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Educating for life in all its fullness - John 10:10

Year 2

Please contact Mrs Frederick and Mr Vaughan on the following email. 


  • if you have any questions/ queries relating to work set during self- isolation or in the event of school closure.
  • or to return any work set as directed by the class teacher

Help explaining COVID 19 for children

FAO all parents - Access to resources at home.


Twinkl - Twinkl is a fantastic teaching resource that has a range of powerpoints and worksheets available for each year group and subject in line with the national curriculum. To support parents during this difficult period, Twinkl is offering access to all Twinkl resources with a One Month Ultimate Membership, totally free of charge. This is available to every parent and carer so your children can still have access to high-quality learning during any periods of disruption.


Setting this up is really easy to do - go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS . You can create an account and access their resources if you are looking for additional work to do whilst at home. 


Classroom secrets - Classroom secrets have added a free learning home resource pack for each year group -


Kahoot - Kahoot has over 40,000 games and resources that they have made available for free -


Busy Things

Dear Parents,

The school has an account with BusyThings website, which has a huge range of brilliant resources for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Please do have a look through the activities that are on offer. It may be used to set work at some points.

To gain the best from this resource you will need to go via the BusyThings website, not through the school site. You will also need our School login details. Please can you email me if you would like the login and I can send it to you:

Best wishes,

Jack Vaughan

Great reading resource:


Please have a look through some of the fantastic resources via the link below to use for reading opportunities:

Such a variety of wonderful bridges class 2!

Plans for the week - 30.3.2020

Dear parents, 


I hope you have all had a restful weekend and managed to differentiate it a bit from the week! I have attached the plans for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on a word document above. 


As always, if you have any questions, please do email me. Our zoom sessions this week will be at 1pm as normal. These are not compulsory but a chance to all see each other and for the children to share their wonderful work. 


Best wishes, 

Mrs Frederick

Friday 27.3.20



On a Friday we normally use the previous week’s Forest School session to theme our Literacy activity. Today can you please use the below link to create a fact page/poster based on the Beech tree.


I have included some themed page boarders for you to complete the work on.



Please can you work through the attached Workbook page. Once completed please complete the directed Textbook pages in Textbook 2B.


Forest School:

Build a new tower for Rapunzel, using a variety of construction materials. Explore different ways to make the tower secure, using bases of different sizes and shapes and various ways of joining the pieces together. Find out who has made the tallest tower. Would Rapunzel be safe? You could use a range of construction kits, including Lego, K’nex, blocks, Mobilo, brick sets, plastic crates or larger scale kits such as Toobeez.
Useful link:

Thursday 26.3.2020


Dear parents, 

Thank you so much for sending in your bridge pictures and complaint letters. There were so many different bridges - I loved that people had characters on them and cars on them and other heavy objects being held up! I also really enjoyed all the different materials that were used to make your bridges. The complaint letters have been really enjoyable to read and I have been so impressed with how you've all followed the features of writing a letter. 


It is great to see so many of you playing/exploring/learning outside in the garden. This is so important. Please enjoy the sunshine while it is here!


Mrs Frederick 



To warm up your maths brain, have a go at this starter. How many ways can you make  20  using addition? 

Start with 2 numbers. If you want to, you can try 3 numbers, 4 numbers etc!


I'll start you off 10 + 10 = 20


How many ways can you find? We'll share your findings on zoom later today!



Please use today's literacy time to finish your letters. If you have already finished - well done! Take some time to read it out to someone in your family and edit it. We usually do this in a purple pen - check your spelling, grammar and punctuation. I'm not going to set any extra writing for the week as you've all done such a fantastic job. 



If your child is finding it difficult to understand fractions (they are one of the trickiest topics in maths!) then have a look at some of these Bitesize videos. They might help explain it and there are a few games on there too!


Please look at the next lesson in the textbook Lesson 9 - Counting wholes and parts p.126.


To begin this lesson, provide pupils with some lengths (paper or ribbon) cut into rectangular strips. Read the In Focus task and ask them how they could share 1 length of ribbon between 2 people? What if there are three people? Or four people? Work through the textbook to see how to work it out.


Afterwards complete worksheet 9 p.111. It is just one page today. 


Extension - If you would like extra maths to do please go on hit the button and practise your number bonds and times tables to keep them ticking over!



Can you research a famous bridge? Have a look at some pictures of different famous bridges. I have attached a powerpoint of same famous bridges for inspiration. 


Pick one or two bridges to look up and find out where they are in the world, what they are made from and an exciting fact about them. In our zoom sessions, I'll be asking you to share which bridges you've been researching and share a fact about your bridge with the class. If you haven't done it before tomorrow's zoom do not worry. You do not need to produce a piece of work to go with this activity - just enjoy the research and see what new things you learn! 



We usually do our spelling test on a Thursday, therefore feel free to do a test of the words your child has been learning this week. 

The new spellings for the week are: 

The /er/ sounds spelt with 'or' after w and the sound /or/ spelt 'ar' after w














Golden Time and Celebrations:

On Thursday we have Golden Time and Celebrations so do enjoy a long play outside this afternoon and feel free to dance around to our celebration song to celebrate all the wonderful work you've done this week! Well done class 2!!



Wednesday 25.3.2020


Dear parents,


On a Wednesday afternoon, class 2 would usually have Spanish and R.E. in the afternoon therefore these will be on the schedule for today. However, it is totally up to you when work is completed and what in order. Thank you for sending in all your lovely pictures of class 2's bridges - some fantastic designs. I've really enjoyed looking at them. Thank for your supportive emails during this time also.


Exercise for the day - In addition to Joe Wicke's 9am P.E. lesson, Emma Golds is also doing Funky Fit every morning at 9:30am which the children are familiar with. I would really encourage you to do one or both of these as an energetic start to the day!! 


Hope you are all doing well. 

Mrs Frederick 



Have a look at the starter on Suffixes to warm your brain up for the day! We will talk through your answers in our zoom session so if you can try and have a look before 1pm. 



