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Hearts, minds, horses and animal stomachs - another busy week at Chid

Year 3 by Penelope and Niamh

This week in year 3 we have learnt about Medusa, Zeus and the Minotaur. We also made Icarus’ wings out of feathers and wax’s. On Monday we made a wooden horse with lolly pop sticks.  It was the Trojan Horse.

Year 4 by Harry and Ethan

This week in year 4 we have been learning about different animals’ digestive systems. We used all sorts of rubbish to create a cow’s digestive system and it seemed to actually be really fun for us. We all enjoyed it. In actual fact cows have four stomachs. We have also been learning about humans’ digestive systems because we need to know what food actually does in our body. We ended our week pretending we were a type of food travelling around the body.

Year 5 by Luke

We started our art work with Mrs Wetz with paint and pastels. We also finished off our Stig and Barney stories and wrote them in our final copy books. We also had RE, Spanish and in PE we got out the apparatus, the spring board and volt. 

Year 6 by Bea and Maddy

This week in year 6 we have been writing concrete poems on the heart. A concrete is a poem in a shape and this is part of one of ours:

My body like a city my veins and arteries like a road

My blood like delivery trucks dumping out the load

They go to the heart, they’re tired from their course

They go there for a rest and then get back on their horse.

We have also been doing some practice papers on maths for the sats.

In RE we have been learning about the Muslim faith. It is very interesting.  


In other news: several children from Years 3 and 4 spent the morning at the Angel Centre in Tonbridge at an Athletics Competition. They all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and equipped themselves admirably.