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Year 2

Week beginning 20.1.2020


Dear parents,

This week in literacy the children have been practising their cursive, joined handwriting and have written their poems up in neat to go on our display. They look lovely on our Muck, Mess and Mixtures board. Well done class 2.


In maths this week we have continued with division and the class have started to notice the pattern between multiplication and division. We have been looking at multiplication and division families and noticing the pattern - for example 2 x 5 = 10, 5 x 2 = 10, 10 ÷ 5 = 2, 10 ÷ 2 = 5.

We also looked at odd and even numbers and the homework will be about this this week.


In topic we have been thinking all about where our food comes from. First of all, we grouped foods into whether they came from a plant or an animal and we have looked at some foods from other countries too such as dim sum, bratwurst, haggis and curry! We have just started to look at different materials and will be continuing this in topic next week. 


A great week year 2, well done.

Mrs Frederick


Homework this week:

This weeks spelling rule is adding -ing to a word ending in -y with a consonant  before it.










Maths homework:

The class understood that even numbers are all in the two times table and end in 0,2,4,6,8 and that odd numbers are not in the two times table and end in 1,3,5,7,9.


They found this sort of question below trickier so please have a go with them at home. Feel free once they have done this one to make up your own three numbers and see if they can answer the questions again! 

You have three digits cards:    5               2                  9

What is the greatest 2 digit even number you can make?

What is the smallest 2 digit even number you can make?

What is the greatest 2 digit odd number you can make?

What is the smallest 2 digit odd number you can make?

Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 13.1.20


Dear parents,

This week in literacy the children have been writing rhyming poems putting in lots of gruesome things to their potions! These will be written out in neat and put on display in the classroom next week so do come and have a look.

In maths we have started division. The children have been working really hard with this. We have been looking at grouping and sharing – two different methods of dividing.

In topic this week, the children have been working on their computing skills. They had to learn how to find documents in a folder, use different tools on paint and save their work to the correct folder. It’s great to see them developing their IT skills.


A fantastic week class 2! Well done.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Frederick


Homework this week:


Spellings: Adding -ed, -er and -est to words ending in y. 










Maths: Questions are attached. 

Try the challenge cards. Can you write the division equation to go with each question? Encourage your child to draw the pictures and share the items out equally.


Divide the apples into 5 bowls. The division equation for the first one is 15 ÷ 5 = 3

Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 6.1.20


Dear parents,

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful time over the Christmas holidays.

Firstly I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU for all my wonderful presents. I felt very spoilt!!


This term our class topic is Muck, Mess and Mixtures! This has already proved itself to be a very fun and very messy topic! We begun by getting stuck in with feeling, smelling and playing with lots of messy materials including shaving foam, jelly, paint, plastiscine and cornflour and water. The class did not hold back with getting mucky! (Pictures attached!)


In literacy this term our book is George’s Marvellous Medicine which we have already started reading. Across the term we will be writing stories, poems and recipes! In maths we have been continuing with multiplication and will be moving onto division.


Our class trip this term is to Pizza Express in Sevenoaks on February 11th in the morning. The children will make dough and make their own pizzas which they will then bring back to school to have for lunch! If you are available to come along on this trip please email the office.


As you might have seen on the class 2 timetable on the website, P.E. has moved to a Tuesday morning this term. Forest School is still on a Friday but will now be in the morning.


A great first week back - everyone has been very engaged with the new topic. I am looking forward to a very messy term with class 2!

Mrs Frederick


Homework - Week 1


Spellings - This week's spelling rule is adding -ies to nouns and verbs ending in -y 










Maths - This week we have been solving word problems involving multiplication (2,5,10 times table). Please can your child try these three word problems at home. 


1. Mrs Frederick has 8 pencil pots. There are 5 pencils in each pot. How many pencils are there altogether? 

2. At forest school 9 children were holding 2 sticks each. How many sticks were there altogether? 

3. 10 birthday cakes were cut into slices of 10. How many slices of cake are there in all? 


Challenge - feel free to change the numbers and test them on other times tables other than 2,5,10 or higher numbers to make it harder! (2s, 5s, and 10s are the times tables they need to know in year 2.)



Dear Parents,

We had a brilliant last Forest School for this term, thank you again for the help and support that you have given us. The children became fixated with the fast flowing river and were able to explore the different depths from the river bank. We also created some beautiful Christmas decorations for your homes. Land Ahoy has been a great topic and today we made rafts and compared their voyages to the Titanic, which they had been learning about during the morning.

Towards the end of the session the children wanted to be mud monsters and we apologise for the state of their clothes.

Happy Christmas!

