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Family Learning


Welcome to the final week of family learning tasks. This week it is LOVE TO PERFORM WEEK!


If you’d been in school as normal, we would have been spending the week on final practices for the summer production. With that in mind, we have done our best to provide you with a list of activities that will allow you to satisfy your dramatic and musical sides.

As usual, if you create anything of which you’re particularly proud, then do send it in to your class teacher. There are headteacher awards at stake! Plus, we'd love to see what you’ve been getting up to.

So don that outfit, get that script learnt and.....start peforming!

Mrs Haysom and Mrs Ralph


Transport yourself to a new world

Imagine you're in a new world every day and create a soundscape, meaning you can visit new places without even having to leave the house. To make a soundscape, decide where you’ll want to visit; the forest, the seaside or even the theatre are just a few excellent soundscape ideas. One person will need to play the narrator at the start, setting the scene for everyone else, then they'll introduce the first sound. Typically, the first sound is a base that other sounds can be added on top of. One by one, close your eyes and add new sounds to the soundscape, and see just how real you can make the soundscape become. 

 If you’re looking for additional ways to build on a soundscape, why not introduce musical terminology to your soundscape? Crescendo up to the big, crashing moments and diminuendo down to silence. Please see the videos and attachment of a soundscape.


Hold a theatre fashion show

Have a rummage through your wardrobes and see if you can make a theatre fashion show out of it! Think about outfits worn by characters in West End shows, including Annie’s red dress in Annie, Dorothy’s sparkling red shoes in The Wizard of Oz. Go one step further and style your hair like characters in shows, including Oompah Loopah in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and animals in The Lion King Once you’ve put a few outfits together, invite the rest of the house to watch the fashion show and ask them to guess who you are. You could add some appropriate music to help them guess. Remember to send us some photos of your costume!


Make an imaginary story

If there’s at least three of you in the house, this is a great activity. You will make up an imaginary story, but you’ll only be able to reveal the full story once you’ve written it. To do this, you’ll need to get a piece of paper and fold it into as many equal sections as you wish. The first person then writes a sentence of a story, folding up the sentence once they’re done to pass it on to the next person. After this, the second person writes a sentence, blissfully unaware of what the previous sentence says. Keep passing the paper to each other and folding each section once it’s done.

Finished your story. Do a grand reveal of the masterpiece you’ve just created. William Shakespeare wrote King Lear while in quarantine, and perhaps you and your family will be the next writer/s to follow in Shakespeare’s footsteps.


Put on a puppet show

Invite your family to the front row of a one-night-only performance and put on a puppet show. They've been a traditional British beach staple for centuries, with Punch and Judy performed on beachfronts for over three hundred years. Now’s your chance to bring the traditional theatre style to your house, as you put on a sock puppet show.

To get started, you’ll want to find a few pairs of long socks that you’re willing to decorate as the characters that you want to feature in the show. Then, get crafting as you wish and let your imagination run wild. Once you've got your characters ready, it's time to get rehearsing! For an excellent puppet show, we recommend incorporating silly scenes and a few songs from musicals that you'll want your characters to sing. Get rehearsing together before curtain up, and if something doesn't go quite right, then just keep going. 

 By putting on a puppet show, you're combining arts and crafts, reading and writing and confidence building all in one. Again, we’d love to see some pictures of this. See template attached.


Two truths, one fib game

 Say three sentences about yourself, but one of them is made up. See if your family is able to work out whether you're making something up or telling the truth.


Perform one of your favourite songs from a play

We all have those favourite songs which go round and round our head. Think about what your favourite play is and which songs you like best. Now think of how to perform it with a strong, clear voice. Go to: to get tips and see warm up videos. Here is a list of some of the well-known songs we sing at school, especially in KS1:              

Doh a Deer – Sound of Music
Never Smile at a Crocodile – Peter Pan
Just a spoonful of Sugar – Mary Poppins

Create your own song/music for a play

Create your own song or tweak one from a play. The productions we have had over the last few years at Chiddingstone have been: Oliver Twist, The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, Robin Hood. Can you choose a song and adapt it with different lyrics or a different beat?

These videos may help you:-

Rap backing music:

Instrumental backing music:

There is a song writing PowerPoint attached to the FL page if you are feeling particualry confident!

