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Year 2

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Friday 20th November 2020


Another successful week by Year 2 with craft and drama thrown in! The children are really doing well with their 10 times tables, not only are they quicker but they are managing to do the inverse (opposite) more successfully. We will be doing this for another week to really secure our knowledge of them. Next week there will be a few challenge questions (word problems) as this will allow them to go into a 'mastery' level of their Maths. i.e. where they have to show not only secure understanding but secure reasoning too. 


In Literacy, we are regularly incorporating editing and proof reading into lesson time. This is a vital skill as ensures they read through what they have written and, more importantly, correct it for grammatical or spelling errors. The children do love the purple pens! They have also explored predicting what happens next in a book and creating their own ending to a story. 'Horrid Henry meets the Queen' was a good book choice to engage the class. We have some very funny endings of what happens to 'Perfect Peter' when he meets the queen. 


In RE, we have had a fun week understanding the characters and exploring the emotions they felt. Please see the photos attached of the character they chose to make out of playdough, before then using drama to 'hot seat' the characters emotions. 

In Topic, we are using our ICT skills to research facts about the different royal residences in the UK. Over the next couple of weeks, we will start to make a leaflet on a chosen residence. 

Spellings: gem giant magic giraffe energy. Challenge word: clothes 

Times tables: 10x (both x and /) 


Thank you as always for your support at home,

Mrs Ralph and Mr Haysom wink

Friday 13th November 2020

The children did well on their first times tables test this week. They had both multiplication and division number sentences. It was very noticeable that the children knew their x but ÷ not quite so well. We will be sticking to the 10x table for next couple of weeks. Please do practise using the inverse (÷) as well as mixed up. is great for a quick recall of their times tables facts.

We have also begun to work on column subtraction - we know that if the numbers are too high or too difficult to subtract in our heads, then we should write them down in columns. To help us, we separate the numbers into ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. We then list the numbers in a column and always start with the ones first. We have also begun looking at exchanging eg 36 -19 would mean we would need to take a ten from the tens column and exchange it for ten ones to help us complete the calculation.

In literacy we have worked on where to use both exclamation marks and question marks (look out for both in your reading books this weekend) and have also completed a 'Hodgeheg' (our class book this term) comprehension that required us to develop our information retrieval skills. 

We all enjoyed the topic work, which involved finding out about William the Conqueror. We then sequenced the order of events, putting them in chronological order.


Keep up the good work with your reading, Class 2.

Spellings: -ge words age, huge, change, charge. The challenge word: village. Challenge is also a -ge word. Did you notice?

Tables: 10x (see above)

Mr Haysom and Mrs Ralph


Forest School

Poppy jewelry

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Remembrance garden

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Friday 6th November


Welcome back!

It has been great to see all the children this week and hear what they have been up to over half term.

This week we have started our RE learning by comparing Christmas cards and if they portray the true meaning of Christmas. We then created crowns with Christian symbols on as we thought about Jesus as a King (please see the photos below). In our topic learning we have started off our topic - Mighty Monarchs. This week we looked at all the royal residences in the UK. We will have to try a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace rather than a school trip for the time being sadly!


In Literacy, we have started our class book, 'The Hodgeheg' by Dick king Smith and will use this for some long pieces of writing. We're also going to be making leaflets linking with our topic learning. This will be a great way to extend our understanding of non-fiction texts and their features. In Maths, we are learning about subtraction and the various methods that we can use. 


Please note, we will now have a times tables test EVERY TUESDAY. Please could you practise them at home with your child. For next week it is the 10x table. An extra challenge will be to work out the corresponding division number sentence. - is a great website to use. 


Times Tables: 10x table

Spellings: badge edge bridge dodge fudge. Challenge word: people


Many thanks for your continued support,

Mrs Ralph and Mr Haysom smiley

Year 2 RE lesson - comparing Christmas cards and making crowns with Christian symbols

Year 2’s Hodgeheg Creations

Forest School

Royal Residence reading

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Friday 16th October

Half term is finally here, Year 2, and you have all worked so hard that you certainly deserve a lovely break. Mrs Ralph and I have really enjoyed catching up with your parents over the last two weeks and telling them of all your successes. 

In literacy this week, we have completed some Fantastic Mr Fox character profiles and also worked on using our inference skills on a text about the beach. Here we looked for clues about what was going on such as where the narrator might be from the setting details e.g. sand, sea, towels etc and how he was feeling about being there without him actually spelling it out for us. Practice of this at home when you’re reading would be useful. In maths, we have worked on column addition and are now carrying across columns. For example, if we were to have the calculation 35 + 16, we would add the 5 and 6 units to make 11 and rename as 10 and 1 to help with the rest of the sum. 

