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Weekly Roundup

Week of November 18th

Week beginning 18th November 2019


Year 2

This week in Year 2 we learnt about the Titanic. We found out that it actually snapped in half and the two halves ended up very far apart from each other. On Wednesday, we designed our flags that could go up and down a flag pole for our topic. On Thursday we had our celebrations for all the people who have done well and been kind this week. We also had Forest School which was wet but fun.


Year 3

Our trip to the Science Museum was very exciting and fun. In maths we have been learning about column subtraction. In literacy we have been doing diaries but the best thing was making leaflets. Another great thing was making the board games which we have not finished yet.

By Penelope and Lola


Year 4

This week class 4 went on a school trip to Hampton court and saw that Henry VIII had six wives.

On Friday class 4 have been making ghost stories about Anne Boleyn and Henry the 8th .

On Monday we wrote riddles about an object on tea stained pieces of big or small paper.

We have been doing column subtraction and bar models.

In class 4 we used pastels to make one of Henry VIII‘s wives.

On Tuesday we did biographies of one of Henry’s wives.

By Max D and Natalia


Year 5

In Year 5 this week some of us did our potion presentations telling the Class about our potions: the fake and real ingredients and what the potion was called. My one was called Unicorn Heel potion. In PE we did netball and we played Angels which everyone really enjoyed. We also played board games that we’d brought in to show us how to follow instructions. Next we’re going to make our own set of instructions telling people how to make our potions. In grammar we’ve been learning to use semi-colons and colons. In Spanish we finished our family trees and then we watched Mary Poppins Returns in Spanish. Our Forest School journals were all about everyone playing in the stream and jumping off logs. It was a great week in Year 5.

By Gabby M




Year 6

This week in year six we’ve been learning about genes and how everyone is different and how to identify different peoples’ genetic code and how they are created. We have also been learning about the great British explorer Robert Falcon Scott who was the first English man to reach the South Pole. We have been doing science experiments to find the best insulator by covering our hands in lard. Our class story, Letters from the Lighthouse, is very exciting as the whole class wants to just read MORE.

By Max Hop and Freddie