Today in maths, I would like you to complete the next lesson, Lesson 8 - Comparing and Ordering Fractions. This is p.122 of your textbook. Provide the pupils with paper they can fold and show them the In Focus task. Ask them to use their resources to solve this problem. Prompt them by saying that your friend noticed that the denominator of a quarter is bigger than a half, so the person who eats a quarter must have eaten more because 4 is bigger than 2. (This is a common misconception) Ask them if this is true. How can they know for sure? 


Please then complete worksheet 8 - p.109 of the workbooks. 


Extension - Have a go on Daily Ten Mental Maths Challenge -

You can choose which level and what to practise, for example multiplication, addition, subtraction or division!



It's time to write your letter today. LO: To write my letter of complaint. 

Try and lay it out like a real formal letter. I have attached a guide to help you structure your letter. 


If you would like to send them in to me when they are finished please do email them in. I have already received some which have been lovely to read. If you have finished your letter, spend some time editing it. Read it out loud to check it makes sense. Go through the checklist and check you've ticked everything off. If handwriting, try and use your neat, cursive handwriting. 



The children were learning a song for the Easter service that they might want to sing for you/continue to learn while at home. Below is a link to the song. 


I have a friend who loves me -


We have spent the whole term looking at the Easter story, reading it and sequencing it. With Easter approaching, Christians remember that Jesus rose again after he was put to death. I want you to have some crafty fun in R.E. today making chicks, while reflecting upon the idea of new life. What new life do we experience during the springtime? Instructions and different colour chicks are attached. 



Miss Crespo has attached the Spanish lesson below. 

Tuesday 24.3.2020


Dear parents, 


Sorry about the zoom cutting out yesterday - the free login only lets you have 40 minutes. We will try again today.


P.E. - 

The Body Coach, Joe Wickes, is doing a 9am P.E. session every morning on You Tube. As Tuesday morning, is usually P.E. they could start the day with this!


Maths - 

In maths today, I would like you to move on to the next lesson. Lesson 7 - Comparing and Ordering Fractions p.119 - To begin provide pupils with paper cut into circles. Show them the In Focus task and ask how they can show you who has eaten more. Allow them to cut or colour the pieces they make to show you. Tell them your friend says she knows that 2 out of 4 pieces is equal to half of the cake, so Lulu must have eaten more. Is this true? How can they show you? 


Once they have worked through the questions in the textbook please can they complete Worksheet 7 which is p.107 of the Workbooks.


Literacy - 


In Literacy today, I would like the children to start planning a letter. Over the next few days, they are going to write a letter of complaint to the Board of Fairy Tales. 


Can they explain why people might write a letter of complaint and the types of words and phrases that might be used? (‘I am writing to complain..., I am outraged to discover…, I would appreciate it if…, I am very disappointed that…’). Draft ideas for a letter of complaint, imagining they are either the troll or one of the goats.


The troll will be complaining about people crossing his bridge, the constant noise, the disruptions to his day etc. The goats would be complaining about not having enough grass, about the troll threatening to gobble them up, not being able to leave their field etc. The lists you made yesterday should help you have lots of points in your letters. They can choose if they want to be the troll or the goat. 


LO: To plan my letter of complaint - The planning stage is very important so please get them to write down key ideas, the points they are going to make and have a look through the example letter of complaint from the troll that is attached. I am also attaching a letter checklist so the children can have a look at what needs to be included in their letter tomorrow (e.g. addresses, Dear, Yours Faithfully etc) 


Spelling - 


I have attached a game sheet called 'Crack the Code' to help the children practise this week's spellings. 


Topic - 


If you haven't finished building your bridge then spend more time finishing it today and see if you can get a toy car over it or something heavier! Please send me in pictures of your bridges and at some point on Zoom I will try and get them up so the children can see each others. 


If you have finished - I have uploaded some 'Towers from Around the World' - Can you find where these towers are on a map? They all say on them which country they are located in. 

Monday 23.3.2020

Dear parents, 

This week I will put up work each day for your child to complete. They do not have to complete it on the same day or at any particular time but if you would like to follow the basic structure of a school day as it would be helpful for your child then I will outline our normal routine below. 


9 - 10: Maths 

10 - 11: Assembly (ted talks for children are available and these could be nice as an assembly alternative) and break

11 - 12: Literacy 

12 - 1: Lunch 

1 - 3:30 - Handwriting, spelling, topic work and an afternoon break 



At 1pm we will be having our class zoom session. Today we will use this session just to see how it works and to make sure everyone can join the meeting etc. I imagine for the most of the week we will all be getting use to it. I am looking forward to being able to see the children and say hello! You will be emailed the meeting ID that you will need to access the meeting.



Please go to p116 of the Red Textbook 2B - Making Equal Fractions Lesson 6 and follow to p118. Then open your Red Workbook 2B and go to p.105 Worksheet 6 and complete the whole worksheet which is 2 pages. 


Extension - When you have finished the maths try and make some equal fractions of your own. Fold a piece of paper into equal parts for example eighths. Then experiment thinking about what makes a whole. e.g. 2/8 + 6/8 = 1 whole or 4/8 and 4/8 = 1 whole.



In literacy we have been learning about fairy tales. This week we are going to be looking at the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Please get your child to read this story or read it to them (I am also happy to read this during our zoom session).  Can they retell the story from memory (could be retold to a sibling!) using appropriate expression and remembering repeated phrases? I have attached pictures of the characters they can make into little stick puppets if they want to. 


I would like your child in their exercise books they brought home to write the date and Learning Objective at the top of the page - Monday 23rd March 2020 LO: To retell the Three Billy Goats Gruff by heart. (This is what we do at school so will be familiar to them)

In their book can they write two lists that create reasons for and against crossing the bridge; one for the troll and one for the goats? Think carefully about what they might say and write them down. They can start with my suggestions and add more - these needs to make sense within the story but they can use their imagination too and make things up. (Around 5 points for each).



