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Modern Foreign Languages

Spanish at Chiddingstone!

We currently focus on Spanish at Chiddingstone School and we are proud of the progress children make with Spanish during their time here.  They start in Reception class singing songs and playing games and by the time they reach Year 5, their confidence and knowledge is such that they can act, sing and present in Spanish.  We consolidate the children's learning in Year 5 and Year 6 with residential trips to Spain. 

In Year 5, the children visit Barcelona, where we have a flourishing link with a Catalan school, Escuela Jesús, María i Josep.  We spend a day at the school, often coinciding with their special Literary celebration and competition, "Jocs Florals", including some of our own poems and stories.  We are really proud of the children as they always rise to the rather daunting challenge of acting, singing and presenting to the Spanish school.  Last year the play was, “Los músicos de Bremen” (Town Musicians of Bremen); and the children sang, “Soy una Taza” (The Cup Song).  This was accompanied by an amazing Streetdance performance from the dancers amongst the group.  The children also read some of their own poems – inspired by their study of the famous Spanish poet, Federic Garcia Lorca. In addition, we visit exciting venues like The Picasso Museum, Parc G?ell and the Sagrada Familia, practising Spanish in the restaurant and "La Boqueríá" market, as well as souvenir shopping, of course!  The children have the opportunity to keep in contact with some of their new friends by e-mail following the visit and a group of children from the school make a return visit to Chiddingstone the following year, staying with Year 6 host families.

The finale of Spanish learning at Chiddingstone is the Year 6 visit to Seville.  The children prepare for this fantastic trip by learning about the history of Seville and the New World.  They research the major sites that they will visit there so that they can design and produce tourist information leaflets for each of the venues.  They then take it in turns to act as guides for the group, giving lots of interesting information on the Alcázar Palace, Christopher Columbus' tomb in the Cathedral, the Bullring and the Plaza de Espana, amongst others.  We are also lucky enough to visit the Dancing Horses of Andalucía in Jerez, followed by a visit to the beach in Cádiz for fun (and a re-enactment of the Spanish Armada if we have time!).  We even have the chance to learn Flamenco at the only Flamenco Museum in the world, before watching a spectacular show.  There is plenty of opportunity for the children to practice their Spanish, ordering dinner in the restaurant, shopping for a picnic lunch by the river and, of course, buying ice creams and presents!

Since January, 2016, we have been very fortunate to have a native Spanish teacher working with us at the school. The language plays an important part in the life of the school, often linking in with the Creative Curriculum topics.  We start the academic year by celebrating European Day of Languages in ???.  where, as in recent years, the Year 4 children ran a very successful Spanish café to which parents and carers were invited.  Here they served traditional tapas such as bocadillos, te, madalenas y bebidas for those ordering in Spanish, of course - with a lot of prompting from the children! 

Each Christmas, the Nativity and the Carol Service have a Spanish influence with Spanish Carols, traditional Spanish instruments and Spanish prayers.  This ensures that from the Reception, Spanish becomes an integral part of life at Chiddingstone School, not just during lessons but throughout their learning, within and outside of the classroom.

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