Jack Vaughan

Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 9.12.19


Dear parents, 


I am incredibly proud of the children for their two nativity performances. It is not easy standing up in front of so many people but they all rose to the challenge and said their lines slowly and eloquently as well as dancing and singing their hearts out! Well done Class 2 - one very proud Mrs Frederick!


Next Tuesday is Christmas Jumper day. The children can wear their own clothes and Christmas jumpers to raise money for Save the Children. They will need to bring in a pound. There will be a link for this on the website. 


Have a lovely, restful weekend class 2! 


Mrs Frederick 




There is no homework this week. 


As always, please just continue to read at home and practise the 2,5,10 times tables in spare moments! 

Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 2.12.19 


Dear parents, 


The countdown to Christmas begins! We have begun our advent calendar this week in class, put up our little christmas tree and the children have been rehearsing their socks off!! They have learnt their lines beautifully, well done year 2! They also enjoyed watching Aladdin on Monday afternoon and eating their ice creams! 


The nativity is next week on Wednesday at 2pm and 6pm. We would love to invite you back to our class after the afternoon performance for a mince pie and a warm drink so you can look at what else the children have been doing this term other than nativity rehearsals..! Please come and see their work on display and have a look at their books. 


This week in maths the children have started multiplication. We have been looking at the term 'groups of' and showing that 3 groups of 4 is just another way of saying 3 x 4. 


The class have done really well with their GPS this week (grammar, punctuation and spelling) and have been doing lots of work on those /l/ endings -le, -el, -il, -al.


Have a wonderful weekend Class 2.

Mrs Frederick




This week's spellings are the sound /igh/ spelt with '-y' at the end of words:






multiply (seeing as we have just started this is maths!)


Maths - please continue to learn and practise the 2,5 and 10 times tables at home. 





Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 25.11.19


Dear parents, 


This week the class have begun their full rehearsals in the church. We are so impressed with their acting and how they are saying their lines. Please help your child learn their lines this weekend if they don't know them yet. 


The class tried on their costumes today. They look fantastic! We hope to do some practising next week in costumes. As most of the costumes involve a tunic, please can your child bring in a dark pair of trousers and a dark coloured t-shirt to wear underneath this. School shoes will be fine to wear too. If your child is an angel please can they bring in a light coloured pair of trousers and a light top to wear underneath their white robes. Shepherds we have asked to bring in a toy sheep (so if anyone has one at home and is happy to lend it please send them in!). Please send this in on Monday. If you need more time, do not worry as your child can put their costume over their school uniform for now. 


In maths this week, we have been doing subtracting with renaming which is much trickier than normal column subtraction. The class have done really well picking this up and I have attached some homework for them to have a go at this week. I have explained the first question to show how we have been doing it in class. 


In literacy the class have been working in pairs reading pieces of text together and working the answers out together. It has been really great watching them support each other and help their partner sound out any words they find tricky. Super teamwork! 


In topic this week, the class made their own flags that go up and down using a piece of wood, two cable clips and some string. Great woodwork class 2!


Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Frederick 



Maths homework is attached. 


This week's spelling rule is the /l/ sound written as -il and -al at the end of words. 


There are 8 spellings this week :










Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 18.11.19


Dear parents, 


In maths this week the class have been subtracting. The maths homework attached is for them to practise column subtraction at home. When subtracting in class, the children are able to use dienes cubes to help. I'm sure you don't have these at home but do encourage them to draw them - we call it drawing 'chips and peas'. Chips stand for tens and peas stands for ones. 


In topic this week the class began to make their own flags. They have created some wonderful designs and next week we shall be doing a bit of woodwork and attaching some small nails to a piece of wood so the flag can go up and down.


In literacy the class have been planning and writing their own short stories based around the book, 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. They really embraced this task and have produced some wonderful stories that I'm sure they'll be excited to show you at the end of term. After the afternoon nativity, on the 11th December, all parents are invited back to have a look at the children's books and enjoy some mince pies! 


The school does provide the costumes for the nativity and we will be trying these all on next week. If your child needs anything else to go with their costume we will let you know and a parent has already kindly offered to help with any costumes that need any altering. 


Please make sure your child knows their lines as we'll be rehearsing in the church next week. 

Many thanks, 

Mrs Frederick 


Homework this week:


This week's rule is the /l/ sound spelt 'el' at the end of words. The spellings are: 






tinsel (bonus christmas word!)


Maths homework is attached. 



Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 11.11.19


Dear parents, 


As I'm sure you are aware, the children were sent home with their scripts for the nativity this week. Please be learning their line with them at home off by heart. The children also have quite a few songs to learn so I shall be putting the lyrics for those up on the website next week. Class 2 are such a wonderful group of singers, I'm really looking forward to a very fun and festive performance!! 