The Troll:

-The goats are too noisy

- Their hooves trip trap over my bridge 


The Goats: 

- All the best grass is over the other side of the bridge 

- The other side has a much better view



If your child had a chance to practise last weeks spellings please test them on them. (This can be done in the back of the exercise book your child brought home). However, if they did not do not worry. The spellings were key, donkey, monkey, valley and chimney. 


This weeks spellings are the /o/ sounds spelt with an 'a' after w or qu. I have attached a powerpoint that explains this and a word search with the new spellings in. 

The spellings are:













Last week the children were designing bridges and looking at Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Can your child using scrap materials/materials from outside/recycled materials/ building blocks/lego build their own bridge? Think about shapes which are strong and will help it stand up. I attach some pictures of example bridges made by children from materials around the home.


Challenge: What can you put on your bridge before it collapses? A toy car? 


This does NOT have to be done in one afternoon. They might just collect the resources they want to use today. 





Friday 20.3.20


Please can the children complete the attached contractions sheet. Discussing why we use the apostrophe and what it is replacing.


It would be great to see the children then write a recount about their Forest School session from last week, please find the attached picture for discussion. Within their writing can they use a range of different contractions. This can be completed in the blank exercise books that were sent home yesterday.



Please work through and complete the questions on the attached textbook pages, Solving Word, Problems Lesson 1. Once complete the relevant Workbook pages can be found at the end of the questions, Pg 1-4.


There is also an extension sheet for any children who would like to complete some further word problems.


Forest School

Go outdoors and use natural resources to build stacks and towers using materials found in the outdoor environment. Use stones, sticks, logs and earth to build as tall a tower as possible. Name and take digital images of their towers to send back to myself. You could also provide children with white pebbles and stones of different sizes from a local garden or DIY centre. These are relatively cheap, reusable and make aesthetically pleasing stone cairns.

Useful link:


Extra reading (if needed!) - Fairy tale differentiated reading comprehensions.

Week beginning 16.3.2020 - WORK TO DO FROM HOME 



This week in maths we are learning about fractions. The children will be learning about halves, quarters and thirds. Attached is some teaching guidance on this and some worksheets to complete. 


*If your child now has their Singapore maths book at home, please can they complete Chapter 13 Fractions, Worksheet 2,3,4,5 this week.*



In literacy this week the children are writing a story based on the book The Tunnel by Anthony Browne. Attached is a video link of this book if you don't have it at home -


On Monday the children were imagining where the tunnel might take them. They have been drawing pictures - some of their tunnels led them to forests, some to space and some to lands made of sweets. Lots of lovely imagination. If they missed this, they can look at the Where the Tunnel takes me ppt and complete the Where the Tunnel takes me sheet. The children are also going to write a story imagining they are going through the tunnel. What is it like going through the tunnel? What can they see / hear / feel / see? What can they see at the other end of the tunnel? Encourage them to use adjectives and adverbs to make their writing interesting. Attached is a story planning guide under literacy resources. As it shows them in the plan, they will need a beginning, a middle, an end and a problem for the character to have to overcome. This could be how they get home or something that happens on the other side of the tunnel!



Topic - This week we are learning all about Isambard Kingdom Brunel. This BBC video is a great place to start . Can your child create a fact file about Brunel? When he was born, when he died. What he did? What bridges, railways, ships he worked on? Under topic resources you will find a ppt about Brunel to help with this and some fact file examples. They can completely create their own fact file or complete one of the ones that has been started. 


Once they have finished this can they design their own bridge? See resource sheet Build a Bridge.



RE - In RE this week we are writing Easter prayers thanking God for sending Jesus. Your child could write an Easter prayer inside the egg (attached in RE resources). Here is a video if they want reminding about the Easter story -



They can practise their cursive, joined writing from home. This week we have been practising using our spelling words monkey, donkey, key, chimney and valley. 


Reading Comprehensions:

I have added three Fairy Tale reading comprehensions as extra work if you need more to do at home. There are three different levels for each comprehension that are indicated by a star in the bottom left corner. 1 star being the easiest and 3 stars being the hardest. Please choose the one that best suits your child's reading ability. Again these are optional if you would like more reading to do at home. They are questions and answers which go with each text. 

Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 9.3.2020


Dear parents, 

As usual, the weeks are flying by in term 4 already! The children are really enjoying this topic and had a wonderful talk this week from Aidan's dad, Steve, who is a historical author and lecturer. He spoke to them all about the features of a castle and they demonstrated great knowledge in this area. They also played a game outside that involved attacking and defending a castle! The class loved this session and behaved really well showing keen engagement. Many thanks to Steve for coming in. 


In maths this week we have been looking at 3D shapes. The class have been learning about their properties including faces, edges and vertices. We are now moving on to fractions. 


In literacy this week we have been looking at fairy tales. We have read Rapunzel and the class have done an amazing job retelling the fairy tale on their own storyboards and retelling the story verbally. 


In RE this term we are looking at the Easter story. The class have also spent time sequencing the Easter story from Palm Sunday, to the last supper, to Peter's denial, Jesus' death and then his resurrection. They all know the story really well. 


Have a wonderful weekend. 

Mrs Frederick 




Reading - This week the reading homework is the traditional tale The Three Billy Goats Gruff. See what your child can remember about the features of traditional tales. For example starting with 'Once upon a time' 


Spelling - The sound /ee/ spelt with '-ey' 










Maths - Multiplication and division families. Class 2 are doing really well with their 2, 5 and 10 times tables. The questions they are answering now often move the answer box around e.g. 2 x ? = 12 or 10 ÷ ? =5 . Please help them to learn the link between multiplication and division. E.g. 2 x 5 = 10 and 5 x 2 = 10 so 10  ÷ 2 = 5 and 10 ÷ 5 = 2. On hit the button children can practise times tables and division facts


Forest School

Forest School 1
Picture 1
Picture 2


Week beginning 2.3.2020


Dear parents, 


Year 2 have had a fantastic week involving lots of art and craft! Thank you for all the boxes etc for our castle. It is all up on display and looking fantastic. The children labelled all the different features of the castle and have remembered them really well. 


Class 2 also did a super job on World Book Day making their Lorax costumes and Truffula trees. We have loved reading the book and thinking about how important it is to care for our world. It was great this year seeing the children use recycled cereal boxes and an old pair of glasses to make their costumes. 


In maths we are still looking at shapes and will be continuing with 3D shapes next week. 


A super crafty week year 2. 

Well done!

Mrs Frederick 




Spellings - The spelling rule this week is the sound /u/ spelt with a 'o' 








Reading - This week the children will be reading a text about World Book Day. It was great to see that so many of the class had done their reading homework last week. Well done year 2. 




Forest School

Forest School 1

Dear parents, 


I hope you all had a wonderful and restful half term. We have now begun our Towers, Turrets and Tunnels topic and the children are really enjoying learning all about castles. This week we have explored the different features of a castle including the portcullis, drawbridge, turrets and the moat. 


In literacy the children wrote a recount about something they enjoyed in their holidays. It was lovely to read all the things they'd been up to. We spent time editing the recounts with purple pens. The class are getting much better at editing their own grammar, punctuation and spelling. 


This week in maths we have been looking at 2D shapes. The class have learnt all about sides, vertices and symmetry. 


Thank you for all the cereal/egg boxes so far! We are looking forward to building the castle next week. Next Thursday is also World Book Day - please can your child bring in a pair of glasses to use as part of our costume. (They will come home!) 


Have a lovely weekend.

Many thanks, 

Mrs Frederick 




Maths - See if your child can find any shapes around the home. Can they tell you how many sides/vertices it has? e.g. a tupperware is a rectangle with 4 sides and 4 vertices. Can they find anything that has a line of symmetry at home? 


Reading -There will be reading homework this term. There will be a piece of text to read with some questions to answer. They can write the answers themselves or if it's easier and quicker you can scribe for them as they tell you the answers. Up to you but please make sure they read the text! We will go through the answers together in class on a Thursday so please have it done by Thursday. You don't need to print it out unless you want to - answers can just be written on a piece of paper ready to go through in class. 


Spellings - The sound /or/ with 'a' before 'l' and 'll' 












Term 4 Forest School rota

Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 10.2.2020


Dear parents, 


What a fantastic term we've had experimenting with Muck, Mess and Mixtures!! The children were wonderful on our trip this week and loved working their dough into pizza bases. They also made play dough in class this week to practise their kneading skills! They were great at following the recipe and we enjoyed looking at all the things the children had been busy weighing at home. 


We have been reading 'George Speaks' this week after finishing George's Marvellous Medicine. The whole class are so engaged when we are reading a class book. Please try and find a small chapter book to read to them over half term to keep that engagement up!! 


The children have worked really hard on their maths and literacy assessments this week and should be very proud of themselves. 


Have a fantastic half term and I look forward to beginning Towers, Tunnels and Turrets when we return. (We will be going a trip to Dover Castle, however this will be at the beginning of term 5 due to their dates available. If you are trying to think of any day trip ideas for half term why not visit a local castle such as Tonbridge or Hever!)

Mrs Frederick 


Half term homework: 


Reading - I have attached the glossary of words that go with the new topic. Try and take a look before we start the topic so your child is familiar with words such as keep, moat, drawbridge, bailey, ramparts, portcullis etc!


Spelling - I will be sending the class home with the year 2 common exception words. Some of these words are expected to spelt correctly in their writing so whenever you have a spare minute try and go over one or two of them. 


Maths - Keep those times tables ticking by over half term! Hit the button is great for this - 



Week beginning 3.2.2020


Dear class 2 parents, 


This week we finished reading George's Marvellous Medicine. The children thoroughly enjoyed the book and I would recommend reading any other Roald Dahl books at home with them such as The Twits, The Magic Finger or Esio Trot. They loved the humour and the characters and it really inspired them in their writing. They finished writing their diaries this week and then created a diary cover using pastels. These are hanging up in the classroom at the moment so do come in and have a look.


In maths this week we have been weighing items in the classroom and looking at kilograms and grams. Have a look at items around your house and ask your child if you should weigh it in grams or kilograms e.g. a fork you would weigh in grams but a sofa you would weigh in kilograms. I have seen that some children have been weighing things at home, this is great for them to get some real life experience of weighing, especially when cooking!

Next week is our trip to Tonbridge Pizza Express. This is on Tuesday morning. The children need to be at school at normal time. Please send them in in their red hats, with a water bottle and snack. They will eat their pizzas for lunch and we will provide popcorn and fruit to go with their pizzas.


Finally, the 500 word story competition is here again if your child would like to take part. The deadline is 2/3/20. Please put your full name and age on your entry and the school name too. For inspiration and what makes a good story, there are some previous entries on the BBC 500 word competition page and useful tips. 

There is also more information here :


Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Frederick 



The spelling rule this week is adding -ing, -ed, -est and -y to words ending in a single consonant. You need to double the consonant before you add the suffix. The spellings are in bold. 

e.g. pat -> patting and patted

hum - > humming and hummed

drop -> dropping and dropped

sad -> sadder and saddest 

run -> runner and runny



As mentioned we have been doing mass this week, so please if you have time weigh some items around the house. Please focus on grams and kilograms as your units as this is what the children need to know in the curriculum.

We will be looking at temperature next week - if you have a thermometer at home that shows degrees do have a look at this too or what the temperature of the weather is at the weekend. 

Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 27.1.2020


Dear parents, 


Class 2 have had a brilliant week this week. We have enjoyed exploring different materials and their properties. We looked at rubber, glass, wood, cotton, cardboard and more and discussed their different everyday uses and why they are used for certain things. The class have looked at properties such as opaque, translucent, absorbent and waterproof. 