Next term, we are looking forward to our new topic ‘Magnificent Monarchs’ which will teach us all about the English and British monarchy from AD 871 to the present day. Using timelines, information about royal palaces, portraits and other historical sources, we will build up an understanding of the monarchs and also research six of the most significant sovereigns. Sounds great! 


Please keep reading over the holidays - it doesn’t always have to be a school book. This is a chance to read some of your own books from home or perhaps visit the library if your local one is open. Do record anything you read in your diaries.

Spellings: ‘oi’ words - choice, coin, noise, spoil, voice. Challenge word: everybody.

We hope that you have a happy and restful break.

Mr Haysom and Mrs Ralph





Forest School

Great finds

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Box of smiles

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Year 2 finish off their topic learning with some arty fun (Tuesday 13th October)

Friday 9th October


It has been great to meet many of you at our parent consultations this week. We so enjoyed getting the chance to chat about your lovely children. Thank you for attending and we look forward to seeing the rest of you next Wednesday.


This week the children have been learning about using expanded noun phrases to ensure they add detail and 'spice' to their writing. Their Fantastic Mr Fox descriptions have been great and those purple pens have been used to edit those pesky spelling errors or grammatical sentences. We also completed a book review of the text. Some of the children requested the template for this task to take home. Just to make it clear this is an optional activity  - but we were thrilled with their enthusiasm.

In Maths, we have been learning about simple addition as well as number sequences. Using manipulatives, such as the diennes equipment, has really helped their understanding. It was wonderful to see the Y2 baby photos and compare them with baby minibeasts in our topic lesson on Tuesday. Do you know what a baby earwig is called? Ask your child! 

Apologies that the book raffle wasn't pulled today. We will make sure this happens on Monday. Do keep reading!


Finally, the children sang so well at the Harvest service on Wednesday. It was such a special and moving service, being able to come together as a school in our socially distanced bubbles. 


Spellings: misses, glasses, dresses, classes, foxes, boxes.

Challenge word: predators


Many thanks as always for your support,

Mrs Ralph and Mr Haysom laugh

Engineering feats

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Minibeasts Galore!

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Forest School

Forest School Rota Term 2

Friday 2/10/20

Another successful week, Year 2. We have enjoyed using purple pens to assist with our proof reading and editing skills in our literacy books (see pic below) and have also used clues from a very sweet picture of a mouse (curled up in bed having a bedtime story) to help us write about what the character must be like. This has helped to develop our inference skills, and will be very useful when it comes to tackling reading comprehensions. 

In maths, we have worked on identify sequences and also adding to them e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8 ? ? or 13, 11, 9, 7, ? ? Having a go at a few of these at home would be useful consolidation.

Next week we will begin a class reading raffle. This involves you reading a minimum of five times each week aloud to an adult and asking them to record these sessions in your reading diaries. Everyone who does this, will receive a raffle ticket and be entered into the class draw to win a book. The draw will take place on a Friday so be sure to have your reading diary in school and ready for checking. We will announce the winners on the class page.

Wednesday 7th will be our Harvest Festival. It will be a little bit different this year, of course, as we can’t all be together in St Mary’s as we would normally do. However, we hope that every bubble can gather on the AstroTurf and enjoy the service outside - please keep your fingers crossed for dry weather! 


Spellings: ‘el’ words cancel, label, model, level, travel, towel. Challenge word: cruel. Please practise the words in sentences (using capital letters and full stops) as this will really help when it comes to class dictation.

Reading: Please aim to read a minimum of five times each week and record this in your reading diaries. Do discuss what is happening in the book to help develop your comprehension skills. See details of reading raffle above. Please continue to enjoy books from home as well as your Oxford Reading Tree Scheme titles - we are very keen for reading to be considered a pleasurable experience.

Mr Haysom and Mrs Ralph



Forest School

Becoming Editors - perfect purple pens to improve our writing 29.09.20

Forest School

Forest School

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Friday 25th September


This week, the children have been finishing off their endings to the Superworm. The Wizard Lizard was sent off to space, thrown in a dump, thrown in a volcano and even put in a dungeon. It has been great to see the children's amazing imagination, it has certainly given us a chuckle. Their phonics this week has been going over some sounds and this has helped them create rhyming words, e.g. space and race (a-e split digraph). In Maths, we have started the Maths No Problem teaching and have revisited place value and number. Once this is more secure, we will set up times tables. In RE, we have enjoyed thanking God for Harvest and what that means. The children have created lovely prayers to add to our reflective corner. Finally in topic lessons, we have enjoyed doing some coding! Please see below for the photos of the children sending the bees to the nectar and back to the hive. The class had to work as a team to create a map for the beebot and ensure they had clear instructions. It was great fun as well as good learning on alogrithms!


Please do continue to read with your child at home and remind them to put their book in the basket at school. This week the spellings to learn are:

dry, dried

cry, cried

try, tried

fry, fried

challenge word: beautiful


Attached to the class page is the detailed summary of all the topics for this year - slightly changed from the original plan sent out at the curriculum meeting. 


Many thanks for your continued support and have a great weekend, 

Mrs Ralph and Mr Haysom laugh

Programming a Bee-Bot

Friday 18/9/20

What splendid fun we had making our Fantasitc Mr Foxes as part of our Roald Dahl celebrations! They turned out extremely well as I’m sure you’ll agree from looking at the photos above.

A good deal of hard work has also gone on in Literacy, where we have written instructions on how to make a Fantastic Mr Fox, and also in Numeracy, where we did a lot of practising of subtraction through ‘finding the difference’  between various items. It would be really beneficial if you would continue having a go with this at home - such as finding the difference between the number of knives and forks on the table and then writing the corresponding calculation eg There are 7 knives and 5 forks and if we count up from 5 to 7 there is a difference of 2, so the calculation would be 7- 5 = 2. This short BBC clip may be helpful:

Finally, we eagerly await the results of the head boy and girl voting, which has taken place throughout the school over the last two days, after watching their individual presentations over Zoom. Hopefully we shall know which candidates were successful by the beginning of next week. 


Please continue to read at home and record this in the reading diaries. We have worked on commas in a list this week, so if you come across any in the reading books, please do use this as an opportunity to discuss their purpose.

Spellings are ‘ow’ words: now, how, brown, down, town

And for those of you who like an extra challenge: crown, frown, flower, crowd.

Mr Haysom and Mrs Ralph




Roald Dahl Day- Fantastic Mr Fox art

Week 2 (7-11th September 2020)


It has been great to see the children so engaged in their learning this week. They have slotted into the school routine of the day and have shown great enthusiasm for our topic, Minibeasts! This week, they have enjoyed exploring different minibeasts and their body parts using (Covid-friendly!) plastic minibeasts and a magnify glass. We have learnt new words like, antenna and abdomen. In RE, we have enjoyed making rainbows about ourselves and talking about God's creation. The children have made some lovely sunset/silhouette pictures of creation using coloured paper and black card. We're just sorry you can't see our lovely work in the flesh at the moment, however do see photos on the chiddchatblog instagram page or below. 


The children have had a few assessments this week which - well done on completing them Class 2. From next week, usual Numeracy, GPS and Literacy lessons resume using these assessments to inform our planning. 


We look forward to our zoom curriculum meeting on Wednesday 16th at 2:15-2:45pm where we can give you an overview of the year. Handouts will be sent out after the meeting. 


Please keep up the spelling practice. Week 3 spellings are the tch sound. 





watch ( the ‘a’ makes a different sound in this one so ‘watch’ out!)

Do practise writing them in sentences at home (with capital letters at the start and a full stop at the end of the sentence), as this will be very helpful for your dictation.

Please continue to read at home: your school reading scheme book, as well as other books that you enjoy. Do remember to make a note of all that you read in your diaries, as we love to know what you’ve been reading.


Thank you for all your support at home,

Mrs Ralph and Mr Haysom smiley   


Forest School

Tree shaking!

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Forest School

Week 2 in pictures

Friday 4/9/20

So great to have you all back, Year 2 - Mrs Ralph and I both agree that you’re off to a great start so far.

This term our topic is entitled ‘Wriggle and Crawl’ and we will be developing your knowledge of living things and their habitats.

Our forest school session provided us with the opportunity to go on a minibeast hunt and record the different creatures that we encountered (see photo below). Whilst in Literacy, we have worked on giving minibeast alliterative names, such as Colin Caterpillar and Bertie Beetle and also created lists of minibeasts, revising our use of commas in lists. Adding by making ten has been our focus in maths - this involved adding numbers to make ten, and then adding on the remainder e.g. 9+3 is the same as writing 10+2. More practice at home might well be beneficial.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Mr Haysom and Mrs Ralph 


Everyone should now have an Oxford Reading Tree reading book, although we are still awaiting the arrival of the new reading diaries. Please do record the reading that you do at home on the post it note that should be affxed to the front, or on a separate piece of paper and send it in with the book every day. The page number and how well you managed with the book would be useful too. 

Spelling are silent k words: knife, knee, knock, knitting, know.

These words will be tested on Wednesday through a mini dictation, so practising them in short sentences using a capital at the start and a full stop at the end would be helpful. E.g. She was knitting.






Forest School