In literacy this week the children have been learning about expanded noun phrases to add more detail to their writing. This can be as simple as adding an adjective in front of a noun. We have been reading The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch and the children enjoyed a really creative lesson acting as and hot-seating the different characters. They then had to write a character description about Mr Grinling the main character. 


In maths we have begun simple subtracting. The children were using a number line to count backwards or using dienes cubes to make the numbers and take them away physically. It's great for the class to have a few different methods and find which ones they prefer. 


In topic this week we have been doing some Geography. We spoke about Captain James Cook and some of his voyages, therefore we began to look at the five main oceans of the world and the seven continents. The children enjoyed looking at the big map we have on our topic display in class. 


Have a great weekend class 2, I hope you had a fantastic superhero day and enjoy Children in Need! 

Mrs Frederick 





For maths this week, I have uploaded a document that has some ways of helping revise the 2 and 5 times tables. They involve some colouring in and some counting and a challenge question. Please have a go at these. (If you're unable to print at home just send a note in your child's reading journal and am happy to give it to them at school.) 



This week's spelling rule is the /l/ sound spelt with '-le' at the end of words. 






Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 4.11.19


Dear parents,


Class 2 had a fantastic, if a little wet, trip to Hastings on Monday!! Thank you parent helpers for joining us and all of you for picking up and dropping off in Tonbridge. It meant the day ran very smoothly. We walked to the RNLI station along the beach and they showed us their two lifeboats and a video of what they do. After lunch, the children got some time to play in a park on the beach and thankfully the sun came out! Pictures attached below. 


In literacy the children have written a recount about their trip and have produced some fantastic writing. The main objective is that they write in the past tense. 


In maths we are continuing with addition and moving into subtraction next week. We are really working on our instant recall with times tables and number bonds. The children will be doing ten arithmetic questions daily to really help with their speed. 


In the afternoons, we have been doing some science and looking at what objects float or sink. 


A great first week back class 2. 

Mrs Frederick 




In maths please work on the five times table at home. The children are seeming much more secure with the ten times table so remember to tell them that the 5 times table is just half. For example 4 x 10 = 40 so 4 x 5 = 20. They just need to halve the answer! 


Spellings: This week there are ten spellings. This is because there isn't a specific rule. These are just common exception words that the children need to learn: 











Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 14.10.19


Dear parents, 


I can't believe we are half a term in already! I could not be happier with how class 2 have settled into their new classroom and new routine. I was so proud of their singing and readings at the Harvest Festival and am excited to watch their confidence grow even more as we begin rehearsing for the KS1 nativity!


The class have been really engaged with our Wriggle and Crawl topic so I am looking forward to beginning our 'Land Ahoy' topic when we come back - jumping straight in with a trip to the Hastings Lifeboat Station! (I will attach a copy of the letter that was sent out so you can check any details again before the trip.) 


The class thoroughly enjoyed making their giant bug hotel and putting in lots of straw and small areas for the minibeasts who will be hibernating during the winter (note to self - never open a bale of straw in the classroom again!!). Thank you for sending in lots of bamboo, pines cones, sticks and logs. We had great fun - there are some pictures below. 


Have a wonderful half term. Lots of rest and relaxation!

Mrs Frederick 




Spellings: There are no set spellings to learn over the holidays. If you would like to practise spellings during the holidays please go over the spellings rules we have done so far and see if your child can remember them! 


Additionally I have attached the Land Ahoy Glossary with some useful words for our next topic. Again this is optional, but please feel free to have a look at some of the words and their meanings. 


Maths: The children have really enjoyed playing a game called 'Hit the Button' in class which we play in those ten minute transition times between lessons. It doesn't need to be a long time as it is online but you can choose to practise number bonds to 10 and 20 and the 2,5,10 times tables. It is so helpful for their maths at this stage if those numbers bonds and times tables can be recalled quickly.


Here is the link to Hit the Button, there is also an app. :


Class 2's bug hotel!

Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 7.10.10 


Dear parents, 


This week in maths class 2 have been continuing with adding using two different methods. One using the part part whole method where they split up the tens and the ones and add them separately and one adding using the column addition method.


In literacy we begun writing some simple instructions and linked this in with some computing lessons looking at coding. The class had to give instructions to a small robot. They loved programming their Bee Bots to go around a course. 


The class have also been busy practising their song for the Harvest Festival and are sounding beautiful. 


Next term our topic is 'Land Ahoy'. On the first day back of next term (4.11.19) class 2 will be going on a trip to Hastings to visit the RNLI Hastings Lifeboat Station. A letter detailing the trip will be going out next week but if you think you might be available to be a parent helper on this trip please do email the office. We will be meeting in Tonbridge and getting the train to Hastings.


Finally, next week we will be making our bug hotels in the afternoon. If you have any natural materials at home/ in your recycling bin/ in your garden that can be brought in - please send them in with the children on Monday (e.g. cardboard boxes, sticks, pine cones, bark, moss, bamboo).


Well done class 2,  

Mrs Frederick





This week's spelling rule is the /j/ sound spelt with a 'g' before i,y, and e. 










Please see attachment sheet which has some questions on to practise the two different adding methods. These can be written onto a whiteboard or notebook or printed out. 




Term 2 Forest School rota

Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 30.9.19


Dear parents, 


This week in numeracy class 2 have started using addition. We have been using two different methods - counting on using a one hundred square and using dienes cubes (ones and tens) to make the numbers we are adding. The class are doing really well with this. 


In literacy the class have been writing their own endings to the book Superworm. They are very enthusiastic about this book therefore have produced some wonderfully imaginative endings of their own. Next week we are going to work on some editing where the children will go through their work and see where any full stops or capital letters are missing. 


In topic we have been learning all about bees. We have looked at their life cycle from egg to larva to pupa to adult bee and how they make honey! 


On Wednesday the class enjoyed a fabulous RE day. The day was broken into four activities and in each one we explored a church school value using a Bible story. Alongside this, the class completed some fantastic craft using natural materials, tissue paper and origami! 


A super week class 2. 

Well done, 

Mrs Frederick 




This week's spelling rule is 'ge' at the end of words. The spellings are:








For maths please practise adding two digit numbers. A nice way of doing this could be to roll a dice twice and one of you add the numbers together in ones and the other add the numbers together in tens

For example:

You roll 3 and 4. You say 3 ones add 4 ones = 7 ones which is 7

Next person says 3 tens add 4 tens = 7 tens which is 70

This is a nice way of reinforcing place value of ones and tens and adding. 


Please continue to practise the ten times table and this week I have also introduced the 5 times table. 


Christmas Card Competition/PTA Christmas Cards

Tom Tugendhat (Member of Parliament for Tonbridge and Malling) is running a competition to design his Christmas cards again , please see an extract from his letter below:


‘Over the past year, I have met thousands of people and heard inspirational stories from so many of our community champions.  I must now write many cards this Christmas to thank people.

I remember designing my own Christmas cards when I was at school and the effort that went in to it.  This year, I hope to have something even better than those; a design from one of your students.  Given the creativity and imagination of pupils across the community I was hoping you would ask student to submit entries for a competition to design the card, which I will have printed and sent to thousands of people who I talk to in our county. 

Drawings should be on A4 (portrait or landscape) using any medium.  It would be great if children were able to stick to a Christmas theme and sign their name on the front, so it will appear on the card.  The winning four designs will receive 100 copies of their own card, a Tour of the Houses of Parliament with their parents and a special prize.’


Please can the children bring their designs in to school by no later than Friday 11th October so we can post them in time for the deadline the following week.  Mr Tugendhat is planning to come in to school to present the winning children with their prizes some time during November or December. 

Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 23.9.19


Dear parents, 


The class enjoyed a super trip to the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve on Monday. A huge thank you to parent helpers. The children were so engaged in the activities looking for minibeasts and the tutor was very impressed with all their answers to her questions. There are some pictures below. 


This week in literacy the class finished off writing their poems and we combined a rhyming couplet from each child to make our very own class poem. We have also been doing some guided reading as a class and the aim is to begin to build up the stamina to read longer pieces of text independently. 


In maths we have been looking at number patterns and seeing what happens when you add 10,5 or 2 to a number and seeing what happens when you take them away. 


The class have also started to learn their song for the Harvest Festival and therefore in RE we have been learning all about harvest. 


A fantastic week, well done class 2.

Mrs Frederick 




Reading: The class have been sent home with two reading books in a new folder. This folder is to last them through year 2 and hopefully to year 3..! Due to having different staff in the classroom on a Friday we are sending home two books on Thursday for the weekend but please send them back in on Friday so their spelling results can be written into their diaries. 


Spelling: Please do continue to practise the spellings at home. This week the rule is the /j/ sound spelt 'dge' 







Maths: The children will come home on Friday with a hundred square. Choose a number and tell them to put their finger on the number e.g. '45' then ask them to add 1,. Can they add 5? Can they add 10? Choose another number e.g. '36' can they take away 2? Take away 10? Take away 5? etc. This will reinforce what we have been doing this week. 

