal, illegible, illiterate, irregular, irresponsible

Cued Spelling Group: they, then, there, they're, there, these


Happy weekends!



Making Willy Wonka Hats on Roald Dahl Day

Friday 18th September 2020


Phew - another busy week completed. The children produced fabulous Willy Wonka hats for Roald Dahl Day and we were lucky enough to be visited by Mrs Haysom in the guise of various well known Roald Dahl characters. The children then did an excellent job of creating their own fearsome Dahlianesque villains. Mr Flint and Mrs Whack were a couple of the more evil ones..


In other literacy, the First Day of School stories are almost complete. We'll be correcting them and writing them up in our Published Work books next week  - they are occasionally hilarious and often endearing. The children will be adding their photographs to them to create a Classroom display.


In maths, we're still working on Place Value and times-tables - do keep practising at home.


This week's comprehension is in the purple homework books - please return them by Friday.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Hester and Mr Rowland 

Year 5. and 6 Book Club


Mrs Haysom and Ms Wright will be running the Year 5 and 6 Book Club on Zoom towards the end of term. This term's title is The Middler by Kirsty Appelbaum.

Eleven-year-old Maggie lives in Fennis Wick, enclosed and protected from the outside world by a boundary, beyond which the Quiet War rages and the dirty, dangerous wanderers roam.

Her brother Jed is the eldest, revered and special. A hero. Her younger brother is Trig – everyone loves Trig. But Maggie’s just a middler; invisible and left behind. Then, one hot September day, she meets Una, a hungry wanderer girl in need of help, and everything Maggie has ever known gets turned on its head.

Narrated expertly and often hilariously by Maggie, we experience the trials and frustrations of being the forgotten middle child, the child with no voice, even in her own family.

This is a gripping story of forbidden friendship, loyalty and betrayal. It would be great to see Year 5 children adding their thoughts and opinions to our thriving Book Club so get reading!

Spelling Homework - the prefix 'im' added to words beginning with m and p - impossible, immature, imperfect, important, immortal

Friday 11th September


What a week! We've had more empty seats  than Wembley due to children being off.

This caused some strife when completing all their end of Year 4 assessments....but at last, we are almost there.

The class have done very well in completing the tests after such a long time off.


As well as this, they have also completed a number of place value lessons in maths; we have now moved up to the hundreds of thousands.


In literacy, the class have started to study 'The Christmas Truce' and will be attempting to write a newspaper article about the event next week. We have also begun planning our stories based on our first memories of school. The children have really enjoyed reminiscing and looking at the pictures of themselves. Thank you for sending them in.


During our topic afternoons, they have been busy creating a WW1 trench and we have begun studying the weaponry used in the Great War.


Have a wonderful weekend.



Homework Literacy - 60 Second Reads. Quick Comprehension

Spellings - inactive, incorrect, inaccurate, indefinite, incomplete - there are extra spellings on the documents below for those who like a challenge

Europe 1914 versus Europe in the 21st Century

Friday 4th September 2020

It has been so lovely to have the children back in school this week and they have settled in extremely well, adapting to the new routines with apparent ease.


The light blue caps have been a huge hit and Class 5 have been wearing them with pride in our corner of the playground. As you can see from the above picture of our display, we have kicked off our topic about World War I by looking at the causes of the War and the different countries and alliances involved. We have also started reading Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo and begun discussing what a soldier's life was like.


In maths, we are revisiting place value in numbers into the 100,000s. If you have a few minutes spare at home, it's worth writing out one or two larger numbers and asking the value of the number at each position within them. For example - what is the 5 worth in 105,623:  Answer = 5,000.


In order to allow the children more time outside, we are taking them up to the sports field in the mornings for a gentle jog/walk. Hopefully we'll be able to do this for as long as the weather stays reasonably dry.


The only homework this week is to learn the spellings below for Friday. As of next week, maths homework will run from Tuesday to Tuesday and literacy from Friday to Friday.


Have a good week.


Mrs Hester and Mr Rowland.


Spellings: the /aw/ sound spelt 'au' or 'augh' 

caught  naughty  taught  daughter  autumn