Curtain music

Before the curtain goes up at a show, the orchestra start playing to create anticipation and excitement in the audience. How could you create music to engage an audience? Can you use percussion or orchestral instruments at home? Or even pots and pans!
Explore music combinations in a sequence here…

Be a stand-up Comic – Jokes, tongue twisters and limericks

What jokes can you tell -  can you make some up? Perform them to an audience of friends or family (either in the garden or on zoom!) Tongue twisters and limericks are where you play on a word’s meaning. They can be fun to perform. Can you learn some off by heart and perform to your family or even your friends on zoom. Or can you create your own? Aim to get your whole family laughing. See attached the activities and powerpoints to help.

Where do frogs hang out?
In the croakroom!

What’s a mouse’s favourite game?
Hide and squeak!

Why is Cinderella so bad at football?
Because she always runs away from the ball!


Soundscape videos

Still image for this video

sunscape - for soundscape.wmv

Still image for this video

Spanish. Nos encanta la Interpretación (We love to perform week)


Hola a todos! This is our last week and there is not better way to end our Academic year than performing.


Although we can´t be together doing the rehearsals, making the props or preparing our costumes, we hope that the activities below will engage your interest and will be fun to do.


There are several options for you to try to perfom related with Spanish culture. Why not have fun dressing up, singing or performing as one of the following:


  1.  Flamenco dancer and perform a Flamenco Dance.
  2.  Matador or San Fermin runner (running with the Bulls)
  3.  Dance and sing “La Macarena”
  4.  Dance and sing “Despacito”


We have also have included a powerpoint I want to be a millionaire, Let´s try to achieve millionaire status J


No time for siesta, let´s go and enjoy. We look forward to receiving pictures and videos of any of the projects you choose to try. 




Quiero ser millionario (I want to be a millionaire)

Some more amazing art and cookery from our RE week!

 We love exploring places of worship!



This week we are looking at exploring places of worship!

In this period of lockdown places of worship have been closed but are now allowed to be open for private prayer ( with careful regulations in place) and from the beginning of July, services can be held with limited numbers. This then is a good time to explore places of worship on line and there are many different activities to enjoy this week. Please look at the video below for more explanation.

Intro to week.mp4

Still image for this video

Love to visit places of worship!

The summer terms in RE often involve visits to places of worship which we have , of course , been unable to do so the theme of this week’s family learning is going to focus on places of worship.

The table below shows what each year group would have been studying this term in RE.





Which stories are special and why?

(world faiths)


Year One


Who is Jewish and what do they believe?

Year Two


Who is a Muslim and what do they believe?


Year Three


How do Sikh people worship and celebrate?

Year Four



Year Five


What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today?


Year Six


Kingdom of God

What kind of king is Jesus?



In addition, in Terms Five  and Six, Year 3 would have visited a Sikh Gudwara, Year 5 a synagogue and Year 6 Regent’s Park mosque.

When you have chosen which place of worship you would like  look at as a family ie a church or a mosque or a gurdwara or a synagogue, there are two main questions to consider as you discuss the building.

  1. What does this building say about the faith of the believers?

For example is prayer important, praising God through music, reaching out to the community etc.

  1. How does the building, it’s architecture and interior design, ( eg size, furniture, decoration )help believers worship?


Look at the information and activities below and do send any photos of art work, models, cooking or perhaps mime freeze frames to put on our family learning page. Enjoy !

Information and activities on places of worship

Information about the different faiths from the BBC




BBC bitesize overview What is Sikhism?

BBC bitesize videos on different aspects of the Sikh faith



BBC bitesize overview What is Judaism?

BBC bitesize videos on different aspects of the Jewish  faith




BBC bitesize overview What is Islam?

BBC bitesize videos on different aspects of the Muslim faith



BBC bitesize overview What is Christianity?

BBC bitesize videos on different aspects of the Christian faith

RE quest which is another good resource:

BBC resource for several different  religions

Here are some  wonderful art and DT pieces of work from Leo Heath!
Some wonderful art and cooking from our RE week.

Spanish. Celebrando las Religiones del Mundo (Celebrating World Religious).


Hola! This week we are encouraging you to explore places of worship.

The predominant religión in Spain is Catholic and you will see that played out in lost of the festivals and celebrations that take place around the villages and towns in Spain.