Our trip to the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve

Our trip to the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve 1
Our trip to the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve 2
Our trip to the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve 3
Our trip to the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve 4
Our trip to the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve 5
Our trip to the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve 6
Our trip to the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve 7
Our trip to the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve 8
Picture 1

Week beginning 16.9.19


Dear class 2 parents, 


The class all looked fantastic at Roald Dahl day this week. We enjoyed reading an extract from Fantastic Mr Fox and drawing Farmer Boggis, Bunce and Bean! The class got to parade their outfits around the playground with the rest of the school. A super effort - well done year 2! 


This week in literacy we have been writing poems all about minibeasts that include rhyming couplets and adjectives. In numeracy, we have been focussing on number bonds. Firstly, number bonds to ten such as 4 + 6 = 10 and then bigger number bonds such as 5 + 30 = 35. 


The class have been learning about creation in RE which is linking nicely with our topic. They created little booklets that show the Christian story of creation. 


Reminder - our trip is on Monday! Apologies for the confusion regarding lunches. We will provide the lunches for year 2 at the trip. Just remember outdoor clothes, waterproofs and wellies and a plastic bag to take wellies home in and a morning snack and water bottle. 


Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Frederick 



This week's spelling rule is why i,y and e make the /c/ sound a /s/ sound. You can help your children remember this rule with this short phrase "i,y,e makes a softy of c" !! The spellings are: 







Spelling results will be going home in reading journals with the spellings that were spelt incorrectly written down too. There was slight confusion this week with this so apologies if the result was circled or crossed out. It should have an 'S' next to it for spellings. Please practise any incorrect spellings at home. 


Maths - please work on number bonds to 10 at home so your child can instantly recall their number bonds to 10. You can use a dice again to practise by rolling it and seeing who can say the number bond to 10 first for example: you roll a 4 - and see who can shout 6 first! 

Picture 1

Week beginning 8.9.19


Dear Year 2 parents, 


Thank you to those of you who managed to attend the curriculum meeting today. Do not worry if you were unable to make it as all the information discussed is attached. Please email if you have any questions about anything. 


This week in literacy the class have been writing fact files about minibeasts. They all chose different minibeasts so see if they can tell you what their minibeast eats, what its habitat is and how it protects itself! We have also been looking at how commas are used in lists so you don't have to keep writing the word 'and' - e.g. In the garden there are spiders, worms, slugs and snails. See if your child can show you what a comma is in 'Kung Fu Punctuation'!!


In maths we have been counting in tens and comparing numbers. We counted up all the pencils in class and put them into groups of 10. This was to show the children that times tables are groups of numbers e.g. 4 x 5 is 4 groups of 5 pencils. 


A super week class 2. Well done!
Mrs Frederick 




This week's spelling rule is when the /r/ sound is spelt 'wr'. The spellings are: 







Maths homework - Have your child roll a dice twice. This will give them their number e.g. 45. Roll the dice yourself twice to get your number e.g. 76. Then see if they can work out which number is the smallest and which number is the biggest. Can they tell you why e.g. 'because 76 has 7 tens and 45 has 4 tens.' Encourage them to say things like 45 is less than 76 or 76 is more than 45. 



Year 2 Forest School

Year 2 Forest School 1

Year 2 Forest School Timetable

Term 1 Week 1 : 6.9.19 


Welcome to year 2!


Dear parents, 

A warm welcome to year 2! It has been lovely getting to know the class this week and hearing all about their wonderful trips and holidays during the summer. 


This term our topic is 'Wriggle and Crawl' and the class managed to do a minibeast hunt on the first day back once the sun had come out! The class seem really enthusiastic about this topic and have already exhibited a lot of prior knowledge about minibeasts and their habitats. Our trip for this term will be a visit to Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve to do some minibeasting and pond dipping - a separate letter will go out next week with all the relevant details. 


In literacy we have recapped what goes into making a proper sentence and the children then wrote some super sentences about their summer holidays. They had to make sure they had used a capital letter, a full stop and finger spaces between their words. 


In maths we have started counting in tens to make it easier to count to 100. The class did brilliantly with this and we will continue to focus on numbers to 100. 


The class have settled really well into their new classroom and I am looking forward to the year ahead with them! If there is anything you need to chat to me about further please do email the office. 


Have a wonderful weekend year 2,

Mrs Frederick 



In year 2 homework will be set via the website instead of going home in books. 


There will be 5 spellings to practice but we will also be practising them everyday in school. On Thursday afternoon we will have a spelling test. This week's spellings are:







For maths I will usually ask you to practice a times table at home or give you a game to play to reinforce the maths we've been doing in the week. There is no maths for this week.