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Dinosaurs, Ancient Greeks, Teeth and hearts. Roundup of another busy week

From hearts to teeth and dinosaurs to Minotaurs - another busy week at Chidd

Term 3 Week 1

Year 1

This term our topic is Dinosaur Planet. We have been learning all about dinosaurs. An omnivore is an animal that eats meat and plants. We are making a book with facts about dinosaurs. My favourite one is the Tyrannosaurous Rex because he’s not afraid of anything. We’ve been asking questions about dinosaurs, about if they are small or big. We’ve also done some singing in the Church and we’ve learned about shapes and measuring things.

By Giselle (interviewed by Mrs Hester)


Year 3

This term our topic is Gods and Mortals and we are learning all about Theseus and the Minotaur. We also made Minotaur heads out of papier mache it was really fun and we made them out of balloons, newspaper and Nespresso capsules for the eyes We painted them all black. We also looked at the myth of Dedalus and Icarus.

By Penelope and Lola


Year 4

Our topic this term is Burps, Bottoms and Bile and we are learning all about teeth. We’ve all enjoyed doing a vinegar experiment to see if it was bad for your teeth. We put an egg in 150 ml of vinegar in to a cup and put an egg in. We did this because an eggshell is like tooth enamel. We left it in the cup for two days. Then Ms Wright took an egg out of the vinegar and then she dropped it on the floor and it just bounced. The second time it exploded on to Fearne’s desk. We used disclosing tablets to test how much plaque we had on our teeth. It went blue when it was old plaque and red if it was new. We made fact files and they were about our teeth and how to look after them.

By Ivy, Dilys and Isabelle


Year 5 were at the National Gallery – more on that next week.


Year 6

This term our topic is Blood Heart. Last week we dissected a lamb’s heart, it was a bit disgusting at the start but we got used to it. After we did that we drew pictures of the heart and labelled it. We also learnt lots about the circulatory system. We wrote a fact file about the heart and how it works. We also discussed how bad smoking is for your health and heart. We made posters to go around the school saying why you shouldn’t smoke. This week a man came into school to discuss meteorites and other rocks. 

By Mila and Grace