You will also see other religions taking part in celebrations and festivities like the Hanuka, Diwali, Ramadan, …….etc

I have included information and activities about all of these different religions.

I hope you enjoy exploring them.


Nos encanta España! (We love Spain!)


Hola! This week we are encouraging you to celebrate the food, drink, art, sport, festivals, culture and language of Spain – a country credited with the invention of the mop! Although some of you are understandably disappointed at having to cancel your trips to Barcelona and Seville this year, we hope that the activities below will engage your interest and bring you pleasure. Perhaps they will help you plan where you want to go, what you want to see and the things you’d like to do when you eventually visit this flamboyant, exuberant and passionate country as you surely will one day. No time for a siesta. Vamos!


Whether you decide to dress up as a flamenco dancer or matador, concoct a latin dish, produce a cubist creation or a masterpiece in mosaic, we look forward to receiving pictures and videos of any of the projects you choose to try. 


Draw the FC Barcelona badge


Draw the Real Madrid CF badge


Draw the Atletico Madrid badge

Love to Exercise Week!


With the beautiful weather forecast for this week married with the fact that is ‘National School Sports Week at Home’ and Thursday was due to be our Sports Day……there was only ever going to be one option. So get your P.E kit on, slap on the sun cream and get your water bottle at the ready! Our 2nd favourite P.E teacher (Joe Wicks) has cut down to three sessions a week so mums, dads, grannies, grandpas, nannies and siblings, dig that whistle out, don your sweatbands and take on the baton to keep Chidd healthy. We hope you have an amazing week but please make sure you stay hydrated!

Joe Wicks P.E:

Youth Sport Trust Website, sign up for lots of ideas:



We would love to see any pictures/videos of any activities that you have completed this week:

- sports day photo

- challenge or physical activity freeze frame

- dress up as a sports personality or recreate an iconic sporting moment!



Sports Day

On Thursday (or any other day) why not have a sports day, by yourself or against other family members. Dig out your house T-shirt and compete in:

A teddybear picnic race, obstacle race, skipping race, 3-legged or just a straight sprint.

If you don’t want to compete in races, then perhaps you could set yourself a personal challenge! How about timing yourself running around the garden 5 times on Monday and keep working on it and see if you beat your time by Friday!

No sports day or physical challenge is complete without some sort of award and ceremony. Here are a couple of ideas:    make a trophy video   make paper mache Olympic medals


Other Physical Activity Ideas    around the sock challenge  obstacle challenge   dance zone  lava zone  balance challenge   track and field activities



Please find a number of different science experiments related to sport. One focuses on the body’s reaction to activity (more for KS2) and there are a number of experiment ideas/questions about different sports for you to think about and maybe have a go at:

Art Ideas   make an origami mini football – very fiddly but effective!  origami sports shirt   origami sailing boat  origami canoe



Please find below a number of additional fun activities, which follow the sporting theme!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Our Family Learning Theme for week 2 is LOVE OUR PLANET laugh


Since Lockdown began, we have not had to worry about driving or using transport and this has helped our planet - have you noticed how few planes there are over Chiddingstone? However, as the rules and restrictions start to lift, how will you keep on looking after the planet? Perhaps you are going on walks and picking up litter or perhaps you are trying to use less plastic as a family. For example, using reusable bottles rather than buying plastic ones or even trying to grow your own vegetables at home so that you don't have to buy them at the shop in their plastic packaging. This week, challenge yourself and your family to do something different to help the planet. It can even be something small. Just think, if we all just did something small, it could create a huge difference. As the saying goes, "A lot of drops of water make up the ocean."


What difference can you make to protect the world for future generations: of humans, habitats and animals. Watch this video for inspiration (and relaxation): 


Please find some activities below to do at home. Remember to email your class teacher with your Family Learning pictures for either Headteacher Awards or to go on the school social media page and website. 

Enjoy Listening to Ellie Goulding on you tube singing 'In This Together' and watch the beautiful scenery and animals from 'Our Planet'


Still image for this video

Love Our Planet

"Never too small to make a difference" advert

Water Cycle Stop Motion Video

Still image for this video

Being creative to care for our Planet Earth.

