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Class 6 increase their Sikh knowledge

March 29 2017

How does the Gurdwara enable Sikhs to worship?

  • The head covering helps them to think just about what they are doing in this moment.
  • Taking off the shoes helps people be in the moment because we wear shoes everywhere.
  • The four doors means that everyone from all four corners of the world are welcome whatever religion they are.
  • The washing of hands is because it means you are clean and ready to worship.
  • In the prayer hall men and women are allowed to sit together because they are all equal.
  • To worship they meditate
  • To pay respect when visiting the platform with the book on it - Guru Granth Sahib - first you have to rest your forehead on the ground.
  • The Langar is a free community kitchen for all visitors of all religions.

by Lara