In maths this week we have been learning all about length. The class have paired up to measure their armspans, feet, head circumferences and forearms! We had fun comparing all the different results and looking for patterns. 


In literacy this week, the class have been writing diary entries imagining that they are George from George's Marvellous Medicine. They have produced some fantastic pieces of writing and managed to include subordinating conjunctions! I'm very impressed. 


Have a lovely weekend class 2, 

Mrs Frederick 


Homework this week: 



Adding -ing, -ed, -er, -est and -y to words ending in e. 








Maths: To go with our topic of length this week please measure these things around your home and we will compare results next week in maths! 


A spoon

A rug 

A plate

Your height! 


Any extras you want to measure! 

Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 20.1.2020


Dear parents,

This week in literacy the children have been practising their cursive, joined handwriting and have written their poems up in neat to go on our display. They look lovely on our Muck, Mess and Mixtures board. Well done class 2.


In maths this week we have continued with division and the class have started to notice the pattern between multiplication and division. We have been looking at multiplication and division families and noticing the pattern - for example 2 x 5 = 10, 5 x 2 = 10, 10 ÷ 5 = 2, 10 ÷ 2 = 5.

We also looked at odd and even numbers and the homework will be about this this week.


In topic we have been thinking all about where our food comes from. First of all, we grouped foods into whether they came from a plant or an animal and we have looked at some foods from other countries too such as dim sum, bratwurst, haggis and curry! We have just started to look at different materials and will be continuing this in topic next week. 


A great week year 2, well done.

Mrs Frederick


Homework this week:

This weeks spelling rule is adding -ing to a word ending in -y with a consonant  before it.










Maths homework:

The class understood that even numbers are all in the two times table and end in 0,2,4,6,8 and that odd numbers are not in the two times table and end in 1,3,5,7,9.


They found this sort of question below trickier so please have a go with them at home. Feel free once they have done this one to make up your own three numbers and see if they can answer the questions again! 

You have three digits cards:    5               2                  9

What is the greatest 2 digit even number you can make?

What is the smallest 2 digit even number you can make?

What is the greatest 2 digit odd number you can make?

What is the smallest 2 digit odd number you can make?

Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 13.1.20


Dear parents,

This week in literacy the children have been writing rhyming poems putting in lots of gruesome things to their potions! These will be written out in neat and put on display in the classroom next week so do come and have a look.

In maths we have started division. The children have been working really hard with this. We have been looking at grouping and sharing – two different methods of dividing.

In topic this week, the children have been working on their computing skills. They had to learn how to find documents in a folder, use different tools on paint and save their work to the correct folder. It’s great to see them developing their IT skills.


A fantastic week class 2! Well done.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Frederick


Homework this week:


Spellings: Adding -ed, -er and -est to words ending in y. 










Maths: Questions are attached. 

Try the challenge cards. Can you write the division equation to go with each question? Encourage your child to draw the pictures and share the items out equally.


Divide the apples into 5 bowls. The division equation for the first one is 15 ÷ 5 = 3

Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 6.1.20


Dear parents,

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful time over the Christmas holidays.

Firstly I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU for all my wonderful presents. I felt very spoilt!!


This term our class topic is Muck, Mess and Mixtures! This has already proved itself to be a very fun and very messy topic! We begun by getting stuck in with feeling, smelling and playing with lots of messy materials including shaving foam, jelly, paint, plastiscine and cornflour and water. The class did not hold back with getting mucky! (Pictures attached!)


In literacy this term our book is George’s Marvellous Medicine which we have already started reading. Across the term we will be writing stories, poems and recipes! In maths we have been continuing with multiplication and will be moving onto division.


Our class trip this term is to Pizza Express in Sevenoaks on February 11th in the morning. The children will make dough and make their own pizzas which they will then bring back to school to have for lunch! If you are available to come along on this trip please email the office.


As you might have seen on the class 2 timetable on the website, P.E. has moved to a Tuesday morning this term. Forest School is still on a Friday but will now be in the morning.


A great first week back - everyone has been very engaged with the new topic. I am looking forward to a very messy term with class 2!

Mrs Frederick


Homework - Week 1


Spellings - This week's spelling rule is adding -ies to nouns and verbs ending in -y 










Maths - This week we have been solving word problems involving multiplication (2,5,10 times table). Please can your child try these three word problems at home. 


1. Mrs Frederick has 8 pencil pots. There are 5 pencils in each pot. How many pencils are there altogether? 

2. At forest school 9 children were holding 2 sticks each. How many sticks were there altogether? 

3. 10 birthday cakes were cut into slices of 10. How many slices of cake are there in all? 


Challenge - feel free to change the numbers and test them on other times tables other than 2,5,10 or higher numbers to make it harder! (2s, 5s, and 10s are the times tables they need to know in year 2.)



Dear Parents,

We had a brilliant last Forest School for this term, thank you again for the help and support that you have given us. The children became fixated with the fast flowing river and were able to explore the different depths from the river bank. We also created some beautiful Christmas decorations for your homes. Land Ahoy has been a great topic and today we made rafts and compared their voyages to the Titanic, which they had been learning about during the morning.

Towards the end of the session the children wanted to be mud monsters and we apologise for the state of their clothes.

Happy Christmas!

Jack Vaughan

Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 9.12.19


Dear parents, 


I am incredibly proud of the children for their two nativity performances. It is not easy standing up in front of so many people but they all rose to the challenge and said their lines slowly and eloquently as well as dancing and singing their hearts out! Well done Class 2 - one very proud Mrs Frederick!


Next Tuesday is Christmas Jumper day. The children can wear their own clothes and Christmas jumpers to raise money for Save the Children. They will need to bring in a pound. There will be a link for this on the website. 


Have a lovely, restful weekend class 2! 


Mrs Frederick 




There is no homework this week. 


As always, please just continue to read at home and practise the 2,5,10 times tables in spare moments! 

Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 2.12.19 


Dear parents, 


The countdown to Christmas begins! We have begun our advent calendar this week in class, put up our little christmas tree and the children have been rehearsing their socks off!! They have learnt their lines beautifully, well done year 2! They also enjoyed watching Aladdin on Monday afternoon and eating their ice creams! 


The nativity is next week on Wednesday at 2pm and 6pm. We would love to invite you back to our class after the afternoon performance for a mince pie and a warm drink so you can look at what else the children have been doing this term other than nativity rehearsals..! Please come and see their work on display and have a look at their books. 


This week in maths the children have started multiplication. We have been looking at the term 'groups of' and showing that 3 groups of 4 is just another way of saying 3 x 4. 


The class have done really well with their GPS this week (grammar, punctuation and spelling) and have been doing lots of work on those /l/ endings -le, -el, -il, -al.


Have a wonderful weekend Class 2.

Mrs Frederick




This week's spellings are the sound /igh/ spelt with '-y' at the end of words:






multiply (seeing as we have just started this is maths!)


Maths - please continue to learn and practise the 2,5 and 10 times tables at home. 





Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 25.11.19


Dear parents, 


This week the class have begun their full rehearsals in the church. We are so impressed with their acting and how they are saying their lines. Please help your child learn their lines this weekend if they don't know them yet. 


The class tried on their costumes today. They look fantastic! We hope to do some practising next week in costumes. As most of the costumes involve a tunic, please can your child bring in a dark pair of trousers and a dark coloured t-shirt to wear underneath this. School shoes will be fine to wear too. If your child is an angel please can they bring in a light coloured pair of trousers and a light top to wear underneath their white robes. Shepherds we have asked to bring in a toy sheep (so if anyone has one at home and is happy to lend it please send them in!). Please send this in on Monday. If you need more time, do not worry as your child can put their costume over their school uniform for now. 


In maths this week, we have been doing subtracting with renaming which is much trickier than normal column subtraction. The class have done really well picking this up and I have attached some homework for them to have a go at this week. I have explained the first question to show how we have been doing it in class. 


In literacy the class have been working in pairs reading pieces of text together and working the answers out together. It has been really great watching them support each other and help their partner sound out any words they find tricky. Super teamwork! 


In topic this week, the class made their own flags that go up and down using a piece of wood, two cable clips and some string. Great woodwork class 2!


Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Frederick 



Maths homework is attached. 


This week's spelling rule is the /l/ sound written as -il and -al at the end of words. 


There are 8 spellings this week :










Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 18.11.19


Dear parents, 


In maths this week the class have been subtracting. The maths homework attached is for them to practise column subtraction at home. When subtracting in class, the children are able to use dienes cubes to help. I'm sure you don't have these at home but do encourage them to draw them - we call it drawing 'chips and peas'. Chips stand for tens and peas stands for ones. 


In topic this week the class began to make their own flags. They have created some wonderful designs and next week we shall be doing a bit of woodwork and attaching some small nails to a piece of wood so the flag can go up and down.


In literacy the class have been planning and writing their own short stories based around the book, 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. They really embraced this task and have produced some wonderful stories that I'm sure they'll be excited to show you at the end of term. After the afternoon nativity, on the 11th December, all parents are invited back to have a look at the children's books and enjoy some mince pies! 


The school does provide the costumes for the nativity and we will be trying these all on next week. If your child needs anything else to go with their costume we will let you know and a parent has already kindly offered to help with any costumes that need any altering. 


Please make sure your child knows their lines as we'll be rehearsing in the church next week. 

Many thanks, 

Mrs Frederick 


Homework this week:


This week's rule is the /l/ sound spelt 'el' at the end of words. The spellings are: 






tinsel (bonus christmas word!)


Maths homework is attached. 



Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 11.11.19


Dear parents, 


As I'm sure you are aware, the children were sent home with their scripts for the nativity this week. Please be learning their line with them at home off by heart. The children also have quite a few songs to learn so I shall be putting the lyrics for those up on the website next week. Class 2 are such a wonderful group of singers, I'm really looking forward to a very fun and festive performance!! 


In literacy this week the children have been learning about expanded noun phrases to add more detail to their writing. This can be as simple as adding an adjective in front of a noun. We have been reading The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch and the children enjoyed a really creative lesson acting as and hot-seating the different characters. They then had to write a character description about Mr Grinling the main character. 


In maths we have begun simple subtracting. The children were using a number line to count backwards or using dienes cubes to make the numbers and take them away physically. It's great for the class to have a few different methods and find which ones they prefer. 


In topic this week we have been doing some Geography. We spoke about Captain James Cook and some of his voyages, therefore we began to look at the five main oceans of the world and the seven continents. The children enjoyed looking at the big map we have on our topic display in class. 


Have a great weekend class 2, I hope you had a fantastic superhero day and enjoy Children in Need! 

Mrs Frederick 





For maths this week, I have uploaded a document that has some ways of helping revise the 2 and 5 times tables. They involve some colouring in and some counting and a challenge question. Please have a go at these. (If you're unable to print at home just send a note in your child's reading journal and am happy to give it to them at school.) 



This week's spelling rule is the /l/ sound spelt with '-le' at the end of words. 






Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 4.11.19


Dear parents,


Class 2 had a fantastic, if a little wet, trip to Hastings on Monday!! Thank you parent helpers for joining us and all of you for picking up and dropping off in Tonbridge. It meant the day ran very smoothly. We walked to the RNLI station along the beach and they showed us their two lifeboats and a video of what they do. After lunch, the children got some time to play in a park on the beach and thankfully the sun came out! Pictures attached below. 


In literacy the children have written a recount about their trip and have produced some fantastic writing. The main objective is that they write in the past tense. 


In maths we are continuing with addition and moving into subtraction next week. We are really working on our instant recall with times tables and number bonds. The children will be doing ten arithmetic questions daily to really help with their speed. 


In the afternoons, we have been doing some science and looking at what objects float or sink. 


A great first week back class 2. 

Mrs Frederick 




In maths please work on the five times table at home. The children are seeming much more secure with the ten times table so remember to tell them that the 5 times table is just half. For example 4 x 10 = 40 so 4 x 5 = 20. They just need to halve the answer! 


Spellings: This week there are ten spellings. This is because there isn't a specific rule. These are just common exception words that the children need to learn: 











Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 14.10.19


Dear parents, 


I can't believe we are half a term in already! I could not be happier with how class 2 have settled into their new classroom and new routine. I was so proud of their singing and readings at the Harvest Festival and am excited to watch their confidence grow even more as we begin rehearsing for the KS1 nativity!


The class have been really engaged with our Wriggle and Crawl topic so I am looking forward to beginning our 'Land Ahoy' topic when we come back - jumping straight in with a trip to the Hastings Lifeboat Station! (I will attach a copy of the letter that was sent out so you can check any details again before the trip.) 


The class thoroughly enjoyed making their giant bug hotel and putting in lots of straw and small areas for the minibeasts who will be hibernating during the winter (note to self - never open a bale of straw in the classroom again!!). Thank you for sending in lots of bamboo, pines cones, sticks and logs. We had great fun - there are some pictures below. 


Have a wonderful half term. Lots of rest and relaxation!

Mrs Frederick 




Spellings: There are no set spellings to learn over the holidays. If you would like to practise spellings during the holidays please go over the spellings rules we have done so far and see if your child can remember them! 


Additionally I have attached the Land Ahoy Glossary with some useful words for our next topic. Again this is optional, but please feel free to have a look at some of the words and their meanings. 


Maths: The children have really enjoyed playing a game called 'Hit the Button' in class which we play in those ten minute transition times between lessons. It doesn't need to be a long time as it is online but you can choose to practise number bonds to 10 and 20 and the 2,5,10 times tables. It is so helpful for their maths at this stage if those numbers bonds and times tables can be recalled quickly.


Here is the link to Hit the Button, there is also an app. :


Class 2's bug hotel!

Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 7.10.10 


Dear parents, 


This week in maths class 2 have been continuing with adding using two different methods. One using the part part whole method where they split up the tens and the ones and add them separately and one adding using the column addition method.


In literacy we begun writing some simple instructions and linked this in with some computing lessons looking at coding. The class had to give instructions to a small robot. They loved programming their Bee Bots to go around a course. 


The class have also been busy practising their song for the Harvest Festival and are sounding beautiful. 


Next term our topic is 'Land Ahoy'. On the first day back of next term (4.11.19) class 2 will be going on a trip to Hastings to visit the RNLI Hastings Lifeboat Station. A letter detailing the trip will be going out next week but if you think you might be available to be a parent helper on this trip please do email the office. We will be meeting in Tonbridge and getting the train to Hastings.


Finally, next week we will be making our bug hotels in the afternoon. If you have any natural materials at home/ in your recycling bin/ in your garden that can be brought in - please send them in with the children on Monday (e.g. cardboard boxes, sticks, pine cones, bark, moss, bamboo).


Well done class 2,  

Mrs Frederick





This week's spelling rule is the /j/ sound spelt with a 'g' before i,y, and e. 










Please see attachment sheet which has some questions on to practise the two different adding methods. These can be written onto a whiteboard or notebook or printed out. 




Term 2 Forest School rota

Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 30.9.19


Dear parents, 


This week in numeracy class 2 have started using addition. We have been using two different methods - counting on using a one hundred square and using dienes cubes (ones and tens) to make the numbers we are adding. The class are doing really well with this. 


In literacy the class have been writing their own endings to the book Superworm. They are very enthusiastic about this book therefore have produced some wonderfully imaginative endings of their own. Next week we are going to work on some editing where the children will go through their work and see where any full stops or capital letters are missing. 


In topic we have been learning all about bees. We have looked at their life cycle from egg to larva to pupa to adult bee and how they make honey! 


On Wednesday the class enjoyed a fabulous RE day. The day was broken into four activities and in each one we explored a church school value using a Bible story. Alongside this, the class completed some fantastic craft using natural materials, tissue paper and origami! 


A super week class 2. 

Well done, 

Mrs Frederick 




This week's spelling rule is 'ge' at the end of words. The spellings are:








For maths please practise adding two digit numbers. A nice way of doing this could be to roll a dice twice and one of you add the numbers together in ones and the other add the numbers together in tens

For example:

You roll 3 and 4. You say 3 ones add 4 ones = 7 ones which is 7

Next person says 3 tens add 4 tens = 7 tens which is 70

This is a nice way of reinforcing place value of ones and tens and adding. 


Please continue to practise the ten times table and this week I have also introduced the 5 times table. 


Christmas Card Competition/PTA Christmas Cards

Tom Tugendhat (Member of Parliament for Tonbridge and Malling) is running a competition to design his Christmas cards again , please see an extract from his letter below:


‘Over the past year, I have met thousands of people and heard inspirational stories from so many of our community champions.  I must now write many cards this Christmas to thank people.

I remember designing my own Christmas cards when I was at school and the effort that went in to it.  This year, I hope to have something even better than those; a design from one of your students.  Given the creativity and imagination of pupils across the community I was hoping you would ask student to submit entries for a competition to design the card, which I will have printed and sent to thousands of people who I talk to in our county. 

Drawings should be on A4 (portrait or landscape) using any medium.  It would be great if children were able to stick to a Christmas theme and sign their name on the front, so it will appear on the card.  The winning four designs will receive 100 copies of their own card, a Tour of the Houses of Parliament with their parents and a special prize.’


Please can the children bring their designs in to school by no later than Friday 11th October so we can post them in time for the deadline the following week.  Mr Tugendhat is planning to come in to school to present the winning children with their prizes some time during November or December. 

Forest School

Forest School 1

Week beginning 23.9.19


Dear parents, 


The class enjoyed a super trip to the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve on Monday. A huge thank you to parent helpers. The children were so engaged in the activities looking for minibeasts and the tutor was very impressed with all their answers to her questions. There are some pictures below. 


This week in literacy the class finished off writing their poems and we combined a rhyming couplet from each child to make our very own class poem. We have also been doing some guided reading as a class and the aim is to begin to build up the stamina to read longer pieces of text independently. 


In maths we have been looking at number patterns and seeing what happens when you add 10,5 or 2 to a number and seeing what happens when you take them away. 


The class have also started to learn their song for the Harvest Festival and therefore in RE we have been learning all about harvest. 


A fantastic week, well done class 2.

Mrs Frederick 




Reading: The class have been sent home with two reading books in a new folder. This folder is to last them through year 2 and hopefully to year 3..! Due to having different staff in the classroom on a Friday we are sending home two books on Thursday for the weekend but please send them back in on Friday so their spelling results can be written into their diaries. 


Spelling: Please do continue to practise the spellings at home. This week the rule is the /j/ sound spelt 'dge' 







Maths: The children will come home on Friday with a hundred square. Choose a number and tell them to put their finger on the number e.g. '45' then ask them to add 1,. Can they add 5? Can they add 10? Choose another number e.g. '36' can they take away 2? Take away 10? Take away 5? etc. This will reinforce what we have been doing this week. 

Our trip to the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve

Our trip to the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve 1
Our trip to the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve 2
Our trip to the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve 3
Our trip to the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve 4
Our trip to the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve 5
Our trip to the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve 6
Our trip to the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve 7
Our trip to the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve 8
Picture 1

Week beginning 16.9.19


Dear class 2 parents, 


The class all looked fantastic at Roald Dahl day this week. We enjoyed reading an extract from Fantastic Mr Fox and drawing Farmer Boggis, Bunce and Bean! The class got to parade their outfits around the playground with the rest of the school. A super effort - well done year 2! 


This week in literacy we have been writing poems all about minibeasts that include rhyming couplets and adjectives. In numeracy, we have been focussing on number bonds. Firstly, number bonds to ten such as 4 + 6 = 10 and then bigger number bonds such as 5 + 30 = 35. 


The class have been learning about creation in RE which is linking nicely with our topic. They created little booklets that show the Christian story of creation. 


Reminder - our trip is on Monday! Apologies for the confusion regarding lunches. We will provide the lunches for year 2 at the trip. Just remember outdoor clothes, waterproofs and wellies and a plastic bag to take wellies home in and a morning snack and water bottle. 


Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Frederick 



This week's spelling rule is why i,y and e make the /c/ sound a /s/ sound. You can help your children remember this rule with this short phrase "i,y,e makes a softy of c" !! The spellings are: 







Spelling results will be going home in reading journals with the spellings that were spelt incorrectly written down too. There was slight confusion this week with this so apologies if the result was circled or crossed out. It should have an 'S' next to it for spellings. Please practise any incorrect spellings at home. 


Maths - please work on number bonds to 10 at home so your child can instantly recall their number bonds to 10. You can use a dice again to practise by rolling it and seeing who can say the number bond to 10 first for example: you roll a 4 - and see who can shout 6 first! 

Picture 1

Week beginning 8.9.19


Dear Year 2 parents, 


Thank you to those of you who managed to attend the curriculum meeting today. Do not worry if you were unable to make it as all the information discussed is attached. Please email if you have any questions about anything. 


This week in literacy the class have been writing fact files about minibeasts. They all chose different minibeasts so see if they can tell you what their minibeast eats, what its habitat is and how it protects itself! We have also been looking at how commas are used in lists so you don't have to keep writing the word 'and' - e.g. In the garden there are spiders, worms, slugs and snails. See if your child can show you what a comma is in 'Kung Fu Punctuation'!!


In maths we have been counting in tens and comparing numbers. We counted up all the pencils in class and put them into groups of 10. This was to show the children that times tables are groups of numbers e.g. 4 x 5 is 4 groups of 5 pencils. 


A super week class 2. Well done!
Mrs Frederick 




This week's spelling rule is when the /r/ sound is spelt 'wr'. The spellings are: 







Maths homework - Have your child roll a dice twice. This will give them their number e.g. 45. Roll the dice yourself twice to get your number e.g. 76. Then see if they can work out which number is the smallest and which number is the biggest. Can they tell you why e.g. 'because 76 has 7 tens and 45 has 4 tens.' Encourage them to say things like 45 is less than 76 or 76 is more than 45. 



Year 2 Forest School

Year 2 Forest School 1

Year 2 Forest School Timetable

Term 1 Week 1 : 6.9.19 


Welcome to year 2!


Dear parents, 

A warm welcome to year 2! It has been lovely getting to know the class this week and hearing all about their wonderful trips and holidays during the summer. 


This term our topic is 'Wriggle and Crawl' and the class managed to do a minibeast hunt on the first day back once the sun had come out! The class seem really enthusiastic about this topic and have already exhibited a lot of prior knowledge about minibeasts and their habitats. Our trip for this term will be a visit to Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve to do some minibeasting and pond dipping - a separate letter will go out next week with all the relevant details. 


In literacy we have recapped what goes into making a proper sentence and the children then wrote some super sentences about their summer holidays. They had to make sure they had used a capital letter, a full stop and finger spaces between their words. 


In maths we have started counting in tens to make it easier to count to 100. The class did brilliantly with this and we will continue to focus on numbers to 100. 


The class have settled really well into their new classroom and I am looking forward to the year ahead with them! If there is anything you need to chat to me about further please do email the office. 


Have a wonderful weekend year 2,

Mrs Frederick 



In year 2 homework will be set via the website instead of going home in books. 


There will be 5 spellings to practice but we will also be practising them everyday in school. On Thursday afternoon we will have a spelling test. This week's spellings are:







For maths I will usually ask you to practice a times table at home or give you a game to play to reinforce the maths we've been doing in the week. There is no maths for this week.