Love to Read Week 8/6/20

Welcome to our family learning page. For the first week of Term 6, we will be celebrating our love of books with a range of exciting activities. We are particularly thrilled that we have successful children's author, Sharon Gosling, reading an extract from her current title  - The House of Hidden Wonders, which she has recorded just for us along with a special Chiddingstone School Q&A session (to be uploaded Monday 8/6/20).

As usual we hope that you will send us photos or recordings of any work of which you are particularly proud. We are especially keen to receive videos of poetry recitals, as well as pictures of your literary inspired freeze frames (see below in resources for details). These should be sent in to your class teacher on the usual year group email address.


List of Activities

  1. Family freeze frame activity from your favourite story book. See attached details for how to do this in resources section.
  2. Choose a poem from the either the KS1 or KS2 selection attached in resources section, learn it off by heart, recite it, record it send it in to us.
  3. Make up a short quiz of approximately 5/10 questions about a book you've read and present it to someone. This can be fiction or non-fiction and can be based on material from any age range. You should choose a text with which other people who live in your house (or someone with whom you have regular contact - maybe a classmate?) are also familiar. Make sure you know the answers yourself!
  4.  Make a bookmark. On one side illustrate the main character/settings etc from a book of your choice (this doesn't need to be based on what you're currently reading). If non-fiction, list or draw five new facts that you've learned from the text. This may be a gift for someone you're fond of who you know loves reading, or it might be for yourself to prevent the need for bending over corners.
  5. Listen to Michael Morpurgo’s podcast conversation with Clare Mulley on Chiddingstone Castle Virtual Literary Festival website
  6. The Hay Festival 2020 programme for schools was created especially for learning at home, bringing authors straight from their house to yours. These events, introduced by Konnie Huq and Jenny Valentine, are available to watch again on Hay Player and you can access teaching materials to support learning. There are some great activities, such as  Liz Pichon’s (Tom Gates author) make your own shoe, Cressida Cowell’s design a dragon and an exciting experiment from Konnie Huq.

     7. Watch the video of children’s author Sharon Gosling read an excerpt from her latest book: The House of Hidden        Wonders. This has been recorded especially for Chiddingstone School’s Love to Read week and Sharon has also kindly recorded answers in response to questions that some of you have sent to her.

       8.  Draw along video. Author and illustrator Rob Biddulph teaches you how to draw some of his characters. A personal favourite is Sausage Dog from Odd Dog Out.

Children's Author, Sharon Gosling, reading from her latest novel - The House of Hidden Wonders

Still image for this video

Question and answer session with Sharon Gosling

More questions answered

Five Minutes' Peace by Jill Murphy created by the Toyntons

Online Safety Resources 

During this time of school closure, young people's access to digital devices at home has increased. In order to support our children Thinkuknow have produced a range of age appropriate resources to help. 


 #OnlineSafetyAtHome packs are now available with new activities for parents and carers to use at home! Access them here: 


Explaining coronavirus to children

To support parents explain Covid 19 and our current situation, renowned illustrator, Axel Scheffler of 'The Gruffalo' and 'Stick Man', has illustrated a book written by Elizabeth Jenner, Kate Wilson and Nia Roberts.

This is a FREE digital information book for primary school age children to help explain the coronavirus and the measures taken to control it. It answers lots of questions in a child-friendly way, and aims to both inform and reassure. Published by Nosy Crow and illustrated by Axel, the text had expert input from Professor Graham Medley of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and also two headteachers and a child psychologist. Take a look here...........

Parent access to resources at home.


Twinkl - Twinkl is a fantastic teaching resource that has a range of powerpoints and worksheets available for each year group and subject in line with the national curriculum. To support parents during this difficult period, Twinkl is offering access to all Twinkl resources with a One Month Ultimate Membership, totally free of charge. This is available to every parent and carer so your children can still have access to high-quality learning during any periods of disruption.


Setting this up is really easy to do - go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS . You can create an account and access their resources if you are looking for additional work to do whilst at home. 


Classroom secrets - Classroom secrets have added a free learning home resource pack for each year group -


Kahoot - Kahoot has over 40,000 games and resources that they have made available for free - https://kahoot.



Things to keep you reading:

Please have a look through some of the fantastic resources via the link below to use for reading opportunities:


David Walliams is reading stories on line every day at 11 am - see the link below


There are 100s of free downloadable books on this website........


Daily PE

Here is a great way to start the day: