Chiddingstone School

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About us

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Aims and Values

"Enabling everyone to achieve their full potential"

Our record of creative teaching and high academic attainment is well established. We have a continued commitment to ensuring these high standards are maintained - but we believe that education is about much more than this. It is about developing young people, allowing them to grow and flourish – to achieve their own potential and beyond.  At school we aim to do this in a close-knit, community setting where ‘partnership’ between parents, pupils, staff, church and our local community members is at the very heart of its success, everyone shares a 'can do' attitude and are willing to 'dare to be different'!

Our pupils are supported and developed to reach their full potential through an engaging, exciting, rich and rewarding curriculum. A curriculum that meets the needs of all pupils, offers appropriate challenge and develops their individual skills whilst supporting them to achieve the highest standards, both in and out of school. This is done in a safe and secure environment, where our Christian values shape our daily lives and experiences, enabling our children to support and care for each other. 

Our parents are supported and encouraged to be as fully involved in school life as is possible and work with teachers to support their children's progress. This working partnership is at the very heart of our school. It is highly valued, actively promoted and fostered through regular contact, good communication and an honest, transparent approach.

Our staff are supported, developed and challenged to ensure they have the skills, experience, training and commitment to enable every pupil to reach their full potential through the effective planning of an engaging, exciting, rich and rewarding curriculum. Teachers deliver meaningful learning experiences where children make progress, are encouraged to be resilient learners, independent thinkers and develop a love of learning.

Our Governors are supported and developed so that they can play a full and active part in the life of our school and share our values. They have a clear understanding of our school, know its strengths and are able to identify our areas for development through a process of monitoring and self- evaluation with the Headteacher. They are valued as effective critical friends who show real interest in providing the best teaching and learning opportunities for our children.